April 10, 2020
Attacking 4th Quarter Dropshipping 2018 – Shopify Dropshipping Tips – Ecommerce Goals

Attacking 4th Quarter Dropshipping 2018 – Shopify Dropshipping Tips – Ecommerce Goals

it was going on guys
well I make sure that my fucking here myself make sure did you get myself hello it isn’t ok ok ok yeah PA myself ok cool cool cool
hey what’s going on guys Chris Keys I haven’t done a alive in a long time I’ve
been live in a long time but today I just wanted to you know show
face a little bit but also talk about a little bit of stuff right now regarding
regarding to UM drop shipping drop shipping fourth quarter this is around
the time that everybody is trying to get into dropship and what’s going on Gary
what’s going on Gary this is the time that everybody’s trying to get in to
drop shipping especially with the holidays coming up that Christmas coming
up all these holidays and everybody’s trying to get as much trying to get into
the piece of the pie you know honestly it was around and see a whole bag it was
going on Kirby um you know it was around this time that I got into drop shipping
well I got into drop shipping around November of 2016
within let me see December is when I got my big break in drop shipping in 2016
and my first 30 to 40 days I did over 30 K inside of drop shipping hey thanks for
the birthday wishes Henry and um like I said within the 30 or 40 days I did 30k
and drop shipping now I wish I started drop shipping
earlier in the fourth quarter because I kind of quote the ending of the fourth
quarter in 2016 and like I said you know within my first 30 to 40 days of doing
drop shipping in December of 2016 I did over 30k and some of you guys who
probably watched my first video that I ever posted up on YouTube I spoke about
that and also I think this is like my my full first year on YouTube even though
I’m not as consistent as everybody would want me to be consistent on YouTube but
um yeah this is my first year um and I just want to thank you all who just been
rocking out with me like I think you all just been rocking out with me and
everything um talk about your break to like product you did okay so um alright
let’s talk about my breakthrough because I know this is something that a lot of
people listen before we get into that you know like I said dropshipping
changed my life you know dropship Shipping changed my life and it opened
up many doors you know many opportunities for me because of the
stuff that I know now do drop shipping and that’s regarding Facebook ads and
everything right so um to talk about my breakthrough I started off in 2016 right
I started off in 2016 and well I started back again in 2016 I first tried
dropshipping Shopify and 2015 I gave up within a month and I know a lot of you
guys can can definitely relate to this you know when you’re starting off
especially in a new business or still relating it to some dropshipping you
know we its especially if you’re not a person who ever invested money into you
know um you know courses or anything like that if all of this is new to you
then when you when you bump into people who are actually winning and you know
you’ve seen them that they’re bringing big numbers you know as a newbie the
first thing say is I’m an like let me try to reach out to this person you know
so they could be able to help me because I want to get to where they’re
at you know that’s how you feel like I want to get to where they’re at so I
want let me reach out to this person and and this goes for it because I kind of
want you to understand how it is when you’re working with people who who are
showing their results out there in the public so you would reach out to them to
them and sometimes they won’t reply sometimes you might have some phonies
out there where the first thing they says hey um you know jump in my coaching
you know immediately um I went through the same thing you know I remember I was
doing okay on Shopify and somebody seeing that I was doing okay and he
reached out to me saying hey Chris join my question for 3k and I’m like what
like I never even spent 3k on anything like I never spent 3k on anything so you
know what will make me feel so comfortable giving you 3 K that’s how I
used to look at it you know mind you this person I’m talking about he’s now
hitting like seven figures a year I mean good thing that he’s now within my
circle too but that’s beyond the point um you know in the beginning I was I was
really trying to do things on my home I was trying to do things on my own
I was surviving off of Facebook I mean YouTube videos I was doing all of that
and I’m pretty sure some of you guys could definitely relate to this you know
you’ll try all of these strategies that you see one on YouTube and you know it’s
frustrating especially not seeing results some gurus will even show you
what products is making them the money and you’ll test those same products
inside of your store and it’s not working or maybe you you have a list of
competitors and you see what product is winning in their store and you try to
test those same products and that product is not you’re not getting any
cells inside of your store you’re frustrated like it’s so frustrating in
the beginning you know but one thing I always tell people like listen like
everything that you go through right now all of the hurdles that you’re going
through right now is gonna become such a great successful story like for you like
when when you finally get your breakthrough the breakthrough part is
like the toughest part you know but just stick in there because as I was going
through my headaches I’m talking about I’m spending so much money I’m spending
so much money on ads trying to figure things out I’m in my my first time on
well my second time around on on Shopify I like the product that I tested I was
running ads for three weeks before I got my first sell so okay so how did I find
my product right remember this is during the time I really didn’t know too much
at all about drop shipping you know I didn’t know about product research I
didn’t know anything so remember remind yourself this is 2016 I was looking for
products to post up inside of my Shopify store I’m finding products and I’m
trying to see okay what’s the best product right now mind you is December
so I’m trying to look and as I’m looking for products that’s related to Christmas
um I see like I’m on Google and like pictures of statues pop up like
Christian statues which is like typical around the Christian Christmas time you
know people like put in little Christian you know statues and stuff in front of
your house so I’m like man I’m not looking for statues so I’m getting ready
to like look for something more in-depth related to Christmas but I start paying
attention to the pricing of these statues the these Christmas statues it
was like baby Jesus and you know all of these stuff that’s related to the
Christian and Christmas I’ve seen these things was going for about like 200 300
400 dollars for these foot for foot statues right so I was like man like I
wonder if I could find a vendor through Aliexpress or DHgate to so I could be
able to dropship these same products right so I immediately went to I
immediately went to Alex Preston bhg.com and I start looking for vendors
everybody was selling a lot well a lot of vendors were selling those statues
for about the same price as any regular online store
was on the floor like I said it was ranging between I to 300 $400 even $500
for some so I end up finding a vendor like I said I consider myself lucky too
that’s one thing I’m gonna say I end up finding a vendor that was selling these
same statues for about 25 to like $35 some of them like I would say like $60
is like them was like hi cat so I lost my mom when I seen I was like
oh no I’m about to sell these statues so I start throwing up statues on my arm oh
my oh my Shopify store and during the time I had
my buddy Mike with me and we was I told Mike I was like hey listen I don’t know
too much about targeting and everything but hey let’s let’s test this out let’s
see if we could get some money off of this all right so we we had the same
picture campaign we had the same wording but the only thing that was different
between both of us was our audiences and we was running PPEs
now mind you like I said this is back in 2016
ppes now if you think that you’re about to test products with just a PPE you’re
gonna fail yourself you’re gonna fail yourself you think you that you’re gonna
test a product with just the PPE you’re gonna fail yourself this this is no
longer valid for 2018 but like I said we’re talking about my 2016 breakthrough
so I ran both of us ran a PPE and within the first week Mike got his first up by
the way we was getting these products for $25 to $60 ranging and we was
reselling them for about $190 $250 even $300 you know we was it was within those
ranges so our profit margin was really high like we was having like 70% 75%
profit margin even 80% like we was tripling our money it was crazy but um
we end up testing the our product within the first week Mike got a cell for a
hundred and something that was right and I didn’t get any sales so I’m like but
during that time though during that week I told Mike I was like listen we’re
gonna run our ads together at the same time
but don’t touch your ad at all you’re gonna let it run for seven days ah but
me I’m gonna keep on tweaking up my act this is our way of quit testing cuz I
didn’t really know what I was doing I didn’t know what I was doing at the
moment sighs I okay you know I’m gonna keep one you know tweaking up my act so
by the end of the week of me keep on tweaking up my ad I never got any cells
I barely was getting engagement on my ad Mike got a cell on the very last day
right so you mean I was okay so I guess I’m not supposed to touch my ad I’m
gonna let my ad run like without me touching it for the second week but for
Mike second week now instead of spending five hours a day he doubled up his money
to start spending $10 a day so he start spending $10 a day on ads and I’m still
spending my father I was a day on ass cuz I still didn’t make any sales at
least that’s the strategy that we built for ourselves during the time so within
the second week now by the end of the week Mike already got like four like
three or four cells and mind-reader he’s hitting like over like $700 $600 for the
week and I never got a sell yet and I’m like oh man like what am I doing wrong
so I went back into his ads to see what audiences is he’s targeting cuz we
didn’t know how to really keep track of which audience is converting we didn’t
know nothing about conversion all we knew is that we was running a PPE hat
that’s the only thing that we know so we went along and I went along and put the
same exact audiences as Mike so um after my third week now like midweek I got my
first cell as soon as I got my first cell the following week I bumped up my
ad spent to like $10 13 hours but by that time Mike bumped up his ad spent to
like $30 a day so this is our way of scaling you know we thought that every
time we make a certain amount of cells for the week that we would just like
double how much money we’re spending a day so we got to a point where we was we
was making we was bringing in um between 700 900 800 dollar days from like the
middle of December into January like January
when we start hitting thousand dollar days and stuff but like I said we didn’t
really know what we was doing um so I had to end up reaching out to my boy
Keita I know some of you guys might know Keita I reached out to cater and I say
hey cater um I know you have a lot of students in your head like and I’m
willing to pay like can you please do me a favor like I’m willing to fly out to
Florida mind you I mean remember I have a very close relationship with cater
sauce cater probably won’t do this for the
average person but I still have to take money out of my pockets you know is his
business at the end of the day so I reached out to Kate and I said Katie
just give me three days I just want three days of coz I don’t own story
short I went out to Florida with cater and cater showed me some stuff for me to
really like better my knowledge on what exactly I was doing
long story short um within like I probably like two three days later of
using some of the strategies that he gave me
I bumped up my ad spent to spending about $400 a day on ads and from how I
set up my ads and everything um the next following day once I bumped up my ads
the next following day I was during that time I was averaging like I said like
anywhere between a seven hundred to a thousand dollars a day but when I read
just my ads and fixed it the proper way during that time the next day I did over
three thousand dollars in sales and actually cater during that time cater
did a Facebook live of my actual like um how much I made for the day and
everything goes a very exciting moment during that time but like I said I got
lucky with this product you know because I didn’t know anything
about product research I didn’t know anything I didn’t really know too much
about doing Facebook as I was just going based on strategies that I felt that was
okay based on a training course that I paid for back in 2015 like I said I gave
up you know but then as I started to become more comfortable with what I was
doing then I started to invest into courses I started to invest into coaches
as well to better my knowledge because I think
it’s a business that you’re growing you know because I started to realize how
much money I wasted in the beginning trying to do it myself you know
I wasted a lot of money in the beginning trying to do it myself because I just
felt like okay like um why should I pay this person my hard-working money you
know when I could try to figure it out myself but at the same time you don’t
realize that yet you’re hurting yourself something that can take you probably two
weeks to do because you’re so greedy and you don’t understand the mindset behind
what you’re doing and I’m taking you like three years you know understand and
and I’m pretty sure some of you guys are probably struggling with that as well
another thing another problem during that time is that when I gave up in 2015
for the first time when I got on Shopify the reason why I gave up is because I
was distracted by all of the people that was winning now I want you to undertake
your turn I understand this I was distracted by all of the other people
that was winning and why was I distracted it’s because I see this
person is showing how they’re doing 5k a day this person is showing how they just
did 50k in one month this person is showing how they’re doing
five I never seen not one person show how they’re averaging 90 dollars a day
or $100 a day I just seen everybody just had these super big numbers super big
numbers and hey got it put me in the mindset where I felt like if I don’t
have these if I don’t have these results then I’m not doing good but not only
that I started to chase those results in a way where I became impatient because I
wanna like if I’m getting at Shopify right now this is me as a newbie right
me as a newbie I enter the game like okay I’m gonna get into Shopify matza
store testing these products because now you’re rushing to build a store you’re
rushing to build a store and II like man like I’m in a rat race I don’t want
people I don’t want all these customers to keep on going to the next person I’m
gonna try to test this product you start testing the product they don’t make any
selves they are you end up making a cell and this is
like he’s like okay I only got one cell for this week and two three days later
you get another cell and now you stuck on the scourge because you’re supposed
to be making $500 a day or he’s supposed to be making $1000 day whatever it is
like these are the distraction that was going on around my head so I spent about
120 something dollars and I I felt like that 120 something that was everything
to me you know I felt like it was so much money at the time that I spent on
ads like I was like you know this stuff is not for me but what was left out out
of all it is all of those people who was posting up all of these big results they
don’t tell you the preparation before you start execute in your businesses
before you start pushing out ads they don’t they never tell you the before
right so here it is I’m not to expose the before for you right before right
the number one key that’s gonna keep you going
is your funds I’m telling you right now guys this is a business some of you are
going to have to take out loans some of you are going to have to like get some
credit cards some of you guys are gonna have to save and I’m not talking about
just saving your first two paychecks for the month you’re going to have to save
honestly to have a solid to have a solid drop shipping business right now I
advise people to have at least 10k 10k to have a solid drop shipping business
I’m some out this could last you a good couple of months of having your business
to run autumn motion you understand automated right
so for the people if you only have two three hundred dollars you know if you
have below $500 like around that if you have only a couple of hundreds if you
only have a couple of hundred dollars to your name and you’re feigning to make
this Shopify drop shipping stuff work I’m telling right now
slow down if you only have a couple of hundreds to your name this is no longer
2015 you will not survive testing products doing $5 a day on ads you will
not survive let’s like eliminate the $5 strategy it’s no longer valid in 2018 no
longer I understand no longer valid if you’re only running one campaign and
even if it’s just for $10 a day that is it’s a new ballgame right now I have a
half students testing products one single product ranging between at least
50 to $100 a day testing one product but there’s a science behind how we do it
you understand you know and this is this is you need to understand the science
behind so number one you have to have a good amount of capital to start a drop
shipping business because if this stuff is not gonna work overnight and if you
only have a couple of hundred dollars to your name go slow go at your own pace
it’s okay if you don’t get results for a month
milk your money understand what you’re doing if I don’t get cells at least I’m
here I have activities inside of my stuff inside of my store remember the
first thing is you’re trying to build your pixels so if you’re gonna add to
cart so if you’re getting people that’s reaching check out if you have people
that’s that’s you know um that’s reaching checked out at the cart you
know maybe some people might even reach to the checkout pay and their card is
the crime you know that all of those activities are still great you’re still
winning because you’re it’s all about building data in the beginning so even
if it take you a couple of months with your hundreds of dollars like slow down
and don’t try to spend a hundred dollars a day on ads and you know you only have
300 dollars you know if the five-dollar route is the only way
you can go go for it but honestly I would rather you if you only have a
couple of hundred dollars to your name it probably would be safer for you to
consider doing Amazon um or or eBay dropshipping because you won’t need to
spend money on ads because that’s where is doing to kick you in the butt that
ads is not something to play with and I tell a lot of movies this that the part
that usually makes a break a student or newbie is the ad testing that’s the only
part that in mind you that’s just like step a the testing part is the part that
breaks a lot of students and that’s why you would see a lot of people say only
like only I mean that’s why you see a lot of like gurus will say 95% of people
who try dropshipping will fail you know but what happened is that you guys or
the newbies will get so distracted by the 5% and they feel like man they’re
you watch like for example you guys are watching me on YouTube right now my and
all of the people that you’re watching on YouTube is just the 5% or the 1%
whichever percent you want to give it it we’re just that small percentage of
people who’s actually winning right and we’re all on one platform so it makes it
look like as if it’s a lot of people that’s killing it on Shopify and yeah a
lot of people are entering the Shopify game right now a lot of people are
testing products on on Facebook ads and all of that but not everybody is getting
results you know some people say it Shopify is getting oversaturated yeah it
is there’s getting oversaturated with a lot
of people that’s not winning and started to sound rough but but that’s just how
it is and and the reason why it’s always going
to be a small percentage of people that’s winning because there’s only a
small percentage of people that’s willing to make sacrifices there’s only
a small percentage of people that’s willing to go to the bank and ask for a
loan to start up business there’s only a small percent of
some percentage of people that’s willing to spend a couple of hundreds or even
thousands on courses or even a coach a successful coach not just any type of
coach that’s just on you know YouTube or whatever it is that just giving you a
whole bunch of theory behind what they’re doing you know a legit coach
somebody that you feel trustworthy only a small percentage of people that’s
willing to spend that money on it for example I have a student about like two
weeks ago that reached out to me and said hey Chris I’ve been watching you on
YouTube I see you have courses available but I don’t want your courses I want to
work directly with you I’m willing to spend my money to work directly with you
understand and nine times out of ten those students that I will bump into
with that type of mindset that’s just you ready to get all in those are the
people who I usually see will success like have success quicker you know
understand like if you the person that you would rather just keep on paying a
guru for consulting calls here and there because you’re trying to figure things
out on your own you’re gonna find yourself failing you’re gonna find
yourself feeling and and I understand you know money can be tight remember
this is not the only option that you have and if this is where you really
want to see yourself killing in the game in if Shopify is where you really want
to see yourself like having your big breakthrough then you have to make
sacrifices I’m telling right now guys you have to
make sacrifices some people will say oh like I don’t have the money or oh I I
don’t like things are rough right now I guarantee right now great example you
will have people that would drive to work every day all right black people
that would drive to work every day and it will complain about how they don’t
have money they don’t have money but let that car break down and that car is the
only option that they have to get to work I guarantee you they will hit up
everyone in the world to gather up money to make sure they could get this car
back on the road why because their back is against the wall and they have no
option some people have so much options that is okay for them to lay back is
okay for them to give you excuses I’ll Kris I don’t have the money right
now ah you know um this is not the right time for me oh there’s too much things
going on right now and I used to be the same way what caused my breakthrough is
because during that time I didn’t have money I was getting ready to get married
the next following year which is 2017 I was getting ready to get married
I didn’t and I know what I was doing at the moment wasn’t going to be able to
like fund like everything that I want to do understand during that time my back
was against the wall there was no okay I’m gonna give up and when I’m ready to
get back on it there was none of that I was on some I’m going to keep on trying
until this work and when it works I’m going to make sure this thing works all
the way to the point where I got so deep into this that I’m no longer just doing
dropshipping you understand now I’m working on building a brand now I’m even
doing marketing for other businesses big businesses local businesses now I have a
marketing agency none of this stuff came in my mind to do
before I just had one goal and that’s was to just pay off my wedding and
because of this breakthrough and all of these opportunities not only I was able
to do that but it opened up so much other opportunities for me don’t waste
your time in this fourth quarter that we’re in right now do not waste your
time in this fourth quarter that we in right now some of you guys are probably
watching this and probably feel like hey I this is me stop giving yourself
excuses how bad do you really want this how bad do you really want this to work
the full court I always tell people this the fourth quarter is life-changing
understand your drop shipping business is life-changing in general but
full of quarters no games like it will take what it could it just it will take
just one month to change your whole life in this but not everybody is willing to
like I said to take that leap of faith or to is willing to to put themselves in
some crazy depth to see if they could make this work and I’m gonna see some of
you guys probably find yourself giving up and coming back I always say if you
find yourself giving up and coming back to something that you’re destined to do
then you’re destined to do it understand it’s gonna work out in the beginning is
always tough but stop hurting yourself trying to get it on your own stop
hurting yourself thinking that you found that one winning
video on YouTube to show you the secrets it’s not gonna work out like that you
need to invest in your business you need to invest in yourself don’t did a couple
of hundred of dollars you’re rolling the dice trying to do dropshipping I’m
telling you right now you’re you’re you’re rolling a dice if you don’t have
if you’re if you don’t know what you’re doing you’re gambling I always tell
people this if you don’t know what you’re doing you’re gambling if you know
what you’re doing there’s always a logical reason behind what you’re doing
so if if if you have if something is not going good in your Shopify store and you
just go ahead and running ads and everything and after that you approached
me saying Chris hey check out my stuff and when I see some stuff that’s off and
I’m like okay why are you doing this though I don’t want to hear all I seen
um I seen you know I’m guru Drake guru Drake told me I should set up my stuff
like this and and guru Dan told me that I should do my ads like this and also
guru Kato told me that this product is hot at the moment and guru it like what
are you doing I’m getting headaches just just right now just thinking about it
cuz I know that there’s some people that’s watching this that feels like
this right now and there’s okay if we don’t
confess if you’re one of them but how many people are following along right
now if you’re following along press one I want to make sure that I ask some
people only because I came and see how much people is even inside of this this
stuff right now so if you’ve been here press 1 I want to see everybody that’s
watching this press 1 okay we see Kyler is in here
Kyler I think that’s one of my students right there too if I’m not mistaken
right Kyler is this the right Kyler I think we got a
meet at at Thursday but yeah okay I see a couple of people is in here like I
said you know um don’t don’t don’t beat yourself up you know don’t
beat yourself up in the beginning like I said if you don’t have too much sums to
really work with in the beginning it’s okay to go slow you know especially if
you’re trying to do this by yourself it’s okay to go slow if you have
somebody that’s working with you then it could be a different ballgame but take
your time go slow like I said guys I mean um man I was supposed to be talking
about a whole bunch of other stuff but I got into talking about my whole break
dude there’s all about learning it the
correct way i’ma see if I could start doing a lot
more lives because I know a lot of people love to hear me talk and give my
opinions on stuff and everything but um you know I really want to go aggressive
this fourth quarter you know I’m I’m trying my best to work as with as much
people as possible know um you know like I said if you have any more personal
questions when it comes to your store anything like don’t miss out on
opportunities if I tell you to like send me an email the links is down below the
links is down below don’t be afraid to leave questions with I mean questions
within the comment section don’t be afraid to reach out yes I know I may not
respond quickly as soon as possible but I’m gonna see your your questions I’m
gonna answer you eventually you understand so so let’s not stay in the
dark clouds that’s not staying at dark let’s really try to execute this the
right way I want to see a lot of people when doing this you know who knows how
2019 is gonna be though especially the way that Facebook is moving right
now you want to try to get as much as you can you know Black Friday is coming
up in like two months I could just say one month because
October is coming right around the corner
don’t let that opportunity miss out you don’t want to let that miss out like you
want to get into that right now so guys I hope you found a lot of value
in this we got a lot of stuff going also I’m giving people a lot of access to a
free live webinar that should have right below this this video check in the
detail section where you could get other additional information but guys I hope
you like everything now saying like I said if you have any questions shoot me
some questions via email add me on on Instagram actually that’s probably one
of the best places to reach out to me on let me make sure that just right
Instagram Instagram is marketing ok marketing with keys at marketing wiki’s
that’s the probably one of the best places to catch me on and I’m gonna let
me see this nice car Wow just keeps popping up yeah so hold on sorry guys
and you get a business phone with no credit um the best thing to do if you
have if you already have a bank account talk to your your your um you know
whoever’s managing your bank account go to you Nerys bank and just talk with
them and they will guide you with steps on what you could do you know they will
guide you with steps on what you could do so remember like I said treat this
like a real business it’s not just an online thing you know it’s a real
business you really have to invest some good cash in this it’s no longer 2015 no
longer 2015 like right now we’re currently working on a new stock so
glove this is only one sell for today this is from yesterday oh known as
this week sorry this is this week this is for the month like I said nothing
super crazy Mario nothing super crazy but um we’re working this is a fresh
store that we’re trying to take to the next level right now like I said look at
this look at this right look at this $39 for today back then I will lose my mind
knowing that I only made $30 right now I’m like don’t you Dallas for today so
you got $39 I was losing my mind but like I said if you know what you’re
doing you’re not gambling your money you’re not gambling your money and I’m
not afraid to show you this little result you know I’m not afraid to show
you okay yeah Chris plate this is not a 100k don’t worry about it
go slow take your time take your time so that’s I think this is it for me um like
I said if you guys have any questions please I want you guys to like share
subscribe I want you guys everybody that’s in here share this video with
somebody share this video with somebody because I guarantee somebody who wants
to hear this or needs to hear this so share this video with somebody shoot me
some questions I’d add me on social media I want you all to comment let me
know what you want me to talk about and everything and we’ll definitely talk
some more guys later peace

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