February 20, 2020
Berto – using AdWords and YouTube for promotion

Berto – using AdWords and YouTube for promotion

My name is Filippo Berto.
I’m an entrepreneur and I own Berto. Berto is a furniture company
in Meda, Brianza, founded in the 1970s by my father and uncle,
Fioravante and Carlo Berto. We make high-quality ready-made and
custom-made sofas, sofa beds and beds. At the end of the 1990s, when I joined,
I realised that although we’re small, the Internet could help us
to tell our story. Google has helped us do that since 2002. With the AdWords platform we
can run campaigns in Italy as well as abroad,
even for online sales. We’ve had a YouTube channel since 2007, which has 100 uploaded videos
and over 1.5 million views. We’ve written a daily diary
as a blog since January 2004. Thanks to investing in the web
and using Google’s services, the company has grown fivefold in size. Our greatest dream is to expand
our business all over the world.

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