March 29, 2020
ASSIST Software Romania | Company Presentation

ASSIST Software Romania | Company Presentation

What I love most about ASSIST is that the team is very young and dynamic. We are always learning new things and we try to push it to the next level. Innovative Minds comes from the idea that every one of us has an amazing creative potential and having these words mentioned everywhere around us is sort of a daily reminder that you can achieve great things. We have a vast international experience we’ve worked with the companies from all 5 continents. We have built at an european level, strong partnerships with companies, universities and research centers. As a result, we have participated in european projects FP7, EUROSTARS and Horizon 2020 We have a strong relationship with the local University of Suceava. We collaborate for organizing job fairs, internships, Computer Science competitions and all kind of events dedicated to students. As a result, our team increases year by year with the elite students provided by the University. On my first day in ASSIST I went on an office tour I got to meet all my colleagues and I saw that they were smiling and they were working in groups and they were helping each other. At ASSIST we use Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban and we implement them using software tools like JIRA and Trello and open source solutions like Redmine. From a technical point of view, we cover the web technologies Mobile apps, gaming and desktop applications. We are always looking for talented people people who are passionate for technology, people who are responsible, diligent and have a strong will to develop their personal and technical skills. HealthBeacon is a smart device that helps patients manage their medication. The greatest thing about this project is that using a behavioral data we can analyze how the patient interacts with the hardware. The most challenging project that I’ve ever worked on was STATSPORTS. Mainly because, the apps that we build are being used by major teams in Premier League, Primera Division, NBA and much more around the globe. We are currently working on a Mobile Towerdefense game developed and designed in ASSIST Software. One of our major challenges was the fact that, we were both the customer and the developer. But at the same time, this was a great opportunity for us to understand the application from a customer’s point of view. There are a lot of amazing things that happen in our company but I think that the most important are the people that work here I find their passion to be really contagious and I think that we just feel privileged to be around each other.

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