April 7, 2020

100 thoughts on “Best Camera for YouTube Videos — Top 5 Video Camera Reviews

  1. QQTD: What do you think is best camera for YouTube this year? LMK 👇👇👇

    Video #TimeCodes (Click time to skip to that part of the video)
    0:41 The most important thing to consider when picking out a camera
    1:35 Best Camera for Vlogging
    4:55 Best Camera for YouTube Content
    5:33 *LIST of Canon Cameras with Duel Pixel Auto-focus (and flip-screens and mic inputs)
    10:28 Best 4K Camera for YouTube
    15:54 Best Camera for Indie Filmmakers
    18:27 Best Camera for YouTube (Top Picks Overall)
    22:14 Example Footage from All Cameras
    24:13 Question of the Day!

    Thanks for checking out this video!

  2. Really useful tips, can't wait to get a new camera for vlogging but want to wait for my channel to grow a bit first and then get one 😊

  3. I really like your videos. And I’m genuinely glad you’re being compensated for your advice. But that being said, if you receive commission from recommended links—it leaves the door open to the possibility that the reviews might be less than genuine. I want to believe in you, as I value truth & integrity so greatly (especially in myself) but I’ve been duped before so many times, it’s made me more wary. I wish there were more/better ways for you to be compensated without brand endorsements. 😔

  4. Your videos are really great bro, can you help me suggest camera which is perfect for yoga videos and pictures, as yoga involves more of dynamic movements ..

  5. How old are you by a little bit more cheaper cameras because that is like a ton I came in by because I have like $30 or something like that but Yep I can’t buy that at all

  6. Nikon coolpix p900 what about it for making youtube video????
    Experts please suggest me.. I need to capture long distance and short distance footage..
    So what can i do ??

  7. I just watched one of your other videos for youtube beginners and I am more focused on the Canon cameras for general content shooting for product reviews and such for homeschool. Which would you say is better, the Canon EOS Rebel SL2 DSLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm STM Lens – WiFi Enabled you linked in this video or the Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera Body w/4K Video (Black) you linked in the youtube beginners video? Both are currently priced at $599 on Amazon.

  8. Can a Samsung work to make videos it’s a HD 52x optical- zoom with flip screen but how do I use a microphone on it were that it will pick up a lot better then what it does with out one

  9. Would you please help me with picking the best 1080P camera that I can record very loud rock music in a small room? I assume I need an external mic or mics and a mixer with a pre-amp that hooks to the camera. I am a YouTuber that has not been able to progress as far as good audio and video go. I am still using obsolete Flip UltraHD cameras with built-in stereo mics.

  10. How can you call a 600$ Camera "Budget"? I want to get started with YouTube and just film some videos here and there.. As I'm a student and my goal is not to earn money by making YouTube videos my maximum Budget is 100-200$. And that's a lot of money for me.

  11. The Canon SL2 would be a good type for me as I am new to filming and right now I am only using my Android phone to film. Thanks so much for this awesome information.

  12. Happy New Year Think Media!!!

    Could you please please give me some advices here? I am about to start my volunteer work in northern Vietnam. Hoping to record my work there, I will need a new gear for filming and photos. Would an iPhone Xs be enough? or Should I invest in something nicer? Knowing that iPhone Xs is terrible for filming at night. Can i resolve this issue by filming during daytime? Thanks a lot

  13. I'm currently shooting with a Canon 750D for my YouTube channel and I'm thinking about upgrading to a Canon 6D Mark II, because it has a full frame. Do you think this will be an improvement of de video quality?

  14. Sean, I understand that you want to be lively and engaging, but your gestures are so excessive that it just becomes annoying and distracting. Gesturing is a tool for conveying specific points, but just waving your hands around actually distracts and detracts from your words, since you haven't stopped flapping since the beginning of the video. Speaking of which, you're on VIDEO, not up on a stage, which means the gestures you make can be smaller and more subtle since the viewer isn't 50 feet away from you.

    Please consider this bit of advice in the spirit it's offered. Your content is excellent and I'm sure you could be a good presenter, but I just can't watch your videos anymore with all your histrionics.

  15. heey. Loved your video. can you advice for the go pro set. I already purchased gopro hero5 with acessories. Currently I dont have mic. What mic would u siggest. please help.

  16. If you have a very low budget and just want something for tarot readings. I want to be able to also show the cards though with a phone it's not easy

  17. Hey Sean, Are you going to make a 2019 best camera for youtube video? I'm just using an old Rebel T3i and it works fine but I want to upgrade soon. Should I wait until a reasonably priced canon dlsr comes out in 4k, Splurge on a 5D Mark iv, buy an 80D and forget about 4k for now or just keep what I have. Thanks

  18. Very helpful info. I'm just starting on Youtube, looks like I'm buying the Canon SL2. Thank you for sharing

  19. ….. and thanks to your many videos, Im going to purchase the Canon Rebel SL2! I need something to take professional photos of my kids and still vlog.

  20. Hi I want to become a YouTuber and I want to react to YouTube videos but I don't know what camera I need what would be the best camera?

  21. i hope you see this comment and are able to help…but i use a jvc camcorder atm and its not great but it gets the job done, i have the opportunity to buy a cannon eos 5D Mark II, I know it doesn't have auto focus but i was hoping you would be able to tell me if you think this would work just for a simple youtube videos. cheers.

  22. How about audio? Looks like you have a nice set up behind you.I wish to invest in 5.1 surround sound but not sure what and connect it to my iMac. Can you do a video on that? Thank you

  23. Just out of curiosity what is the lowest quality of camera on a drone you would recommend for recording a boxing match?

  24. PLSSS REPLY ME PLSSSS 😥 What's the best video camera or just camera for singing? That picks every detail from your voice, giving you an accurate sound of your voice a lively voice that sounded just like you I've been looking but I'm not sure what camera I've found online but I hope you're an expert. So what's best recording camera that is good for singing?

  25. I tried shooting Guitar Solo Video with my mi phone…but audio is very poor …lot of echoing…i tried a lavalier mic but nothing great 🙁

  26. I wanna make music videos. Which camera would work best that is also in a good range of price? I also need sound equipment lol so I need to do some research

  27. hi there, I am planning to make some blogging video mostly out on a sunny day. Should i go a Camcorder ( like Sony FDR-AX700 which has a 1-inch sensor ) or a mirrorless camera ( like Sony A6400 which can shoot for more than 29 mins )? Which one will produce stunning video footage? Please note that i am not trying to become a professional videographer but i want to make some blogging video with stunning image quality! Your kind advice will greatly be appreciated . Thanks heaps

  28. I’m making a YouTube Chanel and I’m seriously and watching this man as if he is the gospel, everything from what laptop to get to editing software this man has it down, please sub to help this man get more recognition

  29. I own a Sony A6500 and honestly, it is such a good camera to have. Purchased it a couple of months ago from https://www.s-worldelectronics.ca and it improved all of my videos drastically. The 4k recording is a clear favorite compared to other cameras. Views might vary though!

  30. I am a Limey here in France – love your channel – this opening ideo has extremely good skin tone – can I ask what camera you used for the introduction – thanks a lot Adrian

  31. Question? I shoot videos of me playing guitar. Just bought a Canon rebel t3i. I have a studio that's about 10x10feet. Small …..I cant record with this camera because it requires the camera to be to far away from me. Ive already figured out the audio, I have a mixing board that I run my guitar into, mics etc etc etc. Its the reason I got this camera so I could run a line in mix from the board so my viewers could hear what I hear, quality guitar without the muddy internal mic sounds you get from just using the mic on the camera. So….audio problem solved…now video problems….I cant use it until I can fit it into my studio. I want the camera about 4 feet from me….any advise PLEASE!!!!!!! Ive been using a gopro hero 4….which suck because unlike the Hero 2 it DOESNT have a line in….so…..I don't want to get rid of the camera…just get the right lens. please help

  32. Pls help! I'm a new youtuber and going to make videos of me singing and playing guitar or piano at my in home studio. What is best camera for me? Thanks!

  33. As a subscriber you have inspired us to start vlogging, videoing planes take off and land as well visit restaurants in Hawaii. We are beginning. Which Canons on a medium budget do you recommend? Please advise. Thank you.

  34. Hey Think Media, its November 2019 now and I was wondering if you know of a camera better than the A7iii? I don't care about pictures, only videos. I would like to record sport games and also shoot indoor stuff like playing the piano and the like. Thanks!

  35. We created animated video for Business and Youtube on Final cut pro and use after effects.WHo need animated video explainer? ✌️

  36. Thanks, you are the first of the channels I follow that uses panasonic. I am currently using camcorders and are getting ready to purchase my first dslr.

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