April 7, 2020

Behind The Scenes of a Small Online Business E-Commerce Selling on ETSY, Amazon, EBay and Shopify

Hello! I’m Elisa the owner of Bubblegum
Divas. Today, I’m gonna take you on an inside look behind the scenes to see our
process. Let’s go inside! Bryleigh is putting together names that
we’re gonna add on to shirts. Once this is done the designs are
transferred onto the cutting machine. This is our production station. Where all
the shirts are made. Our shirts are hand pressed. These are presses where we lay
out everything binding and there we lay out our design there needs a flame five seconds for the
glue to adhere to the fabric so it doesn’t come and we’re done now it’s
ready to be sewn in the bows put on here at Bubblegum divas we use lots and lots
of ribbon as you can see and this is our sewing station here at the sewing
station is where we put your labels and also we make it custom boats and now we
get close to the final step of our production we check everything out lay
it tag and package it so that it’s off to your home unless in two to three days these are all the packages waiting for
the postman ship today Hale town here for Romell all right thank you for stopping by divas you you and make sure that there are no extra
hanging strands before we send them out if I take the scissor case off start
again that Clemson checks well I got to take
the case off my god hi my name is Sandra and here at bubblegum devices where we
have you a tag you sorry morning cutting machine actually play
let me make sure that all the tool looks really nice

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