April 1, 2020
BEST Amazon FBA Product Research IN 2019 – CRAZY NEW HACKS

BEST Amazon FBA Product Research IN 2019 – CRAZY NEW HACKS

finding profitable products is a huge hassle for many new sellers and back when I started three years ago I had the same issues and I used to get anxiety just trying and researching just using one method which is usually typically of jungle scale viral launch and helium 10 those are the three most popular ones and that’s typically what every seller or every guru wants to tell you so in this video I’m gonna be covering at least seven different ways to do product research get your product ideas and using these methods I have found very profitable products I generate from one thousand to ten thousand dollars a month in profit on amazon.com alright so let’s get into it okay so we’re in our product discovery module from viral launch and these are the categories I recommend you guys trying out anything else is not really there’s not much to look there to be honest handmade product tip car’s digital music you can try camera and photo but it’s usually competitive and dominated by bigger brands but it’s not it’s definitely worth a try to check it out software video games obviously that’s not gonna work movies and TVs and for automotive one thing I wanted to mention is that you do need to get approval from Amazon to sell an automotive and sometimes in baby also I’m beauty and personal okay so monthly sales depending on what your investment is if you’re a beginner I always suggest to go a little bit lower on investment so for example if you’re looking to get five hundred units that means you’re probably gonna want to buy at least seven hundred or at least a thousand units to begin with so you don’t run out to stock your first month so that’s why depending on how much the price costs and usually we want to go with pricing of 1314 dollars and that’s because anything less than ten dollars FBA takes a lot of fees for you so Amazon will take a good chunk 15% of your feet plus a packing fee and if you’re interested in that comment down below and I’ll link a video to that as well on how to calculate Amazon fees so a monthly revenue review count you can all do that but to be honest using the filters one by one or just a few at a time yields the best results because one filter will correlate to another filter and it’ll just be too much of a filter if that makes sense so one other thing that we want to check for is number of sellers want to do because we don’t want to be in a market where it’s fbm you can also just do this FB mfba or Amazon and it’s really really cool here because you can use Amazon as a fulfillment and you can see what Amazon is selling really well and maybe even try to compete with them but once again as a beginner I don’t recommend it so total net profit average profit margin initial net profit these are all just kind of like estimates and I wouldn’t even bother using these because they they’re just not possible to find out every single product on Amazon and what the product cost so this is just like a rough estimate so don’t bother one really great filter here it is best sales period so you can see like which products are seasonal in a way so if you pick December you can see like oh this product it really will December and I know a few sellers that actually sell during Christmas time and that’s their one product that delivers a twenty thousand a net profit which is you know which is a big deal so definitely seasonal stuff is awesome to check out halloween thanksgiving summertime so especially a summertime like snorkels those are always a huge huge hit another thing we want to check out is sales to review so this kind of gives us an idea of how the market will be in terms of competitiveness and what is a sales ratio to reviews you can check sales over a year so that gives you an idea of the mark declining or incline a price change also very similar it’ll tell you if you’re getting into a more that’s kind of cannibalizing itself and people are just kind of dropping prices but if you if you understand how to sell on Amazon you don’t really have to worry too much about that because you’re gonna be differentiating your product and products that are so well done or so well branded can actually have a higher price and sell on the first page without any issues shipping sized here so we don’t really want to bother with this cuz most sellers are gonna tell you oh go with the small shoebox type of thing and I’ll tell you in 2019 that doesn’t really work and it just kind of filters way too many products for you and you’re never gonna end up finding anything that works so shipping sighs don’t worry about it because at the end of the day you still want to make at least 30% net margin profit or your products 30 to 40% and you can do that with whatever size so it doesn’t matter okay so let’s try this up I’m gonna hit show products so as you start selling on Amazon and I was also a priest prop shipper the thing that you kind of want to look for is different products that kind of unique kind of easy to source and you kind of get a high for that so I’m gonna be going through some of these products which i think might be kind of unique and kind of a great selling item so if you see me skip over some of these it’s just because I’m not interested in checking them out or I feel like they would be competitive or very hard to market so this one’s some fulfillment by fbm so that’s kind of interesting because if you give me fbm is basically fulfilled by merchants which means that this product is not denote Amazon’s warehouse which means they cannot provide Amazon Prime which is next day shipping so if you were to source this exact same product and bring it in as FBA you automatically have a huge huge leg up and not only that Amazon definitely recommends that and we’ll show your listing a higher rank just because it’s FBA so we can see here that the multi revenue is about 6500 and the profit is 5000 now who wouldn’t want an extra 5000 in their pocket my right but once again don’t go by these numbers we got to do a couple things in order to check but this video is mainly about product discovering product research if you guys want to know if a product is gonna be good for you and how to make sure that this product will sell and all that there’s a separate video to that okay so let’s open this up actually what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna save it so we’re gonna pin these products and then we’ll come back to them later okay so one thing here to notice is that warning popular result this typically means that there are a lot of sellers like you and I that are looking at this product and more than likely someone or a bunch of them are gonna try to source this item and it’s gonna become very competitive very soon so there’s no point in looking at this product so we got Lantern what is this there to impress it’s a brand name just a knife not interested so this is interesting we have 45 count eco-friendly natural beeswax chanooka Hanukkah menorah candles see some this is pretty unique I’ve never really heard about this and I could definitely see this making a good amount of sales so pin that another popular product tape is tree or tapestry it’s kind of interesting let’s take a look at that now clothing there’s not much to say about that to be honest it’s a different category hem it’s hard to sell in that category less you’re a big brand and it’s a lot of work so we definitely want to go for more like physical products that I like Holmen kitchen and stuff like that soy with quacks dots that’s interesting wedding favors are a huge thing so I can definitely see this being something that’s popular so this is a strategy beach board strategy pieced board game garden how these are so popular it’s just not worth it anymore markers for class this is interesting just want to see how that would work out in garden light so that’s making close to a thousand in profit so let’s take a look at this oil diffuser I know all the fuses are very popular and they make great money so I’m curious to see how that goes feels like a brand name product candy jar with your tight lid these are a huge hat these silicone rings there are huge it shoe organizer take a look at that another popular product goal flags for your putting green so this is really cool I want to take a look at it even though it’s popular result maybe we can find an angle where you can get to the market see something like generically this highlighters I mean it’s hard to rank that and it’s not unique enough and this one’s cool because this looks like someone made a bundle unbundled is a great way to differentiate your product how many of you have kids look at this dirty piece school supplies kit for elementary school how cool is that like who wouldn’t buy something like that you don’t have to go to Staples and shop for 20 different things where you can just get it delivered next day with all these items together and there’s all sorts from China so I could see this making at least a thousand a month and the key here is that you don’t want to really go out there home home run products right off the bat you want to be able to build up your Amazon business and want to be able to learn from your mistakes because trust me you will make mistakes especially if you don’t have a mentor helping you well and I definitely made my share of mistakes so here’s a great example of a very really heavy product this is a Black Diamond 65 pound set Olympic now if we went face on shipping sized here and stuff like that then you wouldn’t be able to see this product and this one is doing 19,000 in profit so we can estimate like 15 to 19,000 is actual profit which is just great and of course it’s going to be fbm because I’m assuming that shipping that to Amazon and their warehouse would be very expensive so FBM is probably the route right route there so this one was really cool I know these air lift standing desks are so popular but I never really heard of this company sibel classics there’s a holsters that for guns I’m getting yep Glock 48 see that’s really interesting it’s doing about 5,000 in profit us that’s very interesting fly fishing box yeah you don’t want to salt products like this Amazon does not allow you to self sell things like this in the sexual category so don’t ever do it you’ll always see a great profit and some will just stay on there for a month before Amazon finds out it kicks them off and eventually you’ll even lose your seller account this is interesting baby changing basket handmade seagrass basket so this is an eco-friendly alternative traditional changing pad so this is a really interesting product this is so strange panty anxiety for dogs huh it’s making some good money it looks like with four reviews that’s good good idea okay guys so we’re gonna jump into the pinned products that we just pin just to get an idea of how these products are performing and I could spend a couple of hours going through pilot research and honestly that’s how long it’s gonna take you anybody told you it’s gonna be within ten minutes it’s not it’s not true and it’s gonna take some time but four-four time sink and I want to be able to show you every product research method that I have for you guys I’m gonna just cut it off here and we’re gonna go to the pinned ideas and then on to the other product research ideas and if you want to see more product research with viral launch or any other tool jungle scallion ten comment down below so let’s go to panda ideas so it can see it’s to customer views $70 and this is not an FBA product so already you have an advantage if you source this as an FBA product that’s a nice-looking little lamp thing here wall light fixture and it’s been selling for over two years so we know there is a market for this item anything over two to three months is what we want to make sure because that’ll tell us if the product is gonna have any demand okay so I pulled up the viral launch app here and we can get an idea so monthly revenue is nine thousand sales are one hundred twenty nine two reviews net profit seven thousand now the thing about bar and launch is that it gives you a lot of data as well so it kind of helps things out it says product idea scores on one store let’s see why looks like this is a consistent selling item stay far away there’s a single seller so one of the things that you guys always want to do is you never want to just pull all the extension on the product page you want to get an overview over the entire market so to do that what we can do is we can get the main keyword here which is most likely outdoor wall light fixture and go into all departments search and now we kind of get an idea of what is selling and what is not so we can see like this item here with only 30 more reviews is in page one so that’s that’s a big deal let’s pull up the extension okay so now that we have the extension pulled up we can get an idea of how the market is for this item so we can see that the net profit is averaging about 1,000 then we have this guy here who is kind of like a lawyer top liar so he’s doing the highest and sales and then we have this guy here as well um looks like there’s a good market tub because we’re at 18 sellers here and we’re still able to see that these people are making money but it also seems like this is kind of being dominated by this brand here John Timberland John Timberland but there still are many other items here to check out and now you can see that by our launch is giving us a different analysis or product ideas for so this seems promising so it’s definitely worth checking out and it’s definitely worth diving in a little bit deeper to see if this product would be the best fit and to do that we can just see that are there any negative reviews is a listing optimized and stuff like this so let’s just take a quick look at this see has Tim reviews with 4.5 out of 5 photos look great so I would say this listing is pretty optimized other than the bullet points they could be better so he’s been selling for over a hundred days so we know that there is a trend and this app this up here is called keepa and it is a paid monthly app it was it used to be free but it’s not anymore and I can’t seem to find any other app that does this but it gives you like a really easy simple overview of what this product market looks like and how its product is selling so this blue line means that they’re still in stock and then when they ran out of stock obviously their sales rank which is in green rose shot up so basically this is a good product us all looks like s Casa Stalin consistently been selling another great thing to notice here that Amazon will show you the frequently fought together section and basically if you can bundle whatever they’re frequently bought is and save the customer money you have a product that you can sell on Amazon so this is brand registry and it looks like product listing is great just look at this review so it’s not really suitable for outdoors it seems like flimsy so these are things that we can improve on and kind of break in to the market yourself and let’s see what the cost was or what the revenue was from this so this product was doing 7,000 revenue and I say three to four thousand M net profit it’s not bad but I wouldn’t I wouldn’t to be honest with you guys of what it dive into this product just based off of my own knowledge it looks like it would be hard to differentiate unless you come with a nicer and nicer product or a better product but I didn’t do a deep dive into this product well we can still see that people with only 8 reviews or on the first page and that could be you guys so it’s definitely worth giving a shot let’s look at some other ones so the 45 count eco-friendly natural peace plaque take a look so it looks like the keyword might be Chan hookah candles oh okay so this is like kind of like Jewish people I’m assuming let’s take a look at the market here so the monthly monthly revenue is really low on this products of stuff like not words going after it’s not even it’s not really selling and you can borrow a lunch will tell your product idea school one-star so get another one ABC tapestry oh wow this looks really cool okay Wow very nice 24 reviews on the first page looks like a bunch of these don’t even have reviews yet just look at the market so it looks like it’s kind of being dominated by one brand here vulnerable it’s calm they’re kind of everywhere but that doesn’t mean that you can’t come in and get a piece of the pie still so revenue is okay it’s about 3,000 nothing crazy and now mind you guys the reason that we’re seeing such a lower revenue I couldn’t be showing you products for 40,000 50,000 a month but in my opinion as a beginner and depending on how much one invest you can change those metrics enviro launched and we can do another video on this with higher numbers just comment down below so we see like a net profit is about $2,000 for the first couple and I wouldn’t standard that much market tough for some reason there’s almost no sales for these guys here so what I would do would would be to like kind of like track some of these with the 99 car trick or just track them in viral launch to see what their sales actually are but if you can come up with something similar and better or different design like this is a really nice design you could definitely picture this market and make a profit so cuz this wedding-guest stuff so what we can do is type in wedding favors against and now you’re just gonna get a bunch of different products that I’m ranking for this keyword well we can you understand how some of these products will will be performing so as we can see here there is a lot of money to be made I got twenty thousand thirty two thousand a month three thousand knees in second place nobody sponsored SP is sponsored so do not count those thirty two thousand fifteen thousand three thousand three thousand five thousand three thousand twelve thousand four thousand five thousand so even sellers that are past the first page are still making a profit so this is a great product or great keyword to look at so you got wedding favors for guests and of course people are always getting married and unfortunately always getting divorced but there is definitely definitely potential here so this is a really cute product it’s twenty nine reviews and it’s on the first page twenty six reviews it’s on the first page and this looks like candy so oh no it’s just candy bags candy bags 100 count mint candies okay so they do have candies in it quick tip do not source any sort of food item from China make sure you find the USA manufacturer that have the certifications and everything to do this stuff you don’t want people getting sick and suing you same reviews first page and these are all making money 44 reviews one store looks like this thing is really popular this little key thing yeah looks like these are kind of like the things that are kind of making most of the money here the little keys and mint candies so one one cool way to find a unique idea or unique product is it’s kind of just open them up so let’s just open this up and we’ll get an idea of what similar products you can source so we can see here he only has one store pennies on the first page so you probably launched this product bullet points are okay they’re not great so you’ve been active 68 days and it looks like sales are pretty consistent yeah so it’s a good product to check out those drones so this tells you what other items do customers buy after viewing this item so this will give you an idea because a lot of amazon data is given to you you just gotta know how to look at it so this is telling us that someone might be viewing this item and but there might be actually more interested in this item or this item or this item and here’s another thing customers also shop I love this section because you can always find products that are related to the item that we’re looking at get a bigger better idea and find even more profitable items so something like des we have has four reviews and it’s a 24 pieces vintage diamond bottle opener for wedding party favors so that’s really interesting let’s take a look at the hub okay so they have an okay description I would say nothing crazy and you can see this guy with one star review is competing with the bigger guys and he’s making good money see what I’m 150 how that’s insane guys did you think about that real quick 150 so that would be almost three orders of just this so this is a great product because most weddings have like two hundred plus people attending so you definitely need more than 52 pieces so this is a great great product to check out for sure I might check this one out myself now okay so this is one of the ones we opened up let’s take a look at the stats so monthly revenue is not that great $2,300 profits about $20 not really worth sourcing and it’s been selling for a long time 300 days I want it to really try it out let’s go back to this product and I’m gonna show you guys how we can get an idea of how much it cost and what the net profit is so the one we want to open up we want to go to alibaba.com now which won’t take the keyword here so we can type in vintage vintage skeleton key bottle opener and let’s see what we got so looks like this comes with the custom card thank you for being key part of our lives it’s not the same one right there let’s take a look I think it is yeah it’s the same exact key and prices look like 29 cents it’s that perky most likely okay so we’re just going to put in we gotta run the amz calculator and this is going give us all the data already extracted from this listing which is awesome because if you do the manual way which is going to Hema zones calculator you’ve got to kind of type in the a sin and all that stuff but with this calculator it’s a free extension tool and you can basically get all the information already given to you product size product weight monthly storage fee fulfillment fee referral fees okay referrals fifteen percent of the product price and fulfillment is the packing fee which is like not gonna change depending on your price so if the price went to twenty five dollars this would get lower and beginning and estimated monthly sales about twenty eight dollars I mean twenty eight pieces or in this case would be twenty eight sets and will get a monthly profit so it was fifty two times twenty nine sons so it’s about fifteen dollars so this is a rough idea when you talk to the supplier depending on how much you wanna pay upfront and how much the clickbait was cuz most C’s Alibaba suppliers will click pay you and there is a better way to find this your your sellers the best way to find suppliers there’s a video on that just comment down below and I’ll show you guys how to find your best suppliers so shipping costs shouldn’t be that much let’s go with so shipping try two dollars or more that you can figure out when you talk to the supplier and you talk to your fly forward and all that so you can see that the estimated monthly profit is about $137 the ROI is only 28% net margin fifteen dollars that’s probably accurate profit per unit five bucks so again it’s an okay product the monthly profits not really there let’s go back so this one is showing us 9,000 in profit okay let’s check out this one I know oil diffusers are a big hit okay so we pulled out the barn watch extension on oil diffuser and you can see some of these guys are making a kill leg 181,000 so this loop this Tamiya might be just someone is launching their product i got 112 73 and it’s very competitive so it’s a higher barrier to entry it’s a seasonal pattern trends don’t look like they’re getting any better looks like it’s kind of declining let’s take a look at some of these listings though so this one has 33,000 was yeah this is the first listing here so this is interesting isn’t it it’s a pretty unique looking diffuser and he only has 34 reviews and it’s kind of being shown by amazon’s choice that’s a pretty big deal these guys have 5,000 11,000 this one has 34 so this is currently not a new seller this person knows what they’re doing and they have the money to try this out and that’s what it basically means when you see a lot of high reviews you got to have a pure investment you got to be able to launch a product advertising product putting a lot more on PPC to just rank to the first page and once you get to the first page you’re gonna get organic sales so we see here it’s precise 133 and pretty much everyone has thousand republics like 293 seven hundred 187 so we still have you know medium amount of competition it’s not crazy not to try it out I always believe and I’ve tested this for myself competing in bigger markets doesn’t mean that you just you know as a new seller you can’t you definitely can but it takes more effort more time more investment so I just wanted to touch on this briefly this is another method that I love using in viral launch which is keyword there’s brand and there’s also category so just to make this video short we’re gonna go over product in keyword because I feel like keyword and product or one of the best ones brandon category not so much so let’s go over keyword the reason I like keyword so much is because a lot of Amazon’s sales and data and everything goes hand in hand with keywords so for example if you have unicorn party supplies that keyword itself generates possibly 60,000 per month in search volume and that correlates to more sales so that’s why keyword is such a big thing here so let’s try the same filters and we’ll see how our results change so right away we can see that there is a warning for appetite suppressant there’s solar charger baby wrap hammock chair grow tent breast palm and we see you can already get so many more ideas because now we’re looking at keywords that are popular instead of just single products we’re getting more of a market idea of the keyword so for a solar charger let’s check it out we know the average sales are 712 which is great reviews are a bit high which is OK sales to review profits about 8,000 let’s just take a quick look at this let’s pull out the extension okay so we can see here that we have 17 reviews doing 15,000 and monthly revenue see 10 reviews earning 4050 for reviews doing 17,000 and he’s pretty much past page 1 in 19th position 6 reviews make 10,000 so you can see that there’s profit to be made here trends look ok it has potentials get a detailed statistic which I really like top 5 average revenue with 50,000 the average high is $50 top 10 listings once again the average revenue is still very high the amount of sales is high page one listing average review counts a bit high so it’s competitive so that’s a beginner you don’t want to get into it unless you know how to market yourself and by that I mean you got a launcher product you got to make sure that you have enough units to giveaway because if you try to do even if you try to do only PVC bath it’s gonna cost you a lot of money to rank to page one okay so let’s go back baby shower cookie cutters so this is a good product to look at baby shower cookie cutters it looks great so look at the market so we have very low reviews so you can definitely come into this monthly revenue is a bit low we want to see something you know at least three to five thousand minimum I would say so this is a little bit on the lower end so this guy’s making 3,100 reviews it’s not a bad product it’s worth looking into even as a first product it might not be a bad idea graduation and Vice cards so this is very interesting and this would be a good example sort of like a seasonal product because you know graduation time is around certain months usually so it’s not really something that’s gonna be selling every single month I would say my opinion I could be wrong I mean I don’t know if people are graduating every single month I know it’s typically you know during certain times of the year let’s see how they’re doing in in this time so revenues kind of all over the place cheers to 50 years and this is another interesting concept so this would be more more not seasonable more typical so that’s one thing 7,000 and this is the first position here 45 reviews 4000 with 5 reviews and 15,000 132 reviews so this is this is a decent market yeah fire lunch also think so so that’s the great thing about viral launch they kind of give you a product idea score so it’s so it kind of validates like oh okay I think this product is good and it says yeah it’s actually a great product they are definitely you guys do a couple more steps of course to validate 100% that this is a good product to invest into and I have a video on that and I have eight steps to figuring out if your product will sell okay moonlight projector gauntlet cartridge battery pen let’s try moon light projector okay so this is like a brand name Bridal tattoos it’s interesting this looks like another great product and it seems like there’s a lot of competition or just a lot of products come look-alike so you can see here the reviews are low and the revenue is much higher so this is a good product to look into yeah not bad it’s weird seeing if you can come into the market and differentiate come up with something more clever in words like playing around the words other than just Bride tribe seems like everybody has the same thing and another one is like you know deep diving in so you click onto this product you see what other products are in this sort of category for brides and I’m sure there is a lot so one of the things that I wanted to mention using viral launch and the keyword tool as you can see we can spend hours on hours on product research and sometimes you might get lucky and you’ll find your winning product within a week my first winning product I found it within a week but I still kept searching for another month just to make sure that wasn’t missing out and that was what happened I literally found my winning product my first week so this video is going to be long so I’m gonna try my best to keep everything concise and short here and that’s why we’re gonna be stopping on viral launch product discovery I hope you got enough valuable information from that section so let’s get on to the next one so number two the best other way is to look at Amazon bestsellers this gives you an idea of a category that I was already doing so well and products you might be able to find or you can kind of enter the market and take over so to do that you just type in Amazon bestsellers into Google and now we can see bestsellers by each category so toys and games and these electronics usually I will stay away from electronics because they’re more things to break camera photo vo games books clothing now what we want to do is we kind of want to break down and go deeper into each category that we might be interested in so let’s go into beauty and personal care that’s a very hot category and we can see it’s kind of like kind of like branded stuff so far so let’s go a bit deeper give sense well this is what this one is interesting a grooming kid that’s kind of interesting as well I’ve seen this one a couple years ago see how it’s doing shower cap okay let’s check tools and accessories silicone facemask so even though these are higher rated and they’re bestsellers the reason we want to open up is to kind of get an idea kind of see how and what products are in that market so whatever is kind of interesting I’m opening them up checking them out all right check out some of the products so we have a j-roller see sign for almost a year now looks like that’s the spinning scales we can kind of see what’s going on here let’s take a look at a roller okay so looks like there is a good product we found a good product here j-roller this guy looks like he’s doing a launch because the products at Connors I mean the price is just kind of skewed 115,000 compared to everybody else so this person might be just doing a launch so we have forty six thousand thirteen thousand twenty thousand eight thousand not let’s go all the way down so there is good market depth here people that are not even on the first page we’re still making a decent amount of revenue and yep let’s look at the market trends here so seems kind of stable it might be losing interest over time average price is being decreased past 90 days it’s not seasonal so that’s great whyever launch says seems promising and like I said sales pattern seems to be declining reviews needed to sell well this just gives you an idea high reviews okay so it’s not bad definitely worth looking into I know you can see this guy here rather than just you the standard one piece with that he did the one piece with the goosh whatever it’s called I’m pricing it wrong and a little handbag and the card it looks like and this person did like a triple so once again bundling is great and this person did the one of the popular products that we kind of open up oh look at that right so you know he took this method and you know he might have even used this method here he saw that this is one of the best selling items and two face mask brush any using conjunction with another best I mean that you know the homework is done for him and this is the way you guys could see what products also put together if you have no idea so this guy he has the J Mullen plus the face brush mask that’s already super popular so I could definitely see this working out for him so another idea that you guys can try out is probably do like my tan in C serum cuz that’s usually a very hop with this Jade roller and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that someone already has that okay so let’s take a look at what this would cost and what profit this person is making so he’s on for 1695 and it’s just the Jade roller by itself with the Guha Shia Gua Sha cent great listing great photos good bullet points and selling over close to a year looks like and we can see that frequently bought together now if you did a bundle like this in my workout but like I’ve mentioned before maybe you can try and vitamin C serum and as you can see here someone really bought together people buying the vitamin C serum and a derma roller my great description and this is brand registered so great product overall has reviews the number one selling night serum rollers and pens pretty cool okay let’s take a look Jade roller so let’s take the higher end of the range actually this one’s pretty low here we’re gonna go with I’m gonna go with four dollars which can say it’s four dollars the higher range and usually you’ll kind of get click baited here you’re gonna see like prices that are really low and then when you contact these sellers they’re gonna say oh no actually that’s for you know ten thousand units with something right so so the hundred pieces here in the price might change when you do talk to them so I’m just gonna go with the higher ballpark here and say it’s about like 350 so let’s pull out the Amazon Scout calculator three right five maybe shipping’s about two dollars so we can see here that this product is making this guy about 31,000 in profit and the ROI is a hundred percent so that’s a that’s a pretty good ROI to have the net margin is really great as well profit per unit it’s a bit low I personally like to see at least ten dollars at least his start with it so he might have started with higher price and he had to lower his price into the competitive market so you probably started with a profit of ten and now he’s out of five but he’s still making a killing okay guys so I hope I demonstrated the best selling rank to you and now I’m gonna talk about third method another excellent way to find more products for Amazon is his website called wish calm you might have already heard of it it’s a great website because basically everything on wish is directly from China yeah and almost everything is basically what dropshippers and before I even got at Amazon I was drop shipping and I made a million in nine months time so look out for that video on that story how I got them is on FBA so basically you can find pay a lot of great products and you can see what Pinterest this all has so we can see here that two thousand people bought this or is it more than two its twenty thousand let’s take a look and says barbecue liners pan fry liners so that that’s already pretty cool and I could definitely see that working out let’s type it in barbecue liners winners and what we have here clean barbecue aluminum grill liner so I think this is kind of what we’re looking at here these black ones that we saw in wish but there’s also a grill mesh mat it’s kind of cool let’s take a look at the market okay so we have the extension opened up let’s take a look here silver coming over the place if $80 is position one remember is either sponsored so we don’t really are not really in position one it’s just you could be in page ninety nine and you could be sponsoring your product so it’s after the sponsored links so we got a $79 40 mm zero dollars I don’t know what’s wrong with that I’ve been two thousand five thousand seventy five thousand five thousand one thousand either sponsored one thousand thirty six thousand let’s take a look at reviews here 36 thousand were two hundred ninety-one twenty three thousand two hundred ninety-one 6000 155 reviews 4033 see three thousand five thousand so people are still making money all the way down the page to market trends looks like this actually increased in interest for this product and it says looks like on one more than half the page want offerings or bundles you may want to consider doing that okay so definitely this is a good product to look into and what I would do is I would find one that you kind of want to source so let’s say we wanted to source this and the reason we’re gonna look at this because it has three three and a half stars so that means there is room for improvement let’s look at its listing pictures the pictures are not bad there okay maybe more lifestyle photos like this is okay but I’ll try to get an actual lifestyle photo of the person using the item all the points are okay nothing crazy selling for over a year so we know there is demand for this market and a steady stream of sales Tommy can see that what do other customers buy so we can get an idea of products that people are more interested in or click on after seeing this product and these are the ones from wish actually description is okay nothing special there and we kind of want to focus on the reviews here so huge disappointment and this item burns through in one use so already we know there is a huge for quality issue and I can guarantee if you source the same product with better photos better listing and you get five star ratings you can definitely beat this guy 100% let’s see some other products this is cool magnetic whiteboard fridge office reminder so I feel like this is kind of like you know very normal you feel like there’s already probably so many of these on Amazon well let’s just take a look anyway right so this one is has a thousand reviews and what you guys have noticed something here it costs five dollars on wish calm and yet people still buy from Amazon calm or almost triple the price but actually it’s more than triple the price nineteen dollars so looks like it’s almost the same photo is it’s the same person oh it’s this is the new Amazon thing here but they kind of get you highly rated products best price products so thousand reviews looks like your views are pretty high up here I don’t see anyone kind of breaking into the mold or market right so this guy bundled it got you some markers as well right huh okay let’s look at some other problems what is that yeah you know one a mess with that educational toy line puzzle box that’s interesting hmm don’t think look at some other stuff this one’s interesting a bed side storage bad side storage so it’s kind of like what we’re looking at I guess I’d say caddy so that’s kind of the key word I’m seeing here bedside caddy 16 reviews 6 dollars so it looks like it’s price this person might have just reduced their price to compete yeah looks like everyone’s competing wow that’s that’s very low margins are very very thin here so I would just get that just because you know some of the top six are kind of just competing based on price but like I mentioned before if you come in with a brand has something a little bit more unique you can definitely come in and price your products at $15 and still make all the sales on page 1 as long as it’s kind of unique so I know this product was definitely hot during Halloween time because I actually sold this when I was drop shipping and I made a killing on drop shipping from Holley Express and I didn’t sell on Amazon but I know during Halloween time these masks only sell and I was selling mines for about 28 dollars and that was on Shopify okay so I showed you guys how to get more product ideas from which com let’s move on to the next one so here we are on Pinterest comm where we can get more product ideas so you can type in just product so you get an idea just a very broad range tea infuser this was super popular a while back trending VIP also a drop ship store and we’re gonna go into that a little bit but let’s let’s open this up little man tea infuser everyone every tea lovers so this is a great example of a Facebook ad that you can create something like this for your products and it’ll link over to your Amazon listing and I have a video on how to do that in how to track a convergence from ends from Facebook and Google Ads to your listening and I’ll put it somewhere around this video okay so based on this we can just look at what this guy’s selling and get an idea as they saw on camera building sports kneepad whoops so we can see here that this is probably 33 reviews this person is in front page let’s see what it calmest let’s see here so we have 33 reviews with making 10000 you have 9 reviews earning 3000 market depth looks great there’s definitely money to be made here 64 reviews 10000 65 2058 11050 536 8 down to 55 you 70,000 yeah so this product looks promising looks like stable and there’s unit increase in November has potential CEO spire is declining not a bad product is looking too so let’s go back to Pinterest so what Pinterest a lot of these products are not really from China you might find a lot of these products are kind of sourced from the United States or different places other than China so you might see something unique like this which is like cool bathroom towel rack where you try to source it and all the following search it up and we’ll find it but that doesn’t mean that you can’t ask for it and find a supplier that’s in this sort of category and they can create it for you but as a new seller might want to just go with what’s already I’m selling something prove it so another thing that you can do is you can type in a sort of like generic terms like kitchen and see what you get your kitchen not this I need the best offer calm was that cheese slicer slip that up so we can see here that this guy has 27 reviews earning 9000 first page six reviews make 6000 something not bad not bad 89 so it looks like this good market top it’s like this is a good product to try and see if you could differentiate or source and improve on any of these products 6 reviews here I’m sure there’s not much to source and he’s on front page it’s probably making decent amount of money the key here is not to go after home run products right off the bat because if you try to go sourcing for home run products number one do you have the experience on Amazon have you listed and sold anything yet and number two you need more money to keep that product in stock so you might be able to source ten thousand dollars but once you run out in three weeks do you have another shipment coming in two weeks so you actually need a lot more inventory and every time you run out of stock you lose your ranking so that sucks okay so Pinterest is great for generating ideas let’s talk about something else Oh something just caught my eye here I know inspire uplift is another drop shipping store and then you always have great stuff so this is the salad bowl cutter slip that up 30 reviews 28 reviews 20 reviews 3 reviews 28 reviews 1 review and it’s being amazing huh but there’s something about this product that getting to tell you guys cuz I definitely saw this product while back and I’ll tell you why it’s so good and why it’s so bad so let’s just take a quick look at how everyone is doing here so it looks like the revenue is not that great when I looked at this year ago it was making a killing everybody was making great money and the thing about the fog why I didn’t actually source it myself is because its patented by someone and you definitely gotta check Google patents before you even place your order um for any product unless on Amazon because it sucks and you gotta be a hundred percent sure that you’re investing your money and Amazon won’t won’t shut you down until a month or two months later so you won’t even know when someone complains hey this is a patented item and they’ll take your listing down ok so let’s move on to the next one follow another website that I use once in a while shut up and take my money and it’s kind of like it’s kind of like Pinterest in the sense that it gives you an idea and not all these products are from China so it’s kind of hard to source but once again the more ideas that better right guys that’s so unique gun cylinder pen holder I’m sure it so many people will like this and it’s on Amazon let’s take a look at it it’s been signed way over a couple years looks like Amazon is selling it as well so that’s a bit annoying sales look very consistent um we can get an idea of other products so here’s another one one star and it looks like he might have improved the design it’s a really cool-looking item definitely worth looking into so here’s the other one that it just looks like this guy pretty much copying the same exact design um yeah let’s take a look on Amazon there is any market so there’s a black one that’s cool yeah and here’s another one that’s aluminum see all these people come up with these ideas okay let’s take a look at this market so the market doesn’t look that great it looks like just one seller a few sellers are making most of the money but again it’s a unique idea and if you can drive traffic to this just like how show up and take my money arriving traffic for this listing you can definitely also make a great profit in Hama Caudill who flow it’s on Amazon let’s take a look and looks like a unicorn full flow shark 7 reviews pull up the extension this guy’s doing a massive amount so one other method that no one has really speaking about or talked about is using Facebook as a way to find more more products that are gonna be trending and a lot of that is from my drop shipping background and essentially this is like one way to stop find products that are trending or people are trying to sell online so you type in raises like 50% off and you’ll see like 50% off today free shipping and you’ll be able to find all these products what you can do is you can go by video and here we go let’s take a look at this real quick what is this a cheese grater again just looks like a regular grater it’s called a magic trio peeler kidding it’s interesting manna has a lot of Commons so this tells you this product is a good idea to look into because it has four thousand shares um 1117 Commons seven thousand likes let’s just take a quick look this looks like and this is a hundred percent a drop shipping store it’s called three pili which I’m sure is not even a trademarked term no this looks like an Ali Baba image to be honest or Holi Express let’s take a quick look we can find that same one boom right there guys it’s like dollar sixty for a three pack magic trio peeler so easy right off the bat you have an idea of something to look into right I wonder if this is on Amazon right so someone’s already selling there over here it’s the same exact one magic trio peeler and I think I see a bunch of them selling this stuff let’s go back to Facebook what’s this so it’s a baby bed huh maybe safe portable baby bed I mean this looks like it would be a huge hit on Amazon as well portable baby dead that’s the same non horrible rating that looks like the other one so oh that’s really cute just take a look at the market here and the baby niche market is huge guys if you get into that and you brand your product you can make and insane amount of money in the baby niche there’s so much money to be made there so we can see that some of these are just killing it out here much games a pretty big brand we can see that pretty much everyone is making money here the market trends going higher looks like a home on its another great product guys another great product let’s take a look at the reviews real quick if you quantity five eight five six five 51:56 23:23 making 10,000 18 making 16,000 24 reviews 33,000 Wow it’s a great product guys and there is room to come into the market right now I’ll show you how this has three and a half stars thought it’s horrible pictures suck pictures are just horrible and it’s been sighing for almost a year now so you can definitely come in when and it looks like someone kind of came in and got out even better product on and you can see like you did like a little that bear it’s like so much better it’s the same exact line they just got it done and they only have 21 reviews so if you come in and you do a different animal let’s just take a look at this see so it’s almost all the opportunity and they got into this market great photos you see great bullet lines and then selling for less than a year so just based on the information that we saw here that other products inside right here this product isn’t selling for half that time so we can see that even in this graph that this person ran a stock a couple of times and now he’s in stock and he’s killing the market and I don’t see anyone else coming up with this idea so disappointed very small memory foam is crap so we can improve the quality your public quality you come up with a different image of a different animal and because this is four and a half stars so it’s a it’s a bit if you had three stars I would say you can improve the quality keep the same thing can you know come up with a better image to come with a better angle you can kind of beat this guy but in my opinion because it’s still a highly rated product I would try a different animal maybe a brown bear or something and it’s a bit risky to change colors up but if you take that risk and it pays off guess what you’re in business okay so basically going back to that method essentially you can type into Facebook bunch of these things like 50% off and you get a bunch of ideas off today free shipping another great one is get yours now or get yours here you get here’s today get yours now free shipping these are all the terms that every single drop shipper uses okay so here is another ultimate products research method that I used to use one I do my drop shipping and sometimes I still use this method and this method is amazing because you’re able to kind of spy on whatever products people are coming out with they’re not just on Amazon they might be not even on Amazon yet and trending so the way this works is that it’s like seven dollars a month for this program it’s called feedly.com and essentially these are all the websites that are kind of like drop shipping and you get an idea of all the products or selling so remember we talked about spire uplift I told you I know this is a drop shipping store so here it is you can see that clicking on their link it shows me all the products that they’re currently trying to sell online so a floating wineglass so something kind of interesting like this is pretty interesting I’m guessing you use this in in water no it’s not using water but but it’s cool it’s a cool little beach thing what’s this gramophone another really interesting example so I mean there’s countless ways to do product research method and basically you can use these websites and kind of like spy on them the whole time and get more of your ideas so we can see that this one is a slimming body shapers corset I know of course that’s are huge on Amazon you can take a look at that see boutique blue Krait automatic water irrigation Wi-Fi camera Kitty toothbrush pets carrier barrier dog cooling collar knitted wool cat bed that’s interesting right just try it out so I can see it’s kind of selling here 13 reviews some reviews for years so we can see that there’s demand for pain knitting but I don’t know it’s for a cat expecially but this one is pet beds so to use feedly.com you go to create a new feed and what you’re gonna type in is so this is what the link looks like when you want to add in a website so this is the website it makes you special calm and there’s gonna be forward slash collections while we’re slash all dot atom and what that does it’ll show you it’ll had that website into your feed so that you’re able to kind of pull up the information about these people and what they’re selling so here’s another one from Novus of 17 months ago blackhead Eliminator 3d sports knee pad we just saw that hair color wax charcoal whitening powder so these are just great great examples of all the products that you can find using this method and you are constantly generating new methods and if you’re looking if you’re if you want to figure out how to find these websites it’s very easy when you do your Facebook search I get yours here stuff like that you can just go into one of these one of these Facebook pages go to gadget buddy and we can see that this guy is selling I don’t know what that is template I guess basically when you hit the like button you’re gonna be able to see other pages are kind of related to this the trend Grotto like that and essentially that’s how you can find more and more websites and pages let’s go back and open up his website so you can see laser acupuncture pen window cleaner blackhead poor vacuum mover there’s countless items here so let’s just copy that link add content paste it in slash all dot atoms now we can see that this guy’s posting about one one hour per week and you said follow put them in the product feed BAM right away we’re getting all the information on what this person is trying to sell or this drop shipping companies okay so we’ve gone over all the methods that I currently use and have used in the past three years to get me these profitable Amazon products if you stayed all the way till the end I hope you found the value that you were looking for and please comment below like this video and subscribe you

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