April 3, 2020
B2B eCommerce personalization tactics that earned SnapAV a 60% uplift in engagement

B2B eCommerce personalization tactics that earned SnapAV a 60% uplift in engagement

My name’s Emily Bollman. I’m the Digital Marketing
Manager at SnapAV in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are a B2B home and audio-visual manufacturer and distributor. We are currently the
Goliath in our industry, so it is hard for us
to find new customers, so the way that we grow is to increase the spend of our current customers and get them buying more of our products that they don’t already buy. Personalization is the
foundation for our company. We try and make every
touch, every experience with our dealer very personalized. They have certain buying
behaviors and they are creatures of habit, so we have to know what those are so that we can
take care of them properly. The way we use Dynamic
Yield to get our customers to buy products they don’t already buy is that we use our knowledge
of our customer base. We look at a product that
would work well with another. We are a little different at SnapAV. When we built audiences
inside of Dynamic Yield, we didn’t go with the
recommended 20 or 30. We actually made hundreds
and hundreds of audiences to the tune of around 380. We use those audiences to understand their purchase behavior. One of the ways that we use
Dynamic Yield successfully is in our product recommendations. It’s great for us. We used to do it manually,
and Dynamic Yield allowed us to have all
of our product pages populated with recommendations. They update when a product goes legacy. We don’t have to manually
go and take something out. The operational savings that it gave our company was huge. With Dynamic Yield, our
recommended products click-through rate went up
about 40-60% given the day, so that was our manual
strategy where we thought we were being as smart as we could by recommending a product, but when we let machine learning make
the decisions for us, the engagement soared. I would recommend Dynamic
Yield because it is intuitive to use, it’s simple to hook up with the platform that you’re using, and the support is outstanding.

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