February 18, 2020

Automated Photo Print Fulfillment for WordPress – Complete Overview

With automated print fulfillment
in Nextgen gallery pro. You can not only create
beautiful online galleries, but also enable your customers to
purchase professional prints and have them automatically ship directly from the
print lab right to their door to enable automated print fulfillment on your site. First visit the ecommerce set up page and
complete the requirements listed here. You can even launch a wizard which
will walk you through each step of configuring the settings for ecommerce
and the print lab integration. But in this video, I’ll quickly walk you
through these settings one at a time. First, we’ll visit the general ecommerce options
to select which pages you’d like to use for checkout, order confirmation cancellation
and digital downloads. Next, be sure you’ve entered your studio’s
name, address, and a contact email. You can also enable sales tax
calculations using tax jar, a popular third party
service that automatically
calculate sales tax depending on your customer’s location. Be Sure
to save these options before moving on. Next, you’ll need to configure
at least one payment gateway. You can enable paypal if you
like or accept credit card
payments by enabling the stripe gateway. But for quick testing,
you can enable the test gateway, which will not actually process or
collect any payments. All right, next, select the print lab integration tab. Now you’ll need to enter a valid credit
card if you want to use automated print fulfillment, but you won’t be charged until a customer
submits a print lab order on your site. At that point,
the print lab, we’ll bill your card for the wholesale
cost of the prince and shipping. Enter your credit card information, then click update to save your card
information securely with stripe. The next step is to create a price list.
Click add new, then enter a name for your price list. Next click add product and select WHCC
prints to add the print items that are available from our lab partner,
White House custom color. Now we’ve preselected the most
popular WHCC print items for you, including canvas prints,
traditional mounted prints, and regular prints. In different finishes,
you can choose which products to offer, but for now I’ll just click add product
to add all these items to our price list and now you can view a list of the
products that will be available to your customers,
your wholesale cost, and the price you’ll charge
your customers for each product. You can override the prices if you
want or delete any item from the list. When you’re happy with the price list,
scroll to the bottom and click save. All right.
With our price list in place, there are only a few remaining
settings to configure. First, select gallery other options and enable
automatic resizing for uploaded images. You’ll also need to enable backups to
preserve your original high resolution images.
Next, select the lightbox effects tab and
choose the nextgen pro light box, which contains the interface for
adding items to a shopping cart. Before we leave, be sure to save
your changes to these options. Now we need to choose a gallery of images.
We’d like to sell. Click manage galleries to see
a list of your photo galleries. You can create a new gallery by uploading
some images or select an existing gallery from the list. Click to expand the gallery settings
and select your new price list from the dropdown menu. Then save
your changes. All right. With these settings in place, we’re
ready to insert this gallery into a page. Select pages, then choose an existing page
from the list or click add new. To create a new page,
enter a title for your page. Then click the button to insert a block. You can type next gen to search
for the Nextgen Gallery Block. Then click to add it to the page. Next,
click the button inside the gallery block. To add a nextgen gallery,
select the gallery we assign
the price list to earlier, and then choose how you’d
like your gallery to display. I’ll choose the pro mosaic display. Now before we insert this
gallery into the page, there’s one more important setting. Select
customize display settings at the top, and then enable ecommerce. This is what enables your customers
to order prints from your site, and now we can insert the gallery
into our page and that’s it. When we publish this page, our customers can not only
view the images in a gallery, but also purchase gorgeous prints. It will be automatically shipped
directly to their door, and of course, you can review orders placed through your
site and check on their status at any time. So why not for your time to do what you
do best while selling gorgeous prince to your customers with automated print
fulfillment in Nextgen gallery pro.

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