March 28, 2020
Backlink HACKS (The Easy way to Index Faster)

Backlink HACKS (The Easy way to Index Faster)

hey everyone is Neil Patel here for another Q&A Thursday I’m here with Adam Liddell chief from viewership hello everyone and this week’s question is this one is from Jonathan D our CEO and basically Jonathan’s been doing a great job writing his blog on medium and he says I’ve been building high domain authority over 50 DA backlinks to my site but for some reason the backlinks aren’t indexing he’s checked HR EPS and he sees that he’s missing a bunch long story short he’s trying to find out is there a way to get your backlinks to show up faster yes there is a way to get your backlinks to get indexed faster one thing before I go into how to do that keep in mind Atrios is in google sem rush majestic all these tools even neil patel i am not google what just because we don’t pick something up doesn’t mean that google is not picking something up they spend hundreds and hundreds if not billions of dollars on servers and resources to make google work they’re more likely to pick anything up before anyone else in addition to that I know a lot of sites that block the Atrix crawler the sem rush crawler which causes these sites to not pick up every single backlink out there here’s what I would do though one ignore 4hrs or SEM rush or anyone picks up the link it doesn’t really matter just keep building amazing high-quality relevant links to don’t focus on domain Authority domain Authority although all of us SEO talk about it and yes they say it’s a leading indicator if Google likes a link or doesn’t like the link it’s not a number that Google uses they have their own metrics and I bet it’s quite a bit off compared to what Google is using and if you look at hrs Maus and majestic their domain Authority number drastically ranges who’s right who’s wrong I don’t know all I know is more quality relevant backlinks that are natural help you rank better so relevant as in its in your niche not just something real like you don’t want a dentist site linking to a computer or website right can and that’s fine but it doesn’t really help that much you want highly relevant articles like if you got pressed for magazine or a newspaper online version of it and they link to you and yeah the newspaper you know also talks about politics and all these other things but that’s a cool mention that’s a cool awesome press piece you got a link that kind of stuff is amazing when you’re building these links again go for relevancy ignore if hrs or whoever is picking them up and what you should focus on if you want Google to pick it up faster take that URL that link to you you can share it on the social web because they’re looking at a lot of different signals out there they have deals with some of these data priors or at least they used to they may not anymore who knows they don’t always talk about it but get it social shares gets more people from viewing it from their chrome browsers which then will increase the chance that the link will get crawled faster another thing you can do is just take that URL plugged into your Chrome browser and another thing you can do is take that URL do a Google search for that URL sometimes that’ll cause them to pick it up faster and you don’t really have to do much more than that you did some social shares you got people to view it from their Chrome browser you tried visiting a site you searched for that URL event you’ll get picked up I wouldn’t worry too much of what’s getting picked up what’s not just do your job of building good links let the surgeons do their job it’s a multi-billion dollar company technically Google’s worth like seven eight hundred billion I don’t even know what they’re going on their way to potentially a trillion dollar company if they want to organize the world’s information that means whatever sites linking to you is included in that and that’s their mission organize the world’s information not just online everywhere so you could bet that they’re gonna do whatever to pick up that you are up yeah that’s amazing good hacks and just on that note as well a one strategy that I’ve used when it comes to promoting like press pieces if you get an awesome mention let’s say New York Times or wherever Boston Globe or wherever you can actually promote that on Facebook and then anyone who clicks on that then you market them another message so basically they’ve seen this cool press piece for you know showing your company and all the awesome things you do and then anyone who clicks on that then you market them with direct marketing message which basically it raises your value or raises your authority and I didn’t prove your ability to get that backlink even given and you can even do the same thing with that article that’s linking to you you can just yeah that’s a boost it right I know Adams matching press it’s the same concept you can just boost it you don’t even have to do the retargeting ad in which you’re showing them other ads that’ll probably help get it picked up faster as well right yeah cool well that’s it for this week’s Q&A Thursday video thank you for watching if you have a comment or a question that you want answer it on next week’s video leave a comment below either way I’ll respond to it and answer it thank you for watching make sure you subscribe comment share like tell the people about the video we appreciate everything thank you for watching

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  1. Thanks for all the free amazing help Neil. Short and sweet question for you. If you can only choose one tool….SEMRush or Ahrefs?

  2. Wow Neil thanks for the answer concerning backlinks indexing. I really love the new update on Ubersuggest. I just want to ask if additional countries like (Nigeria) can be added. I use ubersuggest alot but I dont see suggestions for Nigeria. Thanks

  3. Does Google give slight favour over a site that links to YouTube? If you had two identical optimised sites and one site had a link to YouTube, would that site rank higher than the site without a link to YouTube?

  4. Hey Neil, l realy want to start an online bussines(blog). But l leave in EU, can l do it, and most importantly can l sell my digital product?

  5. Sir my website gane good Alexa ranking but my website keywords could couldn't rank. Sir How I rank keywords. Competition on keywords is very low.
    I made .edu backlink also.

  6. Hey Neil, love your videos! I'll get straight to the point — my team and I are creating a 10k long, comprehensive blog post (relevant to our audience) that surpasses our competitors' ones in all regards. It goes live next week, and I was planning to do email outreach to promote it and leverage Facebook ads to incite engagement.
    When it comes to building backlinks, I use "Moz Site Explorer" to see who links to my competitors for that same topic, and try to reach out to them with a better resource. Do you think that there's high conversion with this approach, or do you recommend focusing more on link roundups, and resource pages? Or perhaps all three?

    Waiting for your answer.

  7. Hey Neil!

    I'm getting better at structured data in webmaster. But how do I created a knowledge panel for my client, who is a well-known Doctor, to show up when they search his name. Also, is this even something that can help rank their site/ services?

  8. Interesting, I understood that boosting FB posts was a waste of money? Though that applied to pre-launch marketing for Crowdfundng. I guess doing for backlinks is more valuable?

  9. Sir I want to rank for ''shoe manufacturers in India'' but there is website which deals and ranks for manufacturers of everything. How can I rank in my niche ?

  10. Hy neil you are amazing as always i am going to make a IG marketing agency please suggest me some required tool GOD bless you

  11. hey Neil i appreciate your hard work and i have many research since 5 years about Google seo so i want to chat with you for discussion.

  12. Hey Neil I have been subbed to ur channel I make Instrumentals and post to YouTube how can I get my Instrumental channel out to more ppl ?

  13. I have an affiliate coupon website and you know that coupons are available for every service starting from health to beauty and resturant.

    Now I am using content marketing to get customers/users. Here the problem comes.

    If I write content about all the coupon categories such as health, beauty, travel, makeup etc. In Google's eyes, it will be a site which doesn't have any niche.

    So what can I do? Should I make different subdomains for different coupon categories to publish contents? But then each of them will become seperate new sites in Google's eyes!

    Please give your advice regarding this! Thank you. Love from India!

  14. Great tips Neil! I was actually thinking about why Ahrefs isn't indexing some of the links that I've built during the past few weeks.

  15. Hi Neil, My facebook page got blocked. And I have no idea about the reason. I have not violated any of Facebook's policy yet they arent unblocking my page. Could you please share some hacks how to not fall into this pit if I choose to create my facebook page again from the scratch.

  16. Hey guys! Can I exchange do follow backlinks with the both of you? We are struggling to get our DA above 35. Could really use some help. Thanks!

  17. Kindly consider my question for Q & A Thursday . Q- How to drive from USA or Australia to a website hosted in India in a cheap way? The main issue is that our services are virtual and this is in reference to an assignment help team name Genius Assignment Help. Blogging is basically not our genre so would appreciate something else. We have mostly desktop based visitors. Thanks in advance.

  18. Hi Neil!
    You do realy great job, congrats for you!
    What do you think about linking from sites with another language. Its good for your site or you linking from sites only with this same language ?

  19. Hi Neil, Adam, thanks for such an awesome work, you are #1 Q & A marketing / SEO vblog! My question might be repeated but please try to go the deepest you can go so nobody has this question ever again: Is it worth in 2018 buy backlinks, if your competition has tons of backlinks and you think they are cheating, even if you are doing an excelent SEO work but you can't beat them to win and recover #1 position again? Should I try to buy some, how many would be safe to buy and how much would you say cost high quality backlinks to have an idea of Good ones from crap? Thanks in advance!

  20. If you get referral traffic from any website than it means that the website giving you referral traffic must contain your website link whether its dofollow or nofollow.
    Is I am right or wrong.

  21. Thanks for informative video Neil, but the thing is if we create 50 backlinks in a week then how can I share all links on social media every week

  22. I am trying to take my product global but when I am trying to translate to other languages I am not able to find the right keywords. Any suggestions on how we can find the right keywords and then find relevant backlinks in languages that I don't speak?

  23. Most websites have nofollow links, its worth to build nofollow links? Do Google rank up websites, when i build nofollow links?

  24. I just found that I get referral traffic from some websites while very few comes from adult content website. Whose links I can't find on gsc, ahrefs, semrush. Is i have to disavow the adult content website through which I get one or two referral traffic. I personally don't know how these happens. I found little decline in traffic.

  25. Hi Neil

    I have somebody helping me with SEO on my website for a local gardening business in London. my question is how many keywords can be worked on in 3 months ? is there a limit, does it takes weeks or days to go for w.g from 10 -100 keywords?

    Appreciate all your info!


  26. Hey Neil, for ranking an ecommerce website. Can we pay a few thousand people to search for a keyword, scroll to our listing, click through to site, click button on page to go deeper in site, then screenshot a countdown timer after 1 minute on the second page. (Submit the the screenshot to us for proof to get paid)

    Would this help rank higher in Google?

  27. Hey Neil, How Much time backlinks take to showing the result in Search Engine (Some People Say 3 Months and some say 1 month but I want to know from You)

  28. Sir I want your help I saw a site on Google ranking on 7th position of a really competitive keyword WhatsApp status with 0 back links and no on page optimization and the domain authority of the website was 8 and it was 1 month old website and no content only download links of videos sir how is this possible

  29. Hi, Neil Thanks for Video.
    I have a question About Traffic. I am from India and I need purely traffic on our website from UK and USA. What strategy works for particular location Traffic. Please Give a suggestion. Thanks

  30. My question is: if I did backlinks from the USA to Israel to my website from site like Pinterest. This website big authority but because of this website in English and my website in Hebrew, us this a problem? When do you say this backlink isn't good, this kind of backlinks not help grow your business?

  31. Hello Neil, I am your big fan. In this year, I am facing some problems with Facebook. I shared my blog post for the first time on Facebook (just 1 time). After 2 days, I noticed that my website URL blocked by Facebook (My website age was just 5 day). Now I stopped sharing my posts on Facebook because the same thing happened with my 2 other websites. What can I do? And why facebook blocking websites without any reason?

  32. Hi Neil
    That we are doing the off page activities like classifed, business listing, image sharing, and many more, but I want ask that which off page activities increase high traffic and blacklinks. Many a websites are their in that same are unsecured which harm the backlink quality.

    Would you suggested me that which is best website of off page activities, which free websites for India base…where I can generate more backlinks with quality base..

  33. Hello Neil.
    Firstly, thanks for you advice so far I've learned a lot from a lot of videos on YouTube. My question is, how do I generate more traffic for a website for which the number or variety of keywords is huge but except for a keyword or two, the search volume is really less. Even the popular ones have a search volume less than 1000/ month and yet the CPC for some of those keywords is as high as $28 on Google. The keywords though are so specific that content curation doesn't help a lot. And, yes there is future for this sort of business to grow on the web because some of our competitors generate as much as 400K+ visitors a month. And, the only noticeable off-page activity they concern themselves with are Paid Press Releases(some of them are reliable but a majority of them do not look so good after all). I'm pretty much in the waters here man, would appreciate some help(even a little).

  34. 0:24 why don't you use google webmaster console ? Its great to track not just Backlinks but SERP and many more. And guess what, its FREE !

  35. Hello ,Neill. Me chamo Pedro e sou do Brasil. Sou iniciante no SEO e tenho dificuldades de produzir conteúdos para blogs. Você poderia dar alguma dica de produção de conteúdo?

  36. Hey neil i am following you since one week,i have started to work on my blog since a week now still now i am able to get only 50/day pageviews i donot know how to improve you.please help me out.. i also mailed you since you mailed me to feel free to mail you for any query but you did not reply to me. and i joined your last webinar and booked a call but still now nobody of you has called me.

  37. Hey Neil, really appreciate you!!! Do you have a blog post or list somewhere of all the tools you use for SEO and what each tool does? I'm taking notes from many of your videos but it'd be great to have them all in one place. Thanks!

  38. Hi Neil, I have a question: I am getting some backlinks from irrelevant pages, and they also redirecting the links to there website home page. So how can I resolve the issue?

  39. thanks for sharing important information. so sir how to quora question answer increase traffic for usa base? please suggest me.

  40. hey neil what matters more index links or none index links? because i check Ahrefs and some bad links are showing up, someone trying to spam out my site. but when i go into my google webmaters am not seeing those links. should i disavow those bad links that are showing up in ahrefs ? or because the links don't show up in my webmaters backlinks they don't matter?

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