April 7, 2020
AVIS HELIUM 10 : LE TOP Pour VENDRE SUR AMAZON [Coupon Réduction dispo]

AVIS HELIUM 10 : LE TOP Pour VENDRE SUR AMAZON [Coupon Réduction dispo]

Hi A-team Today, it’s a great moment because it’s the famous test of helium 10 I try it for few months I know it very well It’s so huge Stay tuned, you see that on the review in few minutes There are 12 functions It’s very complete for an Amazon seller how is the test going? It’s the same steps than for the other reviews We talk about ergonomy, functions, fiability and quality price It’s very simple to understand for you First thing, ergonomy Overall, it’s easy to understand with a clear and precise design You have tutorials to understand the different functions Indeed, the names of the functions are a little strange! You can understand with tutos, no worries Ergonomy is simple, all in the same page You can choose functions on the left You can find demo, contact with support if you need The tool is very simple to use nothing more to add If you don’t speak English, you can use Google translator or use my link to buy Helium 10 I send you French E-learning to understand how to use Helium 10 I explain to you each functions on this video I explain to you each functions You get 10% off with my coupon code in the description ALLAIN10 : 10% off lifetime ALLAIN50 : 50% off for the first month Check the description and the first comment I let you see the review but this tool is very great. Don’t forget to empty the cookies before using my promo codes Let me show you every functions 1 by 1 I open Amazon in my browser First function : Black box It’s a niche hunter You can find hot products to sell on Amazon Of course you can find products for every Amazon platforms : FR / IT / ES / DE / UK / USA / CA Let me try on Amazon France You can analyze competitors too Focus on “marketplace” Categories : select you niche You can choose price target My exemple : Between 20 and 40 euros You can choose products with a minimum of reviews. In my example : minimum 15 Click on “research” and wait some secondes wait Please wait 🙂 More 200 products found You can see number of sellers, monthly sales, turnover, BSR, reviews You can add on your list or go to product on amazon You can see directly to Amazon You can check if all is OK It’s great for products research You can use “advanced research” You can select only products with X minimum monthly sales 100 for France is great, for US you can select more than 500 monthly Or select only FBA products etc etc Check results with my filters Only 5 products You can find new idea safe deposit box, WTF ? lol You can decrease or increase Niche hunter is very easy to use New example Trendster function You can see trends This function is not very important Let me show you an example Cat collar You can add asin and keywords And you can see trends on 1 year / 3 months etc etc For price and BSR (best seller ranking) You can see if the product has been selling for a long time or not You select 1 asin on Amazon And you add 1 keyword Click on “research” Fuck, choose the right country 😉 wait 😉 You can see evolution blue=trend and period Green=price Same thing than google trends It’s not a revolution Magnet : Keyword research Soooo hot function ! I love it Let me show you with the same example : Cat collar (collier chat in French) Magnet give you keywords for your long tail on Amazon 🙂 You can have the right keywords for your ads and PPC campaign It’s so fucking crazy You can add filters You can see keywords with volume of research You can choose your right keywords to improve your amazon’s ads You can see all keywords You can find crazy keywords with few competitors Also, you can see competitors for each keyword Organic and sponsored So, you can check if keyword will be expensive or not (PPC campaign) Few competitors=cheap price Hot competitors=Expensive price In my example, you can see few competitor in “headline” So, private label strategy is good thing for business beacause you have few competitors but you need to create your own brand and 3 products in the same niche For example, this keyword has only 6 competitors in headline (ppc campaign) CPR=Sales volume required over 8 days to be on the front page For example “collier chat” : Need 20 sales over 8 days to be on the first page on Amazon Magnet is very hot I show another example but i think you understand 😉 Magnet is so great ! Cerebro=reverse asin It’s very rare function. Just saw it with Egrow tool Select an asin Choose your country You can see all keywords used to find this product !!! It’s so ammmaaaaziinnnggg So, you can see keywords, research volume, CPR8 days etc etc You can spy competitors It’s very hot If you are or want become hot seller, you need Helium 10 You can save time and see direcly hot Keywords Check country every time 🙂 I leave the errors in the assembly another example, same thing You can see long tails You can try each keywords in your ppc campaign for example And you can check competitors It’s very powerful select competitors You can launch a research with several competitors for big long tail Magnet and cerebro=very very hot functions i love it save time and money for your ppc campaign and copywriting Krankeinstein : Keyword processor It’s hot for copywriting you will avoid duplicating keywords It’s perfect for research terms in amazon back end Scribbles You choose your country Copy and paste your keywords you fill in the columns : Title etc To make it simple, when you indicate all your keywords, there will be a color code You will then know if you have already used the keywords a lot The goal is to indicate all the keywords on your list You will be able to enter as many keywords as possible in your ad You have to know a minimum because it’s not that easy Avoid duplication
etc etc At my level, I didn’t see any big improvement using scribbles If you’re bad, it’s bound to help you improve. Index checker, not very important Check if your keywords are visible on Amazon or not Same example with cat collar You can see if keywords are Ok Keyword tracker You can see the evolution of the positions of your keywords You can see ranking for each keyword and evolution day after day You can see research volume Position and evolution upwards and downwards You can see trends You can analyze each keyword to improve your ads If you have modified the ad, you will be able to see if you have had positive or negative results on your keywords Trends of 1 product you can skip notes What is important is to have good positioning on the best keywords In this example, I am quite good on 2 or 3 keywords The first keyword is the best of my ad, I’m on page 1 so it’s cool Hijacker alert It’s simple, you choose your asin and you will receive an alert message If another seller grafts himself on your ad It’s necessary with private label strategy You save time every day Inventory protector You have to synchronise your amazon’s account API account You can protect stock if you use Free coupon You can choose maximum of use with coupon code For example, you choose your country and indicate that coupon X must be used 50 times maximum refund genie You need wait 30 days After you know you’re going to ask for refunds for the products Products damaged or lost in the amazon warehouse you save time and money refunds can be much higher than the Helium 10 subscription Coupon code in the description 🙂 Thanks to the report, you can contact amazon and ask for a refund Last thing : Misspelling It works only in English You can find keywords with spelling mistakes good for your copywriting 😉 Helium 10 is really the most powerful tool for keywords and follow your keywords it is very complete Is it reliable? Try black box Let me check spigen products old competitor 🙂 I know very well The sales estimates are really good a little advice, the estimates should give you a broad idea If a competitor sells 400 or 450 products per month, it doesn’t matter What matters is to see that the product is selling well Examples are Ok all seems ok This tool is a lamborghini! The quality/price ratio is good especially with the use of my promotion code ALLAIN10 You can try Helium 10 for free don’t forget to clear out the cookies and your history before you go through my link You’ll be sure that my pr omo code will work You can try free plan Use my link in description or first comment You can try for free ! A la carte plan=Not good because it’s expensive Platinum plan is great for 99% of amazon sellers It’s enough It’s full 2500 keyword tracked Hijacker for 300 asins it’s for 1 user good quality price ratio 97 usd with my coupon code ALLAIN10=88 usd only It’s lifetime 1 year=(97-88)*12=108 usd more in your pocket you need only Helium 10 Especially for Amazon.com If you don’t have any software to help you sell on amazon buy only Helium 10 Diamond plan, only 0.1% of sellers need it platinum plan is good If you have private label strategy, buy platinum plan If you are big seller , you can buy diamond plan So, my link + coupon codes are in description or first comment Don’t forget to empty your cookies For beginners, don’t need more than platinum

26 thoughts on “AVIS HELIUM 10 : LE TOP Pour VENDRE SUR AMAZON [Coupon Réduction dispo]

  1. Helium 10 : https://crushtrk.com/?a=645&c=7&p=r&s1=

    Code ALLAIN10 : 10% de remise à vie

    Code ALLAIN50 : 50% de remise le premier mois

    FORMATION OFFERTE sur Helium 10 si tu passes par mon lien.

    1°) Vide tes cookies et ton historique de navigation

    2°) Clique sur le lien pour prendre Helium 10 (version 97 usd suffit largement) : https://crushtrk.com/?a=645&c=7&p=r&s1=

    3°) Envoi moi la preuve d'achat à [email protected]

    4°) Je t'ouvre un accès à la formation Helium 10

    5°) Tu exploses tes ventes 🙂

    L'article complet : http://amaztool.fr/avis-helium-10/

  2. Bonjour Alain très bonne vidéo. Tu as parlé de 2 sites gratuit pour supprimer les doublons, tu peut me dire lesquels car je l'est pas trop bien entendu ? Thanks

  3. Tres bonne video. Je vais me lancer aussi. Je voudrais savoir quel sont les meilleures sites en termes de qualiter prix pour acheter en gros .

  4. Bonsoir, comment ajoutez un produit non emballée sur Amazon ?Exemple: Drap de bain dans des cartons mais pas emballée .
    Es que je peux les emballée dans des plastiques et envoyer le stock a amazon ?

  5. Merci pour cette vidéo. J'ai déjà souscrit à egrow (lors de ta vidéo démo) sinon j'aurais souscrit direct. J'aime tes vidéos : claires, nettes avec des exemples précis et en toute transparence !
    Vive la A-team 🙂

  6. est ce que on peu utiliser juste le code barre d un article (chaussures ou vetements) pour le mettre en vente sur amazon ? et par 100 article et plus.

  7. slt olivier je voudrai savoir comment faire pour obtenir l'abonnement d'un mois de ce logiciel.j'ai cherché sur internet mais sans succès!!!

  8. Après je pense que pour un débutant sur FBA, le menu à la carte convient le mieux. Entre les black box, magnet, frankeinstein, cerebro et Cie, il va se demander mais "à quoi çà sert tout çà?". En plus, rien que le nom, çà peut l effrayer: "cerebro, c est un truc qui va exploser quelques neuronnes de mon système cérébral. ….. Je vais commencer trankilou par black box et le reste on verra petit à petit… "
    En tout cas merci pour ton lien de réduction sur helium 10 Olivier.

  9. salut olivier, il faut preciser ce qu'il y a dans chaque formule, par exemple je viens de prendre la formule à 97euro et ya pleins de fonctionnalité que t'as montré dans la video qui n'y sont pas, surtout magent et cerebro

  10. Bonjour Olivier, super ta vidéo. Dis moi, pourquoi je n'ai pas le volume de recherche exact et Large sur le magnet? Merci pour ton attention

  11. Qui peut me répondre sil vous plait : l'abonnement est-il sans engagement ? Genre si cela me convient pas dans six mois, pourrais-je me désabonner facilement ? Merci d'avance.

  12. salut, comment ça ce fait que le CPR8_day d'Helium10 est a 368 ventes par mois pour etre en première page pour un certain mot clé et que les produits en question pour ce mot clé qui sont en premiere page ne font pas du tous autant de vente, le produit le mieux vendu de ce mot clé est a 131 vente par mois?

  13. ce serait bien d'annoncer aux gens qu'il s'agit d'une video de promotion et que ton avis là dessus n'est pas forcement objectif, cela permettraient aux gens de garder un certain recul vis à vis de l'éloge que tu fais à ce logiciel de manière à leur laisser la possibilité de se renseigner sur d'autres logiciels existant et plus performants…

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