April 10, 2020
basic cold porcelain paste by: Sangeeta Shah

basic cold porcelain paste by: Sangeeta Shah

Hi I’m Nirmit Shah and this is my mom
Sangeeta Shah, she makes very good flowers and then the flowers she makes can be for
several things sometimes she makes flowers on orders for wedding cakes and
wedding bouquets some of the flowers she makes include a whole variety like this
iris which she has done so well she wants you to try and make it so she has
made a DVD to go with it the DVDs she’s made you have to buy they
are so well done even I could make one as good as this-this is the
Rose she has made everything on this look carefully can you see something if
you can’t that thing is this butterfly she has even made that Wow what a
talented woman this third flower is a bougainvillea and
again she has done so well that she wants you to try and make it so she has made
another DVD for this lastly this peony she has made everything on this can you
see something again look another butterfly she is me that butterfly too now she is going to demonstrate how to
make the basic cold porcelain paste the basic ingredients are baby oil
cornstarch white vinegar Nivea cream tacky glue and tempera paint 1 cup of
cornstarch 1 cup of white glue you want to stir this to make sure that
it has no lumps and then you’re going to add your 2 tablespoons of baby oil and 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 1 teaspoon
of tempera paint make sure it has no lumps at all and it all comes together you see how it’s all come together like
that once you have that we’re going to use a microwave 1200 Watts, to form the paste and
we’re going to cook it for just 1 minute and 30 seconds with giving 30 seconds as
an interval mixing and kneading it at the end I’ve put that in and just put in 30
seconds you’ve got to bring it out and stir it and put it back again for
another 30 seconds see that it’s started to come together so you’re going to mix
that again and put it for the last 30 seconds see now it’s done this is the last after
we did the last one you will see that everything has come together like that
and that is some paste still at the bottom over here okay now there’s the
last ingredient which we have to use which is 1 tablespoon of Nivea cream I
am going to spread it out here where I’m going to need my paste you’re going to
bring out the whole lump out there and everything from the bowl even the one
which is not come together and there’s a little bit softer part you have to get
everything of that and need that well while it is very hot the paste has almost gotten cold see like that and then once you’ve made it
into a nice log you want to take a little bit of cream on your hands and
put it on there take a bag put some cream there in the
bag and you want to seal the bag completely now this is almost cold but it is still
going to give out hot vapor in the bag so after the next day leave it for 24
hours and the next day you want to open this bag again take a fresh bag apply
cream in it and then put the paste which is almost ready to start working with
your projects and put it in the bag you

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  1. @catusi99
    So you DON'T need tempra paint so I can skip that ingredient it just makes it white & if you don't it's translusent?

  2. Sooo…I was at the super market last night and the label said DISTILLED WHITE VINEGAR. I'm not sure there's a difference but if there is, can someone let me know?
    Also, what brand of Tempera Paint is in the video???

  3. guys…you don't HAVE to use tempera paint!
    tempera paint is just to add color to your paste and make it white. If you do not add tempera paint to it then it well be translucent when it dries. So, if you want the colors blue, red, white, yellow, etc. then just add paint to it.

  4. @CreativePenguinGirl Hi, Um i have tried making this and i did not need tempera paint. Tempera paint makes it easier for you to get a solid colour, but you can use acrylic paint if you would like, but you will need alot to get a solid colour. But both is optional, but if you dont mix it in, when it dries, it will dry translucent. Hope that helped

  5. @TheWestGirls8 Hi, Um i have tried making this and i did not need tempera paint. Tempera paint makes it easier for you to get a solid colour, but you can use acrylic paint if you would like, but you will need alot to get a solid colour. But both is optional, but if you dont mix it in, when it dries, it will dry translucent. Hope that helped

  6. Hi Sangeeta! i just wanted to ask, after making the cold porcelain itself, could we use it directly after kneading it or should i wait for until about 2 more days? It would be a great pleasure if you could answer my question. (my name is Sam BTW)

  7. This is a great tutorial, thank you!  Very clear and precise.  I live in UK and am lucky to have access to these ingredients.  I used Cornstarch, Hi Tack All-Purpose Very Sticky Glue, Baby Oil, White Malt Vinegar and Nivea.  My microwave is 900 max so I added a few seconds on the cooking time each time.  I left it for 24 hours as you suggested.  It has turned out spot on and have made a beautiful rose.  No cracking, it moulds beautifully and is not sticky to use.  I did not add white paint – I add this as and when I use it as I find the gouache dries it out quickly.  Many thanks again for the time and trouble you have gone to with this.  Very much appreciated. 

  8. This is the best recipe for polymer clay that I've found.  It makes sense too because the vinegar  + cornstarch makes a type of bioplastic, also I like that no water is added- this reduces if not eliminates cracking.

  9. I ever made cold porcelain without lemonjuice/vinegar and baby oil (2012).. Just Cornstarch, white glue, benzoat, and lotion/baby cream. I find my 2012 cold porcelain doll, there’s no fungi..
    I like your boy.. so cute.. 😉

  10. thanks for the best cold porcelain video yet. I trust someone who shows what they have made from it, knowing that the results after making it will be what I desire. many other tutorials do not show any products made from the recipe so you cannot trust them so much.

  11. Omg! Sangeetha…. I can't tell you how much money on supplies I have wasted trying to get the "right" recipe for cp. I am sooo grateful to have come across your video as I instantly knew I was getting it right on the first try! I loooove your step by step, clear instructions! So in my case, the only modification is an additional 30 secs in the microwave because it did not "come together" as in your video after the first 3 intervals. Regardless, your video is top notch and I will definitely return for more classes! Your work is beyond human ability! I am a crazy fan of yours! All the best in your endevours! 😍❤️

  12. Hello I made this recipe but noticed that my paste tore when I pulled it, it didn't pull apart like a tear drop like I've seen on this video or other tutorials. I followed the recipe with the exact products you used so not sure what happened. Can you help?

  13. I made my first batch of cold porcelain recently and love it! I have one problem though, mine seems to start drying very quickly, like within minutes, forming a kind of "crunchy" skin. Is this normal? If not does anyone have any ideas how to prevent this?

  14. hi Sangeetha the CP clay I make is using zinc oxide but it tends to shrink a lot and flowers can't b made out of it does the clay made from this recipe shrink?

  15. Hi Sangeeta,

    Thank you very much for your video! I followed the instructions , but after 48 hours my paste is sticks inside.. it sticks to the tools, etc. ..I was trying to cut a shape with a cutter, but the paste is too soft and sticky… my question is: is it supposed to hold the shape when cutting? Even when cut with the knife?

  16. Thank you so much Sangheeta. You tutorial is very nice and I tried your recipe. I would not wish to use any other. Thank you very much for sharing X

  17. Hi, can I use acrylic paint instead of tempera? I hope so, lol. this is by far the best video I've found so far and have heard from several people that this recipe is THE BEST!! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I keep seeing nivea cream or body lotion as an ingredient and wonder why it is included… what is it in there for? thank you

  19. Здравствуйте! Я не знаю английского языка и на вашу страничку попала совершенно случайно, чему очень рада! Я узнала ваш рецепт и теперь он стал моим основным рецептом холодного фарфора и делаю только по нему. Спасибо Вам за него!!! До этого я пробовала много разных, но они мне не очень понравились. А у Вас есть рецепт гибкого прозрачного фарфора для изготовления цветов? Вы делаете такие цветы? Или возможно ваш сыночек уже вырос и стал делать такие цветы вместе с вами?

  20. Can I make this without cooking it? And will the flower's break after its dried? What can I put instead of tempra powder? How can I make it waterproof?

  21. Awesome thanks for sharing your video😍😍 because 100’s of other companies did them in pure Spanish & many didn’t like that. English’s popular so thank you 🙏🏼 😊

  22. hello mam I have made the clay n keep it in the poly bag in air tight container but the next day it stick to the poly bag n becomes very sticky. I hav added more corn flour n knead it well but every time it turns out sticky. pls suggest Wat to do or should i make the fresh clay

  23. Beautiful Flowers! I Like this vídeo very much! You and your son are Great! Thanks a Lot for sharing your Art! All the Best from Brasil!

  24. Hi Sangeeta I like your recipe and found it very useful. I wonder whether you are still holding your webinars. I joined your classes which were so inspiring and informative. Please do let me know. With warm wishes from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  25. People following this tutorial please be careful about how long you cook your CP because i did mine 1min 30s as per the video but it came out slightly overcooked because my bowl was of a different kind than whatever she used in the video.
    I would say do shorter intervals and watch for the required consistency

  26. I love your flowers! I wanted to add that I make a cold porcelain clay using Elmers Glue all no oil in the mix also calcum carbonate or gymsum and cornstarch. so one cup of gymsum 2 large over flowing teaspons of cornstarch for the dry ingrediants and them one half cup of the white glue, 2 teaspons of vinager. Then after i Have cooked it in the mic i put it out onto plastic rap and oil it with mineral oil then knead the clay on it until it is cool. this clay does not crack and is hard as a rock when it has dried. I make flowers and sculptures with it. I love it.

  27. I do not know to thank.I wish the greatest sucess for your son today already in university.I have seen two other videos of you teaching how make roses,leaves,etc.It was very well explained and thank you very much for your answer.A big hug for both my and my beautiful country Portugal.Do you know?If you do not know,i hope that one day i,ll do it.

  28. Dear Sangeeta I did make the
    Porcelain but it got out I think too strong
    Can I make it on a stove /fire?
    Thank you

  29. Beautiful! Thank you to your adorable son for his presentation he did a very good job and cute. Please, what is tempura paint please and thank you very much?

  30. Hi, What other glue can be substituted for tacky glue as tacky glue is expensive in my country and not readily available. Thanks

  31. Hi. We don't get brand of glue here in South Africa. Is it craft glue? Thank you for your recipe. Much appreciated 😊

  32. I love your work , the flowers are amazing, but i need to tell you, your son is adorable,……god bless him ……I watched the video three times just to watch him…..i wish both of you the best of luck

  33. The Petal Porcelain I know is liquid you then sumerge the artificial flower in it, let it dry them you paint the flowers, and you make the flowers!! I will try see what happens, I hanever have made flowers, you work is beautifully done, thank you🤗

  34. Wow wonderful flowers, your clay is so smooth, I just made some cold porcelain clay from a different channel. They were very good, but your tutorial was amazing. I'm asking for your DVD as a Christmas gift 🎄thank you

  35. "Wow, what a talented woman!" You are so cute but also, very right. She is a very talented woman with a very sweet son.

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