April 1, 2020

Banggood Dropshipping – Order fulfillment on Shopify using Importify

Hey guys, in this video I’m gonna show
you how to use the auto fulfillment feature of importify, to order products
from banggood after receiving new orders at your shop. So after receiving a
new order we will go to importify dashboard and we will select “order list” from the menu. Here we can see all the orders that exist in the shop and we will select the Banggood order that we want to fulfill and we’re gonna click
on the order button. Importify will auto redirect you to Banggood site and
will automatically choose the variants for the order. Then it will redirect you
to the checkout page. In the checkout page click on the auto
fulfill order button. The customer details will be auto filled in the
checkout form. Then just complete your payment details and place the order. That’s it, Thank you for using Importify!

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