March 31, 2020
Beginner eCommerce Website WordPress Tutorial – EASY!

Beginner eCommerce Website WordPress Tutorial – EASY!

Hey guys it’s Greg and thanks for joining us for
another tutorial today. I’m super excited to show you how to create this online store website that you can see on your screen and mine because I think it could be our best online story yet. And I call it fun beach store. We learned a lot. Making a delicious
coffee shop in 2015 and a comfy animal store in 2016. There’s me way back then but this year we’re going to step it
up even further. Bringing in a special guest who is a successful online store
owner himself to help us get real sales. So when you talk about creating an amazing web site like father
figure like no e-commerce website an online store and a lot of you guys out there are interested in setting those kind of
websites up to help and hopefully inspire the future
online store owners out there. So Andrew take rightless. Let’s hear about other people to
come. Yes. The name of the company is
father figure. I came up with it about a year and a half ago and it’s the first lifestyle brand that’s so the first product is Berbera. So this is a 100 percent organic really soft muslin cotton Berbera you get see a different. This is our selling product and actually wearing it. So this is a fraternity T-shirt Toluca T-shirt. We’re not doing anything
commercially. We’ll move on. OK so now we’re going to talk about. Something that. You know we hope you will back from. Cars which is just worrying that their products. Won’t sell. Did you ever face that worry. Like. You. Your party. So in the face of like. Target and Wal-Mart. Everyone. Could. Other. Better. Yeah absolutely. For me they created a new genre which is clothing and gears. This is a clip from you. It didn’t exist. You know. And then I also sketch out
who your customer is. Name that person do you like to do on my off line. As. Things change when you launch them and then sell that product. Make profit take a profit take the revenue and turn it into reinvestment your business to keep growing. Tough luck. Very smart. Of all do one thing really. What do you do to keep the business running to make sure that you can keep up with Amazon’s extra stuff like that nerd. So. I guess the rain forest is a rain forest this year is all about getting real
results for you and your business. This is e-commerce made easier for
beginners and I hope you stick with us if you like what you see so far and you want to walk away with your own completed website like
this. Then stay tuned. Welcome everyone. And you should know from the start
that you can make any sort of website you want today. This could be a website about
fashion or fitness or fine art but we’ll see how to make this exact website from start to finish. And there is real truth behind why I
picked the name. Fun beach store. Firstly because it’s going to be fun picking out a look for your store. So many of us struggle designing a
new website thinking about which icons to use and where to put the lines and how about the fonts and how big each image thumbnail
should be. But we’re going to take the
headaches out of the equation and use flat’s them. The number one e-commerce team
downloaded over 47000 times but other store owners like you that might not seem like a lot but when you think of 47000 people running real e-commerce Web sites selling things
online that actually becomes a lot of
stores. Imagine that many stores in a single
mall for example. Speaking of fun when you install
fots him you get all of these demo sites that we’re going to look at
right now. Baked into one theme so we’ll make the classic shop right here. But I’m going to teach you the
real web design skills you’ll need to learn how to create any of these
Web sites right here. You could make huge sharp parallax sharp you could make any of these shops like cell count down vendor shop. Any of them and the amount of looks you can try
out is virtually limitless. Secondly our theme is beach because it’s summer right now. So learn how to make a beach themed image cyder a beach themed logo that will put in your
navigation menu at the top so it won’t take up too much important space in your
site. We’re going to make beach themed
products like the captain and the pineapple. Will make beach themed
advertisements a beach themed blog testimonials that people could have written while
they at the beach enjoying your products and so on and so forth. But you can literally change the overall theme of your products for a new season or any promotion your business has with all the flats. Easy to use designs. And there are web site is going to
become a store when we install the woo’d commerce
software to it. What is wu commerce. Well it’s kind of a funny name but it’s also the best e-commerce
platform for wordpress. Newcomers. Is the industry leading software to convert your normal Web site into an e-commerce Web site. It’s free to use and it’s got plenty of other amazing
stats to like over 26 million downloads. It’s capable of being used in hundreds of different languages can be easily connected with all of our favorite third party
software like Facebook MailChimp and PayPal. And when you get a chance. Make sure to check out the commerce
showcase to see some amazing sites on the web
powered by commerce. Sites that you can make to with newcomers. You can sell anything from T-shirts
to download or e-books and songs to jewelry to antiques to fitness equipment you name it. The list goes on and on. Newcomer’s is a WordPress add on. Also known as a WordPress plugin. So of course we’re going to see how
to install and run WordPress dot org. In this web site tutorial the way it will make your WordPress
Web site is the recommended way which means that you don’t need to know
anything about coding or technology to use this tutorial. You can be a complete beginner and leave here with your own
finished product of a Web site where press was used by more than
twenty seven point five percent of the top 10
million Web sites. As of February of 2017. But that number is now surely
greater. This means that learning WordPress
is becoming a truly indispensable skill and I can quickly prove to you that
our website isn’t just built by a mumble jumble
of code. If we click log in in the upper right we can easily get to the back end as they call it for a Web site which is probably the scariest term
we’ll hear today. Now you can click to our homepage and look. So we wanted to make a basic change like edit our image slider right here where it says Bring a friend. You just hover at the top and click at it with you x builder builder. And now literally all we need to do is just click on the text where we
want to edit it. And then we can click open text
editor. And you’ll get this Microsoft Word
as little screen right here where you
can say right and virtually do what ever you want. Let’s click OK and our changes will be made right
here on our previewing screen we just
need to click apply an update to make those changes live for the
world. And believe me making further edits are just as easy. We can upload images from your
computer. Change up big images change up small images change up circle images add stores. Make little arrows that go off to
different places you name it. There’s our change we just made
together. And I’m going to revert back to our
original site now because I think that’s what we
had on YouTube thumbnail and those thumbnails are often
pretty important for selling people on the site. Speaking of selling Let’s walk
through a real sale so you can see just how easy it is for your customers. Someone could click shop now in your
large cyder or maybe they’ll click on one of the
products on your homepage. After they check it out a little bit and decide they want it. They’ll click Add to Cart and now in the upper right someone
has the option to either view card or check at just like on Amazon. Well it’s view cart. At this point someone can confirm
that they want one of your items or maybe increase the quantity. And when a customer is ready to buy
they’ll click proceed to checkout on the checkout screen it’s time for
someone to enter in their billing details on the left which I’ve already done. And someone can also enter a coupon
code that you’ll give them through your
promotional efforts. With these perfectly outlined steps on this perfectly organized checkout page on your own online store. It’s clear now that someone has to
choose how they want to buy the product direct bank transfer check payments cash on delivery and credit and debit card will be
activated by default. And we’re going to use Paypal to
process your credit and debit card
transactions because everyone’s heard of Pay Pal and it’s free to put this on your
Web site so the customer clicks proceed to pay pal. Now your customer can either log in
to pay pal and pay with a pay pal balance or they can choose pay with debit or credit card which is
more common. It looks like I forgot to select the
free shipping option so we could always
go back. Ambac. And let’s make sure to choose. Free shipping if that’s available. I for one have forgotten to choose
that on Amazon before. And now let’s go back to Pay-Pal pay with debit or credit card. Now your customer can fill in their
debit or credit card information. We’re you all just blur out so none
of you decide to go on a shopping spree. And then at the bottom your customer
can just click pay now. Processing. And voila we’ve just paid $2 to our online store. In other words you made money. We can leave this comforting Pay-Pal
screen open if we want and go ahead and check out our email
for confirmation on that payment. And at the top you’ll see payment received from me. So that’s all really cool and simple. And then we can go to our Pay-Pal and we can see that money that
actually arrived. So let’s log in the pay pal. And we can see we have a new pay pal
balance. It’s not a ton it’s pretty humble but it is a balance nonetheless from a real sale. And if we click into the details
from that sale it says payment received we can click to open them and now we can read that we earned a
dollar 64 because the captain shirt was bought for 44 50 and we used a coupon of 40 to 50. So hopefully your customers wouldn’t have that aggressive of coupons. But in any case the purchase total
was $2. We got a nice transaction ID. And if you’re wondering why we
didn’t get that entire $2 it’s because even though Paypal buttons are free to put on your Web site which makes
them a big advantage. Paypal takes a small fee from the sale as Google explains there’s no fee to use Paypal to
purchase goods or services. However if you receive money for
those goods or services such as from selling an item like we are the fee for each transaction is 2.9 percent plus 30 cents US dollars of the amount you
receive. In our case that’s 30 cents plus an additional six cents and that six cents is just 2.9 percent of $2. So that’s how it works. And hopefully if you’re making sales of like a hundred dollars then the fee would just be 30 cents plus $2 and 90 cents or something you know. So if you’re making a sale for $100 you’d only get $3 and change taken out of that sale and you can actually build up a lot
of income from your sales. That fee is standard across most types of online stores. The advantage in our case though is
that when commerce doesn’t charge us any money
to run the online store. However other softwares do charge money to run an online
store. So in my opinion it is reasonable and it is a good deal especially if you’re doing higher volumes of sales for higher dollar amounts then you can obviously make more money. So that’s how it works. Honestly the e-commerce features
will make like these pop out images the sale buttons the sizes and so on and so forth run really easily. And it’s not very hard building the
site as you’ll see. What’s tough and lacking in other
videos you’ll see online today is the real how behind selling online how do we humans customers to
actually click buy. No one is telling us that. Which is why I brought in our
special guest because he’s already made sales
online to real people many times. So who is he. Well I’ve invited a good friend of
mine named Andrew Bentley. Let’s see if we can find his about
page. There you go. That’s him right
there. Andrew runs father figured out how this we’re looking at right here which is a fatherhood clothing and gear store along with a daddy blog all in one. And Andrew’s come to both inspire us and offered bite sized lessons on
running a real online store. He created from scratch. Andrew quit his job at Google to
work from home completed a huge Kickstarter campaign and runs a growing blog of his own. So he’s pretty legit. Use my interview segments with him as inspiration or just as brig’s whatever you like. They’re not an advertisement and it didn’t pay me. I just wanted real advice for you
guys. So you leave with a complete
understanding of how to build an online store from the ground up. As long as we’re doing disclosures
Andrew does use a software called Shopify to power his site. Shopify powers a lot of beautiful
online stores which you can check out from
their site but their prices are pretty high. With WordPress. It’s a lot cheaper to make and run a Web site like if you’re on
a startup budget for example and you can make any kind of a web
site not just an online store. For example if you visit WordPress the org and click on their showcase you’ll see an example of all sorts of Web sites you can make regardless of whether or not you want to go the online
store route or just go with a normal sort of business web site. So check that out too because
Wordpress is so much cheaper in the long run. It’s my goal to show you how to use
Wordpress. But you can always move to Shopify
later if you want and be confident that I’ve already
tried it and still prefer WordPress. We’re still WordPress people. Even though other names are always
popping up. Use the video notes down below on
YouTube to navigate to Andrew’s advice and to each part of the tutorial as
well as you guys if you want to create a real web site that gets real sales online then I want to help you. And if you’re not too focused on the
sales at this point but you still need a company website then you can just use this Web site or one of flat some’s many different types of Web sites as a pretty storefront until you decide to launch its long tutorial at nearly five hours. But this will literally teach you
everything you could want to know about
WordPress online stores and there are some benchmarks
you might like. In the video such as that
after 30 minutes you’ll have your own WordPress site up and running and after one hour you’ll be
comfortable with flat some you’ll have flats installed and ready to go. And you’ll also have whoot cameras installed and ready to go. So you don’t need to stay the whole
time. Even though I’ll be a little bit sad
if you leave early. But side note we do
have taking breaks so I support that. All right so as you can see there’s
a lot of fun to be had here. Why don’t we stop talking and start building. I’m ready. And if you’re ready to go ahead and get yourself a beverage or whatever it is you like to drink. Take a seat and get ready to learn how to create a real online store website in wordpress. All right let’s do it and feel free to use those comments
as much as you want below to tell me
how it’s going to vent your frustration or just to say hello. No need to be shy and it definitely pays to speak up
on here. All right so let’s begin. Open up the link to our blog post guide in the notes below your YouTube video and everyone will get to this page right here on my blog. Dear blogger. So welcome what we have here is some reading for your enjoyment stuff about Andrew from father figured out Co and his story are in here from
Andrew in a little bit. It’s awesome and you should definitely read into
this. And of course check out the clips that appear throughout the
video. You can also read more here about
why we’re making this online story and what it will include. However we’ll see all that as we
make it so. If you’re anything like me you’re
probably excited to get building and create our fun beat store and create a web site that will take
your business and your products totally revolutionized the way the world interacts with them. Because we’ll be selling
them online. So if you’re anything like me you
probably want to get started. Let’s do it. You’ll have this
reading here at anytime to come back and get through and it won’t be private either
because once I release it to you and the whole web then everyone can enjoy it. So let’s come down and let’s look at the introduction. All right let’s learn the steps and costs what does it cost to create an online store web site. Well you can make your new WordPress online store in six steps and these six steps are the bread and butter of the meat and potatoes of our tutorial. We are going to cover all six steps and when we’re done you’ll have made your own online store. All right. It’s just important to
note that if you contacted a local
developer in your town they could charge you
upwards of twenty five hundred dollars. I have heard that number before. And if you don’t believe me go out and get a quote I guarantee you’ll
be surprised. But it’s really awesome that we can
do all this for a lot less and also learn how web sites work in the process. All right. So what are the steps. The first step we need to do is the
domain name. All right. So that’s just like your business
name dot com or your name dot com Facebook’s domain name is Facebook
dot com my domain name on this blog is just dear blogger dot org. And actually got the dot org because
I couldn’t get the com. Someone else had taken it but it turned out well for me. The dot org gave it a community feel and this has been a really
successful blog and place to write for me and for our audience so it can work out. All right. Let me know if you have questions. Choosing a domain name it should be
a lot of fun. Again it’s just the dot com dot org dot net whatever it is you choose. There is no negative impact in how well you ranking Google if
you choose one or the other. But most people think of the It’s the most recognizable. So when they hear your business
they’re probably going to want to visit your business
dotcom. All right. So the domain name costs
$15 a year. And an analogy I like is that it’s
like the address of your website just like our homes our apartments have addresses once you every domain you’re going
to get some hosting and the hosting is just some space on the Internet to host all of your
content of your blog posts and videos and images and logo icons and the products we’re going to put
up need to be hosted somewhere. So we’re going to get that. And if you don’t have hosting people visit your domain name and they just see blank white space right. So it doesn’t work the
hosting cost $10 a month. All right a good analogy for your
hosting is that it’s like a plot of land
where we’re going to build an amazing huge beautiful home for your new blog or web site. So the domain name is your address. The hosting is the plot of land and as such it’s really important
that that plot of land is in a good
neighborhood that it comes with fertile soil where we can do a lot of good
building and love the end result. So that’s our analogy. And because of that we’re going to
take a lot of care in registering your domain
name and you’re hosting the hosting costs $10 a month. Like I said and between the domain name and the hosting these are the most expensive part of owning a website. But the good news is I have a
discount coupon that’s going to get those prices
down for us. Next once we have our domain name and hosting we can install
WordPress. Despite what you might have heard
Wordpress is free. It’s the word priced up org software and it’s the exact same thing the
other online stores use that are powered by WordPress and the same thing that huge
celebrities and fortune 500 brands like time. Jay-Z Katy Perry Forbes Snoop Dogg New York Times Walt Disney all these brands use. So I think we’re going to all of it
not that hard to figure out either. Once we have WordPress we’re going
to install that theme. So the theme is just like a total make over your web site. It’s the entire look and I’ve picked out a theme called Flat some which just so happens to be the number one most popular
e-commerce theme. At the moment. All right. And that’s going to cost us $59 to use flotsam. So depending on how you want to look
at it I think it’s a really good price to pay $59 to get a web site. Look that’s professional. It’s like a miniature Amazon eBay Apple Zappos. J. Crew Jack threads wherever you shop. It’s like a miniature version of
that. That said this is an optional cost because there are
other good free themes that you can sell from using WordPress and using the software that we’re going to have
today. So if you’d rather go with the
freedom you absolutely can you can in fact just do steps one two and three and get set up and then try out a free theme I could recommend you one. And then you can come back and finish the rest of the tutorial
using flat’s them which is a premium theme later on if you want. We’ll always be here helping people learn WordPress and blog better make better websites that’s what we
do. Once we have that theme installed
we’re going to install newcomers. Newcomers is the number one
e-commerce platform that everyone who runs an online store uses and it’s free to install so that part blows me away. I’m very thankful that that’s free. You can always check out. Commers on their site. And see what they’re all about. But this is like one of the biggest
most successful WordPress plugins today. So over 25 million downloads it powers 28 percent of all online stores on the web. And we can see that it’s good for
both store owners like you and developers like me. All right. So maybe you’ll become a
developer somebody too because it’s a lot of fun but whether you want to sell or build websites newcomer’s is your software of choice and it’s supported by real people in 18 countries. Wow. All right. So let’s go back and let’s see that once we install
Commerce which is free and by the way
commerce works with the free themes as well just pure in that the flat sum and the premium theme is optional. Once we have new comers we’re going
to create your online store. It’s time for the fun
stuff. We’re going to learn how to set up a
complete Web site so all those steps will of course be covered in the video. And believe me they’ll come
together. Things will fall into place as you
watch the tutorial you’ll learn way more than you ever thought possible. Because I know I did as an online store owner and as a developer and now I just use it like it’s like riding a bike or something like that. This is all extremely easy once you get the hang of it. In terms of the price. We have a discount coupon you can
use called big bonus. That’s the coupon that will work on your domain name and your hosting and that’ll make it under $20 to set up your Web site which I
think is amazing. So just watch the video follow each
step and all of this will be yours. With all that said we’re going to
scroll down to our first section. And now it’s time to start building. So what do we need. Well now we know the steps and costs and all we need to get started is a
computer high speed internet connection or a decent speed internet
connection my internet can be pretty crappy and your credit card handy to pay
the basic costs of a domain name and hosting. So if you’re ready of course you’re
IDM been sitting there for hours. Let’s get started. Let’s get the set up and the minimal
tech work done. And then we can install
Wordpress and start creating your online store and making your project come to
life. All right. So to register your
domain and hosting the first step is to visit host creator dot com. And the good news is we can get both
of these two things. Host gator. All right. So in the olden days you
had to like hunt them down and connect a bunch of wires in your living room. But nowadays we can just visit host get it out come and get them. All right. So let’s do it. You can you click on this link I
gave you right here. So we don’t have to type it in all right. And once we get to host Skeeter at
dot com we’re going to want to choose a web hosting. So there’s a lot of awesome offers
here. Obviously use host gator so I run a couple of these too and they’re good when you become
more techie and more of a web designer. But for now I want to get the
cheapest most basic option that I started with. So we’re going to collect web
hosting in the top simple web hosting. And once you click that. Onto the hatchling plan we’re going
to click. Sign up now. All right so here’s hatchling. This is the most traveled route that
beginners go with and it’s what I started with the business plan is just too expensive. We don’t want to do that. But what you might want to consider
also aside from the hatching is the baby plan. Only difference year is that the
baby plan lets you host unlimited web site domains and the haggling plan lets you host
a single domain. So if right from the start you know
you want to make your online store your friends online store if you want to
make like 10 different online stores or web sites and create an empire. Then the baby could be good for you. But because I know most of you just
want to try out one Web site. We’re going to get the hatchling. Like I said it’s what I started with and you can upgrade things at
any time. All right. So let’s click sign up
now. And by the way if you click compare
I’ll plant you get a really comprehensive breakdown of the different services available at home Geetu the Google of web hosting. That’s just what I call them are. So it’s pretty cool. Make sure to check that out. So we’re going to click sign up once you click sign up now will be
in the host later order form you’re in the
right place. Great job so far. And the first step. It’s time to choose a domain. So what I’ve done is I’ve actually
laid out each of these six steps here for you
right here where it says you’re now in the host
get order form. Good job. That means that all you need to do
guys is just walk through from one two three four five six. And the techie stuff will be almost done. And these written steps will also
help you if you want to pause the video and go through them on your own or maybe even skip forward in the
video once you’re done. Because I know that I can talk a lot and sometimes you’d rather just do
it on your own. All right. In any case let’s move forward and let’s do step one enter a domain name or choose a domain. And in our case we could register
new domain but I want to check I already own
this domain because I already bought a domain
name to use in this tutorial. Let’s just make a WordPress Web site dot com and when you click away it’s going
to see if your domain name can be
registered. And so in this case it says Good
work added primary this Tabaret here is what we check
by the way if we bought a domain name
from a different registrar. Like at Go Daddy for example. So this is the route you’d go and that’s actually what I did like
getting my domain names right away some
times. So it’s a really good process. But if you did the register new
domain it’ll actually search if that domain
name is available for you. And in this case it’s not because I already own it. So either way. Host good is an excellent domain
name registrar. If you need a domain name and we’re going to get a discount on
it when we check out. But if you already bought one that’s
fine. Then you don’t have to pay anything
for the dominant. So once we’ve accomplished step one. Let’s scroll down. And by the way if you do the
register your new domain name. Make sure to check the domain privacy protection. Show you that. Just this little box right here. You might want to make sure to
uncheck that because we don’t think that’s
necessary. It’s an extra cost. All right so let’s scroll down to step two. And now we’re going to choose a
hosting plan. This part’s extremely easy. Just make sure your package type
says hatchling. Or maybe baby if you wanted that
instead for billing cycle you can choose what ever you want. It’s up to you. My first order it was good it was
for 12 months because I didn’t want to have
to think about hosting and I wanted to give my new web site a chance at success. I thought I needed 12 months. And you know I did. But you could also choose one month three months. It’s totally up to you. So it’s zero. Just going to choose
one month. So we can keep our costs down and then we’re going to choose a
username not very important at all and security in our area is called down. And center billing info. So just pop that ends like you would any other purchase like it. Amazon Apple you know. BMB reviser where we shop. And come on down. Once you’ve done that in Step Four it’s time to uncheck additional services just like the upgrading of your hosting plan. You can upgrade these services at
any time. But we’re on a budget people. So I don’t think we need those right
now. And now is a really important step in step 5. You can enter a coupon code so you can see the coupon code that host Ghita gives us free
upgrade 3 doesn’t work on one. It actually only works if we go up to the hosting plan and select a larger billing cycle and then we get some nice
percentages off. But I have a coupon for you that
will work on any billing cycle. So it’s pretty cool. Just delete what’s in here and write in big bonus like that and it doesn’t even matter if the
capitalizing isn’t there. I don’t think. And then click validate. And what that will do is get you
exactly 50 percent off your hosting which is an awesome deal just to save 50 percent on anything
is a good deal. So there you go. And like I said that will work on
whatever period you register for. So guys keep in mind that when you register your hosting if
you get a longer period like 36 months then in the long run you’ll pay less money. The coupon only works for your first billing period your billing cycle rather what you
get to choose. So if you want to pay the least per
month 36 is the best possible deal. And so it can really get. But again up to you 50 percent off is great. That little stock monitoring just jumps back in. So make sure to check that. All right. So you can see our total
at the bottom looks good. And I’ve also written out for you
some really common totals that you’ll see so that you know the numbers add up. I had to call home get like four
times when I’m in my first order and totally bug them because I want to make sure I wasn’t paying a cent
more than I do so want to make sure the same goes for you. Here’s some possible price
scenarios. And now that we’re ready I’m going
to proceed and check this box for the terms of service and so on. And now it’s time to click checkout now to get it. So if you’re ready I’m ready. Let’s do it. Let’s order some
hosting and a domain name if you need it. Congratulations and welcome to the host gator
family. When you see this screen it’s now
time to check our inboxes. So any moment we covered and see father figure there’s a hidden meaning. Just. Briefly I found that I love the process of thinking about what the name
would be because it’s creative and it’s fun. Jimmy Carter exciting it took a really long time fun. We’re going to change the name. Q What was your name. EXPRESS I think the dynamic parts of the business which are that it is a celebration of dance and its focus on dads and father figure. Everyone knows his dad aspired to be with their kids. You know he didn’t look up to and respect their kids. But also there’s also there’s. Also there’s the the park figure it’s sort of a play design and fashion as well which is a little interesting. Is there something you are not happy about. I think it’s pretty on a test. Yeah it’s definitely cool brief and it’s like it’s like half of cool couples. It’s not as funny as my father who doesn’t work. So here we are back in our blog post
guide which we’ve kind of neglected for a
little bit. I think it’s feel lonely and we closed that whole Skeeter window that said Welcome to the host
gator family. So it’s ok though everyone does that. We all close it. I’m going to show you now how to
proceed and log in to host gator. We’re going to do the next most
important step which is install WordPress. Right. But for now just
congratulations. You set up your domain name and hosting host Skeeter’s taking care of that for you. All right. So like the techie stuff is 50 percent done. Great job. Let’s not scroll down on our guide. And let’s come to where it says
Install WordPress. And now let’s hop over to your
e-mail inbox. So here I am in my e-mail. And you’re going to want to look out
for two very important e-mails. These are those type of automatic
e-mails that you want to save for ever. All right. Totally them and the first one are going to want
to open is from billing good old billing. To open up Billings e-mail and it’s going to say thank you for
your time with host or something along those
lines. Well we want to do now is click on the host billing portal like. This will take you to the wholesaler
customer portal for the first time. It’s really fun. I spend a lot of
time here just managing my hosting and learning more about web sites becoming a better web designer. All that. But for now we just want to log in with the email address and password from the email from billing. So go ahead and do that and I have since seen that information since joining host get along ago. Click log in. And like I said this is where we’re
going to install your copy of WordPress. All right. So welcome to the huskier
customer portal. You can virtually do anything you can imagine here when it comes
to Web sites or hosting. But for now we just want to click on
the hosting tab at the top. Like I said host Gator has really
become the Google of web hosting over the past decade or so. You can sink it with Google suite. You can use their website builder. You can get e-mail addresses all for free. And they now even work with constant contact. You can try email marketing let me know any questions about the services because I’m very Whatever up to date with everything going to
cater. And for now we just want to follow our guide and install WordPress. So we’ve checked your e-mail inbox and we’ve found the email we’ve clicked the building portal
link which I’ve also left for you right here and now we’re going to logon
arbitrary to that click hosting and then step 6 click get started with wordpress today. Back in billing. Click on this. Get started with wordpress today
section. Great job great job. And next we’re going to
select our domain so that part’s really easy. Just selecting your domain name from
this list if you’re like me then you’re going to have a little bit of
a tough time finding the right domain
name because I’ve built so many different
sites for different people and projects. Look we found it all right and now we’re just going
to leave the directory box blank. Don’t write anything here and click next and now we’re going to choose some basic information. Right. So we’re on Step 8. Most importantly your admin user. So this is your username to log in
to WordPress. Every time you log in to work on
your site and as your author name when you
publish a post it’ll say by this name. So here we are getting ready to install WordPress. We’re going to create a title. Oriented Heidel it’s just fun. We just store admin user you don’t want to put some time
into it and not pick like tennis you know. 7 7 4 or something. Or like cutesy girl pie. Because you know unless it’s really you. Unless that’s your
professional name. All right. I’m just going to go with Greg and then we’re going to first name last name. I find that simple is best here and then put in an email to make sure you get this email right
here. That’s where it’s going to send you your WordPress log in. If you lose the screen. Or it with all of our basic information
done we’re just going to click this box to say we’ve accepted the terms of service agreement and now for The hardest part of the
tutorial. This is like where our tech skills really come into play. I hope you know HVM Ellen CSSA and Javascript and maybe even HP because we don’t need any of that. Actually this isn’t techie at all. It’s the most modern way of
installing WordPress and we’re just going to click
install now to do it right. So let’s do it together and install WordPress on your domain and hosting it. Good job we’re Bess’s installing. Give it a couple more seconds. And says installation complete. Great job. Don’t touch anything. Come back to our blog post guide and say WordPress will do its thing no coding needed. Blah blah blah. All right so next leave this screen open and follow my own steps here. If you cause it then the sky will
fall and wait for about an hour until you
were past say or start working. So that means that WordPress will take some time to
settle into place. Host gaters setting everything up
for you and what you don’t want to do is click on this link here
because I will get rid of this game. All right. So what we do want to do actually is. Follow the next steps right. And where it says while you’re
waiting we’re going to complete these steps. It’s time to check on your name
servers. What is a name server. Well a name server may tell you it
is used to connect to your domain name and hosting. You get two of them and they’re located in your other
hosts you email for no reply. Ok so I’ll go back to our email. This is just something to learn. And this is a necessary step. While waiting for WordPress to get
installed Let’s go back and let’s open the no reply email
you should get. If you don’t contact host get a live
chat. They’ve been more than happy to help
yet. All right. Open that up and now we’re going to see our two
name servers so we’re going to do is right click copy them and then open up a blank text file. And just paste it in and we’re going to take them and put them in the right place now. Then in your host get customer
portal click domain’s click on the gear and make sure your name servers
match those in your reply email have a picture of that here for your outlining the steps we need to do. If you got your domain name and housekeeper. And that is to come back to the
customer portal click domains and then find the domain you
registered. Click on the gear and now where it says name servers you want to make sure that these two
match the name server from the no reply
email. Pretty easy. You just need to click change and then enter and name server one and name server two exactly as they appear in your reply email. It. Or you can just copy them in and it’s nice that we have them in
our text file because you could just go ahead and copy the whole thing. Make sure to get the letters to and paste them over and then do the same thing for your second name server. And then save name servers and you’ll be good to go. This stuff again is outlined right
here on this little pop out image and I’ll probably put in a few more
of those for you guys just to help out along the way. Domain’s gear name servers save. If however you registered your
domain name somewhere else like Ghoda for example you’re going to need to
log in and enter your no reply email name servers over there. Are. So what that will look like is
you go to go daddy you click sign in a click on your name and then once you’re logged in you want to come over to manage my
domains. OK. Once you’re here just find the
domain that you’re working with. Click the blue link to open it. Scroll down and click on managed DNS and scroll down and where it says Name Servers
you’re going to want to change these are it. So you just click Change select custom. And then enter in your name servers from host Cator. And what that will do is that’ll
connect to your domain name with your hosting. All right. As we said before. All right so once you’re done with your name servers Deb great job you’ve learned so much about WordPress domains hosting and now even name servers. All right. So you can take a break. You’re free to go. But before you do that why don’t we change our password or a here in the marketplace window that’s still open hopefully or the sky’s going to fall or it’s going to click on my installs in the upper right to change your password. And now are you going to calm down and find your new domain name and click reset password. Then just choose yourself. And write in a new password and click Update. Cook it again to make sure it worked and were in good shape. All right so now we can leave this
one open. I’m going to go outside and go for a hike. Grab some lunch and then I recommend you do the same by the way. They’re going to come back and have
a ton of fun creating our WordPress Web site. All right. See you soon. I think as New Zealanders and bloggers know if we’re not sure
what to say do we see this news on our Web site magic blog. What is the like. You know you see run a fashion
company. What’s your version of what you do
when you talk. It really depends on who the
audience is. If I’m talking with other designers then I
talk about starting a fashion brand because that’s the thing that
relates the most to their experience of that
very conversation looking at in general is me relatively somebody in a bar some of that if I was actually at a bar. I say I run a lifestyle brand for day. It is a unique way start. People are usually here. So that means that I talk about the three things I mentioned already
that you do clearly in your community and also that we have an online store. That’s usually how it is. All right. Welcome back everyone. From your breaks I had a lot of fun outside. I hope you did too. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping and it’s time to precede and log into WordPress for our first time. We can also see that our second
section the web design is complete and ready now. By the power of editing. So this tutorial grows with you guys but in either case you’re now a web developer or at least a WordPress web
developer. If you completed the first section the web development and you set up your domain hosting and wordpress. Once you learn a little code you can
call yourself a full web dev but we don’t do that for now. Let’s begin again. And lets log in to WordPress where we’re then going to create a website where we install our new theme and we’re also going to look at some
free themes. If you want and then we’re going to create that backbone for our site so we can put
all said to all sorts of content. In any case if you kept the link here to the see panel marketplace you’re in good shape. What we can do is just scroll down to our Web site. You’ll probably have one. And we’re going to click on the link
that says admin log in. All right here this blue link. All right. And as our directions
says it says to log into a new website
used to link from SEE panel marketplace
which is what we just did. And this is the standard WordPress
logon screen that everyone sees that uses
WordPress like time Jay-Z. Forbes Katy Perry Beyonce. Everyone sees the same screen although you can customize it in
like put your face there or your logo if you want. And so if you did leave this page right here if you deleted it we could just X out to simulate that. Then you can always just visit your site. Com for its IWP dash admen. So we could get to this page by
visiting. Make where we’re WordPress website
dot com forward slash W.P. dash admen. And you just replace this part with your domain name then put in
the forward slash W.P. dash admen and hit enter. So that’s how I log into my
wordpress sites and blogs every time because we
don’t have that see panel page most of the
time. And if you didn’t change your
password with us before or you don’t have it for whatever
reason that’s fine. You can just visit this screen right
here. We were at and click on lost your
password and then read your email and click getting the password and wordpress will email you the
steps to set it up real easy. For now let’s bookmark our log and screen just bookmark it so that we can get to it
easy in the future. And now let’s go ahead and long in. All right. So drum roll and welcome to WordPress. What we’re going to do now is use the guide but I’m also just going to
show you some little steps to kind of clean up WordPress and make sure that we’re all on the
same page literally. So we’re going to get rid of just
some basic notifications are going to click. I don’t need
help because you have me. And then we’re going to get rid of
the WordPress experts at your fingertips thing. We’re not going to fall for that and pay for it not a month. We don’t want that guy. And then we’re going to get rid of
the notification Although say well he’s a really
great guy. He works at WPB. Tell him I say if you go over there we’re just going to close that
notification and keep it simple. And keep it simple. But we can keep the Welcome to our
press because that’s kind of cool. And don’t pay attention to the
Google Analytics settings right now that we can do
that later on. So what we’re looking at now is your
dashboard. This is where you make edits to your
wordpress site and it’s also called your back and your dashboard is your back end. So if we want to get to the front
end of your site in other words how people will see
it when you tell them to visit it and check out your work. We can just click in the upper left
corner where you see this home icon and that’s the name of your site
also so you can click here where my
little Super Mario hander’s or you can click visit site and it’s the same thing. So I said it looks pretty cool. The miniature cactus right here actually have a couple of those
right now. And make sure not to water them too much though. And then our set displays the
beautiful WordPress 20:17 theme created by the WordPress team. So it’s one of the finest. It’s got the parallax image which
we’re going to learn how to create on our own. And if you want to go off and create a web site with this 20:17 theme by all means go ahead. I know a lot of people have been
successful doing that. All right. So you have a pretty good
start here and a professional with Oprah by the way would probably
charge you just 200 to 500 dollars to create this site for you with a basic WordPress install and the default theme. So we’re already doing great and saving a lot of money. All right. But so even though our
site looks great a lot of different people run this
theme and I want your site to be unique and customize and not just great but really great. So we’re going to change everything
up of course and let’s start doing that right now to get back to your dashboard. Just click on that same button in
the upper left or you can click dashboard. Same thing. Right here. And we can also close our inbox and close the host get our page. Just a quick tour of your site if
you want to write a blog post right away
you’d click posts and go to a post. This is where people write blog
posts and start blogging. If you want to make a page like a
contact page you click pages. These are the similar structure as
posted just go in different places on your
site. So that’s pretty cool. And if you want to make basic
changes like change fun beach store that name you click Settings and then you can change the name. Fun beach right here like fun beach store 20:17 and that will change. And then when you save it at the
bottom it’ll change on the front end of
your set too. We can also change the tag line here and just call this one. Like just another online store WordPress website to be complete and click save. All right. So by doing that you can
make your first basic changes to your
website. If you want to add the W WW to your domain name. You can add that in wordpress
address. Just make sure to also add it in
site address and make sure these two lines are
identical. Otherwise things will break. But we like keeping it simple. We’re going to go with the WD BW and it will automatically redirect to the shorter u r l as it is now. All right great job. If you want to change your password
from within here you can do that to click users. And now just click on yourself. So there’s me. And in this section you can change
your password by scrolling down. And clicking where it says new
password. Just click generate password it’ll give you something really crazy and if you want a strong one go for
it. Or if you want to write your own
password and then go for it to and click Update proper. But for now I like a password of new
password on. You can also change the layette if you prefer a different color
scheme it’s pretty cool. And some other settings which we
just don’t have time for right now but have fun playing around in your new copy of WordPress network. So given that our site looks like this right now and there’s that change we just made by the way at an online store. Good work. Given that our site looks like this and it’s pretty basic. Why don’t we go ahead and change
everything right away because people will start visiting
us and we want them to see something
amazing. So come back to your dashboard click
in upper left and we’re going to use our guide
now. We’re going to install our theme. So just logged in. Now we’re gonna install theme. All right. So to get started with your themes hover on appearance and click themes. And now you can see the active
theme. You can click it to open it read
about it. You can also add to it one of the
other default themes you were press came with like 2015 you just click activate at the bottom. Pretty simple if you click on a huge plus on the right. We can add new themes and right away WordPress recommences with featured themes. So I’ve used responsive. I have used very many of these other
themes. But someone obviously built them with you in mind and you could definitely try them out. We can click popular so popular is a better place to
start. I’ve definitely worked with many of
these teams. We had a huge tutorial in Sydney for
example you know a few months ago and so on and so forth. The problem is as you start looking
at more and more themes some of them are not as good and they’re harder to work
with. So that’s why I am recommending you with a theme that I know that we
can make a great website with and have it stand out right away from the pack. Then let’s follow the guide and let’s get flotsam. So come back to our guide. And we’re going to see what we’re
going to do is by flotsam and then download it to your desktop so that you own it and you have it you can do what you
want with it. And then we’re going to upload it to
WordPress so that your site can wear that theme and use that look. All right. So to get going. You can click on flat’s I’m here or if you like you can click on our
flat some affiliate link here which is
the same page. This link will just give us a little
credit for referring you. I set up two things for you here so
that you can choose to give code to us or not. Either way it doesn’t matter. And with or without this affiliate
link we’d still use flotsam. What’s important is that you get a
great look for your web site. All right. Not that we get credit or something like that even though I like that. You know I’m really
happy about that. If you give us credit and you use the affiliate link
because that it’s some. Pretty cool and if you click this
nonaffiliated link it’s also bottom. So they are so pretty cool let’s proceed. So we can just follow our
instructions here and have a look at Flightsim and it’s clear. All right it’s really cool. I was like clicking my preview. And we’re going to get all these
different demos set. So like if you want to do the
fullscreen fashion you can easily set that up with this tutorial. You can put the images in this layer and we’re going to install the demo
site. So you basically get this template which is just totally amazing. Or any of the other ones. All right. And then there’s a lot of
information like this has been sold a ton you know blah blah blah compatible with everything checks off on all the boxes. Really exciting stuff. We can also see how good flotsam is
by hovering on WordPress and clicking e-commerce. And then once you’re in this section
just sort by bestseller’s and flotsam it is numero uno with like way more sales than the next guy in the pack. So we know we’re using a proven
winner or a very good guy. So once you’re here you want to be on the bike license section and you want to buy one regular
license. All right. So it’s pretty simple where the regular license works is
you can buy the theme and use it on your site. That’s cool. If you want to build a web site with flat’s for someone and sell them the Web site you know if you if you become a web
developer then you just want to buy another
radio to license for every Web site that is powered by flotsam. All right. So that’s pretty simple in terms of
what you do with just playing around. Just one license is fine but if you end up selling the website to someone then you transfer the license to them. And if you want to use it again you should buy another license. So let’s look at the car for regular license and click the green go to check out button. Very good. And you can see I have some auto credit here so I’m not going to use that machine
going to click on the credit card option and then I’m going to enter in my
credit card and the expiration date. And the civic code and then I’m going to click make a
payment on it. So that’s the exact steps you would
follow. And actually you could make a
payment you’re going to get a downloads page with flat some ready for you to use. So here I am on my user profile
right now. I already downloaded fots him before and now that you’ve downloaded it you can hover on your name in the
upper right and click downloads. And you can see FOTS and right here. We want to do is click on the green button and then we’re going to click
installable WordPress file only. So you know you’re
installing the right thing to your wordpress. So click that and then click save. And we saw just come into my
computer. All right. And we’re also going to click on
license certificate and purchase code and save that because that includes
your purchase code which you’ll need to enter in
on wordpress to validate your theme and get updates. So now that we’re back at our fun
beach store. We can click on upload button. So let’s click Choose file. And in our download here we can see the theme file. It’s going to be a really long name but you don’t need to rename it or anything. You just need to leave as is and make sure it’s the data file. Next you can click open. And now click install now. And these steps are outlined exactly right here. All right so your theme was
installed successfully and now you just need to click
activate. Great job. It’s going to take us
right to the set up wizard for flat’s am
which I know can seem like a lot of work but we want to go through this now. So the art thing looks great and we don’t have to worry about any
real set of details. So let’s click Let’s go. And now it’s center in our purchase
code. Which we downloaded earlier. So what I’m going to do is navigate
to my downloads where you can see that text file we got from inforced. Double click to open and scroll down to item purchase
care. Just highlight this long numerical code copy it and come back to your WordPress in
the setup wizard and paste it. All right. And if you forgot how to
do that you can click here. But we know how
to do it because you have me. So now just click activate and this will give you access to
updates and support which is really helpful. All right. Your purchase code is valid. Great job. Continue. So that will help us when we want to email the developers that flotsam with any questions. Now they’ll be able to respond to
you. Next click skip this step because
the child theme is for more advanced
developers. And we’re not going to do that right
now. Even though you guys are very
skillful already in default plugins it says this to install the default points included with flotsam. We can always add or remove Paulines later on with no negative consequence. So we want to go ahead and do this. This will save us a lot
of work later on. Click Continue and through the magic of WordPress
it will automatically install and activate some of the best
plugins on the web. OK so all your plugins installed
perfectly and now it’s time for the content. Let’s jump back to our guide and we can see that we’re in the
right separate now we have our theme installed and we visited the set up wizard
appeared automatically great going through all the steps and then eventually we’re going to
choose the classic layout. But before we get there we have to
finish the other steps in the setup wizard. All right. So let’s install the demo
content. This is basically doing all the hard
stuff for us guys. It’s just setting up a super powerful web site with a few clicks. This ensures that the demo site on
flat’s is actually what you get. So all those demos are actually
being basically created on your website right now so you can
use them whenever you want. All right. So check everything here and continue again. Magic of WordPress doing its thing. And next up is logo and design. So that should be
interesting are it set up was it worked
perfectly again. If you have a logo already made for your new website then feel free to use it now. Just click upload new logo and you can replace this default
flat logo. But we’re going to make ours later
on. So we’re going to leave that and come down to select preset. It’s kind of tricky to see this but you can actually scroll to the
right. And this is where you can check any
of the demo layouts you just select them and then you can continue. And the best option here is to go to the flat some demo in your version of theme for forest. In your team forest account and then click live preview. And then we just want to hover on
demos and you can check out the many
different way outs that you get now that you own
flats. So you could check out qued shop and maybe you want your site to look
like this. Or maybe you’re going to change it
to this layout next season. You can do that now that you own
flats. You really get a ton for your money. We can go back demos. You can check out fullscreen
fashions you can make a huge fashion Web site. I don’t know any web designer out
there that has this many lay out themes at their fingertips as you guys. So you’re like way more
powerful than so many other word processors right now. Go back. DEMOS. We’ll try one more maybe like
parallax shot so you can easily get this lay out super different trendy fun. You know eye catching and obviously very professional and all you have to do is just
choose one of these and then back in the set up wizard thing click Continue. All right. I’m going to use the classic Shabdo. So I’ll be the best suited to help you with this first one
which is the classic shop but choose which everyone your heart desires and make an e-commerce store that rocks. All right. So I can obviously help with all of them but in this
tutorial we’re going to go with classic great now we’re just
going to learn the basics and then later on it’s really easy to choose these other ones. All right so you’re not committed. You can use the other ones for no
additional cost. So let’s click continue now. And this is what we’re dealing with the guy says choose the classic play out. So we just did that. Keep it classic. All right. Now we’re just going to click Agree and continue here to the policy is pretty simple. Our Web site is ready. Congratulations. All right. So we can log into our
WordPress dashboard which we already did make changes and modify the default
content. So that’s why you have me are going
to do all that. But we’re going to do now is just
right click on view your Web site. And open that link in a new tab so you can see what we made. And voila. So I say Hardy looks really cool and if like your manager or your boss told you to make an
e-commerce website for the business and you set up this he would be like you made that oh my gosh great job. You’re definitely going to be in
charge of our Web site or she would be like wow how do you make all of that. And you just feel like well I have
my ways. I’m a WordPress web developer. So that’s pretty cool. And I wanted to check out the site. And now the structure is working. We can go ahead and continue with the fun stuff. We can see we have testimonials we
have blog posts. We have the product
categories and a footer. Even more importantly we have our
image slider and Pania pages and you can also choose from your
demo lay out now and go ahead and grab the. Different layouts just to prove to
you that they’re all here. So it’s really like Christmas come early guys. You now have all the flats and themes at your fingertips. Let’s go right to the set up wizard and we’re going to just go ahead and set up with commers because
that’ll get that stuff out of the way. So click the purple set up to
comfort button. So this is just the setup wizard for
woodcutters. All right so let’s click Let’s go. Shouldn’t take longer than five
minutes. Probably a lot quicker. Art. And then we’re going to set up
all the pages. So this is where we’ll come or I will give you the basic needs for running an online store. It’s going to happen like before you
even know it and it’s going to be done and you’ll
have an online store. It’s really cool. Certainly these four pages that
people can buy from me they can put things
in a cart they can check out. And customers can also have my account page just like Amazon where you can edit like your profile
information and your billing details. All right. Ten essential pages are good to go. Now just tell the computer where you live and what currency you want to use. So commerce is very international friendly. You can always change it later on. We’re going to go with new york
dollars pounds and inches but that’s up to you. Click tenue. All right. Yes I’ll be shipping
physical gifts to customers continue. And the way we’re going to set it up
is free shipping for now. So I think that’s just kind of a
good feature. I know when I’m shopping. Free shipping makes me want to come
back and buy more in the payment section. We’re going to check
everything. So you have all these options and you can enable people right now just by putting in the correct
Pay-Pal e-mail address for you. This is the e-mail address where I
accept paypal payments. You can also check check payments which will just notify people that
they need to write a check for you bank transfer payments and cash on delivery which lets
people know that when your delivery guy shows up
they’d better have some moolah on hand. The easiest option is definitely
Pay-Pal standard using Paypal standard lets you
accept payments via Paypal using someone’s PayPal account or credit card totally for free. So this is the most traveled route and again it lets people pay you via a credit card and you don’t have to pay anything
for running that service. You just pay the standard you know percentage that goes to PayPal which is very low. And that one we haven’t figured out how to get
around. So no big deal. And I’ll let you know if we do
figure out how to get around any charges but it’ll just be exactly
what we saw in the introduction to the
video. And click Continue. All right. Your story is ready. Great job. All right. So we’re just going to
say no thanks to the. Sending information. And we’re going to click Create your
first product. All right. Excellent work. So we’re going to keep our first
product a little bit later on in the tutorial. We want to get our home page setup
first so everything looks good. Feel free to dismiss the
notifications or hear or read them if you’d like. Let’s go back to our guide. We’re now done with the install
theme step. So we’re is going to come on down. And had to delete Plotkin’s we’ve already viewed your site to see the
changes. Nice work. And now it’s time to just tweet plug ins or I see what our guide says it says integrate. It needs a few plug ins which we
already installed. So a lot of this is already done including the Facebook blog that
should already be done. Let’s go ahead and see for
ourselves. So in plug ins we get a lot of different notifications at
the top. All right. And we’re going to do
these later. Going just miss this Miss dismiss. We don’t want to set up a brain tree or stripe right now although we can easily do that later. And let’s go ahead and make sure we
all have the same plug ins ready. All right. So let’s just start at
the top and delete what we don’t need. First off is actually we want to activate that on not delete it because it’s the word press spam protector. It’s the best one
available. So we’re going to get rid of all
those notifications in a second Delmore. All right. X-Men’s good. We’re going to keep contact form
seven as well. That will go on your contact page. Google Analytics for WordPress by
monster insights came default and we don’t want that. We’re going to deactivate that on. So we’re actually going to use our
own version of Google Analytics to set that one up the manual way. All right. And you can click delete. OK. Next we’ll delete. Hello darling. OK. So all these problems are for you. And you can get them back you know at no cost to your site. It won’t break anything. You can just click add any at the
top. And search for them again. Really easy. And if you bought a plugin and uploaded it and then you decide to delete it
later you just have to find where you downloaded it and bring it back. Next we’re going to deactivate
jetpack by WordPress. Japan would let us use features from
WordPress dot com but we don’t want those to be. Done. We can do this quicker by just
checking the plugins that we want to
deactivate. So let’s check mojo marketplace. Let’s check opt in Monsour. Come down. And just those two additional plug
ins we’re going to tell. We’re going to keep all the
rest of them. So once you’ve checked mojo an opt in Monster come up to bulk
actions and the like deactivate it and then click apply. Now you can delete them or you can do a bolt delete either. I kind of like zapping them. All right. So at this point your
upset should have at is my contact form 7 next on Facebook and Google regenerate thumbnails newcomers newcomers Pay-Pal newcomers tribe new sidebars dopey form slate and yet newcomers wish list one two three four five six seven eight nine. Eleven plug ins activated and we might add a couple more or delete these later if we
don’t use them. But for now if your site looks like
mine we can refresh this page to you to
get rid of the other bars then you’re good to go. All right. So here is our list for now. Caged up. Make sure that your list looks
exactly like mine. Let’s go back to our guide and we’re now into underlying plug
ins. So we also completed this step already in the setup wizard for a flat sum. We don’t need to visit plug and add the recommended poignance because we already did that. And what do you know. We’ve already added newcomers so we’ve completed this step too. Pretty cool. Although it definitely deserves its
own section newcomer’s is phenomenal. So let’s come down and let’s
actually delete pages now. And we’re going to get ourselves all
the way down to create menus before we take another break and then after that is the fun
stuff. So follow me two pages now. Good pages on the left so the screen lists all the pages
available on your WordPress website and your super powerful because you
have all the demo content that we got from flat. If we scroll down we can see that our classic Shaab screen is the front page. So this little front page tag means
that the homepage which is the same thing as the front page of your site
displays classic shop. We can click to see what it is. And this is where we’ll actually
edit the homepage of our site. From the screen right here. But for now let’s go back to pages. And let’s see how to delete a page. We can click the right area. Check out more pages. Click right again and check out even
more pages. So what we’re looking at here are if we visit our site it will open a new tab. We’re visiting all the pages that are listed in this dropdown
menu. These are all individual pages. For example vendor shop. And in pages. These are also. Pages obviously. So we want to keep some of these. And we wanted to see other ones so
that our site looks complete and finished and not just like a list of a bunch of demo pages even though there are a lot of fun. So let’s go back to pages and I’ll show you how to delete a
page for example I know that I want to
delete a page. So if you hover on it you can click trash and that page will be gone. It’s in the trash. Page up. You can also change the title of the
page really easily. For example if you want to change
the contact us page title. Click to open it and you can change the title right
here in this upper bar. Contact us perfect then click update. Now when we visit our site we can
see the two changes we just made. We click on Q. That page doesn’t exist because we
deleted it and we click contact you can see that became contact us
right there and the menu just in the
matter of changing the title right there. So now that you know how to delete
pages and modify the titles of pages lets make sure that our home page is the right page that we want and establish which pages your home
page. So I’m pretty sure this is already
set for us. But just to double check. Follow me to settings have run settings and click on reading. And in this section we can decide what our front page displays what our home page displays. So it’s set up perfectly. We have a static page selected and that static page for our front page is the classic shop. That’s what you want. However if you change this to
something like fullscreen fashion and save changes. Then when you click back to the home
page you can click on a logo to get to
your home page then you automatically have this
fullscreen fashion layout way different equally amazing. If you change that back to classic
shop save changes. Refreshed the home page you get the classic Shapley it
changed to sport shop save changes. Refresh the homepage youth the sport Shapley it easy as pie. Everything looks beautiful. On your very own online store e-commerce website. All right. So you get the picture. We just want to revert back to classic shop that’s that someone
that I know how to build and that we’re going to learn how to
build together. And then we’re going to do the Post
page as blog. So that’s perfect. That’s exactly what we want. And click save changes. All right. So just doing that we’ve established which page is your home
page and we’re breezing right through the
guide. All right now send me some actual edits to our
home page and learn how to actually
change the content on the image. So let’s click on the logo to get our site refreshed and get up our classic shot back and we’re going to show you how to
do it just how to remove some of these different sections on
the homepage. We’re of course going to be working with the classic shop play. But I think it’s OK. We’re in our classic shop because you can definitely revert back to
the other demo lay out if you want. If you want to use any of these
other ones. They’ll be preserved for you. I think it’s good to learn it’s on classic shop because it’s really basic and if you ever mess up you can just
restore the way this page looks right now. All right. So to get started making
your first edits on our classic shop follow me to the top navigation and click edit page. All right and they’ll click you x builder this Tabaret here. So a normal WordPress installs don’t
come with the you axe builder but because we’re using flotsam we
get the builder which is an ultra modern visual editor for your site so that when you make changes you can just click on some text or an image and remove it or drag it around and you don’t have to look at a
screen like this. So a lot of word processors don’t
have the UK’s builder. They don’t get
this luxury so maybe don’t tell them. For now. Let’s click you ex builder. And let’s get started and it’s going to load up our page
in this new ultramodern editor’s creme. All right. They have it my friends. So what we can do now is just scroll
down. And when you click on a section like
if I click on this blue slider on the left it’s going to open up
the settings for that slider so you can easily change the layout. If you want this to be taller. See which made taller. So on and so forth. You don’t need to edit all these
settings but you can definitely have fun
playing with them. And of course you can
always revert back to what they were before. For example to change the image on
the side would go here and so on and so forth. If we scroll down we can just click on some text like our blog. We can easily just change that and say like our articles and because as a visual editor what
that means is the changes you make in the editing area will show up
automatically visually. That it’s pretty cool. We go down even more and let’s say we wanted to remove a
section like our categories we don’t want to keep this section for our
finished product so we can just click it and we’ll get the product category
section and you can actually delete stuff
from within here. We click on individual ones or move things around. See I’m dragging it but we might not be sure that’s
going to go. So the best way to delete this
section is to click back this upper left arrow. And then you can find the entire
product category section and then click on the gear and then click delete. That’s going to ask us to confirm or click OK and then it’s gone. But we kept the title so it’s kind
of cool. But we want to delete the title. So I’m going to click on the gear
now for the title and collectively and that would also be right here on title. Click on the gear click the lead click OK. So as I’m sure you’re seeing this list on the left is exactly what’s inside her
homepage. It’s one of these little tabs. Is shown on our actual site. And if you want to rearrange them
you can easily do that. For example we could move our testimonials up a little bit so we can see your testimonials are. Right here in slider. You can drag those up if we wanted and put them right underneath that row. And now they’re up at the top right
here. All right. Super easy. Let’s go ahead and try deleting
another section to clean up our homepage. And you know what. No we’re actually
going to keep all these different sections these
different content blocks and we’re going to use them to our
advantage when we actually jump into the next
section which is the fun stuff. So pretty cool to see the changes you made. Just a quick update and again within each of these
different content blogs there are a ton of fun things to play out. And so that’s how your home page
will work. Let me know of course if you have
any questions so far. But everything can be edited
visually right in front of us. Just click on it. You’ll get to the right section and then change up the text. It’s that easy. Click Apply an update to see the changes we just made. We can open our site in a new
window. And there you have it. All right let’s go back to our
guide. We now have visited our new home page by going to pages classic shot before and we follow the video guidelines
to remove unnecessary rows and content. All right. So your Web site
designing and editing skills are increasing are becoming more
powerful and you’re learning how to use our
new Web site creating the backbone for your web site and it’s all going to become really
beautiful. Great work. The final step before we can take a
break is to create some menus so let’s get that done with. Right now we
want to work on our menus right now so that
your first visitors to this site don’t get to click on other links like these demos. We don’t want them to
know that our site is loaded up with these awesome demos right now. You want to just be able to release
them to the public and to your customers as you wish. All right so we don’t want people to
see that we have this. So we want to do is edit the content in our menus. This is a menu on our site where it
says demo shop pages blog almost. This is a menu. It says about us our
stories blogs so on and so forth. And we want to just limit the links. People can click on sell it go back and follow the directions and I’m going to actually close this
window right here which is the axe builder so you
don’t get confused and click something
over here. All right. So let’s go back to our
dashboard. Hover on appearance and click menus karyotype. Now direct your attention to where
it says select a menu at it so we can see we’ve chosen the main menu. If we click the dropdown. We also have the secondary menu
which is the footer men and the top. If we choose that and click select
the items in the menu structure right here
will change. So these menu items in this menu structure are obviously different then if we select the main menu Let’s open up our site to see that
difference we can see the secondary menu is
clearly up top up here in the top bar as this dark blue bar is called and it’s also down below in our footer. Those are the same menu. All right. And the menu items right here right next to our logo are the main
menu. So we want to edit them in menu
first. Make sure you’re on the main menu. You can rename it right here if you
want to call it something different like whatever you want to write. But Maine is good enough for me. So what we could do is open up each individual item in the menu
structure to do that we could click on the air and then to delete it we click
Remove and we do want to remove the demo menu item. As I said so that people can’t see our different layout you
just want to release those seasonally or when you’re telling people you’ve
redesigned your website however you might guess that removing each
one of these could become a little bit
cumbersome and it would be fun also just to
keep this demos list in case you want to you know take a look later on. Just on your own. So what we’re going to do is leave
this menu structure intact and create a new menu. Click this link. Now let’s give it a name and we’re going to call this one. Main good version and click it many. All right. So now we can build our main good
version of menu from scratch on the left where it says pages click on View all. And you get the full list of pages. What I want to do is select blog and select our shop. Let’s scroll down and find a shop. Perfect. And go ahead and just add those two to the menu by clicking add to
menu. And you’ll see they’ll come in there
there. And I would also want to do is get a
home page link so that people can clearly go back
to their home page. That’s going to be a custom link. So let’s click Custom links and for link text just call it home. There you go. Next we want to make this your area the home page of your site. So let’s delete the ATP colon slash slash. And let’s go to the home page of USA and copy the domain name. And then come back to menus and paste it in for you. And lastly click add to Menu courage up to reposition menu tab just click hold and drag and drop. We can move our blog to the end as
well to rename a menu item it’s super
easy just click on the dropdown arrow and rename it. Our products looks just about right. We’re going to add one more item to
our main good version menu and that’s going to be a deals page. So another custom link. Deals our deals page isn’t made yet. So why don’t we make it in pages and then it’ll show up in pages. But before we leave this section
make sure to click save money. All right. Now let’s go back to
pages. Click Add new and let’s just make a blank page
which will serve as our deals page once we have some
deals. Type in deals. Leave the rest blank. And click publish. Very good. You’ve now added our first new page to the Web site so you can come back to appearance
menus now. And we have our main good version
menu cited. We just need to find deals from the
recent pages at drugged up. Perfect our menu won’t show up on our homepage until we add a display location to the menu which you guessed it is Main Menu selecting main menu on this new menu we created is going to overwrite the existing menu on our site which is the other main menu right here. So was make main good version. Our main menu. And click save menu. Once our site updates we can refresh the site and watch as are many
changes. There you go you’ve created your
first custom menu in more press just like a
professional web designer would. Let’s make another one. Let’s go ahead and added our
secondary menu click back to menus choose the secondary menu and click select. Now we want to remove blog. So click the dropdown and click Remove and we want to change contact us to
just contact. So click on that menu label and delete us. You can change the menu label and have a different title on the
page itself if you want. I mean you can call the contact page
get in touch or something and then people click it. They’ll see a different title
because the page itself has a different title. If that makes sense because that dropdown and save an X or once or site updates we can now see that our menus are looking perfect. And in the next section we’ll be
ready to drop in some beautiful content to make your website come alive. The last thing I’ll show you how to
change. Before we take a break is where it
says my account. What if you wanted that to say your
account like Amazon. Well because that doesn’t live in
the menus area we actually have to navigate to a different section called
customize. So for me to appearance customize and click customize. And welcome to a whole new world. And there’s section or all the settings that your themed
developer created for you. Well it just didn’t feel like
putting on the main dashboard. And as it turns out customized is
often the main editing area for your web site. We can find the My Account link by clicking on it. Which will actually just bring us to
the My Account page so that won’t actually get us editing this title but to edit that title we can find it on the left monastery so you can find it in. Hatter. And then we can go to the head or main. And then we can go to the account
area. Click account. And we’ll see that in this section
we actually can’t change the title of my account. We can however decide not to show it. Or you can change the icon style on
it. So that’s a neat feature. You can actually show the image of
the customer if they have a profile picture set
up for them. Let’s go with the person with the circle or oval. And save and publish. So great job learning how to create
custom menus for your web site and learn how to edit the home page
a little bit. And of course learning how to do
everything we covered in this section right here including
plug ins and the theme if you want to change this my
account menu. You can certainly do so just let me
know what the question in the comments. I know that the flats and developers have created this
menu with specific endpoints specific points that go to the typical places that customers want to go to you like porters for
example. But if you want to change this at
all to make it more like Amazon or something or maybe you have your own custom scheme in mind then I’m happy to help with that for now. We’re definitely overdue for a
break. I think it’s going to include a nap and a snack. So let’s go ahead and take that
right now and then we’ll do the fun stuff. All right. Great job everybody. So now that you know how to make
some basic changes to your wordpress site upload and delete plugins added the home page a little bit and change the menus. Stuff like that. We’ve gone from beginner to
intermediate we’re oppressor’s and I think it’s now time to add at
the home page so we can click our custom link in the menu to go back home. And we’re going to proceed and we’re going to create your
online store home page. So on our guide we just need to come down. To the fun stuff. All right. And if you looked at this
before and the fun stuff wasn’t here in the
video then that’s because you’re seeing in
the raw unfinished form. And now our fun stuff is ready. So what does it say. It says we’re going to do designing
the seven pages including a blog that will compose your website. We’ll start with the homepage. It’s the first thing people often
see unless you write like a viral blog
post and people see that first and it feels great to complete. So that’s very true. Once we complete our home page the
whole site is just going to really pop. And you know wow. The visitors like your family your
friends everyone who shows up. So I should let you know that I’ve already made this site that we’re
going to make and that one lives at start a WordPress Web site dot com. So what I do always with my videos and my demo said is I make everything we’re going to
make. And then all we need to do is just replicate it. So I already know all the steps. So I’m going to reference this site
occasionally when we need things like with the icons or the text or when I’m just not sure you know how to set it up because this
site is perfect and what you can do is reference the
site we’re making now. Which is going to live at make a
WordPress website dot com. All right. So when you make your
site this one will be complete. But now that we’re just making this site now I have to reference
the previous one which is right just so you know about this. Pretty cool. If that makes sense. Going to make all this stuff. All right now. All right so now you know a little
secret about how the tutorials work and we can get going. It says The first step is the first step. It says you can now download all images we use to make a gorgeous online store come to life. So let’s let’s do that. Click on this link right here. It’s going to ask you if you want to
save the make an online store 20:17 images save a lot of fun and you get all these images right now. So it should be a lot easier to put them on our online store website. All right. And the images are really
going to be in your downloads. So I’m going to open up my finder. If you’re on a Mac you’ll have
Finder if you’re on a PC or Linux and you’ll have a little bit
different set up. Oh we need to do that at the moment
is just find our download folder. And then drag the dad zip file from the images to our desktop. It’s just a little bit easier to
remember where that folder is then. We’ll go to our desktop and bring the zip over to El Capitan over here. Right there. Climb the mountain. And I’m also going to double click
this. Which should create another folder on top of it which actually contains
the images. That’s how it works. All right so now you can actually
delete the data. And you can open up the folder make it bigger and this folder is filled with all the perfect images to make it gorgeous online store. And to make our Web site just like
the demo that I’ve made for you here today. So I already know that this website
has good user experience and it flows and the images work together. And I spent countless hours
researching and designing it so you can replicate the work here. Or you can just take some of the
images and. Do the rest of it on your own. But this way that you know that you
at least get a site that looks good that you can
show the world or your boss or your friends. Kind of random images but it all come together. So let’s do it. As we look at a bunch of models here
and. Start to show you those awkward
images first. All right. So we’re now in our home
page section under the fun stuff. And this section contains the
slider. It contains the mission boxes the brand new arrival section the
featured boxes and all of that. See all these headers are a little
bit smaller than the. Home page header. All right. So this is where we want
to be. And will start with Slider and move downwards. God says there are 10 sections here. Home page which all design top to
bottom. However it’s important to adjust the
primary and secondary colors first because we’ll use those often so to do that. Let’s go to appearance customize
style colors. Here we are in our dashboard. Can have run appearance and click customize. Now we can click style and colors. And by default flotsam comes with a primary color which is this dark blue. And a secondary color which is
orange. For stuff like the stars and then some other colors like
success and alert and we just want to change
the top tune and make use of those because
they’re different and they’re bold. For now we can change the primary
color copy our primary color from the
guide. And just click anywhere on this
little color palette. Then double click on the hex and paste it over. Great job. And now our blue will get lighter. Perfect. Now let’s click secondary color down
here on the orange. Come back to the god. Let’s grab our secondary color hex. Copy. And paste it. If you click over here on the gray
it could actually change the color. So let’s just click save and publish right now. All right and let’s accept. Great job. Now you can come down and we’re going to start working on
the slider on it. I’m going to show you where those
colors came from as we work on the slider. So scroll down. And we’ll see the site on our home
page consists of four banners that number can be changed. Actually you can make it as
many banners sides as you want. Or replace each Bynner and change the height in text. Note you can also change the text and colors to the primary secondary and white colors etc.. So now that we’ve set those up it
will be easy to use those colors. All right. So let’s begin. To close our dashboard and let’s just come to the home page and hover in the top now and click at it page. So that’s how we’re going to edit
the homepage or any page just click edit page at the top. Now click you ex builder. So you are super sleek. Visual Editor. So as we saw before the home page consists of that content on the left stacked one on top of the other. We have our slider in
there row and then below the roll is a title. And as we go down the page we can
see that each individual section will
highlight. Once we hover on the left. So of course the first section is
the slider and to open this up on the left you
just need to click on the blue area over here. All right. I like doing that I’m
lazy and this opens up the perfect
section just by saying hey that section click on it. So let’s follow the guide and let’s see that the first thing is to change the height to 700 pixels. Let’s do that right. And you can just click over here
near the 6 and delete and make it a seven. All right. And now it’s come down. Now where it says background image. It’s just the blue. And this is actually a blue image. So we want to click Change media. Now click select files. And it’s time to upload some of our
demo images so we can open the make an online store folder at this
point. That we downloaded from the guide. And if you want you can actually
just command a and upload every image and then make the entire demo site. And that way you don’t have to do
any uploading later. But because you might have some of your own images or just going to do it one by one in the tutorial. Up to you so that all labeled though you want to
click name to sort them. And that way you can see that we
have three sided images right here. And if you can’t find them you can
also just search in the upper right or wherever your search bar is for
the names and I’ll put the names of the images
we want in the guide. For now we can describe Sajda image
1 and DoubleClick it. In you’ve just uploaded your first
image to WordPress. Good job on that. Now in the lower right click use
this image. And will be using the image. So that’s pretty cool. What’s the guide say next. So it says change size to your original. So as you can see the image is a
little bit blurry here because WordPress is guessing that it should be size
large. We want to make it that size
original and keep your eye on the image. And we can see we increase the
clarity a little bit right there. Great work. Now we need to do is Change the text and the text already has that really
cool effect. So I’m going to take us to my version of the demo so that I’m using to build here for you
guys. And you can see the text already
comes with that nice little spring and flip. And most importantly we can copy
what it says because I already planned that part of it. So it’s come back to you are you axe builder. And let’s click on the cursive at
the top. And make it spring into the summer. And dot dot dot. So notice I added the text in
between the two brackets. That’s something you should get used
to doing and where Pesek is where possible
right. These little styles for you and you don’t want to mess with
those. You only want to change the text. Of course you could also click open
text editor and get a prettier screen. And click OK. All right let’s go back and we can click on our main
headline. And bring up that section in Ed.. Now to make it easy for you in our
guide. I’ve actually put in the exact piece of each team that you need. So just highlight the text of banner one and paste it in. Highlight. Look I’m doing right here right click copy. And then come back and this will help you just get the
exact style of the demo because I actually
changed up some of the ages to make them larger or smaller. And some of the callers
as well. So this will help everyone just stay on the same page. Pasted in and see our changes. Pretty cool. And then once you do that it’s
really easy to go in and at it like you know maybe you want to say. You get money. And so cash. So it’s really easy. If you do end up deleting one of the
tags like strong or spanne it just hit command Z and you’ll be in good shape. All right we need to change those
colors. And we need to change those buttons
now. So up to the learn more and the shop and we want to use the demo content
as much as possible so that we can make our Web site quickly and also flotsam did a tremendous
job with the demo and thought through
the user experience for us already. So we want to use that. So what we can do now is just click
on one of these buttons like men. And click on the gear and then delete it. OK. And now for shopwoman we can change
that one to. Learn more. So the click shopwoman. You’ll get the button text which is
really easy to change. As long as my mouse doesn’t die. So we’ll just read and learn more which is set to auto cab’s for us. Perfect. And then we’ll click shop all and change that to just shop. To change the button colors. It’s a lot easier than you might
think. We can just click on one of them like learn more. And then the button cells on the
left. Scroll down to color. And choose secondary because you want that nice bright
pink and we’ll leave this button style on
outline. Now you can click shop and change that button in color to secondary but with Jesus style to default. And that’ll give us that contrast between the two buttons so that
maybe someone will click the Learn more or the shop more depending on how the buttons feel to them. Right now it’s simply apply an update. And you’ve created your very first
image slider bandit in flats. You ex builder. Strong work. So let’s move to the next banner by
just clicking the right arrow in our editor. I see this one needs to be changed
up so let’s click on the blue. All right. And the first step if you
remember is just to change the high. And now we can easily upload an
image but this one actually is a video banner right now. So we’re going to save this one
until the last slider and then I’ll show you how to
insert a video. Let’s continue now though with two more images so that
everyone gets the hang of this and we can in fact go back. And see that we’re on this day. We’re going to it to the bottom
because that one is going to be the last one for a
video. So we need to change these other
two. And our first one looks phenomenal. So click on the second bam. Click on the blue to open up here Ed. On the left. To the right. Click on the change media in back and upload files select files and we can easily grab our. That stays bigger for us sort of image too. And DoubleClick. So now that these images are on your
wordpress site you can use them in blog post pages slider’s wherever you want. Just make sure it’s checked. And use this image. All right. Perfect. Now we want to change the size to
original. Excellent. And we’ll see what the next step in
the guide is. And that’s to change that text for
banner too. But before we do that I want to tell
you that I made this image collage in pig monkey dot com. So we’re going to use pig monkey in a second but just a heads up it Pig Monkey icon is my recommended developer tool. To edit images for the web. It’s not totally free. I think they have a free trial
version and actually pay for the upgraded version like one step up. So you get more features. But the way you can do it really
easily is just click something like
collage. And then it’s really easy to choose
the way out. Click here. And what I did for this image was I
clicked. Doug scenario and chose the five option and then you can just like create your own by uploading images you click on the image tab add
images. And then pull them in and drag them on. Pick one like this. Just so you know about this helpful
tool. But we’ve already mirror image
slider so we’re good to go make a collage rather. And we can change our text again
just by clicking on the right place right
here on top of our U.S. builder. So this whole chunk of text is sitting in one text editor. And I’ve updated the entire thing
for you. All I need to do is grab the text
for banner to. Highlight. Copy. Come back and then highlight paste create job. If you have a background that’s dark and text it’s dark. You might want to change the color
of the text to change your text or just click open text or. Highlight the portion of text you
want to work with. Click on this toggle toolbar button. And then on a click on the dropdown and then choose Custom and you can drag the color wherever
you want. Like this. And in the upper left far
upper left is going to be all white. So let’s click OK and OK. Great job. Now apply. And that feels good to update. Let’s change our button now and we want this to be browser
products. So just click on the button anywhere and now browse eggs and we can change the hover color. So we’re going to keep the color
primary. Now we can make it a solid blue by clicking style. Default. That feels good. Let’s apply an update. All right. Now there are a walk
through paradise Brooklyn to Bay Area site is
complete. Let’s keep moving because I think
we’re getting the hang of it. Too. The next banner we can also click on our little stack of Baynard pancakes up here on the left. And then let’s proceed at this slider so it’s click on the blue area anywhere on the
blue. And let’s change our layout height
to 700. Now I’m back and change media. Upload files Sloyd files. Sorry guys my kittens decided to
wrestle pretty much every time I turn on the
microphone. And now we’re going to choose. McClish getting bigger. We’re going to choose our side to
image three. All right. So double click that. And click. Use this image. This one is really pretty and I got this image from pics a bad outcome a Web site repository we’ve seen in past tutorials at just pics of Bay dot com. And you could see this is just
another image I got there. So pick’s is free to use and you can get your free download. You just need to set up a free
account with them and log in and you can definitely donate to
them to you if you choose. That’s a great idea. I recommend. It. So I won’t walk through exactly where that image came from because I
want to keep building. Let’s change our size to original. Which will make our image more clear
a lot more clear. And now let’s see how our site on
the demo looked. So we can see we have an interesting
little problem here which is that sunset creates a bright background. So our text doesn’t look as good. On the demo what I did was I moved
the text to the left. But you could also take the image and flip it. So the sunsets on the
left. Let’s try to do that because that
sounds like a little more fun. So what we can do is just click
apply an update and leave this section as it is. And now let’s open up our site in a
new window. Which is always going to be make a
WordPress Web site dot com for your reference. Click to the dashboard. Now we can click media where that image we just uploaded will live. Finder here. Just click the image to
open it. And now to flip that image we’re
going to click at it. And to do the image. Just click on this right left arrow right here at the top. Perfect. Now let’s save it. Job and we can access and close our media window. We can also get these notifications
at the top that’s pretty annoying. Let’s click plug ins. And it looks like those are all from
Strype. Shape is being super needy. So let’s activate the strep gateway. That’s what they get. Right. And now those notifications should be. All gone. Congratulations. OK. Close that window. Now it’s come back to you are you
axe builder. And let’s just refresh the page and see if image flipped. Let’s click on the arrows to get to
the right slide. And it took a second to load up the
image but the image did flip. So that just shows you that when you
make changes to your WordPress in a different window and update them then they’ll be reflected on the different windows or the different browser tab
you are working. You just have to make sure you save
your current changes that you’re working on and then refreshed the page and wordpress will always ask you
like are you sure you want to refresh do you have you know
some edits to make to save. All right great job. Now you can
change your text easily just go back to the guide and scroll down the text for banner
three is right here. Just highlight it and copy. And let’s come back to our builder click on the text. I’m going hit command a command V to save all time. And perfect. Let’s change a bar button there too. Which needs to say. Shop now. So what we’re doing is giving people
a lot of different ways to get to our shop. It’s important not to just have one
button but to have many buttons. Well change Braz products to. Shop. Now I want to change the color to secondary. And we’re good together. So these buttons also need links which we forgot to set up on the
previous site and you can easily get the right
link just by clicking on the screen right here in our editor in fact. So if you look in the lower left of
my screen when we have run our products you’ll see the link right here by this discard
button. So that is the shop and the deals on the blog. And for most of these we just want
to right click and copy of the link address for our
shop which is our products because we
call it that. Now you can click on the shot
button. And scroll down to link and just paste in that link. So it’s really easy to use the work
that’s already in front of us and already
completed. Now we can go back on the cyder. All right and we can set that shop
button right here. Click on the button. Scroll down. And change the link. So once we copy it it’ll still be
copied and paste as many times as we want. And we’re going to leave our video
as it is and change the. Shop right here on our walk through
paradise side. Scroll down. And Paste Link. So I think you get the picture. Pretty simple. We needed to change one more button which was the learn more. And that’s just going to go to
our deals. So you can right click copy that link address click Claremore. Scroll down. Or remove this little hash tag which is just a placeholder. And Paste. And now make sure to
apply and always update to save your
changes. And now when we go back to our site and see what we made. At make a WordPress website dot com. Can see we have a beautiful image
cyder with one side two sides. Three sides of video which we’re going to change up next. And all those effects like the text
flip and the textiles are set up already
for us by flotsam. So is thanks to them. And our buttons work. So as we can see on our demo say the video cyder spans the middle of the page which I think
looks pretty good but I’m also going to show you how
to make a full screen video cyder. So let’s do that right now. We can go back to our visual editor are you axe builder. And in our pancake stack on the left open up slider and then click to the last band and where we put the video side. All right. Now this is pretty simple
we just need to click on the blue again and it’ll open up our banner
settings and now scroll all the way down to the video section and make sure it’s opened up like
Myans and then we can use YouTube or a video. MP 4 or you might have the other options but I like the first two the most. So we’re going to get just a YouTube ID. It says add a YouTube ID here for example not sure what that will be but I have
one of them on our blog post guide. It says for the demo we used this one. So to test it out or to use it we can just copy what’s in the quotation marks don’t copy
the quotation marks themselves. And now back in the U.S. builder
just paysite in the box for YouTube. So you don’t need to put in the full
youtube link or the imbeds link or anything like that. Just the video YouTube ID here and then click apply and it won’t show up in the U.S. Spillar. But once we could update and we check out our site we can scroll through and see we now have an ok doesn’t want to play it. What’s going on. Refresh. Scroll down now again and we can see the problem we had
was that leaving the U.S. Open I left it open overnight that caused it to get delayed and it didn’t see our changes. So just a reminder that we should
refresh our page. And if you’re working in the US for
a long period time just go ahead and close your web browser then log back into WordPress and make sure to save your changes
first and then just that’ll refresh
everything. So we’re going to paste in that
video idea one more time click apply. Update. And now our banner pancake with the video is in the
last position. Perfect. Just going to refresh and voila. You’ve created a beautiful video image slider. All right so finally it’s working to make our video slider full screen. We want to go back to the pancake and open up the settings. We can click the gear and click
options to get there as well. And then you just want to come to a
height and choose 16 by 9. So if you choose 16 by 9 it’s going
to go to the full screen. And I think the other heights might
work is all but 8:44 is the best. Click Apply an update. And I want to refresh the site. Let’s get to our. Video cyder. There we go. Just had to refresh it again. And now you have made a full screen video cyder this will work with any video from YouTube if you want to get that slider in the perfect height. So if you want to really control how
tall it is what I recommend doing and what the flats and developers
recommend doing is creating your own MP for so you could just take a video on
your phone and upload it to a computer and it will be an MP 4 and then you can edit it in whatever free video editing software you like or however you like editing a video and then just upload it to WordPress and once your video is uploaded to
WordPress you can come back to that. Image slider pancake right here. Get to the banner settings and you can just paste the link to
that before in video before. All right so that’s how you would
take a video on your phone and upload it to your computer. Then you can upload it to WordPress and wordpress will give you a link
to the file. You can just paste it in right here
to use your own hosted video. They call it. So that’s what they did in the flat
some demo but that’s a little bit too much of
a process for us to look at right now. I just wanted to show you how to
create a full screen video slider and also how to create the YouTube
video slider. Are. So great job. We’re going to change that height
back to just 700 pixels so that the height will match our other sides. Are there banners. You click apply an update. Great job. All right so now that it created a
beautiful image slider we can scroll down and we’re going to set up our
mission boxes which go right beneath the image
side. All right. So we can proceed. And our blog post guide will tell us
exactly what to do for those mission boxes. Add tidal change or attacks to this get icons from Logo maker. Those will already be in your images
folder that we downloaded. Make sure it is 100 credits and add credits from the icons which I’ll give you. And then you can find all the text
to easily copy on the site we’re making right now. So perfect. Sorry about the screen size change
by the way I jumped over to my air because I flew to Austin right now where I’m going to go visit host
tweeted out com host homecare itself in about 15 minutes. All right. So I’m really excited. I’m also really nervous if you ever had one of those moments where it’s
like both of those feelings. And I can’t wait to tell you guys
about it and see what is the company behind the platform you know that we all use and figure out what is host gator so I’ll tell you guys all about
that. I’ll take as many pictures as I can before they kick me out. And I’m just doing some building
here with you guys now so we can get our
website Dhanam because it’s one of the
things that calms me down. All right. So I’ve already set up a
couple of the mission boxes in our Yorke’s
builder. I did that just to get the ball
rolling. But all you have to do is come to
your pancake area and drag a title up to the section right beneath the slider pancake like that. And then you need to bring this row
which contains the text and the borders. And that will be a little bit
further down. So we can see it. That row is like a further down the page. This one right here you just need to drag it up. So what I did was it was down here and just draw it up beneath the
title and then once it’s there it’s really
simple you can just click the arrow to open
it and to make the row skinnier if you want. Four o’clock cross like
we do or five across. You can just click on the gear click
options and then change the width to
whatever you want so you can have some like really fat or skinny but ours are just all
three out of 12. So there’s four of them. Each is one fourth. And then we clicked in the row we clicked add to wrote to get this other column and you’ll see that when we click
the gear and then click options we can click three and it’ll just jump right in line. Perfect. Let’s click apply it and update. All right. So pretty cool. We’ve gotten all of our text from
our demo site like you guys can it make a
WordPress website dot com. Mine is just from start a WordPress Web site dot com where I built the first version of the site. All right. So we’ll get our last section of
text and she has set up this mission box just copy from the demo site. Come back to the builder and we’re going to find out what we
need in the column here which is an icon
box. So it’s click add elements and we can just search for Icon perfect click icon box and we’ll get the right thing. All right. So we’re all set up. We just need to go ahead and click back. And I’m actually going to copy the
settings from one of the icon boxes into this new
one so you can open up the third column gear copy options then on the comebacks who just made gear and paste. And that’ll make them look the same. All right. We’re going to add those
icons. Let’s first paste in our text so
click on the text and then just paste in. All right great job. Next we need our titles from the
demo. So let’s come back and copy the first title which is making a web site on a
budget and come back in and piece it and we can see the titles of the
mission boxes are actually within the icon box. They’re not in the text box. So we’re using this title section and paste. And back to the demo site. Copy and click on the icon mass at the
top and then paste. All right so you get the picture. Copy the title and come back. And Paste. And for New I come out. So we created it. We’re going to
delete the header three in the text editor. So it’s just the text click apply. And now it can open up the icon box
itself. Click on it’s career option. And we’re going to give this one a
title which is the truest understanding so total and paste job. Now it’s time to add icons and we have three placeholders and one that needs a full icon. All right so let’s click on our first icon. Just click Remove and you don’t even have to do that. You can just click Change media. But because I did We’re going to
click select media select files an open bar make an online store folder and you should have the icons. I’ll go ahead and rename those as I
can. First you can sort all of them. But we just want to grab the money
icon first use this image. Now click on the second icon box change media files slide files. We can do a search for icon in the top rate and it’ll grab us all of our icons
from the last seven days which we want. So I’m going to select customer
service hands and heart and WordPress and uploads so we can do that all at once and save some time. All right so this one is going to be the little customer service guy with his beanie on helping out the help helping all of us out. So to see him he’s this image now click on the third icon change media an WordPress icon use image. All right. And I’m pretty sure that’s the word
press dot org icon not to be confused with weapons Now click on the fourth icon box for this only to click on the gear
because we don’t have that sample icon set up so click on the gear click option. Now select media pan heart in hands. Perfect use this image. And now our mission box is perfect and we’re done with that. Great job. Click Apply an update as always. All right you guys I’m going to go
head off and see huskier. Wish me luck from the future and I’ll let you know how it goes. Are it. I think it’s going to be a
lot of fun. All right. Good job everyone. I’m back from my meeting with housekeeper and I got to meet snappy himself. The meeting was awesome. They have a really cool office and check out all our social media channels to learn more about that experience. But I can say for now that they’re a really fantastic company that we want to be a part of in the future. They’re doing some amazing things. And my head is spinning with all the ideas I have for new content for you got this. So check out the social media
channels for pictures of stuff like snappy and a little bit more of what it
looks like over there. So now we’re going to dive into the
core e-commerce part of your site which
are the products we’re going to add a few products and put them on the
homepage. You’re going to see in the guide that the steps are really easy
to add products. It’s a lot like making a new post or a page except for it gets a practice so we can actually just scroll down and jump right in. Let’s go to the Brough’s new arrivals section which are our new product arrivals. All right so we’re going to get to
browse new arrivals and we can see that we have our
directions so let’s do it in our U.S. builder. We’re going to actually drag these
featured boxes down. So let’s close that row and drag this row slash pancake down underneath products. Great job. And now we’ll have a product area
which are going to be the demo products
that some came with. So you can either replace
this information with your own content or you can just delete them. And I’m going to delete them so that
we can start fresh. But if you want to be really lazy and just replace them or if you actually like these
products then go ahead and keep them. So this section is first called Prowse new arrivals. That’s really easy to just click on
the title now change it up and let’s click Apply and update it. So now it’s time to start creating
e-commerce. All right let’s go to our dashboard. So let’s open the site in a new tab and click to the dashboard and because we already installed our
commerce free e-commerce plug in we have products on the left side right here so click products and you’ll right away see all the
demo products we got. So you have like the Osaka entreaties to retry and you can check out the basic
settings that it came with if you want. You have a description at the top where you can write any sort of
content just like you would in Microsoft Word and style with colors or links or bullet points product categories. You of course have the title at the
top right here. That’s what the product is called. And then down below we have our product data. And this one is just a simple
product with one price. So we’ll get more into that if you
want to make like different sizes you’re going to set up a very
variable product. It’s got some tags another
description and the slide image is just this
blue person. All right. So let’s look at how to
make a new product click back to products. And so these are all out of our way. I’m just going to blog delete them. We can just click in the upper left
box or here. Boag actions move to trash and apply and they don’t do that again Prilep checkbox Baalke actions move to trash. Apply Prilep checkbox ball actions move to trash and that should do it. So there’s no particular order we
need to add our products because we can
control wherever they go on the site
whenever you add them. But for Naledge just click piked and create one that we like. All right. Someone to jump over to
the demo I say. AMOLED see maybe we want to create
the captain. That’s a really fun product. Let’s do that first. So this is a T-shirt called the
captain now that we set up our title we can get a description. And I’m just going to open it up on
the demo site and grab our description from here. All right. So we have this top right description. Copy it. And that actually goes below the
product down here in probably short
description. Fun fact. And then we have a longer
description right here next to reviews so we can copy all that. And that goes in our our main text area where you write a blog
post or a page normally and paste perfect. Now this product needs a price. So it’s going to be 44 50. All of our products are 50 cents. So you might have your own pricing style or Shoji but in my case I’ve found that 50 cents makes people buy more than 95 cents or 99 cents for example if you want the product to be on
sale just right in lower price right here. Pretty simple. Obviously a lot are
going to see as we move forward. But because we’re just learning
products let’s keep it simple simple is everything. So we need a product category and there’s some demo ones already perfect men and T-shirts are great. And then we need the images which is
the most important part. Whenever you shop online of course
if it’s a good image you’ll look into
it if it’s not good even if it’s a good product you’re gone. So let’s accept product image upload files and let’s get some of
those super fun engaging product photos from our demo product folder. So select files. All right. And we’re already in the
right folder and make an online search 20:17 are going to sort of dig voter. And then we can just get all of our
captain stuff is going to drag and highlight and click open. And when we do that will upload all
six photos. Notice how they’re fun. There are people photos there
outdoors. It can make a big difference to set
the mood and position yourself as fun and bold and different. Even if it’s just a simple product
like a T-shirt it can make a big
difference for your profitability. So once they upload we can just
choose one image for the featured image are it were press is going pretty quick right now and we’ll just choose this guy
winking right here and said partimage we can put the other images in the product
gallery. So let’s click add product gallery
images and now you can just check off
several images. So I’m going to hold command and we can see the check mark we’ll
go to more images now. So we’ll grab five of them or as many as you like and click Add together. All right guys. You’re almost done. We just want to give this product a
tag and I’m going to call it featured
because we’re going to put the featured products on the homepage but you can call it
like cool or favorite or something as long as you can
remember it. Good for organization. Add. And now let’s click publish our in that when we visit our site I can just type in the domain name without the word press log in. We should see that we have our first
product in it already on the homepage. All right so there you have it. Great job. Our first priority is now
live. People can click it and read more and they can already
in fact click Add to Cart and they can do more like post
reviews and stuff like that for stars. Great design but I’m only the skipper and click submit. And that way people can review your
products and be fun or cool or clever and it’ll build social proof and get you more sales hopefully. As Amazon has shown everyone let’s go back to our home page now. And scroll down and let’s make sure that the best
selling products are in the right place. So remember it’s possible if you
leave your you axe builder window open
that it will sort of freeze up and not show the right
updates. So we need to refresh it and then and actually load again which is perfect. So it’s nice and fresh and fast for us. And so that’s why I like in this
case the pancake containing these featured
boxes. This row didn’t want to go down
before. So now we can put up all our
products. Perfect just a little bit of
rearranging right there. It looks like we had a product that
was not dairy products and we added products
that are products and we just need to add that title for new arrivals. One more time. All right. Great job. And apply an update in our homepage. It’s looking a lot
better. All right so now that you’ve set up
one product on your online store let’s just add another product so that we all can
understand the process even better. And let’s make sure that product
fills in right to the right of our first product. So it’s in line with our mission boxes above them so we can go back to our edit products screen for the
first product and we can actually just
click add product appear and this will add a second product. All right. And you can start with the Prytaneum or the featured image so maybe you
have a list of products are ready with their branding and their names or maybe you just want to get the
image up first and then decide what to call it. So I usually like going with the image actually. I’m just going to set product image and now I need to click upload files and find a new product from our demo images. So let’s jump back to our demos and we can see that we have the
pineapple the miniature backpack and the Jo Malone cologne in the new arrivals section. So any one of these will work. All right. So let’s go back and click slide files and slide the larger icons so you can see what we’re doing. And let’s get the mint julep bag
because those are the first ones in the upper left
right now. So I can just drag and grab all the images. That we want at the moment. And hit enter or you can click open. Same thing. You can also upload the featured
image one at a time. But like saving some time and doing a bulk upload. So remember we’re choosing our main image now. So that should be like a front and center image just like this big main picture. Make sure you’ve clicked it to get
the checkmark and now click Set pract image this one is called the mint julep
backpack. All right. So we can add that as our product name and you can click through on the demo site to get the demo text. Are. So we have our demo text in the upper right. Copy that. And that goes in the lower section that’s the short description which
goes to the upper right of the image on
the front end. And then we have our second description copy this part and more up to the main description area which actually goes below that image and paste it in. All right and so that will paste in
all of our styles including the bullet points. If you want to paste in some text
you’ve written in Microsoft Word that just want to make sure that you
click the paste as text button before you paste it in there. Clicking this button will make sure
that when you paste in some tax you only get the plain text and you don’t get any formatting like weird fonts or spacing that might come from Microsoft Word or even from a G-mail or an email. So if you just want to get the plain
text click that button and it all pays to really simply. And you can then style it in
wordpress. But on the other hand if you do want
some formatting from Microsoft Word or from an email then turn this option off and don’t use this button. So there it is. So you know about
it. All right. We of course need our
regular price which is down here in product data. So this is E-D 450 of our price end in 50 because we know that that sells well. And then on the right we need the
category. So we have bags already. But we want to actually put that
under which means how do we do that. Well we can add a new category. Click this link and are in Beg’s. And then for a parent choose choose add new category and that will make the subcategory of Beg’s. So with the main category we’re not
going to use the subcategory or we’re going to check
women as well so that they both show up on the site like this. If you’re not seeing the reviews on
your product say like we can see right
here below the product then make sure in your product editor’s screen
right here in the advanced area that you’ve checked enable reviews and Leslie we need the product
gallery images. So it’s click this link in
the lower right. And now we can click and then also hold command or control and choose multiple images are. And now it’s at the gallery so you might want to add the main
image as a gallery image and you might not want it that’s up
to you to delete a product gallery image. Just click on x. All right. And now we can publish
the second product. Great work. So let’s refresh your home page and check out our progress. And we now have two amazing products so we can see that new products will
fill in to the right. But if you want to change the order
of the products like put this one over here then you can always go to the screen and you can actually back them or forwarded them depending on when they’re published. Just click this link and then you can manually decide
when the product was published which will help change the order of the product on your home page all right we now have two products
in we should have a full understanding
of how to create a product in your online store through WordPress using woo’d Commerce which again is the number one e-commerce
solution. But let’s say that you don’t even
know what products to include. You’re thinking of a bunch of
products and you’re not sure which ones to
use. How to create a brand around your products and how to tell a story with your products. If that sounds like you at all then I think it’s time for us to hear
from Andrew. We wanted to combine fashion and function. So you’re looking good and feeling good but also you’re
more prepared to take care of a good thing here. Really really tough. Yeah it’s a beautiful thing. Beautiful. Very difficult. So I want to build a line that makes it a little bit easier. What was the whole where American where motif is a little bit more masculine or speaks to a dancer feel good wearing a pink dress and stuff like that it doesn’t need to be pink naturally interaction. Like. Drought or you want like more or less. Yeah. I mean this is like the template for the draft. That’s right. Nobody has drafts. No no. We look draft for all those dress up there. Yeah. Now you didn’t decide to do. OK so the first product is Bergerac. So this is a 100 percent organic really soft muslin cotton overbright you can see a bandana friend only made in a paper bag in the world. Yeah absolutely. So I mean this is cool. I get to design and build these right when Booker was born. So I just designed the
things that I wanted. This is absorbant super super soft skin supersensitive. So it’s pretty fun. It’s like fun color and you know it’s like you put in work. We also have it. The result is a set so this is the light gray as well. This is our same product I’m
actually wearing it. So this is a fraternity T-shirt Toluca T-shirt named after my
nephew. And it’s everything I wanted when I got home from the hospital
Booker. I just wanted something I could put
on I could wear everyday supersonic. What do you mean commercially. Yeah. Yeah. Last Friday I discovered a book
named after my son. So this is a song that recycle them from L.A. and again is a similar concept where
we have both come insert here where you’re going to hold the baby
the most. So all right great seeing how Andrew has formed a real product line with real products that actual
customers are purchasing this very moment has helped solidify my idea for our full product plan right here. So let’s go ahead and finish off our new arrivals section with two more products. I’m sure that the audience is going
to like. So let’s complete our new arrivals
section. We can go back to our edit product
window and click add product to the top and we’re going to create the
pineapple. Let’s give the pineapple its pride
to image set prior to image upload select all the shoes the swimsuit photos and click enter. And now we can select our product
image with the checkmark and click Set image. We can get the text from the demo it just click through to the pineapple and copy in our short description and paste it down here and then the other description right
here. Perfect. Copy that. And again that goes in our larger text area pasted in or we can see that we’re using a
heading to right here. You can get as creative as you want with the different sizes colors formats put in more images quote whatever you want in this text area you really can do it all you can center or right on. You can build it. You can put block quotes in here or you can change the text color. It’s totally up to you. All right. The pineapple cost a cool 68 50. So of course this could be any
product you want. Any product that you’ve decided to
sell now and let’s give it a category. We need that. So we need to add new unhardened swimwear. And for parent category that of
course be women. Click and category next let’s give it the product
gallery images click add gallery images choose our other pineapple photos select to add gallery create job and publish. Now it’s at our Joe Malone cologne. Let’s look at it again. Assign the name scroll down to satellite image you’re doing great upload files
select files. If this window would stay bigger Let’s grab the Joe Malone colognes just click and highlight all the
right cologne images and then click open again you want your main product
image to be the image that describes the product
the best. So while I want to use this image of the sage and the salt and the tree bark people will get confused. So we’re going to use the main
product image of Joe Molon cologne and set product image. All right now is grab our text easily found on the demo site. Short description text. Get the dog bone and your friend an ice cream cone with this Joe Malone it on pay set down below. And then our larger education text copy and paste price of this item is 1:34 50 category is going to be fragrance
for men which we don’t have. So add new fragrance period Carrie Gordon and educator and Leslie all give ourselves a few product gallery images so those will just be the box few of the John want Cologne. The tasting notes and the actual nature shot of the ingredients. All right. And anti-guard we’re all set to publish now. Refresh our homepage and we can see that we’ve
confidently filled in our new arrivals section for products that people can
actually purchase right now and you can earn real money from
them. You just have to go ahead and ship the product off to them of
course. Once you see the new order in your
inbox. So of course before we’re done with this. We’re going to complete that
e-commerce chain of events and I’ll show you how to add the few
settings you need to actually process payments. But for now we’re going to keep
building out the site to enable that sideways scroll so that your customers can scroll through your products on your
homepage. You just need to add more products
than fit in this section right here so we can add one more. Let’s go back to our edit product window and click add product. And then we’ll move on and do something different. So let’s add the pretty pink wedding dress. All right. And now a separate image upload select files. You get the hang of it. All right. And there are pretty pink wedding dress. We’ll get these three
demo images and click here. Choose a palette image and separate image. Right now it’s great that demo text. Highlight. Copy from the demo I said come back to your essay and paste it in the description. Our wedding dress costs 124 50 and we need to add the category of dresses under women’s clothing. And you get your dresses. Pink category. Women and you get your. All right. And now we can publish. Let’s refresh your homepage and you’ll see that we now have this
right left arrow on the homepage so people can easily scroll through all your products. And decide what they want buy. At the moment. The brand new arrival
section will just show any new product to you at this site. But what if we only wanted to show
specific products so that when we add more products later on in the
video down here that all of them don’t show up right here
because what if we just want only these
products right here. All we can control which products
show up with a tag. So what we can do is go to our U.S. builder on the homepage first. So hover on it and click at it with you. Spillar but I’m going to actually right
click. And open a new tab so we can keep that home page open. All right now straight to a spot
where you like editing it. And let’s open up our new arrivals
product section right here. Click on the gear and click options so scroll down we can see style lay out sider and then posts where it says category we can choose a specific
category. He could only show clothing or dresses if you wanted. That might be helpful but for us we want to only show tags which is the same process. It just is going to let a show like
a wider variety so we can give the same tag to a lot of different
categories if that makes sense. So let’s click select and you can see that we’ve created some demo tags but all we want is the tag we
specifically created earlier on which is featured if we choose that then only the
product with the tag feature will show up. So it’s click Apply and update. And then now all you have to do to manually per se put products into this section is go back to our product list. By clicking products. And we can add that feature to any
product we want to show up in that specific
section just open pretty pink wedding dress. Scroll down to product tags and then you can just write in
feature. Choose it makes you look like add an update so that wording for a feature could
be anything you want like new or seasonal or September but I just like featured back to the price list and we can see that during that
we’ll make sure that. Only two products show up in this
section. So let’s go to a pineapple. Feature. It’ll search for it. Click it add it up to boom. And back to our price list. All right and we’ll do the same for
mint julep and Joe Milan. Could get at it. All right. And check out our
homepage. Refresh it. Now we can see that we’ve gotten our
five products back perfect. Now that you know how to add new
products to your store let’s learn how to add a
different type of content which are these featured boxes. We often see on major e-commerce Web sites to add these featured boxes which can talk about what you’re doing or your blog or really anything going on in your company. Just come back to our you ex builder for the home page right here and we’re going to get the pancake
on the left which is just row. All right. So hopefully cook row. There you go. It’ll bring us to the right section and you can go ahead and just click on the blue area sort
of like we did for a slider. Perfect and now in background let’s click
change media upload files select files. And let’s grab all three feature
boxes so you can click and drag and then click open. And in our blog post guide we’re now down to. We did slider we did Mission boxes we added probably something you were
travel section and we’re now in featured
boxes. So I’ve got this little arrow here
to show you exactly where we are right now so that
everyone stays on track. All right. So once you upload those images. Can be really easy to use them. Let’s just choose the first one of
our laptop and. Camera and use this image and then that background will change job to change the title here. Just click on the text and then where it says our articles are in between the alligator
brackets. We’re going to write in our blog and that will auto caps for us and then click apply. Click on the background area again. And we can see that we need to
change the height to 180. So a little bit bigger so that more
of the image will show. And you can adjust that to your
liking. Now it’s click on the second being. In background change media. Let’s choose this. His inherit couples. And click this image. So this section is going to be
called giveaways. Just click on the text and right over the demo content giveaways so you can see in this section they’ve actually
allowed us to shrink some of the text here and you can keep that if you’d like
it to say something below giveaways. We could see competition is a little
smarter than give was because as we see over here they’ve given it this band style which is font size 85 percent. So feel free to keep that if you
like. Then there’s no need to rewrite it and you can also use this to learn
what the C S S means like what spand means what font size means and change the number and so on and so forth. But I guess we’re going to keep it
really simple and we’re just going to delete this entire span and the line break. Great. Click on the banner to adjust the error. Get to go. Now it’s click on third featured box change media to use the South Beach panorama. Use this image so you can see. You might find a quicker way to
adjust all the settings based on your own
workflow. For example we want each featured
box to also have a link so that people
can click it and actually go somewhere. Right now we’re in the About Us feature box and if we scroll down we see that there’s the link option. We just need to paste in the right
link right here so we can delete over what it says right here and then we can go to your homepage and right click on About page and copy link address which will
copy the link to this page. Perfect. Now let’s come back to your exposure and right click paste. All right. And we can do the same
for giveaways. Click on the right banner. Scroll down to our link box and it might be something kind of
crazy based on what the demo content imported. But in any case we can delete it and we’re going to link to the
giveaways page. So let’s go back to our homepage and let’s copy that deals link so copies and get to us and that will save you one step
instead of actually visiting the page and copying the link from your
Albar. But same thing back to the builder and pasted in link. And lastly for blog let’s just click on the banner. Come down and let’s delete the word blog from link back to our homepage and we’ll just right click on blog
copy link address. Come on back. And then we can finish off our third link for the featured boxes. So this section looks perfect. Now it just needs a title. Let’s apply an update. To save our changes. Just in case something gets messed
up. And now let’s close the road. And so how do we add a new title. Well we can do it the old fashioned
way which is to click add to content or we can do it the easy way which is to just copy an existing
title with the same styles. So let’s grab the browse new
arrivals titles because we like easy. Click on the gear click duplicate and we’ll call this one. It’s this or more perfect and click apply. All right. Now close your row and just drag that down to the right
place. Easy as pie. All right now our featured boxes are done. Let’s just update one more time. Refresh the homepage upset the deals page click the logo to go back to the
homepage and great job. Because we’re on such a roll with our products. I want to show you how to create two
more types of products for your online store which are on sale products and variable products where you have different sizes or different colors. For example you can create options for
everything and make them super complex or add in third options like material. But for now we’ll try to keep it
simple. All right. So as you probably know
we’ll go back to our prior Rhonda and just click add product for this new set of products we’re
not going to use the tag featured. So they’re not going to show up in
our brand new arrivals section. You can leave this at new product
when you open. And we’re also going to go back to
our U.S. builder here and we can see there’s a new area
for products you might have right below our
featured boxes. So let’s just click on the gear and delete this one. We don’t want that but we do want it to now click add to content and choose some on sale products. So whereas all we can’t see it we
can just type in Sale perfect wool products on sale to that own 12 and four is good. And like a. All right. Now let’s bring that up and ran dry that up under our featured boxes row. Great job. And if you’d like you can also set
up the title first in advance. Just click on the other title duplicated and then call this something like
the seasonal sales because everyone has seasonal something and click apply. Dan and now we know where we’re building
right here under seasonal sales. All right so let’s add some products
on sale first let’s update there so you
don’t lose or changes now in your new product Ed.. Let’s get some sale products. Our first product on sale is the honey shaded by low rent. Perfect. So let’s click to set price. Image upload files select files and I hope you just go ahead and add your own products whether there’s sunglasses or cars or clothing or videogames or e-books or whatever they are. As we add our products every year so we can all do it together. Art So let’s grab our honey. Right here. And those shades also have the kids portraits and US side so open all four of those and just click command to highlight the other ones at the same time. All right let’s choose our main
featured image and set upright image. This probably had a regular price of 244 50 and it’s on sale for one 74 50. Good job. We can also choose the right
category. We’re going to need to click add new
category and type in sunglasses with the paint category of women. Excellent work. Again we can get all the text from
the demo I. All right. And then easily. Pasted it. Copy and paste. Lastly we do need some product
gallery images. So let’s show off the product a
little bit more from a lot of different angles including the case and the. Protective cloth that the shades
come with. Add together. You can also rearrange these so they
show up at a different order on your
homepage. Nalut publish the shades already. And just by setting a regular price and a sale price. When we refresh your homepage we can
see that those products no to go and the products that are seasonal
sales. And they also have this little sale
label which is our secondary pink color. Pretty cool. So it might look different on your
site but that’s just how it works
automatically. That’s about all we need to know
about creating a sell product. Instead of marketing and products down for a sale you wanted to just offer customers a
coupon that’s really easy too. You can just go back to your
dashboard right here. And then in commerce hover over the commerce label and click on coupons. So you can either learn more or just click add coupon because
it’s pretty simple. Add coupon. And now you need to do is write in something like summer optional description so maybe you’re going to tell your team
to leave this active until July 30th for example and then you can decide how the
coupon works if it’s a percentage or a fixed card discount. So this would be like $10 and this would be like 20 percent. You can write in the percent choose when it expires down here and maybe this coupon will free
shipping to up to you. Now you need to publish and you’ve created your first coupon
you can send that out in newsletters or TV advertisements or wherever people get news of your deals. So pretty simple how that works. Next I want to show you how to add a
variable product because inevitably your
price will have different sizes colors
etc.. To do that let’s go back to our product window so we can hover on new and click product and we’re just going to set up a
really basic custom T-shirt for this product. I’m actually going to start with the
product image so that I know which product it is set prior to image. Upload 5 select files. And it’s right here the black
T-shirt. Select select select and open. Are in. Now let’s see what we call this. This is called The Simple current
Achab are perfect. All right we’ve chosen our product
image so we can click separate image. And I think I remember that we’re
going to call this the simple crew T-shirt. Aren’t perfect. You’re inevitably going to have your
description here and here. All right so let’s get our basic
details out of the way and then set up those
different sizes. Demo site. Open up simple crewneck. Copy and paste. And paste. All right. And we want to make it clear that it’s for any case for some reason whoever made the
demo site made it like that. So what else do we need we need the
category. So for women this will be tops perfect and we’ll add gallery images so choose nice image and choose the rear view and the next image together. Now for the fun part we’re actually
going to give different sizes to this
product. So where do we do that. Well the place we do it is right
here in product data and we want to change it from a
simple product. Go ahead and click on that dropdown and I want to change it to a
variable product which just means that it can have
different variables like size color material etc. choose variable. And here’s where it gets a little
tricky. But as you do this a couple of times
it will become second nature and it should because thousands and thousands of
e-commerce site owners do this everyday. What we’re going to do now is scroll
up and click save draft for this
product because we need to go to a different
place and add an attribute. Once you save draft come over and click attributes on the left an hour we’re going to create the
attribute for us. So the name is size and the slog is just lower case size don’t check in naval archives leave
select right here and then choose Custom ordering. And click add attribute. So now when we go back to our
products list. Click on the symbol crew. Which is still a draft so that no
one saw it publish it. We can come down and now we can choose attributes and we’ll have size in this dropdown So click
attributes. To the dropdown and choose size. And now click add. So if we hadn’t added the attribute
we wouldn’t seen anything here and it wouldn’t
make sense. But now we can choose sides and go look at it and we get this window. So what I want you to do is where it
says values just click add new. And you’re going to get this pop up
window sill entering a new attribute term. For example small things like OK and then that will fill itself in
right here and you again use medium. OK. And again she’s Marje which is just. In between the medium and large add new large. New yen and AXO. If you don’t like the attributes you
can click the X to delete it. And if it gets close like this just
click anywhere in the whitespace to reopen
it and then you can always add an
existing entry back. Let’s add one more which is Maxell and click OK. So now what we need to do is check to used for variations and just save attributes once you’re
ready with all of your values. Are you doing a great job. It’s not time to leave attributes and click on variations. So click on variations and here’s where we actually create
the individual products themselves. So you have a small cootie medium cruelty a large quantity. We’re going to keep each one of
those individual variations on your product right here. It’s not as much work as it sounds. Because we can actually just choose add variation and instead choose variations from all attributes and then click Go and click OK and it’s going to say Are you sure
you want to link all variations. This will basically create every
possible option. Which is fine. We want to do that. So it only added 5 variations because we only had 5 different sizes. OK all right. Now in good shape what are you going to do is drag
these so there in the right position. Click on the pancake and drag it so that they make sense in terms of the progression of sizes and now you can click on the
whitespace to open each individual option and it’s time to set a practice. So for our simple crew the railer price is going to be 64 50 for every size except personal. So once you enter in the press just
close the particular tab I click above on the whitespace and then open up the next one price close it. Next on price that you know because it and then next on railhead press pasted in and of course this is also where you
can add things like weight dimensions shipping class and description all real close up. And the last one this small is going to be on sale because whoever is in or trying to get rid
of the small size in this T-shirt it’s just not
as popular. So what you can do is add the
regular price and then you can add a sale price on the right. So maybe $10 off. And now let’s make sure to click
Save changes once you’ve done that your product
is now ready to go live. So let’s click publish and if for some reason you don’t set
a price on a product it’ll just list as unavailable or out-of-stock. All right. Now refresh our site and we should see this simple Q In seasonal sales can click it and now your audience will have the
option to choose a size you can go ahead and choose the right size
like maybe medium and choose how many they want to you
know purchase and then click Add to Cart. Strong work. So you now know how to add both sell products to your online store and products with different sizes colors textures whatever it is you want to make and you can add crazy sorts of
variations from each of those products. But for now we just add one with size. I like that homepage Let’s scroll down and we can see that we need a couple
more cell products for this to look good. So I’m going to go ahead and those on my own time to speed
things up. Good job on our shop is now complete with seasonal sales products as well as browse new arrivals. But maybe you still not feel 100 percent confident that you can make that first sale. If that’s the case it’s a good time
to work on our marketing. So what are we going to do is add
some demo advertising marketing content and these sections down below on your homepage below the seasonal sales. All we can do is hear from an expert. OK so now we’re going to talk about. Something that. You know my people back from. E-commerce which is just worrying
that their products once you work that you have a great
product. You thought of when you’re a kid or an adult or whatever. Is a book. It’s a downloadable
product. It’s. Just you know the kitchen invention but worried that it. Won’t sell. So. I knew you said you talked to both tufty Once people. Got the research and the feedback from all groups. But did you ever face that worry like. You or your priorities. So in the face of like Target and Wal-Mart. Every. Could. Measure. Yeah absolutely. For me they created a new genre which is clothing and gears. This is a griefer new
dance. It didn’t exist. So of course what do you do at a market analysis. There are a lot of other companies
that are doing what I’m doing. So your first thought is is there a
reason this doesn’t exist right. So the research is going into it I think was important. That was sort of the foundation. Of. My thought process. I. Actually started my research firm to ask questions of new data to find out. I found out that there was actually
a high percentage of Democrats who were interested in the products
interested in the concepts. And felt that they were. Being supported. So I think that’s important talking with a lot of people who are doing
that market research is also important if you’re going to enter into space especially if you don’t know that industry really well if you’re not
doing a lateral to where you were before then doing that market research you’re who your
competitors are is is vital. And then would also sketch out who
your customer is. Name that person. What do they do they like to do a line online. Those. Things. Change when you launch that sort of
thing. They definitely do that and have that person in mind with you’re building your brand. The last piece of feedback for these feedback is to start small. Les you’re 100 percent confident or you have a large IPO purchaser with a wholesaler. I would really start small. A very low key. Obviously your production working at
the factory can be difficult if you don’t have a long standing
relationship with that factory. So if you can start small work out the kinks or make sure the quality is high and then sell that product. Make profit take a profit in order to get revenue and turn it into reinvestment in your business to keep growing. Tough line very smart. First of all do one thing really. Exactly. All right. Moving on it’s important as Andrew said to talk to people in your industry and research your competition and hear from a lot of different
sources. It’s important to define your ideal customer. And it’s important to start small. So we’re going to try to keep all
those things in mind as we create our advertisements and our promos. The first of which can be found on our blog post guide or just kind of follow this section line by line from our guide. So we’re on the large banner now which is called the weekend. We just did the seasonal sales in
the last part. This section is a banner. So let’s go ahead and add the content a banner. So head back to our U.S. builder and now it’s time to just click add
to content and then we can easily choose the banner and we’re going to go with the
fourth option 1 2 3 4 which is just called right in the pre-sets list so click right. Perfect Now click apply. Now let’s see what our guide says. So it says Click on the blue area in the back and open banish’d tiles. And then change the image to weekend banner. Easy enough. Click on the blue now in background. We’re going to select media. Upload select. Make you bigger. And we’re going to select or the weekend image and here it is in the bottom left
corner. Great. We can just double click it where press will upload and then click. Use this image. All right so this image should be a
little bit taller so that we can see the entire model. So let’s change size too. Large And actually let’s go back to original I think original is almost always going to
be best for your large banner images and for your image sliders we can just change the layout
height. Let’s try 700. Perfect. We got even larger 750. Excellent. We want to see that day
that she’s carrying. 750 looks great. Now you can change the text. Just click on the text box. Comeback to the guide and go ahead and copy the demo text written for you copy. And in the text box appear. No need to even open and text editor to control or command and control or command V to paste. Now let’s change our button it says
button should read shop in South and link to the shop. Easy enough to change that title repped the top text total. And change the link to the shop page
so we can get our shop page just by right clicking. Copying the link address from our
products which is also our shop page and we can easily change that button
link. Just click on the. Gear for the button click options. And scroll down and paste that link in the link box. All right. Now click apply an
update. So this is an example of us starting small I think because this model shows the big that we’ve already listed in our shop. She doesn’t carry another product like we’re not
introducing a new product. So let’s go ahead and update it and refresh homepage. We can get to that screen. Really cool. So now you can see a
little hint of that bag which is our mint julep bag up here the backpack. And we can move that large
advertisement banner up so it’s right underneath
our seasonal sales. So let’s grab that pancake Bindra it up. Perfect. Update. Looks like we need to refresh or you ex builder. So that shows all of our products. So make sure to refresh it every now and then after you update. And now this will show the most
recent version of your site. Perfect. All right. What’s next. So the next section we want to make
is the home page testimonials. So this is pretty cool. It’s an example of going out and talking to people gathering resources and reviews so that you know that people like your pride or don’t like your product and if they like it hopefully it’s
good enough to make a testimonial out of it. So we already have some demo
testimonials in you still builder. You scroll down. Those are just listed in the banner. So where are they. They’re going to be this slider which is underneath the gap which is underneath the banner we
just met. So pretty cool. We can go ahead and delete the gap. That’s just some demo content from
flotsam and you’ll see that whitespace go
away. And now you can add to our
testimonials. So let’s see what’s in there in this
slider full of testimonials. Click to open and there’s three
sliders which is perfect. Each pancake is a banner which contains a text box and inside of that a testimonial with some text. So that part can get a little bit
complicated. So what I’m going to do so that you
get the full understanding of how these
testimonials work is just show you how to create
a testimonial from scratch. And we’re going to use these demos as an example of what we need to
make. All right. So to get started. Follow me and click add to Slider. It would be like the fourth bannered
pancake spot right here. He could see it’s lined up with the other pancake right here. Decider necklet be in it. And while there are a lot of good
options like Circle right or right like where you could create some sort of creative format for your testimonials we’re just
going to leave this one blank and show you how to do it all from
scratch and click a are perfect. Now just click apply again. And we get to have created a banner with a text box. So this text box has some text in it right now but we want that to be a testimonial instead. So what you going to do is click on
the gear for the text box and click delete and hit OK. And now we’re going to click add to
text box and we’re going to choose the
testimonial option. Now click upload and now we can easily build our
testimonial just by clicking on the text and editing it. So for starters I want to make a
call from my cell and what you can do is put the name of the person that you’re getting
the quote from in this Hetter three or you can put a quote in this
hurried theory or you can just delete it. I really like keeping it simple all
the time. So we’re going to delete it. You can just hit command Z or control Z or just write it back in the open text editor. So now I’m going to write not a day goes because I don’t enjoy using my word closer with less. No typos. And now clickable. All right so now we can open up the testimonial. Click on the testimonial here and options and the section it’ll let us say who is the person and their company. So this is a quote by now right. That’s me and I’m from YouTube. All right. Perfect. We can also select the image for
that person by clicking select media upload select files. Choose the profile picture if you want to use mine. I’m flattered. And click. Use this image and you’ll automatically get that
nice circular crap. All right so this testimony looks
good and it’s 5 stars because I love
flotsam. We just want to make it a little bit
shorter. So click on the blue background and let’s change the way out. Right. Like 300. Get up and apply an opt. All right. So that’s how you create
your own testimonial. If you scroll within your Explorer you can see the other ones have a slightly different background
color. So what I want to do is actually
just keep the format of the one we made although you might like this sort of off. Great to see you. To keep the same structure as the testimonial we just made. Click on the gear for the outer
banner and click duplicate and apply. So now we’ll have another bang. So now you have two identical
testimonials with the exact settings we want and we can go ahead and delete the
demo banish till he. Delete and voila. So you can also make one more bang
click on the gear. Duplicate upload. And update. If the Benett goes all white like
it’s doing on my screen right now. Just refresh your page because sometimes that’s a lot of settings
for that you build there to your number. And you’ll be all set. Let’s click on the second banner
pancake and write something different
because you don’t need three of the same testimonial. So when I was chilling with snappy at host cator he gave me a direct quote for the site. So we’ll use that right here. And we just got to give credit where
credit is due. So let’s change that image. Remove select media upload Slyke files. Fun snappy and. He’s the builder snappy. Open. Use this snappy. And now let’s change the byline so you can literally click anywhere
on the testimonial and it all up to the right section create job and apply. Update. Feels good. We now have two real
testimonials and we’re going to click on it. Third bannered pancake and make it third one. So again if you’re out of ideas or if you’re just making a demo site
for some purposes right now then you can go ahead and just use all
the content from our demo site where you’ll find a quote from Weibo which is tradition. We also have a quote from Leo. All right. So let’s throw that quote
in third paying gig. Click to open. In remember you can get this all on make a WordPress Web site dot com. So it’s what Leo says. Through my captivity and my weekender duffel for yet
another weekend getaway. Reverencing one of our products of
course and. Now click the image. Change media upload select files and have this handsome
picture of Leo in the demo images for you to actually. Because he’s just that good looking. And use this image. Give credit where credit is due. Great job. You can also change that image with really easily if you want that
picture to span more of the screen. It might make a larger effect or maybe I’ll include more text it
would go like from top to bottom of the
image. Totally up to you. Apply an update. We’re going to actually make one
more testimonial which is from Bill Gates. So let’s go ahead and duplicate LiLo’s and apply update. And we just need to refresh it build
their. Tons of progress being made here and we’re going to come down on it and open up our cyder. Open up fourth banana pancake belongs to Bill and Bill says. I downloaded the fun beach tours
summer style guide and pretty cool they
still apply. Click the image. Change media upload select you get the picture. Literally. There’s Billy G. Use his image and give credit where credit is due. All right. So this is pretty fun. This is going to be Bill Gates from Microsoft apply update. And just like that our site has
testimonials and are all done with that. Moving downwards we can now add our blog. So let’s go ahead and do the blog. You can see our blog post guide
tells us which is to start right after home page testimonials
in our blog by adding the title and changing the text to
our blog. All right. Let’s do it. Back in New York Spillar we have a sample title here. We can just click on it. Click on it there you go and change into our blog. Apply an update. So if we click on blog post which is one of the cool pieces of
content you can add if it gets removed for
some reason. You see this has some nice features like a type which is cyder a word which is a container and an animate which is paid in
luffed so feel free to change all of that. And you can also apply those
animations to the other pancakes. The other piece of content. Apply an update. I just realized that if someone
joins this tutorial halfway through and they hear me
talking about pancakes they’re going to be confused or hungry but just so you know these are the pancakes on the left. It’s our stack of content that looks like pancakes. OK. So to get our blog working we need to update
the screen make sure of it. And then it’s time to go back to our
dashboard for once and do this the old
fashioned way. So look at your dashboard and we’re just going to create new
blog posts and then they’ll fill themselves in. If you see an update in plugins like a red number it’s important to do that right
away. This ensures your site is fast and secure. And to. Good. Work. Now you can click to post. And we can see there’s a lot of demo
posts. All right. So that’s pretty cool. And we’re just going to edit them up
a little bit so it’s Could Hello world. The entire world press. WordPress post Hello world. All responsive. And let’s give this post a featured
image much like a product image but a little more simple click Set featured image blood slide files choose our image of a mobile
friendly i-Pad create. This actually shows the shop itself being mobile responsive. Pretty cool you can make a category like maybe you write about tech add new category and this is where you’d write in
your blog post content right here just like you’d write an
article in Microsoft Word or a paper or an essay or you know edit any piece of text power get it all out by now. So then click Update loops let’s remove that. Uncategorized category and update. All right let’s go back to the post now arena click on welcome to flotsam. So these are really good posts
formants original red flags. Number one the Commerce website thing. And now we just need a featured
image or a move that blue box and click that featured image and upload select. To the model. Always good for a featured image and click Open answer featured image let’s give this post a new category. Which is just going to be e-commerce and your category and update. So that’s how you upped it. Another blog post. All right now back to our old post
list and because I don’t actually love
these other posts that much. Just delete them and let’s add two
new blog posts so check the posts you want to
delete. And from Baalke actions she’s moved
to trash and click apply. Just note that if you make a post
twice with the same title and one of those posts is in the
trash you might get a little bit of feistiness. You should just make sure to choose
new post titles for new posts or you can always go ahead and click trash. And fully delete the post so that
you can call them whatever you want to permanently upload it. So now it hadn’t you called this one put Galeries years and more in your articles. I need some dummy tax so you can
just go to Pan ipsum which is a really cool tool if
you’re building a site for someone else and you want just a
block of text. It’s somewhat entertaining but not meaningful or offensive. You can just grab some classic lingo like coffee click generate ipsum and then you can grab some free demo
text from the screen bring it back to your post and you’re good to go. All right so this category is going to be coffee ad category. And if you want to put in a quote to
put in a quote you could just separate some
text like that. Highlight the text that will be the
quote and click on the block. Button. Great job. And now it’ll be indented and in different style if you want to put an image in. You just have to make some space. Maybe like this and click here for ADD media and the image will go wherever your
cursor is at media and if you are in want to put in
like a new image so it upload files select files let’s go this image of model 1. Open your image will also get some
attachment display settings. We’ve seen that we
haven’t really used until now. So you can actually align the image like a left of the text or right of the text or the text will wrap around it if you want to do that and you can link it to something if
you want people to click on the image. You can do like a custom you are l and then paste in like a new link like Google and you can change the image size. Usually a medium is good for in the
post and click insert. And so that image will just behave
as you tell it to the text will go to the right image left and you can also click on the image and resize it manually. So you can get that size just right. Great job once you post is almost
ready. Make sure to choose the featured
image so that would be the same as the
image in the post. In most cases it doesn’t have to be set features image. And publice. All right. Just a little tips there about making a blog post and making it pretty and we can get one more blog post because our home page needs four of them to add new we can paste in that again. And our title is going to be a
simple blog post powerful potential. So in this post I’m going to show
you how to insert a video. The easiest way is just to be on
YouTube and find a video you like. I like watching of sports every now and then. You should check them out. It’s really entertaining and a new look into sports new perspective. So you click on the video and then the best thing to do is to
click on the share button click in bed and just copy the code that YouTube
gives you right here although it will also
work to copy the link up top in the URL bar. Next just go to a text if you’re
ever going to paste in some code from
Facebook or YouTube or Google or anywhere. Put that in the text tab so that it
renders the right way. Just make some space and paste make a little more space give it a category. So the sports you can write about whatever your
heart desires of course. And now when you do a
featured image upload select files and this one because we’re too lazy to get an image that
matches that video. We’ll just go with another model. All right. So the point is that you
understand how to make blog posts and I think we accomplished that. Let’s surf featured in orange. And now it’s povis. So you can use this for my video if
you want but it’s better just to do it
manually so you know how it works. And now it’s just click to our
homepage and look at the scroll down and you see we have things looking pretty much the way
we want may a lot of progress right there. And our blog is now complete at least on the home page. So as you grow your site you’ll write more articles and they’ll show up here. But for now this looks very
attractive to a new customer new visitor. And then go ahead read your blog. Maybe you’ll even blog about your
products and get some native commerce going
on. Either way it’s a good way to
position yourself as the expert. Speaking of experts why don’t we
hear from Andrew on what he thinks of his blog at Father Figure Daco. So now that we’ve set up our blogs
we’re going to move down and our next section is the lower promo boxes in the lower promo slider right here so we can follow our blog post guide and it says this section comes less but proves less is truly not least. In fact this could become a crowd
favorite. So let’s see how to make our lower promo cider. Come back to the demo site and as usual hover on that page at the top and click at it with your you axe builder. And so this is just going to be a
section and we’re not going to add anything
at first. We’re just going to apply a section. So if we remember how to do that pretty easy. Now that our pancake stack is looking perfect. And we don’t need to change any of
these around anymore. It feels good at least now we can just click add to content and we’ll add a pancake at the
bottom and it’s going to be a section so
click section and then just leave it on default at the top and click apply. All right so now our guide says Now add the image Lord promo’s cider and back into this section and then open the section add to Section 2 slider. Pretty simple. So we’re already in the section
details in back and slide to media for your image. Upload select and here’s our lower promo banner so we can double click WordPress will upload it and will click. Use this image. So our background is in place now and next the guide says. Open the section to section choose slider and then we’re going to add slides
to the slider. So pretty simple. So you ex builder lets click apply. And now let’s open the section with the area and click add to
section. Now choose slider Now click in the middle here to add slides here and choose banner and you can pick any of the
beautiful banners but the one we want is
called box right. So choose this guy right here and we can see not only did it give
us some content to put in a promotion or an advertisement but it also increased the height of
our cyder. Great job to get rid of this blue background first click
apply and then click on the blue
background and now where it says color just
click anywhere in this color box and we’re going to click on this
meter at the bottom. The skinny little meter will give us an overlay option will just drag it all the way to 0 0 0 0 and click choose. Now do the same for overlay. Of course you might want an overlay
if you have an image that looks good with a little darker background or the text is lighter for example. But for now we want to remove that and click choose. Perfect. So now will click Apply and update. Great job. And now that we have one banner that
looks great we can just click on the gear. Duplicate and click apply and we should have two banners with the exact same settings. If we click on our sideways arrows we can see that we’ve accomplished
that. And more importantly we keep the
same background and it looks like the
boxes just slide across the background
which is beautiful. You can also make those sliders have
different transitions like Faid to do that just click anywhere within the banner. So this would work here and now let’s change the side
effect. Apply an update. All right so let’s add in some text
content now just click on the text box and show up in our little text
section on the left. Then back to the guide where we have
some demo text laid out for you. So I’m just going to highlight copy the first box and you can say whatever you want
about your business or your brand or your products but this way it’s just really easy
to piece over what flotsam writes for us. Perfect. So as Andrew said the idea here is also to talk to your customer. You have an idea of that ideal customer in mind. And here you can include messages that that person won’t like. So in my case my ideal customer is someone who wants an online store and wants to learn e-commerce like
you. So those are the sorts of messages written for you. All right so that’s what you get. We can just click apply and we can edit the next slide. And grab that demo text right here which talks directly to your
ideal customer. Copy and come back and click on the text box. And then we’re going to hit command or control a. And. Paste. Perfect apply an update and I’ll leave the option of
choosing a primary and secondary button up to you. Let’s check our site and see what made. It. We have a huge banner our blog our testimonials. And now at the bottom we have our lower premios cider. OK good. All right. And make sure to add
whatever buttons you want for primary and secondary. Change the colors etc.. You can also change how those boxes
come in on the back and it’s pretty simple. Just click on the outer whitespace on a text box and now assign some animation to it like maybe. Bündchen. That’s pretty cool. Click Apply and click to the next one. Click on whitespace. Animate. And apply. Update and we can go see what that looks like. That’s pretty cool. And now you can see those text boxes
animate to your liking whatever you choose. Wow that’s a nice one. All right. So utilizing that method you can make your site look even
more modern and cool for your visitors. All right. What’s next. Next it’s time that our product
categories this section appears by default
because it’s also your foot one you can move it if you want. And it exists as a last minute
reminder to keep shopping just like it exists on a site like this would say it’s never have seen it before. All right. So we’re going to see how
just to edit that if you want. Let’s come back. To our dashboards. Click in the upper left and it’s really easy to get there
just hover on appearance and click widgets. So some people might have thought
you can’t delete the section but you can just open your footer one. And you’re going to see those. Little product categories right
here. And if one of them isn’t filled in it’ll just jump to the left so there won’t be like a space. The options will just line up. Left to right. All right. You can also rearrange
them. You put latest on the far right if you want. So in our case there’s only three
content here here in our product categories because we don’t have featured
products. That’s a different kind of
newcomer’s product that we haven’t created yet. All right. And that’s different than
assigning the tag featured so that we know where our products show up. This is a different section. So what we think we want to do so we
don’t have that plane column is add one more these we can remove featured. And then we can add. For example the newcomers cart so people can see what they’ve
already selected. So just try that in very cool and click save. Knowledge visit or say. And so at the bottom we should have
the option for a card. And that gives people yet another
chance to buy from you so they can see what’s in the cart when they click View
cart. They can update the cart. And then of course they can just
click Check out right away. And complete the purchase. All right. Beautiful. Our checkup page is looking
gorgeous. So that does it for our product
category section. And next we’re going to set up your
footer. All right. So you might think a
footer is unnecessary or boring but it’s actually where your users go for help. Are frequently asked questions or to find some random wink. Most of the time. So let’s go ahead and create a
professional one because every professional web site
has one hour down here we might as well make your footer and the footer is in appearance widgets so let’s go ahead and check it out. Let’s go back to our site click to the dashboard. And now it can hover on appearance and click widgets. Great job. And now we can see that one is just those product categories and a foot or two is where we want
to be right now. So what’s going on in it too. There’s about us latest news tags and newsletter. And if we click to our site in a new
tab and scroll all the way down of course we can see about us latest news tags newsletter. We’re just going to change this to a
structure that I know converts a little bit better. So come back to widgets and what we’re going to do first is
remove latest news. All right. And move is still eten newsletter because I’m
going to show you how to put the send manually so it works
better. And this screen will save
automatically You don’t need to click any save button because
there isn’t one. Just leave the screen here for a couple of seconds. Now we need to click two blocks
which will actually build the footer
blocks and I want to point out that if you
actually click the back button then the screen right here will show the old changes. So you don’t want to click back to
get to your widgets ever. You simply want to be in a new
section like blocks and then come back to appearance and click widgets. And now you’ll see the most up to
date changes that we want. Cool. And we can also change the title of this one because the story of fun beach store and save just so we know what the title is when we put the
right block here. All is so close. And now back to blocks. And so first off we can open the
footer about us. BLOCK Just click on the title and it’s going to give us some
random looking HVM Allen CSSA that were press generated. So we want to just click us Boulder and now what we’ll be looking at is this section in the lower left right
here with some warm up some and some social buttons. That’s what we’re looking at here
because this block is assigned in appearance widgets. Remember we left it in there and didn’t delete it. So if we actually refresh our site
now we’ll see just that one block right
here. And the title that we changed and now we can edit it right here. So you can easily just click on the
text and change up the text box. And I’ve just written some new copy
from a song you might have heard and we can click apply. Next we’re going to delete the fall
icons and put those in a different block to do that click on the gear and collectively and enter. Now let’s click add to content and set up a button. So just add the content. And I think a button will look good right under this text and you can choose what kind of
button it is. So a lot of options but I really like this outline circle option called click apply. And now just click anywhere on the
button to open up its settings which are already open and let’s change the text to read our story which will be all caps and we’ll change the color to
secondary. And now of course we want that link
to go to our About page so you can scroll up and right click
here about link Coppula and gadgets. And now a sign that in the link box. All right. And now apply an update so it made it refresh they say go all the way down and you can see we just changed up
our very first order book. Great job. So the second block will tell
customers how to get a hold of us. Let’s go ahead and make that what we want to do is close out of
the builder and cut back to blocks so we could edit one of the existing
blocks but it doesn’t look like these are
particularly useful for contact us. BLOCK So let’s just click add new I’m not going to call this one get a hold of us right now click publish. It won’t go live on the site until
we actually insert it into a perience widget either. Now click you x builder. And so we need to look at the
content. And I’m just going to go with some
text. Beautiful paragraph and apply and in that section that will
include our business phone and business email address. It’ll be really easy now to just go
to our demo site and then copy the icons right there so you can actually just
highlight the phone icon. Copy it. And come back. And paste and then right and your phone
number. And then back to the demo say copy that e-mail icon this envelope. Copy. And paste so sometimes you need to
copy it from the left to the right side I guess. And I’ll put in our support. Email. Now click Apply and add to content. And we want to give people our
social icons so they can ask us questions on
social media and everyone can learn from the
answers and read them and that will also help to build
your social following. So let’s grab our share icons and just leave the share icon
settings as is. Except you can change that skill if you want. Think one thirty three should do it and click apply. An update. Check out the. And are. Get a hold of a section isn’t there
because we didn’t insert it yet. So let’s go ahead and put it in. We’re going keep your or open in case we need to edit this section more and open up our dashboard with the right click. Back to appearance widgets. And let’s go ahead and drag in a
block. So if we scroll down. So if you click on flat’s and blacks choose the footer to add widget and now it should give us the option
of choosing our block which was made. So that would be get a hold of us. And Title it. According to. And save it. So we can’t edit a ton of settings
in the appearance widgets area. We can just insert the content that
you want. Now and refresh or say we can see those changes. All right. Great job. So you might want the social icons to be a little smaller and you might want that email icon
to be on the next line. How do we do that. Well we can go back to your Explorer
click the social icons and drag them down to 100. You can also click on the. E-mail icon. And go ahead and put in line break like that just be Iowa to aligator and it. Perfect. Now apply and update. So if your email address is too long and won’t fit on this line I’ll show
you a trick to hide it with just some simple text that people can click on to email you. So come back to your you builder click on that text area. And now we’re just going to wrap
this email address in a link so to do that. Follow me in right. Open aligator a space HGF equals quotation mark mail to call on. And then just write in that e-mail
address itself again. So support at WordPress Spearman’s com which is a real email address where you can write in questions
about the videos about WordPress or anything you’re working on that
isn’t working too great or anything in building and then just writing the close
aligator perfect and some simple tasks that people
will actually see like email us for support. Then another open aligator and forward slash and in a way to close the link and it close. Elliot and then we don’t need the email
just right here so that perfect so make sure it looks just
like it does on my screen right here and click apply. And about three fresh Now you can see we have just some text but because we set up an email link
on it when someone clicks it will actually open a new G-mail and someone can go ahead and write in feedback or questions. So super simple and cool way to set up your support
email on the online store. All right. So let’s go back in that
block is done. And that should also hide your
e-mail from spammers who try to just pull your email off
the Web site. All right. Now back to blocks. We’re going to create a testimonials
blog. So add new are going to call this one. Customers say and click publish more here. We can also add the fourth block by clicking add new and will call this location and publish. Let’s go back to our Block’s list and we can see that we now have
location get a hold of us about us and customers say and just so they all look the same. Let’s change the title of about us. You’re going to take quick at it. We’re going to call this one. The story of each store. An update. And that way the title is here in
our Block’s list will be the same as the titles that are listed on the front end of
our site so we know exactly what is what. We can also delete the other blocks
like blog hetter demos elements and so on so that this list looks a
little cleaner. All right now you can go to
appearance. Widgets click flats and blocks footer too which it lets the sun this one to customers
say and call it set and save it. Make sure to save every time one
more time flatten blocks footer to add widget and location. All right so once we delete the
other blocks and assign their names. This all starts to look a little bit easier. All right and close it. Now let’s go to blocks and let’s create what our customers
say and create Ankita location. So you can actually just hover on
the right block and click at it with your ex builder save a step and look at the content and we want the testimonials to testimonial we’re just going to go with default and could apply. And so now we can just select media and we can grab one of our models from the site. Or maybe you’ve had some customers
send in photos or you’ve asked people on
your network to write reviews which tends to work
really well. Let’s just choose one photo and click. Use this image because
we’re just making a demo site. But if you want to submit your views
of how this all works for you then I’m
happy to put them up here on our actual demo site and it is going to change up the
testimony itself. So let’s get rid of that header so you can keep that H-3 if you want or move it. In our case because it’s down in the
footer let’s just write in the whole testimonial
in that H3 area. So let’s delete the paragraph
brackets I’m going to write in as a model. I understand good style and this Web site has it. Excellent. Next click apply. You can also click on that image and sign here this person is. So let’s call it customer number one from company number one click apply it and up. And now let’s look at the content new testimonial search for Testimonium cookie and then instead of default
we need to choose in a slider that option and apply and apply. Which will give us our cyder with two Baynard which is perfect. Now we can use import our content
from the first testimonial to the slider banners which will work best. So grab your text from the first testimonial copy. And click on our new slider
testimonial and let’s paste it in and apply. And now let’s give that testimonial image. Click on the image space change media and let’s use our model number one. Use this image perfect and now using a change where it says
Mark Jantz and. You should be good to go. But just hit apply an update. Now you can delete that up or testimonial and open our new slide testimonial and change the second banner. Click on the text and go ahead and change it. Or feel free to use the demo
testimonial until you get ready with your own apply. You get the picture. Click on the image area to change
that image change change media choose your second model and use the same customer number two company number two now let’s apply an update and see what we get. All right. So the good news is the
testimonials work. The bad news is our first
testimonial somehow got deleted. So let’s go back and use the arrows Let’s click where it says add
element and click text paragraph and apply it one more time which you might have to do as you build
the website. Story of my life and click up. Let’s also click to the second banner. Click on the text and let’s remove where it says class
equals lead which should make the text
smaller perfect just like that. Now apply and up to and refresh. And that looks really cool. So if you want to get rid of the
blue background you definitely can. I think some of you will like it but to get rid of it you can just
click on the blue background area and you can see that there already
is a background image selected. You just click Remove right here and then apply up to it. Or even better we could make that
our primary color if you ever forget what your primary
color is and you’re too lazy to go back to
customize to find it. You can just right click anywhere
where that primary color is and click inspect which works especially well in
Google Chrome where we are now. And scroll down on the right and you’ll find that color hex eventually usually pretty close to the top now just right click copy and come back to say what we can do is remove the image and then click color and you can actually just choose
your primary. So you didn’t even need it right
there. But now you know how to do that and click Apply and update. And so after you move that back an image on both of the testimonials of what you’ll find is that in background there’s also an overlay
by default which makes the blue darker. So it can easily change that by trying that to zero. Choose click to the next slide back and. Overlay and drag that to your choose and apply update. Darker background color might look
better. But we’ve spent enough time on that so I’ll leave it up to you guys. Now the hard work is done and we’re just going to set up our
map in location. So let’s go back and click on our U.S. builder Now click two blocks and on location just hover on it with you ex builder. Now add to content and let’s see if we have a map
somewhere in here. So we do let’s use it just like map. And don’t worry if it says oops
something went wrong. We can just click apply. An update. Now let’s leave the builder. Just click out of it and we’re just going to open
location normally. Just click on that title. So we have this interesting map
short code that fots him made for us. So this map widget works great if
you know the exact latitude and longitude you want to write in right here. And then you get that nice blue
overlay from flat some on top of the map. However I think it’s easier just to make our own map and Google Maps. So let’s go back. And let’s I should just delete our
map update and let’s close out of here. So again feel free to work with that one if you want but I think it’s easier just to
paste in a map right here in a location text box to do that. Just find your business location in Google. So mine is Chelsea Market. And then you can click on the maps that will come up in the right
column. Now just click share and embed and it’ll automatically highlight
the I-frame we can right click the frame and copy and then come back to our site and super easy to paste in some code from Google and because
WordPress accepts almost all formats of code just click paste. Make sure in the text tab too. If you’re in the visual tab. Well just make sure you’re in the
text so we know it works. I would guess your map is showing up
to you to flee. Now just click update. And just go back to our site and let’s refresh and get rid of that ugly little box. So the map is working and it’s interactive too. People can click and drag particularly your location. And see how they can come visit your
shop and buy in person. I just don’t like how it’s too tall so I try to make our map the same height as our testimonials. I’m going to right click on those
testimonials and click inspect. And it’ll tell us right there on the screen what the height is. So if I hover on this section then it’ll say 378. See that right there 240 by 378. Just another little developers check
that you now know and you can come back
to your map area click text. You should have a box for height so you need to change that to 378 and opted and let’s refresh perfect. Now our testimonials box is the exact same height as our map box. Good job and the cool thing is you
now know how to edit a little bit of custom HVM and CSSA in wordpress and even cooler. Thing is we’re now
finally done with your footer All right tremendous job guys. So now that we’re done with our footer we’re going to take
a little tour up to the top of our site by clicking on this little up arrow right here. In the process see all the amazing
content that we’ve made together. So you should be really proud. Our site has almost all the features of an e-commerce
website or online store and it’s almost done. It’s about 90 percent done and the area we need to focus on now is the header. So if you’re wondering when your site will be done. I have some really helpful advice from Andrew on when to know if your site will be done. We’re going to watch it now because
I know a lot of people work on the hetter forever when they should just make it once or twice and then what it look at. So let’s hear from Mandar right now that we’ve savored that morsel
of advice. Let’s do some real work and start by creating a logo to create a logo for your online
store. First visit logo maker dot com. That’s without the e. So l o g o m a k r dot com. And just click on the gray area. And let’s just carry those
notifications. So this part is really easy. We just need to pick a graphic and some text that will match your site and match your overall branding concept. In the case of our demo we have a palm tree and fun bead store in the same color as the palm tree. So you can definitely copy that method and choose a similar icon whether it’s like a compass. I always like compasses. Or maybe it’s a leaf. For nature. Or maybe it’s a car. Something simple and recognizable is best. And in our case it’s just a palm tree. To select the icon you want to use
just click it once. And then drag it to position. And you can also drape the corners
to resize it. Now to insert text just click
Amante. And start typing. In our case we’re going with no spaces with capital letters. Method. But your style can totally differ depending on what you
want. And you know how much reading you
want people to have to do or how you want them
to view the language surrounding your site and within your lower. That’s important stuff to change the color of your text. We’re actually going to steal one of
the colors from the palm tree first. So click off the text and click on the brown or the green if you want. To color pinwheel will find the
exact color that are like. If you look here on the right of my
screen. We can see it will find the green or the other green or the brown. Once you find the right color just. Double click on this six digit hex and copy that. Now it’s some to highlight our text
again. Come back to the hex and paste that in. See I’m just double click them to
highlight the current color. Right click pasting it over and then I’m hitting enter and it’ll automatically insert the right color. Great job. Now we’re going to change the font
again. Just make sure your text is selected and you’ll get the font dropdown. Now it’s super easy to choose which font you want and also the category. So we want to keep it simple and modern but you know whatever
you’re selling it might make sense to go with scary and dark fun and funky up to you. Just choose from the font family and come on down and we’re going to use the lobster
font which we’ve used in videos past such as e-commerce 2015. A B C D E F G A K it’s got to be somewhere. So in a momentary lapse of memory your god forgot that we’re using a fancy and cursive font and not simple and modern. So let’s click there instead. And now we can scroll down and we can choose Lob’s or two. Perfect. Now it seemed to click and hold and drag to resize or text so that it looks good alongside or icon. Bigger is better and Senate is always good. And the reason bigger is better is
because WordPress is going to size our logo down. So if we give it a large file it’ll
size down and look really high
resolution. If we give it a small file they’ll try to make it bigger and then it’ll look pixilated and bad. So you can also bring things closer or farther you could have some
overlap like it’s hiding behind the icon. And if you want one of your pieces of the logo to be in the front or back just right click and then click send backwards or forwards. So you get the picture and I think something like this will look perfect like that centered line right there. There you go once your logo looks good to you. Click on the lower right to crop it and then you might have to drag in
the whitespace a little bit more if it didn’t get
it just right. Make sure it’s nice and tight. And now I’m going to click enter to actually crop. Make sure to do that next. We just need to click the floppy
disk in the upper right to save your new logo. And you’ve made your very first
logo. Make sure to name it something
specific like on beads or low volume 1 and save it and also make sure that click on the
paste this code playing great here. Will say credits copied for you and then you know that you’ve copied
your credits and you can just paste them in on
your credits page. What am I talking about. Well lo and behold we do need to
give credit to these icons because they are
beautiful and someone spent time making them and we get to use them. So what you need to do to be
compliant is follow the directions in this box on the
left one click on one of the social media
buttons blow to give create and shape the logo. Go ahead and do that and to use this on your website. Paste this code. So you’ve already copy it. Now simply come back to your site. Go to the dashboard click on pages and now add new and now just go ahead and paste in the credits that we got from Logo maker. We can call this page credits and if you want to use every i can
we use in the video which includes the four icons on our homepage as well as this particular palm tree icon. Then I’ve set up the credits for you to scroll down in our blog post
guide and copy the five lines within it. And if we use any more icons later
I’ll go ahead and add the mirror and if the directions change as to
how to be compliant. Also update that here so that you
don’t have to worry copy and paste and publish. Great job. Now we’re actually going to insert
our logo because just doing that didn’t put
the logo on our website. The best way to insert your logo is
to come to the top and click customize and now once it loads we’re going to click on Hetter and now we’re going to click on Logo and set identity going to come down. And sadly remove the default for some logo although
it’s really cool. And now click slide file upload and select files and click to your Downloads folder. Get the list and then we can get that top item double click our logo Vol. 1 2s file. Perfect Nalut save and publish. And let’s leave this one up and to make some tweaks. And just come back and see what we want and see what we missed. So our logo looks good it’s nice and clear but it’s a little too
small and I don’t like there’s white space
above and below it we don’t need that much whitespace to change that hop back over to customize and let’s drag our little container with bar to increase it. And in doing so it should give us a larger logo. So don’t get too crazy we still want to include
enough space for our navigation menu but something like 300 to 350 should work now clip 7 publish and refresh the say. We need to take one more step with our logo because if you click
to a page like the about page which has a naturally dark background our logo doesn’t show up quite as
well as we’d like it to. It looks good but we want a logo to really pop off the page. So it’s all back to free logo maker and click the X and we’re going to make this exact
logo. Have green text. So if you’re membered we can get the
color of the green from any one of these
leaves just by clicking on it. And then double clicking the color
Hughson the lower right copy and then click that text
itself. Double click on the text is hecks color text is hecks color. Try saying that 10 times fast and then paste in your color and hit enter. Perfect. Now just say it again and let’s call this a similar name. You know Formby start logo Vol. 2 green if you want to be super
specific and save and now backing customize where it says Love images light
version. Hit select file and let’s upload this lawyer upload select grab the green logo and choose 5 and save publish and says upload on turn of Logo light letter that will be used on
dark and transparent templates and I’m pretty sure it’s smart
enough to know that if we reverse the about page that new
logo should show up a great job. Our logos are now complete. You now have your own professional
logo to use on your online store and you probably saved hundreds of
dollars. Instead of contacting someone on fiver or at a professional agency to make
a logo for you. Although I love those guys it feels even sweeter to know how to do it on our own. So congratulations. Let’s now finish off our header to change the top our text in your
header Hepatica customize window. And scroll up and go back. And now you just have to click on
HDMI and that text is hiding in HDMI one. So right here. Or just going to it between
alligator brackets and say this could be our best online store yet. Good job. Save and publish. And now let’s swing back to where it is. And now let’s hop over to follow
icons. And follow icons. We can choose icons style. And we can march in the upper right
as those buttons will change. It looks like the default might be the best. Just the simple icon that. Up to you again. We just need to insert our social
media pages so that people can click and visit our pages and like us. Good advice. And then you can build your social media followings on those
accounts. So let’s start with Facebook. Pretty simple minded face so dot com slash dear blogger and then Twitter is just over there yet Twitter com site. Greg Ryan so it’s pretty simple to get those links work in and you really should follow me on
those pages. I really do like responding to readers and viewers and helping you guys with whatever problems you’re having. I don’t charge for help and I do spend the time figuring out your individual issues which is something unique about our community which I think has gone over really well in
the past. So Instagram Yeah I have it and I like really use it. So you know sorry to disappoint but there is I think abuse like maybe like eight times in YouTube is you know obviously I have that one. And yet we can’t forget that. And then maybe we’ll just add in. Like Google Plus we have that. So I know what that is I’m going to Google Plus myself. And you can find your Google Plus. Pretty cool. I’m over here. You know some of the time. I like getting involved in
discussions and you know niche discussion niche discussions if you want to chat or I’ll be here for
you. Google Plus is also good for you so you can create posts here that are
really detailed and use hashtags and lots of rich content and those will act as blog posts and ranking Google. So. Obviously a good part of any
marketing strategy is Google Plus. And Paste and now which is saying
publish. And we can out to test out our hetter. All right. So let’s see if Facebook works. It works. There’s a page on Instagram when I can log it down and Twitter. All right Twitter is working and I’m going to trust that the rest
of them work as well. Not sure what e-mail is doing them. So e-mail looks like it pulls in
the. Default e-mail we have customized. So I’m going to customize it. We have to change that. And then we’ll be done with the
letter. Just remove your e-mail because that’s not our e-mail address. Right now we’re doing other Hadash
great job. All right guys apologies I forgot
one important section in our header which is the
newsletter area so people can click it and then they can learn about the
deals that your newsletter comes with and the special rewards and then they can pop their email in and click sign up and join your actual newsletter. So this section actually works by
default. But we want to change it so it
looks. Instead of this like this. So more customized change the background image the text and make it look like your brand. This is sadly one of the last
features we’re going to add in this video but I think it’s a perfect way to go out because having a newsletter up and running is an ideal part of your marketing strategy when you launch your online store. So let’s change it up. Let’s go back to our site and we just need to go to the
Customize section. So click customize. And once it loads we’re going to click on Hetter so I’m going to click header and then click newsletter. Perfect. Now you can choose the icons. So I like the little person in the
middle right here. And then you can choose whether you
want this to be a block like the footer blocks you can make like a whole footer
section and use that as your newsletter. But we’re going to have none and then label it which is what it will show up as in your menu and then title. So I want to change this which is
what’s going to pop out and be this like Hetter text. So we’re just going to say people love our newsletter and of course you can get this copy
from the demo site and we’re going to change our
subtitle so you can send out style tips and discounts and insider info whatever you want to do. Maybe you can imitate your favorite fashion or style newsletter of the moment or whatever new Cherian stuff. You can also insert any form short
code here. Maybe you’ve built a
newsletter using a third party like a Weber or MailChimp or something. And now let’s select a file for our
background image. So we’re going to go with the model
right here. Model Number 1 and click Choose file and scroll down and the height’s 500 perfect and now just save and publish. All right guys so let’s test it out. So now when I click on the newsletter we can see the major
changes that was really easy and fun wasn’t it. And now I’ll just pop in my e-mail and sign up to our list just like a lot of customers will
hopefully do for you. Sign up. Thank you for your message. It has been sent. Perfect. So now I’ll check my e-mail and see if that new subscriber came through. And it did. Flotsam team says new sign up congratulations and you get the new sign of e-mail. So in its most basic simple form that our newsletter works. And then once you have a lot of
emails collected You can always put them in
a spreadsheet or you can make like a G-mail group for all of them or you can take it to the next level and import those emails into a web or an MailChimp or constant contact. Constant Contact has been doing
really great lately and a lot of people are
choosing that. And then you could set up your own
email marketing software with automated messages and different tools to grow your business with e-mails. So pretty cool. And now we’ve got that going for us. So we have a few more things to do
now guys and then we’re done with the tutorial which makes me
very sad. The things we to do are right now add are as featured on section right down here beneath your lower promos
slider. After we do that we’re going to fool
proof all of your payment method so that
you can accept money easily and make sure that works perfectly. And lastly we’re just going to tidy up the small details. So a few more things and then you’re on your own but you’re never fully on your own because I’m always here. Our community is always here and I’m going to have a couple more videos coming out after like how cool sub pages. So you always have a nice WordPress support network. All right let’s create as featured
on Section our blockers guide says use the
region section to excite readers with your previous experience. So when you see that section around the web it’s like places someone’s been featured where their
products are you know it’s an instant boost of
credibility. We’re going to give you that. But you could also use this as an
advertisement section. Maybe people pay to be on your site or you know get paid monthly to put up a little
banner ad or you have sponsors for your event like Gold’s
Montsoreau platinum sponsors this is the place to put that sort of a advertisement as well. So that’s the section. Let’s go back to our home page Hulver edit page and look at it with your ex builder. Now we’re just going to click add to
content. Below are pancakes and then choose bro. And now we’re going to select how
many different columns we want and we want four cones. And now click up now in row settings spacings we can choose collapse to get these boxes nice and tight next to each other and then we’re also going to choose with full. Cool. Now click Apply and update we also need a title for this
section and a gap to create some space so we can easily just copy those two pancakes from above. So let’s click on the gear for a
title and duplicate and apply and just drag that down. Right above our new row. And on a pancake for Gap click the gear and duplicate and apply. Great job. Now that new gap down so our title has some space beneath
the lower Premo slider. Now let’s quickly change the title
by clicking on it. That didn’t work. Let’s click on the
title text. There you go. And now we can use it as a feature on and click apply. Good job. Now let’s just update it. And now it’s time to actually add
our as featured on Logo images. So these are logos of companies that
have featured us and places where our Web site has appeared. So to get started just hover on a box and click the plus sign where it
says at element. Now choose text right here in content. You can really choose any way to
display your logos images. But in our case the text is perfect and choose paragraph and click a pop. Now it’s click open text editor and we’re just going to delete the
dummy text. Highlight delete. So what I actually did was thought
up all the places where our fun beach tour has appeared so far and then I found the logos of those places in Google and I e-mailed those logos to myself. So we need to go to my email name and grab those logos right here here and Gmail and click the seen on logos and now are just going to download
these from the email inbox right here. So this is just another step that
you might do as you send you know content around on the web. You might need to email yourself. So the first place our store appears
is on host. Because we use their hosting and I write for their blog and now click on the download arrow in Gmail name is fine and save it perfect now lets click on the
Wordpress logo and download and save it. All right now we’re going to click
on the Huffington Post logo. So that’s pretty cool. I actually have a column for
Huffington Post where I write about my work and my blogging in Nairobi and click download save it now and click Apple. So the fun be sure doesn’t appear on
the Apple web site but it does appear on my
iPhone when I look it up and it looks
great. So a little bit of a stretch but I think this is a really cool
logo. Download and save it. And now theme for us. Right. So flotsam appears on theme
for us. We’re going to show off the
theme for this logo as well. Download save. Perfect. All right. And now we’re going to go
back to the site and in this little text box area
that sound blank. Just click Add media upload files select files and we can probably get all of those at once. So I’ll make sure to put those logos
in your online store demo images folder. But in our case right now there is
going to be in my own downland grab all of us want and hit enter and uncheck the ones you don’t want. Otherwise it’ll put all of them into
that text area and we’re going to start with host gator where it all began. All right. And click here to post. Very cool. Now we’re going to play with the
image settings a little bit. So just click on top of the logo and then click the penciled added image details that we can now align it to the center. You can change the size although
medium for us is perfect. And you can change where this logo
links to. In our case we want to change the
link to a custom you are out this way we can set it up so that one of your users or customers clicks on the
logo. They go to the place on this site on say the host gator site where you’re featured. And that’s a good way of proving to
your customer that you’re actually featured on
that site. You know you don’t have to set
up the link but it’s a good idea to add another layer of proof. So in our case I’m just going to
look at Skeeter Ragnor and and I’m going to grab. One of my blog post from and just copy it and come back and piece it over this HTP. You don’t want that in there
twice. Perfect. And now click update. So we have our first as featured on Logo. If you click on the corner of your
logo You can also make it a different size. And in our case we want all the
heights to be consistent. So we’re going to make this one the
height of 100 perfect and click OK. All right looking good we can see
your height right there and all that’s in this little box is
just the image each team. All right here. So we’re going to leave this alone
for now and click up. Now let’s repeat that exact process with another Loga. Click the plus for add elements. Text remember paragraph and apply. Now click open text editor. Delete the dummy text add media. Choose your next place where your
featured like WordPress and in the post. So just for the record I haven’t
actually been featured on the WordPress dot
org or WordPress dot com Web sites just featured on WordPress blogs. But that’s a goal for us. For some that let’s set up the link there. Just click on top of
the logo click the penciled at it on center. And link to custom you are going to write in a word press or to give a little link juice to WordPress all right. As if they need it and click. Cool. Now let’s change the height of
our logo. Just drag in the corner and let’s make it 100 even we could see that little number right
there going up perfect and click OK and are. Now in the third box. Add elements text paragraph apply you get the picture. Open Text Editor. To the damning text add media Huffington Post insert and post. Now it’s click on the image to edit it and click at it pencil. Click center. Link to custom you are up and I’m going to link to the. Huffington Post dot com slash forget what that link is so let’s do another Google and you can find me on Huff Post. All right. And then copy that link. So good thing I looked it up would not be able to
remember that. And then. Pasted in perfect an update. All right now let’s drag corners so this image is a hundred pixels tall. Got it. OK. Not sure where that image went but. Endlessly at element’s. To use tax paragraph apply. Open Text Editor delete that. Warm up some dummy text click and media. And we’re going to grab the inforced intern to post. Now click on top of the logo image click the pencil to edit it to center link to custom mural which is going to add on thing for us. Excellent. And you can also make this an
affiliate link if you want to send people an earned referral credit. All right. Copy that. And I might do that later but it’s not important right now. And that to our store. Jason great job. An update. Let’s make our image the right
height by dragging it down to 100 pixels. Hopefully you can get it. Come on. Great job. And ok. Comply and update and opted again to make sure it excellent as you now have your own
as featured on section on your new Web sites. So let’s see what we made. Scroll down and we are looking good. And what’s happening is our logos
look a little bit out of whack because there’s too much whitespace around some of them and not enough around others we can fix that just by going back to our builder clicking on the. Row itself. And now it’s click on the gear for
the whole row. Options and let’s bring it back to a. Large spacing apply and update. And now one or refresher say the extra spacing should do the job and make our logos look a little bit
more normal. Great job. If you want to add in a fifth or sixth logo you can do that back in the U.S. builder. Just click on a column for a column just click on the gear options and now you can change it with by clicking on the two or the one for example. Then you click apply and then just open up the other
logos and repeat that process and then you can always just click add Turo this button right here to make another small pancake within the row. And if some of these fractions is
less than 12 out of 12 or 1 then they’ll fit all on the same row. But if the sum is greater than 12 out of 12 then it’ll push one of these new columns down
beneath them. All right so it’s really done and go back to the site and let’s figure out what we need to
do next. Great job. All right. And if you’re still
unhappy with the amount of space around one
of your logos you can always go about the dashboard and you can edit that image. Just click on media find the image you want and open it and click an image. Now bring your mouse on top of the
image and click anywhere and drag which will automatically take us into crop
mode. And we can drag out a nice selection with much less whitespace. Once you’re ready just click on the
crab button itself in the upper left. And click save. All right we can close this screen and we can go back to our home page. Ideally editing an image like that. Once you save it will change how the
image looks on your website. But sometimes you might need to
refresh or in fact go back to the builder and actually refresh it right here. So let’s go down to our bottom
pancake click into the fourth logo open taxer and we’re going to add the image so
we can click X to remove it and then add media. Grab that new version of the image with less whitespace answered in the post perfect down you can click on it and click at it. And we can get a link back to
flat’s. Which can be an affiliate link if
you want. Linked to custom neural and paste a line center. Update. And now you can just click the
corner of the image and make it a 100 pixels tall again. Got it perfect now. OK. I’ll apply an update. And refresh our site. So a very minor change but I know a lot of you are going to
want to position images and logos and advertisements on your site. Doing this will give you a lot more
control over how that image fits in on your site. And we are looking good. Congratulations. All right so we’re almost done. What comes next. Well our guide is going to tell us
that after as featured on comes payment methods. So it’s time to make sure. Or for default payment methods are working and these are the four ways that
pretty much everyone makes transactions with online stores. So that would be it B a C S which is the direct bank transfer method check payments. Pretty self-explanatory as is cash on delivery. And lastly PayPal which is also our credit and debit card payment method. So you can use a lot of different processors to accept credit cards. It’s just that Paypal is the default free method that WordPress and commerce uses. It’s really convenient because
everyone has seen Pay-Pal almost everyone has a paypal account so you don’t need to convince people you know to use it a separate method. It’s just already there for them on your site and it’s already familiar. We’re also going to keep in mind
that sites like use credit and debit card as their
preferred payment method. So we will too. It’s not like we’re telling people
to pay us in cash only or something crazy like that. We’re doing it like Amazon does it. And then after payment methods we’re
going to set up the probably most boring thing ever which is shipping methods and we’re going to end on that. So I know I said that the last three
things will be featured on payment methods and just tying up little details on your site but I forgot we need to set up
shipping methods which is the final piece in the
puzzle to get your products to the
customer. So we’re going to show you how to do
some examples with shipping methods depending on
what your factory or your production team charges. And then we’re going to do the
little details as we complete the site. Right now we’re going to do those as
we go. So let’s go back to our store and we can see we’ve got logged out. So we need to click log in. It’s kind of cool you can just log
in through the front of your web site. And I’m going to go ahead and on. Great job. This is the same as the
Wordpress logon screen. It just looks a little bit
prettier. And when you are one of your customers
in fact logs in it’s going to take them to the
your account page with all these nice little buttons so someone can update their
information and interact with your site. So let’s go back to the dashboard now. And one of the little things we’re going
to do later was just to update WordPress and the plugin so you should really
do that as you go. You should do that right when you
see these little red circles. So let’s do that now. We can click updates in the upper
left to get all the updates in one place. And now we’re just going to start by
updating WordPress right here. You can update to WordPress 4.8 which is going to be really
special automatically. So automatically It just means
clicking update now. Let’s do it. And I know that showing you were four 4.8 will probably date myself almost instantly because we’re price updates so
quickly and you’re going to see another cool
version in the future. All right good job. So that was an update with you in mind and I hope we can all enjoy those great new features. Now it’s hover on dashboard and click updates to get back to
that screen. Thank you WordPress. We’re going to click Select All
update Paulines. Paykel. Now it’s clear that updates again. Find out what those other two
updates are. And just the theme so let’s select
all update themes. So even if you don’t use a theme you
should still have it updated or just delete it
entirely. Perfect updates are done. Another thing I wanted to show you
just a little thing was how to let people register through your logon page. So this is my version of the demo
site and I’m going to log out and just show you how. When someone is on the logon screen right here when they click log in they get this pop up with their register option which is really pretty and nice that way someone can
register to your Web site before they make a purchase. You know maybe they want to
register. It looks really cool on this papa. Having both a log in and the Register as well as the Facebook and the Google which we’re
going to see in a future video. So to get that registered box there you just come back to your dashboard right here and we’re in a room with commerce and click Settings. And now it’s going to click
accounts. And we want to make sure that where
it says customer registration that both boxes are checked. So check that second box for an able customer registration on the My
Account page and then save changes and not go get that nice looking register box alongside the log in which you can use and your customers can use. Everyone can use it. Everyone can use this screen. All right so now let’s tackle those
payment methods to get at them. We can just go to commercial we are now and click on check aright and it’s going to give us the
checkout options page before it lets us edit any of
those payment options. So let’s make sure that we have a
couple of things in place let’s make sure that enable coupons and guest checkout are allowed. All right. That means that people
can use coupons and you can make them and that someone can buy from you as
a guest without creating an account like we
just saw. Perfect. Make sure to save changes. And by the way the gateway display
order can be adjusted at the bottom too. So we’ve enabled the four default payment method but you can just click on the little
stack you can make one of them you know at the top or at the bottom and save changes. All right. So if you didn’t see some
of these payment methods then just follow me and we’re going to enable them right
now. So let’s click on BACS at the top all right in the first step is to
enable it. So make sure you check enabled and then you can change the title and the description if you like. So I actually have some text to make
this more clear for customers and that’s going to be paid with direct transfer. And instead of what it says at the
end I’m going to say your order won’t be shipped. Until the bank transfer is completed. Typically with an 3 to 5 business days standard very standard. All right. Next you’ll need to add
your actual account details right here at the bottom. Just click add a count and go ahead and write in your bank information that you can find on a check for example or in your online banking account. All right. So this is just an
example. And once you’re done with that click
Save changes and you can now except payments
directly via the bank transfer method. Let’s see how a customer would pay
you this way. They would be on your check page. So they have one item in the cart. They could check out then choose direct bank transfer. Right here at the top you can see
our new text and what they would do is just enter
in all their information right here as we’ve done and click place order at which point it will give the
customer our bank details and let them know that they need to pay to this bank account or whatever your bank account is and then do some basic order details and the customer’s details are here
for their own information. If you want to write in even more
instructions like make your payment by a certain
date or so on and so forth then you can do that. But I think this is
very clear the only place we could improve on is where it says order number in our instructions it says Please use your order I.D. as reference so that’s great. Order number order number. There you go. And save it. And that way someone
will know that their order number is
right there. So now the customers shouldn’t know
to put in that order number as their payment
reference wherever their bank asks them for a payment reference when they pay you
online. So pretty cool. Pretty simple. And now we’re going to move on. This is set up so let’s set up our
check payments click on check payments and now I just need to make sure
that this is enabled if you want it and you can change the title maybe
you’ll say pay by check but check payments is pretty clear. We just need to enter in your store
name or your home address right here
where someone can send you the check. All right. So make sure to enter in
your real address where you’d like to accept checks to
later on. And for now I’m just going to say
please send a check to Chelsea Market. All right. And then we can save changes. Next up we have cash on delivery. Let’s click that. This one’s pretty simple just need
to enable it if you want it. You can also change the title the
description and the instructions. This one is like really easy. We don’t need to make any changes depending on the type of store
you’re running like maybe you’re selling perishable goods like delicious foods or drinks to pay with cash upon delivery method might be perfect for you. All right. So this is done. Just make sure to save changes and now let’s move on to the big one
which is Pay-Pal. All right to get our Pay-Pal credit
card and debit card option working. These are all baked into one again. Make sure that we have enable
checked and then at the top we’re just going
to change the title right here. So I think by DiVall for you I’ll
say PayPal or credit card and I change it to credit card or PayPal. But we can also just make it even
more clear and say credit and debit card because in my experience most people prefer
to pay with a credit card and debit card instead of paper. So we’re just going to make that
really clear for people. Paste that in there. And then I have some texts you can
use for the prescription to keep things nice and clear which is just we use Pay-Pal to accept credit and debit card payments. You can also pay with a pal balance copy that right now you can replace the
description that newcomer’s gave us. We’re just doing this because this
description highlights Pavia Pay-Pal first and then it says you can pay with your credit card if you don’t
have a paypal account which makes it sound like we want them to pay with Pay Pal first or credit card if they don’t have
that. And really it’s the opposite. We want someone to pay with credit card or debit card first. And people if they don’t have CIP pastes in any text and if you’re wondering again to use
Pay-Pal to manage all of your credit card and debit card transactions through online store like we’re doing is free. This is all free to run people just charges that small fee per sale that we saw at the start. And that covers all this. So I personally think that’s a good
deal. But if you’d like to check out other third party credit card and payment processors then there’s tons of them available
to you in wordpress and newcomer’s. But again I think this is a really
good idea especially if you’re just getting started. All right. Let me know any more
questions in the comments about how this is all run. I’m happy to answer for you or dig up an answer if I don’t know
it. And then we’re going to move on now
to Pay-Pal him. This it’s important. Just make sure that the email linked with your PayPal account is right
here so that you can actually accept the
payments. And if you don’t have an account go
ahead and set one up for free right now. Next make sure that Paypal sandbox
is not checked and debug log is also not checked. Come on down and make sure the
receiver e-mail is the same as the people e-mail. And you can just leave all the other
settings the same just as they are on my screen. So don’t change anything at all. This is all going to work perfectly. Great job. And knowledge is save
changes. Right. And lo and behold our payment method section is done. You’re all set. And you can now except payments via a variety of standard methods from your own e-commerce website. Great job. Now we’re going to move on and do
shipping methods which is like I said here probably the most boring ending
ever. But we had to end somewhere. And I hope that running an online store turns out to be a lot of fun. So let’s set up a common example of
shipping. So you know how to if you like to of course you can just offer free
shipping across the board but you might need to charge. It’s actually pretty easy to set up
once you know how to do it. So let’s go back to New comers and we can just click on shipping right here in settings. All right. And the next step now is
just to add a shipping zone so a shipping zone is a geographic
region where a certain set of shipping methods and rates apply. It’s basically just like the area where you plan to do business. All right. So a few examples but we just need to click at
chippings on and I’ll explain it. All right. And now we need a zone name so I’m just going to go with USA for the entire country I’m in. Which is really broad. And if you want to separate that
into more regions you can do USAA including like New York and like Alabama and you can just limit it to these
ones. But in my case I’m not going to
limit it. I’m in fact just going into the
entire United States. So that’s just one area where you
could do business. But as you can see there’s all sorts of other options. You you can really get a full list of the. The world right here. Central America is there. Of central OK just checking. So if you’re doing business in the
USA this is a great way to start with USA here and just the United States right
here. And you can also limit it to
specific zip codes if you want to get specific but we’re not going to do that. Now just click save changes. And then we’re going to click Add
shipping method right here. So the first one we’re going to do
is use the standard flat rate click shipping method. And now we’re going to need to click
on the title or on it. Same thing to enter in that cost of shipping. All right cool. So to show you how this all works
I’m going to open up our store in another window and we’re going to look at a product let’s go to our products what’s called to the honey shades and let’s add some honey shades. Advocaat and now check it all right. So at the moment the shipping is
flat rate just like we just wrote in
there but there is no flat rate set up so it’s just the price of the honey shades Byler and which is $174 and 50 cents. Let’s go ahead and add some
shipping. If we give it a cost of say $2 and 50 cents and we can also make that nontaxable
to keep it simple for people and then click save changes. So once you do that if you just
refreshed your checkout page. Now we’re going to see that flat
rate of 250 right here. So it’s pretty cool. The shipping is working. And it brings us to a total of $177. Pretty reasonable. So that’s just one example of adding shipping to a standard order. Let’s say however you want to offer
free shipping for orders over say $100. If that’s the case we can go back to our commerce page right here. We’re in shipping zones in USA. So if you lost this just click to shipping at the top and then click into your zone again. Perfect. And now we’re here to set up that free shipping. You can just click Add shipping
method again. And now we’re going to choose free
shipping and shipping method. Next we’re going to click on the
title of free shipping. Leave the title the same and where it says free shipping
requires. Just change it from an eight to a
minimum order amount and then you can write something like a hundred dollars and save changes. So now you go back to our checkout
page and refresh the customer getting it free shipping because that is over 100 dollar order and that’ll just be an option. Someone can check just like they
would check how they want to ship it on Amazon. Pretty cool. Let’s look at one more example now
before shipping. Let’s say we’re back in our cart
page. And someone is actually buying a
product that’s under $100. But you still want to give them free
shipping. Let’s get rid of the honey Shade’s. Go back to our shop. And let’s grab the pineapple and the car and we can also assess shipping from
our car page right here. So let’s say you wanted to offer
someone free shipping as a seasonal promotion. Maybe you want to send it out in
your newsletter or tweet about the offer. Well the best way to do that is
through a coupon code to set up a free shipping coupon code in newcomer’s combat or the settings page here and click Add shipping method again. Now use free shipping add shipping method and click into it. We might want to change the title
here so we can distinguish the two free shipping. And now we want to say free shipping
requires a valid free shipping coupon and click save changes. Great job. Now just head over to newcomer’s coupon and click add coupon and all we need to do here is give
it a coupon code name like summertime free shipping or maybe something that’s
easier for someone to write in because this is what they’re going to write in and so maybe something catchy like fun in the sun. Perfect. Now let’s just check. Allow free shipping right here and without changing any of the
other settings. This becomes a free shipping coupon. Just click publish perfect. Now let’s go back and refresh the cart page and we can see that that flat rate
applies because this order is a hundred
dollars. It doesn’t meet that criteria for
being free shipping over $100. But if someone knows about that
coupon code they can enter in right here to share fun in the sun. Apply that bad boy. And that shipping cost will be just one option and your customer will be delighted
to choose. Free shipping coupon and then proceed to check it and complete that sale with your online store. All right guys we’re not so close to
being done with their online store. Thanks so much for sticking with me through four plus hours of WordPress web design I want to just do like a few little
things right now to make sure I say it is
perfect and ready for launch as snowy. My kitten jumps up literally right in front of the computer. I say I know the first thing I want to do is just
create another coupon she can add coupon to you and this is going to be a fixed card discount of 40 to 50 as well as free shipping and I’ll use this at the start of
the video and publish cool. Now the next little thing I
want to do is change up the footer. So it says copyright 2017 you extremes that should say your company name to change that click customize. And now you can click on footer and it’s sort of hard to find. You’d have to scroll all the way
down on the left and it’s right here in bottom tax
primary. All right. So we can actually leave the
copyright and the UK’s current year and and copy semi-colon which translates into that copy symbol. But we’re going to change you
ex-teammates part. So I’m going to say on each store the name of our brand by Regnier and tutorials. Very cool. Irwell I think it’s cool because I
came up with the name. Hope you guys do too lol. And if you want that bottom text to
link somewhere you can just write out a link like
we saw how to do before. Just use the open alligator in a space age ref equals quotation marks. Then you have to either write it out or copy paste the link itself. So in our case make a WordPress Web site. Com is our fancy domain name. Close quote. Close alligator and then put whatever anchor text is
in between alligator here and the closing 8A perfect and then click save and publish. Right now we can accept. And another little thing I want to do is change our product categories so when we click
our products we get the sidebar over here which is pretty cool. You can browse and change the price but some of the product categories don’t have products like
posters so you can definitely leave those
until you end up deciding to create
posters. But I want to go ahead and get it done and we’re not using
it so it looks super professional. So let’s go back to the dashboard hover on our products and click categories. Now I’m just going to delete the
ones with a zero count. So no products are right and it’s sad to see summer categories go. Again you can definitely leave these
until you decide you want to create
posters or decide you want to sell shoes. Right now I’ll just delete and upload. Pretty cool. So now we make sure that all of our
categories have products in them and no one gets like no products here notification ever on the site. I also want to change up our image slider. That video site right here has some demo text that we can customize and the buttons so let’s look at it with your ex builder on our
homepage. And now it’s fun that fourth slide
by clicking back on the arrows. Where is it. There is no click on the text and make some edits. I just want to use that cursive font so I’m going to highlight the entire
cursive section which is within that age
three tags. Copy it and then put it beneath our age 2. And make it say you can also fullscreen video panning. That looks pretty good. So let’s apply and update and now you can add links to the
buttons on the side. Let’s click on shopmen. Scroll down and give it link so that will obviously be our men’s category. You open up your site you can find
that category pretty quickly just by finding a men’s product. Let’s go to our products. Let’s click on the captain. And we can just click on where it
says men right here. That will give us the category link itself which is also where all of your men’s products will be
shown. Going from New York Albar and paste it into this site in the U.S. builder and apply the. Same thing for women. Just click on the shopwoman button. Back to our products. Or you can see there’s other ways of
getting there and you can click on women on the
left side bar very cool. Copy that and put that in the your exposure in the leg area. Paste and apply an update. Job on our slider is 100 percent complete. We can close you. BUILDER. All right. So once everyone is back
on the home page you’re together the very last thing
I want to show you how to do is convert your
Wordpress dashboard to an online store e-commerce dashboard so you can see
your new orders coming in right away. So let’s click back to the
dashboard. And we’re going to do or we’re going to do is just remove
these began healing’s from WordPress because
we’re not beginners anymore. You’re now an advanced word processor. So we’ll dismiss that and then we’re going to scroll down. We’re going to grab words as says. Commerce status. Go ahead and close that and drag it up to the top. So that right when you log in and see your dashboard you can see
all those new orders that you’re hopefully
getting open up beautiful love those different icons that shows us what’s going on
in our store in real time. And now you can just move around a
few things like maybe you want to see that
WordPress news events over here quick do you have to post. Look at your site at a glance. And we’re basically just trying to
make this page symmetrical at this point. He pulled those reviews. That’s also great to keep on top of
those. And then maybe if we bring activity
up here then it’ll be symmetrical. Perfect. All right your dashboard now has a
more e-commerce feel to it. Good luck tracking and managing all of your orders now. I think our site is ready to
launch but you might not because I know that I’ve felt before like I never know when I can launch. I want to just keep building and keep editing. Well that’s the case. I want to leave you with some
important insight and information from Andrew explaining when he knew that his father figure doc ho was ready there was going to be
profitable. That the timing was right and that he could finally launch. So one last time guys let’s hear
from Andrew. I was wondering when did you know
that your site was complete. One question there and then what’s your favorite aspect of the site. Like I said it was like you know you love that treated like a hero driller and you went to sleep. Yeah a high bar for the site before I wanted to publish it had to be like I did feel really really good about no kings. So I had to rule that what I had to get four. Points of feedback from friends I
didn’t have any glaring problems and I had to review the site
multiple times before being wrong. Ok now I can do. And. So the deadline was really
important. Otherwise you. If you’re a perfectionist it was
continually trying and just saying there’s a million things you can
adjust. So I set a deadline which was the Monday for Friday harnessed the national shopping site right. Yeah. And I really wanted to watch that. So that forced me to be ready. All right guys thanks so much for
watching this video on how to create an online store web site also known as e-commerce in
wordpress. I hope you enjoyed making fun beach store or whatever store that you felt like creating today. I often change the web for the better. If you blog I hope you build better blogs which is our motto. One of our many mottos I hope you enjoyed saving a ton of
money doing yourself as opposed to hiring a web designer who might not even show you
how everything works. So now that you know how all that
works. Hope you enjoy that skill too. And generally speaking I just want
to say thanks for spending the time with me here in
this tutorial making these videos is what I look forward to most for you guys and hearing from you and hearing how you do with your web sites or any questions. Is like one of the most fun things ever for me. That said please post a comment
please rate the video thumbs up or thumbs down. And if you want to give that to me
one of the best free ways to do it is just to take
the link to the video pop it into an
email or drop it on social media and hit send or share so that a few more people maybe a few of
your friends can learn about the amazing world of WordPress and how to do it themselves. All right guys thanks so much for
watching. Really enjoyed making this for you. I’ll talk to you guys soon. All right. See you. I just want to know how to quit that
job with Google in order to run your problems. It doesn’t really though. There is really. People often talk about the great food at Google for the massages the other perks steampunk things like that and those are great job. I really like those. But to me the best part of the Google experience
in working for so long are the people you know
are Google employees and have met some people will be friends with for the
rest of my life family. You know they’re just in general overall they’re pretty good. There are people that care about the
world their community they work hard they’re pretty bright and it’s so cool. It’s people from around the world
get a chance to work actually in South America
for a couple of years in Brazil. Well early on you create you. Yeah. Yes. It is hard to do that as a person really in my career. Yeah. So I love that aspect of Google’s office for me it’s not having you know really amazing people surrounded me. I mean they have a great day this e-commerce yes made me. Stuff. And the last time I had a Google I consider my work to do that’s it. This is my dream job and absolutely one of the team I was working with. We’re working on it. I got the innovative part of Google words streamlined fast paced and exciting. We’re also doing social impact work
partner non-profits and different levels of the government across the
country to do digital divide work. Yeah. Yeah. So that was amazing. And I said I wouldn’t leave unless
something extraordinary came about and for me it was the birth of my
son and not just wanting to start this business last year but also spending more time with my son. So it was extremely tough. I still have dreams. Like at Google. Yeah. Hey I. That’s right Scooter and like. Playing with layers and layers years. Yeah let’s get carried away here. But I feel tremendous gratitude for
that experience. That’s kind of the predominant
feeling. I’m excited to do things right. It sounds like you saying when you know it it’s time to move like you’re supposed to. Yeah that’s a good girl. Yeah. Yeah. And I. I cried the very last day. Yeah. I mean I made a mistake mistake of putting on was like writing my farewell you know on in the whole office.

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