February 20, 2020
#AskGaryVee Episode 78: Marketing for Musicians, Urinals, & Facebook Video

#AskGaryVee Episode 78: Marketing for Musicians, Urinals, & Facebook Video

– On this episode, I
talk about Facebook video versus YouTube, I talk about bathroom advertising, and I talk about what musicians should do in 2016, 18, 20, 22. (hip hop theme music) You ask questions, and I answer them. This is the #AskGaryVee Show. ♫ Jab, jab, jab, right hook ♫ Knowledge is power if
you have the right hook ♫ What’s up everybody,
this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk, and this is episode 78 of the #AskGaryVee Show. First and foremost, I need
to give a tremendous welcome to my new wide receiver, Brandon Marshall. The Jets just traded for
the Bears Brandon Marshall. I’m excited about it, thrilled with the 5th round pick exchange. We’ll see how it all works out. I’m sure a lot of you will leave comments saying he’s old, he’s washed up, and this and that. That’s fine. I’ll do that deal. Episode 78, still
live-streaming on Meerkat, I like that. People are enjoying that. India’s here with her long hair. Show it. Show it. And let’s get right into the show. – [Voiceover] Nicole asks: “I just bought “and indoor billboard company. “How do you feel about
advertising in the bathroom?” – Nicole, I’m about to
throw a huge curve ball. That’s a Clayton Kershaw
left-handed curve ball. That’s a fantasy baseball time. You’re gonna start getting a lot of fantasy baseball references over the next three to four weeks. Five weeks. Six weeks. Seven weeks. Eight weeks. I think that I love this. See, one thing that people don’t realize is I’ve spewed about how I think Superbowl commercials
are grossly underpriced. I think people think that I
hate all traditional media, and it’s just about social. The truth is, I just care
about the attention graph. Show me where the eyes and ears are, and I’ll show you something I believe in. I believe that when I go pee-pee, and I see a sign right here, now, look, the truth is, flip it to me. The truth is, more and more lately, when I go pee-pee, I’m doing this, right? Do you look at your
phone when you’re peeing? Staphon? Check. Alex? Check. DRock? Okay, four for four. So, do I think the value of urinal signs is as high as it was three years ago? I don’t. Do I think that they’re still probably undervalued, because people pay attention? I do. They’re better than other
outdoor medium stuff, but the vulnerability
to these urinal sinage, which I’ve always been a historic huge fan of, is the phone culture. Watch this. Staphon, did you look at your phone while you were peeing three years ago? – [Staphon] No. – You?
– [Alex] Nope. – You?
– [DRock] No. – Me neither, and that’s
super interesting. – [Voiceover] Chris asks:
“If Apple could build a car, “could Mercedes build a smartphone?” – Chris, everybody can be
in everybody’s business, if you’re good enough. Could Dion and Bo Jackson play both football and baseball? They could. They were good enough. Could I? Neither. I mean, the answer’s absolutely. Remember, Nintendo started
as a playing card company. Sony, which made televisions, decided to become a major player in the video game space. Microsoft became a major
player in the video game space. Mobile’s going with the watch. The Apple Watch thing’s incredible. Apple as a phone provider
was a brain twist. We just forget, ’cause it just happened. What’s that? You like it? You like the show? DeMayo’s all excited. He never gets excited. So, I think the answer’s yes, but what Mercedes has to do is have the talent internally
to be able to pull it off, but I believe that the internet
is shrinking the middle and infrastructure costs. I don’t know what DRock’s looking at. But, I believe the internet is shrinking the middle and infrastructure costs, which make me believe that anybody can go into anybody’s business, if they have the talent, and so I think that will play itself out. So, I do believe that this’ll
be a good video to make and I’ll enjoy watching it in 15 years. I do believe three to five
to ten major companies in certain genres, as
we see Google going into self-driving cars, and
the question at hand, which is a great question, I’m gonna make some predictions here, and I’m not usually right
with my predictions. I’m a fast adviser, and then I execute. I’m not a great predictor,
but I will say this Nike feels like a company to me that will pull off being in a business that none of us can wrap
our head around right now. I’m going with Nike. I also think Starbucks has
the potential DNA to do it, and then I think somebody rogue and old that we disrespect,
whether it’s IBM or GE, you know, I think
somebody more traditional is going to go into a business
that none of us would expect. And by the way, before I
go into the next question, your snowshot was tremendous, and that’s why we love having people ask questions on Instagram. – [Voiceover]
broadwaysnexthitmusical asks: “We’re an improv comedy
group that performs both in “New York City and throughout the country. ” How do we use social media to get input “about each town we’ll be
performing in ahead of time “so that we can create unforgettable shows “full of in-the-know references?” – Broadwaysnexthitmusical, let me answer this question for you, it’s called a very simple tactic
that I used to overindex in social in 2007, 8, and 9. It’s called listening. You go to twitter.com/search, and you search the zip code of the town you’re coming into, and it will show you every single person tweeting in that town. You read the comments, and
then you make references to being “in-the-know”. You’re welcome. – Hi, it’s Tanya Mercer,
and the question is about Facebook videos. In one day, I posted a Facebook
video that got 2,500 views. It took me that long
to get that many views in one year on YouTube. Do I continue with YouTube,
or should I focus on Facebook? – Tanya, great question. First of all, I want to
make sure that you got 2,500 views and not 2,500 impressions. So, I need you to pause, go back and look at the impressions numbers
and the views numbers, because that’s where people are getting a little bit confused,
tactically, practitionarilly, in the trenches on Facebook. The answer to your question is both. Like, you should be making YouTube videos, you should be making Facebook videos. Most of the content should be the same. You’re able to, if you edit,
you now have the luxury of these tremendous
athletes, and they can edit and do some screenshot previews, and do some more things
that are native to Facebook, more native to YouTube. Your call to actions to
share can be different. There’s some nuances, but I have a feeling if you create a very effective
pre-roll and post-roll that are both native to
Facebook and YouTube, the answer’s both, because you never know where somebody’s gonna see you, and then it allows you to pop. One view on YouTube
could change your life. It could be Oprah. – [Voiceover] jxkdrums asks:
“What advice would you have “for musicians wanting
to make their living “playing music in the 21st century?” – Justin, thank you so
much for your question. Amazing picture, great
job to have your community give some love and it allowed
me to see this question. I’m really excited to
answer this question. You know, I think the answer is, as a musician, you need to be everywhere where the people who care
about your genre of music are, and obviously the youth
is an overindexing play, so, look, if you’re not on SoundCloud, if you’re not on SnapChat
and Vine and Instagram, then you’re not living to
a 25 year-old and under, and I think that’s an
important place for you to be. So, one, you need to be
putting out content everywhere. Once you build the leverage, there’s ways to monetize, right? Brands are gonna continue
to pay for music, live events will happen. I think what really
matters is creating content and putting them out
on all these platforms, and then interacting with
your audience, right? So, it’s not good enough
to just put out a song and use DistroKit and
get it out everywhere, and then it’s on every platform, great. It’s on SoundCloud and iTunes and Spotify, great, that’s fine. But then, how do you actually harness, what is being a musician? It’s always been, look,
Grateful Dead and Phish, those are very successful bands because they actually have a community, and what happens is, people who are very hard-core about music,
I’m not one of them, but the reason they make fun of pop music is it’s fleeting, right? It sits for a second and then goes away. The best pop music,
you know, the Madonnas, the Michael Jacksons,
the Justin Timberlakes, they cultivated community. You know, it’s so funny. Everyone is like “woe is me! “You can’t make money with tools anymore.” Do you know how many people have popped and made money because of YouTube and Vine and SnapChat and
Instagram, that would have never been signed 15 years ago, and then would have had to
just go on and do what they, so what’s happened, my friend, is there’s less people at the tippy-top. There’s less acts, right? There’s not 50 people anymore, making a gadrillion just on selling music, but what’s happened is that the internet has created a longer tail, and so there’s a lot
more people right now, a lot more, making thousands
and tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands, and I’ve got to tell you something, if you’re an artist, and musicians are, you just want to be able to do your art. Do you know how many people are happy making $41,000 a year from AdSense or a random show, or
things of that nature, who now, because of modern technology, can make $41,000 a year
and play their music, who had to do something else 15 years ago to make $41,000, ’cause you couldn’t make $41,000 playing your music? So, my friend, we’re in a long tail. We’re in a long tail. You want to make enough to realy crush it and play your music? Well, then you’ve got to
care about the audience. One by one by one by one, and you gotta do things for your audience, and what I mean by that
is you’ve got to start using tools like Meerkat and create behind the scenes footage,
you have to keep innovating, you have to keep making that connection, you have to keep taking
away the velvet rope, I mean, look, Meerkat
is a preview to the fact that I’m gonna be wearing wearable devices and you guys are gonna be
following me everywhere I go, all the time, always. Truman Show, bitch. The Vaynerchuk Show. It’s coming. Get ready. Get your fucking popcorn, ’cause I’m coming at
you, and that connection is the game. So that’s episode 78 in the bag. All the people watching on YouTube, I need you to subscribe to the podcast. I’m getting very obsessed
with this right now, getting a little competitive, throwing a little bit of right hooks. Let’s link these up, DRock, (chime dings) down below, whatever, please. And review the show. I need that love, please, that means a lot to me. Question of the day: will you, when this technology comes, will you Truman Show your life? Or will you consume Truman Shows? Give me a breakdown. Zero putting out content,
100% consumption? Zero and zero, ’cause you won’t do either? 100 putting it out, and zero consuming? Tell me how you’re gonna
break down the future. You keep asking questions, I’ll keep answering them. By the way, India did a shit job, and didn’t show me the bathroom ads while I was explaining it was urinals– – [India] The ones I’ve seen, it’s not like the ones she has. – I get it, but you could have stopped me while I was doing my
whole urinal explanation. Those doors I like,
again, it’s a shock value, they haven’t been in doors in the past, and again, in five years,
we’ll all tune them out, but for the first beginnings,
I kind of like it, I mean, the bathroom
is a captivated place. I’m a fan of marketing there. I want to be in charge
of picking the picture. We may have to go in the
bathroom and take a picture, with Meerkat. All right, let’s go. (chuckling) ♫ Jab, jab, jab, right hook ♫ Jab, jab, jab, right hook ♫ Jab, jab, jab, right hook ♫ Knowledge is power if
you have the right hook ♫

55 thoughts on “#AskGaryVee Episode 78: Marketing for Musicians, Urinals, & Facebook Video

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