January 18, 2020
B12 Website Builder Review: AI Generated Websites Are Real???? [2019]

B12 Website Builder Review: AI Generated Websites Are Real???? [2019]

Robots designing websites for free. Honestly do I
have to say more because if that doesn’t pique your interest I’m sorry but we
can’t be friends. But seriously I do a lot of work with various web hosting
providers and website builders. So to see something done that I haven’t seen
before is quite surprising and completely automated website creation
using artificial intelligence might sound like a mouthful but that’s exactly
what B12 website builder is offering. Or at least claims to offer but you know me
I’m not just gonna take their word for it I’m gonna test it for myself. So, let’s
see how a website created by spooky robots looks like. Well… they’re probably not that spooky. Upon getting started everything seems very user friendly you feed some
data into the algorithm and it should pump out a website that’s perfect for
you, just for fun let’s add as the same address that B12 is located at maybe it
will cause a glitch. Looks like it doesn’t but here is where it gets tricky I
want to create a review or a blog style website but B12 doesn’t offer that as
one of the options. And, what I find weird is that VC funds is one of the options
but a simple blog is not ? Well, since there is no blog or review website
category I guess I’ll go with the personal website. Hmmm, the best two words that
would describe my website and brand? I would have to say we’re going with
conservative yet sexy. Okay, looks like that’s all the information that our
robot overlords require at the moment. So, let’s see what they have prepared for us.
First impressions? Not great. I can get better results with just about any theme
WordPress or Wix offers and it just looks bland and uninspired. So, I tried
again and found a similar result even some of the images that were added
automatically were terrible quality and should never be on the website in the
first place. If this is the best that artificial intelligence can create in
2019 consider me not impressed. I’ve definitely seen some better themes for
free and if this is the best they can offer I’m definitelly
not afraid of Skynet anytime soon. Looks like the completely automated website
creation only acts as the base for your website. Then, you’re able to customize it
further so let’s see how that works. We’re gonna say:
– “screw you robot overlords”
and completely overwrite the decisions they just made by making our
own adjustments to the AI design. You’re able to change fonts, add logos, change
templates and much more but all of that is boring and we’ve seen it a million
times before with website builders like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and a million
others. And that’s not what I’m here for I’m here to see the artificial
intelligence and the goddamn robots work. I’m going to feed the algorithm
additional details about my business and see how my website changes. I want to
publish content on my website and of course monetize it. I’ll add a couple of
example websites and describe my plan of attack to B12. Okay, so this is new this
is interesting you can hire a writer through B12 to fill in the content for
you. That’s convenient, depending on how good and knowledgeable their copywriters are. Moving on we can add some additional features to your website. But I’m not
sure how all of this works. So far all we’ve done is clicked a bunch of buttons
and answered questions but our website stayed the same. Another problem I have
with this is that they give you options but don’t explain what they are. If I’m a
website creating beginner I have no idea what to Drift or MailChimp or the B12
contact form is. So, I’ll type in “I don’t know” and see how the algorithm reacts.
WHAT? schedule a call? Where are the robots? I was promised robots and I want
robots! The sucky part about this? Now I can’t even proceed creating my website
without scheduling a call first. If you’ve set some time aside today and
said to yourself: – Hey, today I’m going to create my website!
Well this acts as the soft lock not letting you proceed any further without
scheduling and having the call. Kinda ruining your day? Maybe? A little bit?
Because personally I hate talking on the phone myself and I wish they would have
chat or email support for this or would just let you skip it completely. Or even
better yet bust out that artificial intelligence that was promised because
so far I haven’t really seen it in action. Okay, so now I’ll schedule the
call and I’ll have in a couple of days but for you through
the magic of editing is gonna be pretty Welcome back it’s been a couple
of days for me since I tried having the call with the B12 representatives
without much luck sadly. Because, my first attempt ended in just a five-minute
conversation and then the call got disconnected. I’m still not fully sure if
the problems were on my end, was it some sort of a connectivity issue or they
just maliciously dropped the call on me. Because you can listen to some of our
voice clips right now. To get you started it usually takes us around two weeks to do the full customization of a website. So, basically I wouldn’t have to do any
design work myself? I just tell you what I want and you do it for me sort of
like a freelancer? Just like more professional right? Yeah pretty much
so it’s it’s kind of the best of both worlds it’s we like to think of it as
like a somewhere in between having the services of like an agency that would do
a really professional job for you but the prices of someone who’s freelance.
the best of yeah. So, just to be clear is this call specifically for your
review? For your YouTube channel? or are you actually looking to purchase the
website. It’s just for the review but I think we can like work on the website I
am interested in how the full product looks and I do have a paid account just
like a registered on another email if that’s needed. So, it’s both for the
review and I want to look how one to see how the website turns out itself. But the
first problem I actually ran into when I was setting everything. So, as soon
as that happened I tried calling them back and explained that the call got
disconnected but I only got to talk with the voicemail I left them a voice mail
explaining everything and I expected a call back but I didn’t get one.
Hey Cait? Can you hear me? Record your message at the tone after you are done
press pound. The third time I went right back to the website and scheduled
another meeting for another day thinking that maybe it’s some technical difficulties.
But just a couple of hours before our meeting I get a notification saying that
it was cancelled and no cancellation reason was given to me. Following this
cancellation this was the last time I’ve heard from any of the B12
representatives because following this they haven’t even tried contacting me
through the phone or email ever again. And I didn’t want to contact them myself
for the fourth time because at this point I think I made a critical mistake
of telling them that I’m doing a review about them and for some reason now they
don’t even want to talk to me anymore. So, this is a good lesson for me in the
future that next time I should try to be more sneaky and engage full-on stealth
mode. And of course no stealth mode would be completed without the obligatory
smoke bomb. What the B12 agent managed to explain to
me during our short conversation is that they rely very heavily on human
designers to finish your website. Because, only in very extreme and rare cases do
they publish something that was created by the AI alone. What the service is
really selling you is a designer and a writer that will make the website
for you. Or more accurately with you. I don’t understand why they didn’t just go
with that in the first place I was really hyped to see some machine
learning implementation solutions to determine where’s the best place to put
your buttons, how much text people read, and stuff like that. But the AI is more
like a randomizer where the templates definitely aren’t visually stunning or
complex in any way and the fact that you have to schedule a call and have it
reviewed by someone before you even get a chance to edit your website is a big
no for me. Because, I personally don’t like making phone calls
I would rather edit the website in silence. However, I’ve taken the liberty
and checked out what kind of performance you can expect their performance was great. But I didn’t monitor it for very long. In 1 week my B12 website experienced no
downtime. The average response rate was 351 milliseconds.
This is much better than most hosting providers can give you so I’m really
surprised in that regard. If we would have a quick look at the pricing
anything beyond the basic plan is quite aggressive in terms of pricing. The basic
plan however is pretty good value for what you’re getting compared to
something like Wix. So, if you’re interested in the idea of working
together with designers and writers on your website I recommend you start there. But again it depends on how much effort the designer puts in. I won’t say much
about the premium SEO or SEO Pro plans because I need to do more testing to see
if they’re actually worth it. Overall around 1 week has passed since
I try to create my website with the B12 website builder but even now I can’t
edit a single element on my web page I can’t schedule another call because they
keep canceling on me and there’s not much support to think of. Ultimately I
wasn’t able to create a website with the B12 website builder. So, this was only a
first look video at the B12 website builder I’ll do a full review some times
in the future because I think the idea is interesting enough and they have a
lot of potential. It’s a shame that I couldn’t get the service to work out the
way it’s supposed to. But for that I’ll probably need to go
undercover, because at the moment it seems like B12 is straight up refusing
to work with me and normally that wouldn’t be a problem but their whole
business model is based on these one-on-one interactions so without them
I simply cannot continue. Subscribe if you’re interested to see how the story
ends. My name is Emit with the hosting.review team and as always good luck creating
your websites!

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  2. interesting review! and an interesting accent:)
    oh all these ai-based saases )) maybe if some behemoth companies like oracle, microsoft or google will start their research, we could wait for something good, for now so called ai is not more than a clickbait.

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