April 2, 2020
Australia Post helping businesses pursuing cross-border ecommerce in China

Australia Post helping businesses pursuing cross-border ecommerce in China

China is the once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity. Chinese consumer has the most powerful consumption globally and
also when you look at it, China is right on our doorstep and have the largest
middle class in the world. And in fact the size of the middle class is larger
than the entire US population and more importantly they love what we do. By 2020
half of all Chinese online shoppers will have bought one item from cross-border
e-commerce and today there are more than 2000 Australian brands on our platform.
Very familiar products/brands in this local home markets but also now is very
popular in China. The biggest moving products I suppose are consumer products: Australian beef is really popular, a dairy products are really popular and
also health and well-being products are very popular complementary medicines are
vitamins they’re all absolutely booming in China
at the moment. We were one of the really early entrants
on the Australia Post Tmall store. I guess it gave us exposure to ecommerce
where we were not really ecommerce sellers. Our consumers look at it and
buyers look at it and they know it’s an Australian company, it’s a very
well-respected large Australian company so it helps to build that bridge. We’ve
been working with Australian posts for the last three to four years and we’ve
really leveraged upon their expertise and particularly their credibility being
a big Australian owned organisation to be able to leverage our brand awareness
and our brand loyalty and credibility within the Chinese market

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