April 1, 2020
BCIS 5379: Chapter 8: Marketing and Advertising in E-Commerce

BCIS 5379: Chapter 8: Marketing and Advertising in E-Commerce

Welcome to BCIS 5379: Technology of E-Business.
My name is Dr. Schuessler. This is Chapter 8: Marketing, and Advertising in E-Commerce.
The learning objectives for this chapter include describing the factors that influence consumer
behavior online such as things like personal characteristics, environmental characteristics
and so should understand that this chapter, the decision-making process of consumer purchasing
online will discuss the issue of evil family trust in e-commerce much like you might have
the physical world were so goes to the retailer over and over again because I trust that particular
retailer in the same type of issues in an online environment. In some ways it’s a different
in the sense that they physical store we can physically visit that that location online
location. My behalf were work around the world feasibility this with some of the trust issues
and in some ways are similar in some ways are different, segmentation how companies
are building one-to-one relationships with customers using the power of technology will
explain how consumer behavior can be analyzed for creating personalized services should
be to describe consumer market research e-commerce describe the object. The objectives of web
advertising in its characteristics describe the major advertising methods used on youth
on the web such as banners or pop up somewhere else. Email advertising etc. to describe mobile
marketing concepts and techniques should also describe various online advertising strategies
and try and types of promotions chapter finishes up with describing supplementation topics
in some ways operating an online business is not all that different than operating a
face-to-face business in the sense that we have to attract and retain customers. That’s
what Goalwin if we can understand the factors that influence customer in their and their
decisions to make purchases. Oftentimes we can market to those those potential customers
more effectively. In general we can identify five basic categories of of characteristics
or factors that might influence a customer in terms of the decisions that they might
make make make a purchase personal characteristics characteristics about a specific individual.
Exeter, male or female that took a specific city things that nature the specific product
or service that of interest. The merchant and interim intermediary factory factors so
that the retailer that were purchasing from a merchant that were purchasing various intermediaries
that that exist between us and the editor the e-commerce systems that were actually
using it can be a factor in other words, if it’s something it’s easy to do are more likely
to make purchases and embrace environmental factors, social cultural, etc. maybe include
things like currency exchanges things like the the inflation and the economy as a whole.
If your visual person like me could take a look at exhibit A .1, describes this this
relationship between these various characteristics and ultimately on the the buyers decision
process see the various categories are the various factors in the examples of each one
of those those factors listed within each box in any given situation. Those factors
exist that we need to go through some sort of process of making a decision is ready different
purchasing decision models that are out there rather generic was presented in the text basically
has five different stages if you will versus need identification the words we need something
we need food from the grocery store we need that new 72 inch plasma TV we need a new car.
Whatever it is that we we need week we have to identify that need. So there’s no need
and there’s no reason going further in this process. Obviously once you’ve identified
a need we need that new car that work so we for payment things that nature start going
through an information server search to do that public ways merchant program product
programming deciding what to buy some from the via so we go through to find information
about the product about our different avenues for obtaining the get evaluation of alternatives
not working my Ford house Toyota VW these different places the different product product
offerings of the God, and we evaluate those different alternatives and we purchase and
take delivery of a particular good or service in this case a good car in the we make to
probe post purchase activities as post purchase activities might include things like dealing
with customer service in essentially you’re still forming an opinion about the good of
the service after you’ve made the purchase of what that’s referring to again for those
that are more visually inclined exhibit A .2 illustrates this process are some players
in the decision-making process find rules. Rules may be played by one or more of the
jewels size the organization the needs of is the initiator which is the person first
adjuster thinks the other provide a particular product or service is the sponsor is a person
whose advice you carry some weight in making a purchasing decision deciders. The person
makes a decision or part of the bar. What are how do I work as a buyer the person actually
makes the purchase lastly the use of a person consumes or uses a product or service section
8.3. Loyalty, satisfaction and trust in e-commerce online marketing activity can generate positive
effects which are generally observed as trust customer-service loyalty. Loyalty is the goal
marketing trust customer-service action or factors may affect customer loyalty customer
is a deep commitment to repurchase or repay price for product service continually in the
future. The soffits he might be interested in you. Some people to be loyal Coca-Cola
or Dr Pepper or Pepsi is customer loyalty. You will these the same basic concept is just
refers to an online an online company on program on Sunday. Loyalty is customer loyalty to
e-tailer or loyalty programs delivered online or supportable, e-commerce loyalty to his
company such as Amazon.com, for example it is affected by the the consumer satisfaction
might have shopping experience. Exhibit A .3 test shows you some of those factors talk
about information quality various examples of the accuracy, content up-to-date, etc.,
system quality, service quality, all impacting satisfaction. In addition to customer satisfaction
trust is an important issue in e-commerce trust is a psychological status willingness
to the Pamela the person one of the organization from e-commerce e-commerce market. Sometimes,
stress is referred to as online trust, which is the belief online website or other additional
entities can deliver what they promised. So the reset reset interests them. Others numbered
trust files that exist if you look at exhibit that the online file exhibit that the 8.2
to give you an example of a of a trust all that’s been used in the past to illustrate
trustworthiness and the role it plays because for the worthiness of the merchant trustworthiness
of the shopping channel and structural assurance and how these all impact trust and Internet
merchant trust shop trust in business regulatory environments. These all impact e-commerce
trust. So, trust is important issue. We need to figure out ways to manipulate trust would
increase the trust in order to be to attract customers and retain customers personal is
looking to what we can improve our website make it easier to navigate make it secure
make it seem like a lot of time and effort designed to it. We can trust sites that they
look clean very easy easily navigated those who lots of misspellings. A lot has start
to wonder what else they they slipped up on we can fill it with an objective third-party
alerts for finances such as PayPal or it’s so severe the trust organization such as trustee
or Better Business Bureau online credit established trustworthiness basically by trying to develop
and our customers are our consumers, our perception of our integrity, our competence about our
security methods first facilitate trust British-based systems. We think of is the search engines.
Obviously, there is a vast amount of information is available on the web across the Internet
and search engines allow consumers to find this information to manage your online reputation
very closely by consistently using search engines to find this information correct all
the information and try to backup positive information or encourage positive information.
This can lead online word-of-mouth meager) so like we see
in the face-to-face environment where you put traffic this generated by word-of-mouth
cases for small businesses is important for online businesses as well of the dynamic nature
of the Internet what when technologies allow consumers to comment on books and services
and and reviews of movies and things like that tends to spread very quickly so is it
something definitely be used to increase trust section 8.4. Massmarketing market segmentation
and relationship marketing traditionally massmarketing it in an advertising is the way companies
reach their customers basically that it was that they would that is the same advertisement.
Everybody Sotelo was mad was broadcast would be sent everybody within the region. Everybody
in the region would see the exact impartial of the exact same time, the newspaper using
same newspaper the same ads something already the same as already was. It was heard by everybody.
This led to the that you are is patient trying to to divide the consumer market into logical
groups conducting market research and analyzing personal information to you. I don’t which
are our key areas which how should we target our our advertising is going everyone to try
to grab the attention of those that were really trying to focus the Sony consider a new trend,
there is this concept of relationship marketing which is coming up and is different from traditional
marketing and the marketing another focuses on building long-term relationships with customers
in order to be able to do so. The seller must have a much developed understanding of its
customers from segmentation individuals say that the this is a ship. This is something
listening I will went to point to a classic movie about individuals listening to this,
but I and my family very good Christmas. There’s classic Christmas movie on 34th St. rehab.
Mr. Gamble and Mr. Macy concept of US department stores, retailers, and Mr. Macy’s that the
the Santa Claus Chris Pringle ends up suggesting other retailers to customers in an effort
to to make sure they get the product that they want society to work put the interest
of the customer before the individual sale and the idea is that we built long-term loyalty
by doing chemistry on relationship marketing so I go it’s kind of put forth is that is
a new concept. The Council’s been around for a long time implementation may be a different
issue, but has been around for a long time. One things the technology was also allows
us to conduct one-on-one marketing and this is a nice thing to do is Parsons consumer’s
perspective you get this one-on-one treatment from your from your retailers from your service
providers one-on-one marketing marketing treats each customer in a unique way. They must customer
loyalty cards another said hotel I resemble my customer loyalty cards and not exactly
the type of I’m interested in of the amenities that I’m interested in and are able to send
me advertisements and coupons and things like that ever specific to Microsoft. Exhibit 8.4
gives you, a graph or presentation of the the different types of marketing market massmarketing
versus segmentation versus 1.1 marketing and compares the interactions focus recipient
campaigns reach and market research that is involved in each one of those wild categories.
I think they left out, though, was probably conversion ratio conversion rate that if you
look at the conversion rate for massmarketing is coming much lower than it is for 11 marketing
why is online marketing is tailor fit to each individual conversion about that marketing
had to a sale is much greater traditionally been very expensive approach to take to market
to each individual, customer technology really helps you bring that cost down significantly
so 11 marketing is so desirable. How does an organization go about trying to implement
one-to-one marketing exhibited .5 using one example of what 11 marketing cycle might look
like reality is organizational individual relationship with customer and started any
one of these stages, but probably more intuitively to is to start with side identify the customer’s
profoundly summer behavior website make a purchase there. The hotel around the house
picking suspect it’s non-smoking wall there’s during my stay. They were room service for
breakfast and then check out late so you started develop a profile that customer is terms of
their interests and you want that information you can differentiate the custom of the customers.
All information is going into a database night differentiate one customer from the next interact
with that customer. Customer sees marketing exposure needs to be modify those needs. So
for example you now identify those needs to differentiate those needs. Now centerfire
send them emails that allows you to interact with customer in the lastly customized Taylor
proper service for purchase decision and postsale customer service again. Any of these models
can order this is an example just one model can be used for others that exist as well.
An example of this world it is. For example, emails customers announcements know availability
of books in areas of interest is available for Expedia.com customers were likely to fly.
You can email them specials when when those opportunities come up section 8.5 is personalization
and behavioral marketing Internet marketing facilitates Internet marketing facilitates
the use of market segmentation 11 marketing to do this we need to deal address through
the three key issues related 11 marketing personalization behavioral targeting and collaborative
filter personalization, smashing research products and advertising content with individual
consumers and preferences. Oftentimes this is done by generating some sort of a user
profile which is the requirements preferences behavior in the graphic traits of to the customer
for generating this profile of an individual so we can’t know they are what their interests
are. Last time I logged in products their browsing. Oftentimes information stored is
a small text file on the users computer is a cookie is used extensively in e-commerce
and as a way to keep track of some that information over to talk about their users name their
browsing history of heart browsing your site nature could go around respectively. It is
a lot of conveniences you log back in the Amazon it got a response to you with your
first name say welcome back same time there are privacy kits that are postseason cookies
on the idea of keeping track information users is is suspect. Some examples of this would
be double-click on my Google allows you to basically allows them to the site you please
cook younger on your computer and because I have a presence on thousands of sites all
across the Internet. The relabel tracking from one site the next island some people
see this is an invasion of privacy. You can disable cookies on your computer and the way
around, you lose a lot of functionality on websites. If that’s the route that you choose
to go on as far as using personalized techniques to increase sales is a great example, the
they keep track of your browsing history such that when you look up a book or look at the
movie that provided with recommendations of other books and movies that were reviewed
and/or purchase by the you the same book Cillessen library personalized content to you and allows
them to increase their sales. It same allows you on products that you might not otherwise
been on another key component of creating a users profile is the use of behavioral behavior
in order to be able to conduct behavioral targeting behavioral targeting is starting
uses information collected about individuals. What browsing behavior such as the pages they
visit toward searches that made slipknot enticements display to the individual on this leads into
collaborative filtering which is a market research and personalization method uses customer
data to predict based on all strive and behavioral sciences what products or services. Customer
may enjoy predations can be extended to other customers with similar profiles the state
of the money here is those who bought this item also bought the following would be, this
technique is employed. The idea is that are able build a profile of the customer that
they had no information on they have a very basic idea of your demographics you are as
an individual, but that no purchasing history whatsoever on the because of similarities
that you have based on your demographics our specific search that you make that they can
relate that to searches that other customers have made purchases to as a result they are
able to market something specifically to you create personalized marketing message. Other
methods for identifying easy profiles are things like rule-based filtering were company
asked consumers asked consumers a serious yes or no or multiple-choice questions in
order to develop a profile of the consumer content based filtering technique were vendors
identify customer purposes by the attributes of the products that they intend by example,
some websites new and present allows you to select hard drives and hard drives you can
drill down my brand by size I interface type on this allows them to system a profile of
social activity based filtering filtering rules which are harder built by watching users
activities and wet how long the sale of your website. How understand your page when you
look at page things like that there’s legal and ethical ethical issues with as it relates
to collaborative filtering glut of this information is collected without users knowledge without
the permission sociable legal as well as ethical issues as it relates to this social psychology
morphing and behavioral marketing and social psychology is a branch of psychology that
deals with how people think about influence and relate one another. Researchers has found
shoppers do what is popularly known as and slicing when are out shopping slicing the
style thinking involves ignoring most of the information available instead uses slices
are a few salient information cues often social in nature, along with the service a simple
but usually smart mental world phone make intuitive decisions. We consider all the different
attributes about heart peace focus on a few, a few things that we really think tend to
be more important that social aspect may be Brandon maybe not may have nothing to do with
the technical specifications of a specific hardware and maybe I prefer Mac store over
Western Digital by only there’s no room rational reason to do a a social reason you like their
advertising matter past experience, friends, recommendations, etc. other socialist concept
of social intelligence the ability to understand and learn each other and profit from such
social situations. The idea being that we don’t necessarily have to experience everything
ourselves where to take advice from her peers and learn from Matt and other words when they
make a purchase and experience were able to learn from Matt and it comes time for us to
make a purchase. We can benefit from experience I use a customer database marketing. There
is a lot of this information’s profiles are generated and stored in databases to the point
that this is created a cottage industry of organizations that that’s their entire business
is to store profiles of consumers under able to sell it information to to companies that
are interested in identifying customers identify customers of certain age is certain gender
certain ethnicity certain locational countries certain income levels, etc. section 816 talk
about market research for e-commerce in order to sell products well is important to conduct
proper market research to find information and knowledge about consumers and products
market research goal is to discover the marketing discover marketing opportunities and issues
to establish marketing plans to better understand the purchasing process and to evaluate marketing
performance as far as the objectives and concepts of marketing market research online and investigators
approaches that they can take either take traditional market research methods or you
can conduct a lot of those those a lot of research online using the Internet, telephone
and shopping mall surveys to something that’s traditionally been used throughout is a very
expensive approach booktalk for example, by telephone surveys costing much the deal her
respondent is pretty expensive online surveys only can be conducted much much cheaper rate
a lot of information very quickly markers looking for e-commerce market research by
looking at a personal profile that includes observed behaviors on the web is possible
for marketers to explain and predict online buying behavior require some shop customer
shopping online. Where’s others are not types questions might be interested might also be
interested in product information requested number of related emails member orders make
products and services order or the gender of the user. Typical questions on market research
attempts to answer our where the purchase patterns for individuals and groups. What
factors incurred online purchasing. How can we identify those were real wires. Most were
just browsing how does an individual navigator to your website. What is the optimal webpage
design. If we know the answers to these types of questions mentors can advertise properly
price her arms are items properly design the website more efficiently and provide appropriate
customer service as far as representative market research approaches one of the issues
with especially with traditional marketing research is the it’s very expensive to research
everybody so we can segment the market. There were actually going to research and this allows
to reduce our cost substantially is an example of a of a mail survey on sending out a what
seems like a relatively expensive mail survey dollar 25 a copy but if you send out enough
you can usually run up a $4 million just and mailing costs on driving up your work cost
substantially when you convert that to the actual number surveys submitted on the price
of the cost was in our survey manager perhaps over hundred dollars per server so very expensive.
So by segmenting the market went to research you can hopefully try to make sure the response
rate is going to be much higher as a result, the cost per surveys is much less San Diego
behind market segmentation research. First, data collection, analysis on specific methods
for collecting online. They email communication with customers moderating focus groups conducted
in chat rooms questionnaires placed on our website tracking customers movements on the
web so is ready to waste going going back to collecting collecting data as far as online
surveys web-based surveys are online for ways to collect a lot of information very quickly.
This information tends to be better suited for objective based questions. True false
multiple-choice matching things like that were acing directly to customers through blogs
and wikis, newsgroups, etc. usually allows you to get a richer data set. It’s hard to
analyze in some cases because Lawrence text base, but it’s usually much richer information.
I was really able to hear the the anguish in a person’s voice the frustration I think
I have about product or the failure of the service. The money would get when Sony; selecting
specific button in an object of a servant Web 2.0 on the Web 2.0 environment is conducive
to collecting data over 111.0 applications and obviously traditional marketing methods
out for example, your the polling blogging chatting live chat chatterbox collective wisdom,
intelligence and expertise folks calmly data in videos, photos and other rich media discussion
forms and you’re able to use all those to extract data learn about your markets your
customers learn to master the interests approximate their interest in things that nature the way
she can go out to collecting data. You observe customers movements online will of ways to
do for example observe the transaction logs of the Web server log files that you will
work with files are located on customers PC on this is a lot of information about the
size of the from how often a return how they navigate through the site and this navigation
site. The site is referred to as clickstream behavior that information can can can be tracked
by ISPs, as well as track by various websites are using cookies related cookies and often
used in conjunction with cookies are web bugs which are calligraphic files embedded in the
moment and email messages and websites that transmit information about users and their
movements to Web server assessments will pop up type window or something is embedded in
a webpage embedded in an a in a graphic that creates a link back to another server cracks
not the one you’re actually trying visit and because it’s so small. Often times users don’t
don’t notice it because it remains open as it will transfer this information back and
forth until it’s ultimately close spyware is the viewed as a is a former spyware spyware
software that gathers information through Internet connection without the users knowledge
versus power with the design to allow people that were creating freeware to make money
on products in nature spyware applications of really kind of appalled times are bundled
with freeware. This downloaded on machines montages you don’t realize that this is occurring
select firewalls really important modeling ones block incoming packets those also let
you know that an applications to communicate outside of your network as far as web analytics
and mining that women web analytics enables retailers to make some adjustments, fly and
management marketing campaigns and e-commerce initiatives and track customer satisfaction
to decide which products to promote and in which merchandiser investors achieve a better
understanding of the nature of the man related to the web analytics and mining works were
we minus data from where we get this data from welcome to my clickstream data that we
talked about earlier with mine question data data that occur inside the web environment
to provide a trail of users activities users clicks clickstream behavior in the website
were to send information come from beginning may come from cookies that are being stored
on the user’s computer come from the ISPs of different make the log files the Web server
solution different places to find this information regarding six clickstream data can my method
for information about users also web mining data mining techniques for discovering and
extracting information. What documents explore both web content and web usage. So again we
can monitor the actual content on various pages of blog. For example, but a lot of posts
about your company. We may want to mind that for information with learn a lot of our customers
what the complaints are the goods or services that they like what it is that they like about
them so try to incorporate that in future iterations for services or products. Unfortunately,
there are limitations time on market research and there is certain are some workarounds
and waste to limit the those limitations if you will but one of the biggest problems is
the fact that there’s the majesty too much data too much information available, makes
it very hard to properly organize, edit and condense and summarize the information which
is really what we need to do more data there is the more of an issue becomes social limitations
on research methods in terms of accuracy responses. Lots response because of equipment problems
in the ethics and legality of web tracking so there’s there’s issues related to that
as well is also the issue of biometrics that biometrics addresses on the reality is when
tracking this information or tracking clickstream information. For example, were not really
tracking that individual user were tracking the computer we don’t really know who it is
sitting behind the mouse and keyboard and watching monitor sort tracking the computer
and clickstream serving generated computer but not specific user password biometrics
cost of sounds an individual’s unique physical or behavioral characteristics to be used identify
an individual, precisely so identifying a specific individual seen as a way of overcoming
that limitation but not it really has I mentor devices and their older computers at this
point. So Troy, burgeoning technology, burgeoning approach to overcoming VistaCare issue. Section
8.7 talks about web advertising advertising on the web is an extremely important activity
e-commerce and advertising is growing very rapidly, especially in BC I companies are
changing their advertising strategies to gain a competitive advantage interactive marketing
is defined as online marketing, facilitated by the end of which marketers and advertisers
can interact directly with customers and consumers to interact with advertisers or vendors. Many
companies are treating at online advertising as a closed loop worst advertising cycle if
you will, cyclical process and can see a .66 the cyclical process until stiff with planning
a campaign to determine who the target audience is and how to reach that audience and analyzing
a campaign after its completion is to assist the company in understanding campaign success.
This new knowledge is been used with planning future campaigns web advertising some basic
terminology that you probably need to become more familiar with the goal you’ll see from
text to text that you look at from online site online site they look at when you’re
you’re involved in this type of stop. One is the one term is use the number times users
call page has a banner on your express specific. Not as impressions or page views button is
another term small banner that is linked to a website and may contain downloadable software
and other terms page in HTML hypertext markup language document. It may contain text, images
and other online elements such as Java applets, multimedia files may be generated statically
or dynamically click right-click his account made each time a visitor clicks on an advertising
banner to access the hazards website CPM or cost per Mel i.e. thousand thousand impressions
is the fee advisor pays for each 1000 times a page with a banner ad is shown conversion
rate, I mentioned earlier is the percentage of clickers actually make a purchase. Those
who actually purchased the service click through rate click through ratio CCR is the percentage
of visitors were exposed to a banner ad and were click on and click on ahead is a request
for data from a webpage or file. The last group term starts with a series request. During
one navigation website possible certain time ends a visit unique visitor count the number
of visitors entering site, regardless of how the pages are viewed per visit lastly stickiness
characteristic that influences the average length of time a visitor stays in the site
stickiness. Often times can be enhanced by keeping the site up to date by making sure
has dynamic content, engaging content that sucks users to make someone stay and stay
on my site advertising online and its advantages. Obviously, there are several of the advantages
to advertising on web cost which is persistent formats that are online ads are sometimes
cheaper than those in the media. In addition, as can be updated any at any time a minimal
cost. It’s hard to change that quickly newspaper it just is. Richness of format whereas can
effectively use the convergence text, audio, graphics, video and animation so you really
make a very rich engagement on with consumers personalization whereabouts can be interactive
and targeted to specific interest groups and/or individuals. The way this is much more focused
is much more focused media timeliness Internet ask me fresh and up-to-the-minute location-based
using wireless technology GPS web web advertising to be location-based Internet ask me since
consumers whenever they are in a specific time location for example near restaurant
theater linking. It’s easy to link from an online ad to a storefront one click doesn’t
lastly digital branding, even the most price conscientious online shoppers are willing
to pay premiums for brands they trust you has many click and mortar brands such as P&G
or.com such as Amazon traditional versus online advertisement is advantages and disadvantages
to each advantages to TV interest MedPAC high attention getter has the ability to demonstrate
product and tentative each slice of life situations is very merchant vessel with media buyers.
Unfortunately, with TVs fragment rate clutter heavy downscale audience Q time is sold and
in all program packages networks often require major upfront commitments both limited the
both limit the advertisers flexibility there’s radio, which has been open more for both highly
selective station format allows advertisers to choose the time of day or the day of week
to exploit factors in the copy copy can rely on listeners moving or nation. The downside
of the limitations of radio or art audit surveys are limited in scope and provide social economic
demographics difficult to buy with so many stations to consider testing copies difficult
because there are few statistical guidelines with respect to magazines. They offer unique
activities segment markets both demographically and graphically as can be studied in unit
leisure and high-impact can be attained good graphics, literate, informative copy the limitations
of magazines including reader controls at exposure was there flipping pages they control
pace with which they’re using this information so I can ignore the campaign is difficult
to exploit planning aspects wants magazines out there, it’s out there. Newspapers are
kinder somewhere but high single they reach opportunity reader often shops for specific
information. Remember when the ready to buy. As has a portable format, but they lack create
opportunities for most song campaigns is high cost for large ad sizes is lack of demographic
selectivity despite increased zoning. Many markets have only one paper in this low-quality
reproduction. Oftentimes a lot color or for the expense associated the Internet’s advantages
include Internet, and cousins are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to conserve
the same regardless of the audience location access primarily because of interest in the
content where she go to a site looking for a product because you’re already interested
opportunities to create one-to-one direct marketing relationship with customer it will
generate a very specific message to the consumer and multimedia will increasingly create more
attractive and compelling at like all the others. There are limitations to an advertisement
is no clear standard language of measurement immature measurement tools and metrics, although
although variety of content, format style, but the Internet allows can be considered
a positive in some respects it also makes applets to apples to apples comparisons difficult
for media buyers is difficult to measure the size of the market therefore is difficult
to estimate rating share or reach and frequency in the audience still relatively small session,
a pretty talk about online advertising methods is a large number of advertising methods that
are out there so the major categories that classified ads which are used which used text
photos. These ads are grouped according to classification such as car rental is the most
horrible approach third display ads as well, graphics, logos, colors or special designs.
They are and no stranded advertising answer usually not classified dispenser or proper
off-line billboard show pages movie so as you drive a number of the shelf beside outside
of the movie series you see that Oregon inside of the Yellow Pages has Yellow Pages elements
interact that Caesar are online or off-line interactive media to indicate with consumers
and promote products, brands and services usually done online. There usually involve
a lot of interaction music video content, etc. to be able to engage the user get a users
attention a specific category specific type of event is a banner at I went on webpage
graphic appetizing display linked to baptizes webpage system interest to grab your attention
is clickable click on a patient that advertising webpage keyword banners. When predetermined
words query from search engine there effective is a long narrow down your target audience
members companies are spending money on every time a user clicks at if you want to narrow
reduce your cost and narrow down your target audience to just those who are more likely
to purchase something you’re interested in you can reduce reduce that by using keywords
so that only banners associated with those keywords show up when a user searches for
something using search engine. This is as opposed to random banners which are ads that
appear not as a result of any user actions result, they may not be target this is only
searching for life banners are ads that are created dynamically contents. Dynamically,
at the time of this place of being fixed content is most things like their benefits limitations
banner has major benefits of banner ads is that by clicking on the users and transferred
to the site frequently directly directly to the shopping page of that site manages the
using banners is the ability customers were marked as servers many cases, customers are
forced to see better hallway for a slow before they can get free information or entertainment.
The following banners may include attention-getting or attention grabbing me the major disadvantage
of banners is the cost cost money to Chris successful back campaign. Another drawback
is the limited amounts of information in place and is so much space you can can put information
that still understandable and interpretable by consumers. However, it seems that viewers
have become somewhat immune banners are simply so not notice the missing one step so the
click through rate of time so it’s really becoming an issue in terms of trying to keep
cost out more interactive enticing back has two to get because that’s the most annoying
forms of pop-up and pop under ads, public baths are ads here for after or during Internet
surfing the email such as next window pops up pop under add is that if you need the current
browser window so the user closes the active yet still there screen. I need a case both
all additional windows on your screen. There are obviously some some third-party approaches
to blocking pop-ups is a third-party. Sometimes these are add-ons built into the browser right
onto a browser. The last block these from popping up, but much like these cookies. The
some convenience when you’re trying to to navigate to certain sites that are legit lights
will have a pop-up window that you need to be lax other online networking which is a
form of direct marketing chooses email as a means of communicating commercial messages
audience. Email advertising advertisements to email messages sent to consumers should
advantages to using email. First off is very low. The reason awful lot of customers very
quickly. Advertisers can reach their opted in to receive email communications on subjects
of interest to them. Over half the Internet users check or send email a typical day so
as an interactive medium that can combine advertising customer service and email ads
can include direct link more likely respond to email messages related to discounts or
special sales limitations of using email is really based around the fact that people receive
a Tony know all the time controverted spamming on soliciting Anders is this tendency for
users to screen a lockout messages and because of the line messages trend is expected to
continue other considerations to to keep in mind the issue of email hoaxes. A breeze heard
of the Nigerian treasure scam. This fraud which also must be considered’s email advertising
methods enough advertising me down a lot of different ways so these are all considerations
that we can’t keep my other online advertising methods include search advertising method
placing online webpages. The show results from search engine queries. This is how way
back to the topic we refer to earlier keyword banners please basically has a Wauseon search
engine that are related to mostly search engines provide or allow for submission of URLs for
web addresses of your ovaries and this is what allows them on your website and index
the various pages products and services manager located on your site. Also this is also led
to a advertising inverters keyword advertising which allows search advertising to be delivered
on the basis of entered by users in their search keyword one or several words such as
build indexes webpages using web crawler based on these this advertising comment. This allows
advertisers to purchase keywords and increase their rankings based on on on their purchases
keywords and often their search. This can lead to the cottage industry refer to this
is that in which forms a service for search engine optimization cracked, increasing site.
The Optimizer uses the ranking algorithm for for the search engine which may be different
for different search engines and best search phrases. Taylor’s dad accordingly, the effort
is to try to increase the the level at which a hit comes back on on your particular site
ideally come back in the first two or three results on the very first page it increases
your odds of your site and click on much more frequently Advertising Google Truly Is the King of Online
Advertising on the Programs at Words and AdSense Which Are Our Really Didn’t Talk about These
Two Domains to Science of of the Same Coin. Add Words Are What Provide You the Ability
to Purchase Keywords and Increase the Rankings of Your Site. When the User Searches for the
Keywords on the Flip Side of Things You Can Host Content Can Host These Ads through AdSense
Which Basically Allows Those Banner Ads Banner Ads to Be Customized Based on Your Site and
See Your Advertising. Other Companies Products of the Company’s Goods on Your Site Based
on the Content on Your Site to Generate Revenue Yourself That Way. This Can Lead to Another
Cottage Industry or Another Segment of Marketing Will Viral Marketing, Which Is a Virtual Word-Of-Mouth
Marketing Allows Customers to Promote a Product or Service by Telling Others about It. As
an Example Here A Few Years Ago of Kobe Bryant Jumping over a Car Is an Optical Illusion.
It Was a Mighty Commercial Wearing Nikes and Fears of Business Extra Junkies and Jump over
This Car As It Passes underneath. Now He Was in Any Danger Optical Allusions Left behind
the Car, but the Ideas That Went Viral Related Had to Get Online and Watch) Jump over This
Car on the Way to Cheaply Reach A Lot Of Customers Talk Online Advertising Is the Use of Video
and Consumer Generated Videos. This Is Largely Due To Popularity Sites Such As YouTube, Which
Is Growing at a Very Fast-Paced, Nearly 40% Annually All Continuing Won’t See You and
Continues to Fall Year after Year. This Is Largely Because of Personal the Driving Factors
behind This Is the Availability Broadband Access, Which You Also Web 2.0 Technologies
That Really Allow for Interactivity between User. A Video Deposit Reminded Replay It,
Etc. on the Topic of Interactive Videos, Interactive Video Usually Refers to Technique Used To
Blend User Interaction and Videos Interactionist Control a Computer for Entertainment Advertisement
for Educational Activities with Respect to Viral Videos When We Talked with the System
on the Video of Our Video Specific Ways a Video Clip the Gains by Expert Larry through
the Process of Sharing, Typically through Email or IM Messages, Blogs and Other Media
Sharing Websites Same Concept Is to Specific to Many Years or Advergame in the Practice
of Using Pure Games Advertise Product and Organization or Viewpoint. Think Product Placement
Movies That You Seen Our Television Shows a Scene Where a Senior Product This Place
Such As Pepsi or Coca-Cola, Whatever It May Be on the Basically Allows Advertisers to
Collect in That Movie Are in That the Tobin Show Allows for Them to Collect Monies from
That Company Because Her Sister Advertisement Byproduct for the Service Advergame Aberdeen
Is the Same Things Just Doing This Must Advertising Saliva Direct or Indirect You Physical Real-World
Environment. Zealots Are Augmented by Something about Second Life and Some of Going Your Basic
Can Have Products Advertised to You in Those Environments As Well. Again, Coca-Cola Has
a Presence in Second Life Is That A Lot Of Other Manufacturers. Lastly, at Present, Chat
Rooms, and Forms Industry Legal Sponsor Chat Raise Brand Awareness and Name Recognition
Section 8.9 Start Talking about Mobile Marketing and Advertising Parcel That Were Complete
Definitions Set of Practices That Enable Organizations to Communicate and Inject the Relevant Manner
to Any Mobile Device or Network Mobile Advertising or in Advertising and Sent to and Presented
on Mobile Devices. Some May Seem a Web to Be Closely Related to in His Response. He
Makes A Lot Of Common Concepts Are Terms the Thing to Keep in Mind about You Is Reaches
the Real People to Stay with Consumer Customers A Lot Longer
Messages Delivered to Portable Devices Either
Be Synchronized on Were Wirelessly so the Plasma Words Include Text Messages SMS Messages,
Mobile Video Location-based Assets Earlier. We Talked about Mobile Marketing. She Viral
Marketing. This Is the Same Thing Specified, Not the Mobile Environment. Advertisers Are
Able to Utilize Viral That Message to a Friend to Encourage Him to Go outside to Go to Purchase
a Good or Service Mobile Marketing Campaigns. This Classes Online Classes or Campaigns.
If You Are Campaigns of This Classes Include Information for Its Running Information about
Products. Once Interest News, Weather, Etc. and Coupons Programs for Monitoring since
the Free Services Representative What Are around up the Section the Second Women’s 100
Don’t Think Obama for Example 89 Posters, What Is the Process You Can See, yet Concept
and the Requirements for the Ad They Work with Image and Video Center since Applications
Are Sauce Automatically and Generally Can Be Used To Facilitate so 8.10 Which Displays
or Outlines the Purchase Decision Making Process by Using Agent Class Developing an Online
Advertising Plan Putting Advertised Timelines Compresses These Days Costs A Lot Of Money
Selector Seven Money Strategically Is a Child Effective at Demos Budget Constraints Again.
See Exhibit Which Pressure You Process of How to Be Helpful in Various Stages of the
Purchase Partner Need to Major Medical Help You Identify beneath Product Brokering Mercian
Brokering Negotiation Service Migration, Etc. and Hear 8.115 Cycles Different. A Couple
Slides You Reset Your Advertising Goals. United Is the Media Cousin Tools Plan Calls Develop
Performance When We Decided Issues from This Chapter Do We Focus on Value Creating Customer
Critical Part Consumer Centric an Increasing Number of Online Methods Are Available from
Which to Choose Include Banners for Use to Guide Advertise Prizes As to Where to Advertise
How Design Had Some Cost per Thousand Impressions As Rates May Be Used To Assess the Effectiveness
of Advertising on Investment from an Organization’s Online Advertising Campaign. Once a Company
Is Committed Advertising on the Web. It Must Be Requires Input and Vision for Marketing
Cooperation from a Legal Question Systems Department Should We Integrate Our Internet
and Not Many Companies Paints, for Example, the Company’s TV or Newspaper Has Directed
Your Readers to the Website Business to Consumer Requires Extensive Market Outsource or to
a Market Research or Maintain In-House Market Research That Is a Managerial Concern Should
We Use for Market Research and Mass As Throwing Consumer Should We Use Mobile Coupons, Consumers
and Advertisers Are Curious about Mobile Coupons. The Current Challenges and Limited Wants to
Not Need Do Not Need to Be an Immediate Priority Should Not Feel the Pressure to Launch a Nationwide
in the near Future, but They Should Be Laying the Ground Roundworm That Will Integrate with
Existing Loyalty Programs. What Ethical Issues Should We Consider Intentional Spamming. Another
Issues a Selling Mailing List Designed As a Company Need the Consent of
the Consumers before Their Customers before
Selling a List, but Also the Company Should Share the Profits with Customers Derived from
the sale of such lists. So, in
this chapter, we talked about factors that Influence online consumer behavior. We talked
about online consumer decision making process and the various steps involved with that.
We talked about the issue of trust and ways of trying to Increase loyalty and increase
trust. We talked about market segmentation and building one one-to-one relationships
with customers and how that differs from traditional marketing research to traditional marketing
to online marketing. We talked about online personalization. We Talked about e-commerce
consumer market research. We talked about objectives and characteristics of Web advertising.
We talked about major online advertising methods; banners, email, etc. We talked about mobile
marketing. And then we finished talking about various advertising strategies and types of
promotion. This concludes Chapter 8 Marketing and Advertising in E-commerce, Thank you

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