February 23, 2020
Auto Segmenting Subscribers – Ecommerce Email Marketing

Auto Segmenting Subscribers – Ecommerce Email Marketing

One of the most powerful things that you’ve
learned in this program is segmentation Creating buckets of people on your list that
have bought similar products or have interests in similar things When used correctly, segmentation allows us
to create hyper targeted email campaigns but with new subscribers, it can be hard to
segment them without any data If your sign up form only has one field and
that’s “email” You’re kind of going to be stuck when it comes
to segmentation later on. But in this section I’ve got a solution to
help you get around that You’re going to be creating an automated campaign
that is going to make people segment themselves They aren’t even going to know it’s happening
but they’re setting themselves up to receive hyper targeted campaigns later on The reason this automation is my favourite
is because it’s almost like having telepathy They’re pretty much going to tell you what
they want to buy and then later on you’re going to send a highly targeted and relevant campaign based
on their interest

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