February 20, 2020
#AskGaryVee Episode 172: The Last Episode of 2015

#AskGaryVee Episode 172: The Last Episode of 2015

– On this episode, I do the
last episode of the year. (hip hop music) – [Voiceover] Gary Vee! – [Gary] You ask questions. And I answer them. This is the #AskGaryVee Show. Hey everybody,
this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk and this is episode 172 of the #AskGaryVeeShow. The last one of the year. As tomorrow I go away off the grid. Well I’m not fully off the grid, off the grid starting really Monday, for at least five days. Lizzie and I get to go away by ourselves. This is a big deal, super pumped. And then I’ll be in
Florida with the family, I will be mainly off the grid. So I’ll make my Jets football predictions for the last three weeks,
right here, right now. The prediction is: heartache. I feel the Jets are gonna
end up really strong, but I’m very worried about
the Steelers and the Chiefs running the table. And when you win double-digit games, and you don’t make the
playoffs, that’s heartache. I don’t know if you guys know that, but that’s heartache to me. That’s the ultimate heartache. So, I wanna take a moment
before we go into the show to thank all of you for this year. It’s been a tremendous year. We put out a lot of
shows, as a matter of fact – [India] We have a
recap going out today. – Oh we have a recap? – [India] Of the year, yeah. – We do?
– [India] We do. – Oh it’s an edited recap? – [India] No, like, the article. – It’s an article, that thing we did, yep. So we’ll have that later, look for that. And we got a lot of done. Wrote the book, got a new website, started the DailyVee. Grew the team, grew Vayner. It was a great, great year. Most importantly, everybody was healthy, and for the most part
happy, I’m always happy. And I just want to thank all
of you for your attention, which I think is extremely valuable. Time is the asset, so for
you to watch this show, listen to this show, allocate
your very valuable resource of time to care about what
I have to say about things is greatly appreciated. And so, I wish you a healthy,
healthy, healthy new year, and a great 2016, and we will
be coming back with fire, two to three DailyVee’s a week in 2016. So that should be an
interesting thing to see evolve. And India, for the last time in 2015. Do you get sentimental? – Yeah, I’m very nostalgic.
– Shall we hold hands? It’s not weird, we’ll do it
like bros, like yeah, see? I’m not doing like, you know, weird. Yeah, like, bros.
– Yeah, OK, yeah, bros. – Let’s
– Get into – The show!
– The show! – See that was good.
– That was really good. – The second we bro-ed up,
that was probably out best one. – [India] That’s the first
time we’ve actually, like, synched up, like perfectly. – Yeah it’s the first time, yeah, see? The bro part, I’m telling you. Tim, this is why I do this a lot. I don’t know if you know, I do this a lot. Exchanging energy amongst humans, I think is a grossly underestimated thing. – Really? I actually wanted a hug. – Oh, no problem brother. You don’t know this, I’ve
never really said this, but you’re transformation physically was definitely a chipping
away point for me. I’m very proud of you, yeah. – I was like, you look amazing though. – Thank you.
– Just saying. – Thank you, well tell the
Vayner Nation who you are, and a little bit about yourself. – OK, oh wow, so I’m Tim Ramos. I started working at Vayner
probably in June 2012, when I graduated from college, and I’ve been here since, I love it. – (laughs) What else do you love? – Like work-wise? – No like walks on the beach,
puppies, the New York Jets. – I love myself. – Yes. That is, you know what, that just recaps the show’s entire
existence, good job buddy. Alright, let’s get into this. – [India] From the real Kim Barrett. – The real Kim Barrett? OK, because there’s a lot
of Kim Barretts out there. Alright. – [Voicover] Kim asks, “How do you deal “with employees that slack
off, but are super talented? “Keep or fire?” – Mmmm. I deal with them the same way I deal with any kind of employee. Super hard worker, but maybe
slightly under-talented. In between on both fronts. Every situation in life,
let alone employees, only can be solved when
you believe there’s issues, and you have the luxury
and the responsibility. And let me say that one more time, when you have the luxury
and the responsibility of being the judge and the jury. The pressure and the onus is on you. I truly, truly, truly believe
that if there’s an employee at Vayner Media, and
there are some, plenty, no, not plenty, that’s not fair, there are some that are highly talented and are under-performing,
that it’s my fault. We haven’t created the infrastructure for allowing them to shine. Their bosses are not clicking with them, and so that’s not motivating them. We haven’t asked the right questions of the kind of interests they have. We serendipitously, you
know, the serendipity of what accounts they’ve been on. Tim how many different
accounts have you been on in your career? – Oh gosh, at least twelve. – And of those twelve, I would assume that some are more exciting than others? – Oh yeah, definitely. – Yeah, and that’s just real, right? There’s so much serendipity,
different bosses that you get, people move around, team
mates, things of that nature. And so, you know, I think
the way I deal with it is communication. You know, I have a full slate today, it’s the last kind of in-the-office day, I have a lot of meetings
I’m trying to get in. 10, five, 10, 10, five,
10 minute meetings. And a lot of the conversation
will be around that. And so I think it’s communication. You know, it’s like, hey, Rick, you know I think you’ve got
talent oozing out of your eyes, you’re clearly not
delivering on the hustle, which is an important variable here. What am I doing wrong? What is Vayner doing wrong? Instead of saying, Rick,
you’re lazy, you suck. You have to put the onus on you. When you’re a leader, when you’re a CEO, when you’re the organization, it’s on you. You’re creating the rules of the game. If you don’t like how
it’s played, change it. You like that one? Took that in. – I did. I’m always listening. – I know. – [India] From Lancelot. (laughs) I think that’s DOA. – That made me think of Hamilton. – [India] (laughs) Oh yeah. – Great. – [Voiceover] Lancelot asks, “If you had an opportunity to
buy Instagram or Snapchat, “which one would you choose and why?” – Mmm, I sent you this one, because this one was challenging to me. I mean, look, these are
the two social networks. They are the two platforms that
live within a mobile device that people are giving their attention to. Actually let’s go round
the room real quick. Tim, Instagram or Snapchat,
what do you like better? You gotta pick one, one has to go away. – Probably Instagram, because
I wanna see myself forever. – Alright, Tim clearly establishing on the show it’s all about Tim. Britt? – Instagram, hands down. – Instagram, I like Instagram. – Yeah, so for me, I would
probably buy Snapchat. And here’s why, because of those answers. I truly believe that Instagram
is the social network of the moment. When I buy things, I
like to buy for 24, 36, 48 months out, when I invest. The way I built Vayner
Media, we were selling social media in 2009 and
10, you remember this, like, people didn’t want to buy this as much as they want to buy it now. I like projecting. Plus there’s one other
thing about Snapchat that makes me give this answer. Snapchat is a, I think that Instagram was a moving the ball forward in a Facebook, Twitter world. I think Snapchat is a complete
different paradigm shift. If it’s a completely
different way to communicate. It’s got different functionality. 30 to 40 year olds that have never used it are completely confused by it. I’m fascinated by that, that also feels to me like
there’s a lot of upside. I think a lot of 30, 40, 50 year olds understand how to use Instagram. It’s very native, it’s
basically like Facebook, boom, they’re there, that’s good. That’s the vulnerability of Snapchat, but I also think that’s the upside. If explained properly, which I think Twitter never
really fully accomplished, I think Snapchat becomes a beast. For me, watching the behavior, Snapchat is chipping
away on a daily basis. And only because of the way
I like to buy businesses, which is, what do I think
is the number one play, 24, 36 months from now? It’s Snapchat. That being said, I’m hedging against that, I’m not sold that Snapchat
is the biggest social network 24, 36 months from now,
because I do believe the Facebook, Instagram,
you know, WhatsApp, you know, Facebook Messenger monster is in its early stages. I am as bullish on
Facebook as I’ve ever been. And so that’s my answer,
that’s my rationale. – [Voiceover] Amanda asks,
“Do you use a meal prep service? “What do you think the future
of services like that is?” – I do not use a meal
prep service, I use Mike. Tells me what to eat. But I think those are great, I think, look, I think everybody will have everything they want
within two to three hours, and that will get chipped away over time. I do believe in 20 years, most people will be able to have what they want within a five minute to one hour window. I mean, the on-demand, at scale hyper growth is here, and so I think, farm to table capability, I think India will be able to eat radishes from a farm in upstate New York, as quickly as somebody
could literally be like, OK, I’m getting the radishes for India. Like I really think that
infrastructure’s gonna be here. I don’t think people really
project technology well. Meaning, in 20 years from today, so many of your jobs will be obsolete. So much technology will eat up the jobs that so many people do, at a minimum wage, or lower income, that a lot of those same jobs, in the same way that a
lot of Uber drivers today used to do something else that’s been replaced by technology, when they were making 48,000 a year, but now as an Uber driver they’re making 92,000 a year. So everyone’s like, oh, this is so bad, we’re gonna put, you
know, these developers out of business, or film
developers out of business, or whatever it may be. Yes, but then all sorts of
things get created that are new. Too many people are
just so half glass full. Too many people are so doomsday, like, when India wants her
goddamn radishes right now, farm to table, in the office,
instead of going to Seamless, and waiting 30 minutes for
whatever she’s getting, she’ll literally, Hudson farms
are not that far from here, literally within an hour, she can have, like, plucked
out and on her plate. And she’s gonna want that. And she’s gonna pay a premium for that. She’ll pay four dollars for those radishes instead of 87 cents,
because they’re organic and biodynamic and (speaking nonsense) whatever new term, like, hand to hand, like, whatever it is, that’s why. So the future of food
services is gonna be good. – [India] (laughs) – We’re gonna eat healthier,
we’re gonna pay more for it, it’s gonna come to us faster,
we’ll have more choices, it’ll be more convenient. We’ll get to spend more
of our time on our lives, with people and other
things we care about. Not the process of shopping
for food or ordering food. – [India] Nice.
– Thank you. – [India] Matthew. – There was a lot of
stuff in that question I’m curious how many people picked it up. It’s a challenge. – [India] Interesting.
– Yeah. – [India] Daily challenge. – It’s not a daily challenge
India, but keep going. – [Voiceover] Matthew asks,
“Do you think custom apps “are now, or are becoming,
more crucial to businesses?” – Custom apps? – [India] Custom apps. – I’m not sure what that means, help me. – [India] I guess, what
he’s meaning is, like a business wants to make
an app, like just for them. Like maybe a restaurant. – Like a VaynerMedia app? – [India] Yeah.
– Got it. OK, understood, and so
what is the question? – [India] If they’re becoming more crucial and valuable to businesses. – This is always a hardcore debate for me. Look, the answer is, if
you’re a business today, going through the next half-decade, 2016 through 2020, and you have the chops to build an incredible
app that people will use, like, OK, yes. My belief is that that’s
far and few between for even the Fortune
500 companies, let alone Rick’s Lobster Roll stand in
St Louis, Missouri, right? So I think the answer’s
yes, but the commitment and dollar amount and energy that needs to be deployed
to building a consumer app that actually brings value to individuals is very, very, very difficult. I mean, even things that
are hardcore utilities, like banking apps, like, are doing well, but, you know, not as well as if you
really think about it, just hard, it’s really, really hard. So I would say, for the
97% that are watching here, I would not recommend building
an app for your business. Because I just don’t think you’ll build, you won’t be able to have the right ratio of the cost of it, yeah, it’s kind of like, you know what, it’s kind of like web
dot com 1996, 95, 97, 98, I was there, a lot of people spent 50, 100,000 dollars on
building their website, that their website didn’t
bring them any value, because they didn’t make
a good enough website, there wasn’t enough
demand for their website. I know it’s happening now,
and I can see it getting worse in the small, mid-sized
business world of building apps. – [Voiceover] Ari asks, do
you think it’s necessary to learn the rules before
you can break them? – That’s a really good question. I think the answer is no. But I think you do need
to pick up the rules as you go, in the beginning,
to then break them. I think it’s OK to break
the rules with naiveté, and I think, I’m thinking
about VaynerMedia, I didn’t know anything about
the rules of the agency world. And I was breaking them without knowing that I was breaking them,
and then as I picked them up, for the last four years,
I continued to break the ones that I wanted to break, and I also learned quite a
bit from the first 18 months when I didn’t know. If I knew the rules when I
first started VaynerMedia, I don’t think that we would have innovated just as much as we actually did. So in a weird way, I would actually say knowing the rules up front, same thing with the wine
business, and dot com, I’m actually gonna go
with a different way. I often talk about naive
eyes, not knowing anything. I think the really great
pattern is not knowing but then I respect the game, I respect the advertising industry, I don’t just say, oh, we do it better. I watch, I learn, I pay attention. And so it’s fresh, naive eyes up front. Don’t know the rules, break them because you don’t even
know you’re breaking them. And then, as you mature
into year two, three, four, five, six, into your journey, start picking up the rules, and then continue to break the ones that you think are worth breaking. Especially because what you
learn in the first 18 months of not knowing the rules will allow you to make
really smart decisions of which rules to break,
over months 19 through 72. Mmm.
– [India] Mm-hmm. – Some people are just smart. I happen to be one of them. – [India] (laughs) – (laughs) Luck of the draw,
I don’t take too much credit. Just mom and dad had sex
at the right moment India. And that’s what it was. – [India] That’s your
favorite thing to say. – It’s really my favorite, you know why? ‘Cause it’s true.
– [India] (laughs) – India, if your mom was
like, not tonight honey, you would not exist. – [India] It’s true. – That’s wild ass shit. – [India] Yeah! – Anyway.
– [India] It’s crazy. – We do not love our parents enough. Like, I love my parents
the most, still not enough. Literally, life. Like, literally, I’m a tree instead. – [India] Yeah. – And I hate trees. – [India] Really? – Mmm.
– [India] And mountains? – (laughs) I literally
hate everything but humans. – [India] (laughs) Social media? – Yeah. – [India] Is humans though, in a way. – Mmmm (laughs) OK? What’s the bonus question? Before I get myself in trouble. Everyone’s gonna be like, pets? Yes, pets, I just like humans, sorry. – [India] (laughs)
– I mean, Jesus. – [India] Have you had a pet? – Yes! A German shepherd named
Tyson, after Mike Tyson. I love them, but I love people more. I’m like, sorry. – [India] A German
shepherd, that’s awesome. – Yeah, it’s cool. – [Voiceover] Tim asks,
“With all the money and time “you spend on travel and
face to face meetings, “how much of that could be
effectively accomplished “with high quality digital meetings?” – Some. I bet you 30% of the things I travel for would have been just fine on Skype. The problem is the other
70% is too valuable, and I’m doing my best to navigate
and make judgement calls, but I’m a human and I’m flawed. So, that’s the answer. – [India] Wow.
– Yeah. That came out weird. (laughs) – [India] I’m as flawed as you. – Oh you don’t think that
I’d ever say that I’m flawed? – [India] No no, you do say, it’s just like, this
is the end of the year and the episodes, it’s an
interesting way to end. – It’s an ironic way to end. I hope you have the best,
best, best Christmas, for everybody who enjoyed
Hanukkah like myself, I hope you enjoy that. New Year’s for everybody. And i can’t wait to get going in 2016. Enjoy the downtime, get your sleep, get your family time, put your hustle on, if that’s what you’re into. I just hope the next 12, 13
days are just remarkable. It’s a great, great time of year. I like that, I always feel like these are the two weeks
where people can really do what they want, regardless
of what they wanna do. Just ’cause the world
kind of accepts, like, OK, we’re all gonna do our thing. I like that, I like that a lot. Thank you for watching. Question of the day: what
are you doing for New Year’s? And, actually, you know what,
that’s crap, that’s out. Question of the day. I want your 2015 #AskGaryVee Show recap. I need something to read (laughs) while I’m on vacation. So I’ll really get in there,
I need hardcore stuff. I’m telling you right now, like, “it was good”, I might block
you, with your IP address, you may never be able to watch the show. I don’t need that,
that’s a half-assed thing for a show that’s been free for all year, and all the work that India’s put in. So I need your recap, your 2015 recap, of the #AskGaryVee Show. You keep asking questions. We’ll keep answering them.

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  23. I'm extremely happy and grateful that you started this show. A lot of value and ideas for me (us all) to consume and inspire me to make some decisions. Although tactical questions might not pertain directly to my business a lot of the themes/ideas were still insightful enough to do my own analysis to apply it! thank you.

  24. QOTD: first of all Happy Hannukah, Christmas and Holiday from Me to you all at Vayner Media. A quick recap about the shooooow what #askGaryVee has done to me is so great. From the beginning I found the shoooow you were/are not forcing any one to be like you. And Hustle is so personal for each person, it does not matter how shy, out going, introvert, extrovert, age, gender, nation, education background, etc. and I am so thankful for you and your team to take your time and energy creating content that so realistic and give senses in to my life. I am more and more towards practicality and keep moving forward than just seeking for perfection aka stuck in one project only. I am little by little more outgoing and networking more (dirt) back to back engaging more also in the social media (clouds). In conclusion, my network is getting bigger and bigger and also I am getting jobs, projects here and there until new year. And not only that there are more upcoming at the beginning 2016 with my business partner. It is all because of you guys.

  25. My 2015 Re-Cap:

    I was introduced to the #AskGAryVee Shooow! I believe it was in January and it LITERALLY changed my way of thinking and helped me have sound judgements when it came to business. Just wanted to say thanks! Very inspiring! I'm 24 and ready to be an entrepreneur once the hard work pays off! Have a safe vacation Gary! And Happy Holidays!

  26. Incredible year. Discovered the show about 9 months ago. Truly changed my business, learning to implement social media strategies and learning the thought process of being a leader in the industry just by seeing your answers. The answers themselves were great, but seeing the thought process in action drastically changed my business. Also was a phenomenal gateway drug to the rest of your content. Happy holidays, see you in 2016!

  27. QOTD: Well, the production value is obviously like the best you can get. I like how you're bringing in characters in your entire world… Father-in-law, peers of business, and of course the actual Vayner Team. Always fresh and relevant content too. India and you guys do a great job of picking the questions that seem to mean the most to me, even before I realize it. And you keep cranking em out most importantly. Thanks for a great year!

  28. #AskGaryvee TheRecap

    The 1st show had no voice-over reading the questions. WEAK! I listen while I work sometimes. So good improvement throughout the season (Yes, I know the 1st episode was in 2014 and this is a 2015 recap. Meh). :Skip to 2015: Episode 59. We saw a QOTD right hook. Normal Gary turned into Bearded Gary and then Healthy Gary. D-Rocks editing skills have flourished. India's timing is getting better. Reposting keynotes got repetitive to me (cuz I seen them all) but it builds context. You took the show to the streets and answered live questions. Your Jets predictions were on point (Go Bears!) And we saw a host of guests. Your pops was my personal favorite. The new #DailyVee seems like a winner.

    I like how you used Twitter (and other social media) to create a real life Twitter experience. Explain…. People tweet those Verified Accounts in hopes of a response. This show give the followers what they hoped for when the follow Ye or the Biebs. It gives them "the interaction." and "the value exchange."

    Keep up the great content. Happy holidays… and thank you.

  29. Hi Gary,
    I'm a Lyft driver and as I drive around in San Francisco, I ask my current passenger to leave my next passenger a message. I took these messages and published them in a book called 'Lyft Me Up San Francisco'. I want to work with Veyner Media to build a YouTube show around driving/ride share economy. If this captures your imagination, hit me up and I'll share more details with you.
    Also, I respect your tenacity.

  30. GARYYY! 2015 was an awesome year for the show. I found the show via podcast last fall and I can honestly say that it changed the entire direction of my life in a good way. It gave me the tools and confidence to start my business and I thank you for that! Now that I have been watching the show for a while, its fun for me to try to guess your answers before you can spit them out. Knowing some of the major themes of the show, I've been pretty darn good!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

    Andrew Chiricosta
    Costa Media Company

  31. #QOTD – Recap of 2015 – I stumbled upon the show at some point this year and watched all 131 episodes (at the time that's all there was) and got some amazing insight into the business world. I think you have some great views on questions and I like that you keep it real. I liked the outdoor settings the best and I would love to be there for Episode 200! I will buy a couple of books to hand out to people when it comes out. Keep the shows coming next year!

  32. I'll give you one better than an #AskGaryVee recap.. How about a Gary Vaynerchuk recap! Seriously, check it out and let me know if I'm right or wrong. I'll accept either fate!! https://medium.com/@ChrisDoiron/gary-vaynerchuk-open-letter-customer-to-ceo-a349c121ee0a#.6gq8dlno0

  33. Hey i've been starting to follow you Garry since one week and i don't really understand how many hours you're telling people to put in to their work, Do you think someone should work all week and then take only the sunday off ? Or can someone still be a hustler if he has 1-2 hours of free time per day and the rest focused on work ?

  34. May be more of an observation rather than a recap but what struck me is that the quality of questions has increased during the past 12 months. Not saying that they were poor at any stage but perhaps it's a qualitative sign of the education that's taken place from the answers provided but also from the community educating itself. Have a great holiday!

  35. Recap-When considering the overall scope of the shoooooow (in my India voice) 2015 will go down as the year Gary returned to his origins. With all the success of Vaynermedia, Gary could have easily shut down his ongoing conversation with his core supporters. This show proved to me that the intimate connection he has with his digital tribe still matters to him and that he still has his finger on the pulse of where all of this is going. Gary doing this show is like the Rock going back to Wrestlemana AFTER he became a movie star. He is at a level where he doesn't have to do this anymore but he still makes it a priority. He is still grinding like someone with 100 followers and that is an inspiration. When you listen to his keynote speeches, they read like bullet points of big ideas. This show provided the music between those huge points he is trying to make on stage and serves as an example of how to serve your internet following. Thank you for your helpful content this year Gary. Can't wait! for 2016 (in my Bart Scott voice)

  36. Very enriching, meaningful and informative. I've quadrupled my net knowledge on strategy and content in the last 3-6 months of listening to you #AskGaryVee show.. Thank you

  37. #QOTD: 2015 #AskGaryVee recap is pretty simple for me. 2015 was the year of Self Awareness. Know yourself. Focus on what you excel at. Move past what you don't; it'll only slow you down. I'm taking these thoughts into the holiday break, going to sift through them thoroughly, and then hit 2016 with some clarity, focus, and a second helping of #hustle.

  38. #QOTD Gary, my man, loving the #askGaryVee show. Especially the DailyVee's! You want something to read? well here it is. Its not much of a recap, more of a story and appreciation. I gotta say seeing you in one of Caseys videos reintroduced me to your channel! So thank you to Casey! I remember seeing a couple of your videos a few years back and it didn't resonate with me in the slightest bit. Not that it wasn't good, but mentally and professionally I was in a totally different trade. I was a Carpenter and was building many multi million dollar custom homes with a crew up here in Canada and I loved it!! My whole working career in the many different jobs i've had with the exception of one, have revolved around trades. From an import vehicle detailer, to Collision Repair technician, to a Carpenter/builder. I even started my own construction company doing renovations like kitchens, baths, additions, and small builds like custom decks, sheds, garages etc. I have said to myself many times as I grew up and especially to my teachers and my counsellor in high school, who asked me "what is it that I want to do when I get out of high school", I said I could never sit in a box, pushing a pen around talking on the phone, and call that my job. I said, I see no sense of satisfaction or accomplishment sitting in what seems like a glass prison and a slave to a load of paper work on my desk. I rather build tall structures, beautiful homes that people connect with and feel a sense of safety, belonging, and retreat at the end of the day after a hard days work. To see the final product that my blood, sweat and hands created from a pile of organized lumber and one persons dream, to a thing of beauty towering above them as they're handed the keys to their new home.
    But 2015, and the last bit of 2014, I have had a total mind shift. A complete shift in my profession. I am no longer building homes and have stopped taking on jobs for my construction company.
    My mom has been an Entrepreneur her whole life and started from nothing. Working 2 jobs as well as being a mother of 4 bratty kids, and still pursued her dream of wealth and owning a Legacy! And I can share her story which I could probably put into a form of a book.. But to spare the details, after some failures she found Real Estate to be the answer. Investing in Real Estate. From literally nothing, (packaging chocolate in a factory to make ends meet) to owning her own hair salon in Downtown Vancouver, as well as owning a large portfolio in Real Estate Rentals throughout Canada.
    Being handy, I've been involved with some projects helping with maintenance, and helping flip houses in the summer all through out higschool and a bit after.. It wasn't until late last year that I became actively involved in the business and now am doing this full time. As I started to become more heavily involved with investing in Real Estate, I realized that my mom has only tapped into about 10% of what this industry entails. We've only been playing the "buy and hold and generate cashflow" game! There is so much more to this business and it excites me to know that there are a lot more opportunities available!
    So now I am no longer out there in the field working, you know what I mean. Like Working in trades is very very physically demanding. And I love the toughness and physical wear and tear and blood shed of working your ass off, and lifting couple hundred pound beams on skinny 30ft high fucking walls where if you fall, well lets hope you're tied off or the ground is soft enough to cushion your fall. Trust me, I've seen it twice with my own eyes. And a few other fuckups that could've been avoided from a little common sense. But Its exhilarating! I felt alive and important! Its one of the things that motivated me every day!
    But now that I'm working at home at a desk and talking on the phone and crunching numbers, Its a very different atmosphere and way of work. Its more mental than physical. Like it takes more brain smarts, than your physical dexterity and if you got big enough balls. Im even thinking of writing a book one day! I dont know of what.. but a damn book! I didn't even like high school! Im even planning on creating a charitable organization in the Philippines where I'm from with a church thats friends of my family who adopts homeless children and raises them as their own.
    But I love this work, I love that my life and health is not at risk, that I dont have to work in the rain or snow anymore. And seeing and knowing the benefits and rewards of owning millions of dollars in assets, I am all in baby!
    But to be frank, I found in the last year that Its hard, for me at least, to keep motivated every day. Its hard to keep momentum. Its so easy to sleep in, or to fuck off for a couple days and get nothing done.
    Do you know what I find more scary than loading trusses onto a 40' high roof, or walking on top of a 2×4 wall carrying a solid steel beam with a 25' stairwell opening next to it? Picking up the phone and calling people to ask if they would be interested in receiving off market deals on properties with motivated sellers… Making a damn phone call is more scarier to me than falling and breaking some bones. hah!
    I find that your videos, as blunt and raw and tough shit as they are, it reminds me of the feeling I get when I was building houses. Theres that sense of "just fuckin get 'er done" motivation that I use to have on the field. And whether the content in some of your videos relate to my business or not, your enthusiasm, and energy is contagious and it lights a fire under my ass.
    And That! you son of a bitch is what I love about your shows. Keep up the great work my friend, and if you made it this far and read every damn thing I wrote. Im amazed that you had the time to do so! seeing the way you run around makes even me tired! But i love it! Hope you have a great holiday and new years! blessing to you and your family and your entire crew at Vaynermedia because with out them, we may not have the luxury of watching these videos! So thank you! and Cheers to success my friends!

  39. The one episode that stands out for me in 2015 was not even an episode, it was the small movie "6 minutes for the next 60 years of your life."
    I first saw you on Diggnation years ago and have followed you ever since but really started to pay close attention since #AskGaryVee and this episode really sparked action like no other for me.
    I turned 40 this past year and I was in the boat of wanting to do something but kinda feeling like I had missed my golden age of doing so.
    That episode/movie really hit the nail on the fucking head, you are NOT too old, and you have NOT missed anything. The overall message to get it done and use your previous experience and knowledge against anyone else with the same chance as me really struck a nerve.

    I have always been an entrepreneur at heart since I was a kid. Always trying to think of the next thing to get ahead. But i was also an entrepreneur with no balls and bowed out the second my peers said "Naw, that's not a good idea" or "That is too much work."
    I listened and then dropped it because I thought they knew better than I did.
    I went the safe route, finished school, finished college, got a steady 9-5 and settled instead of chasing what I wanted. Add to that now being 40 and watching so many others pass me by with their passion I really felt like I had missed my chance to take hold of what I wanted.

    All of your videos motivate me in my every day life but that video in particular really said "Get the fuck up and DO IT!" to me in a way that the others had not. (thick head)
    Since that video I started to execute. I began to execute on one of the pipe dreams I had thought about for years. Since that video I have gone through the set up process of beginning a business that I want to run. I hired out for drawings for my product. I searched a manufacturer and ordered test models. Submitted designs and actually have my first set of product in hand with a full order in the works.
    It's nothing big yet in the grand scheme of things but things are in motion. I have the first order in the works and I have lined up local shops to carry it while I build the brand in my community as well as online. The feeling of opening that box and seeing my idea in a real product was fucking exhilarating!

    So thank you for the videos Gary, they do exactly what you want them to do, help.

    I can pin point the exact video where I heard Tim Ferris and Kevin Rose talking about his new book The 4 Hour Body that prompted me to hit pause, run to the book store, buy the book and then proceed to lose 160lbs and some day I want to be able to point to this video and say "That is the video that kicked my ass into action and made me start, and finish my goal.

  40. #QOTD: I more or less just discovered you recently..

    That being said, what stuck out most from what you've said..

    -Be a business of integrity
    -Value your employees and customers, because they are your bread and butter, but don't be afraid to fire businesses.

    -Value your strengths over weaknesses..because if you try to spread yourself out, then you end up too thinned out.

    -You hate a certain brand of smart-phone now do to the annoying "friction"… they caused you
    -You hate slow internet, so do I.

    Happy NewYear and Holidays right back at you! Happy you exist, because you remind me, there are sane manager/entrepreneurs in this world, who use some logic and are more than just talk and numbers.

  41. Gary, I watched every single episode, often over lunch at work. (Wish I would've taken better notes, but I know I'll get another chance with the book). I had some big transitions in my career this year: ended my job where I built a social media program from the ground up for almost 5 years (using many of your principles) & started working with another group doing social strategy, content, etc. Your weekly wisdom kept me energized, thinking into the future, and ready to tackle new projects with a fresh perspective. My favorite episodes were the ones where you were salty (#165), went on the EPIC RANT (#167), talked about what you'd do if you were graduating college today (#122), and when you hung with your dad (#118). Thanks for all your valuable insight. Have a great New Year!

  42. Recap in a blog. I thank you Gary for giving me this feeling. “Bursting with power” https://medium.com/@copydimitri/bursting-with-power-913d201acef

  43. It has been a terrific year, the GV shows have definitely made an impact on me and I have learnt a lot, I think connection with people is absolutely vital as long as that is sincere and reciprocal – plus there are so many opportunities emerging, there is space for us all to prosper if there is one thing the show has revealed to me is that the world truly is a big big marketplace – Happy new year to all.

  44. Custom Apps are shite, in 99% cases.
    'Cause mobile websites cover 99% of the content/functions of the "custom apps".

    I dont want to load a shitload of apps, and dont want to litter my app drawer.

  45. #QOTD: 2015 Recap:
    Do the work.
    Start now.
    Self awareness + Empathy + A Good Product = You win.
    Gary appreciates his mother, but performs for his father.
    Most people don't really get how much Gary is living what he's preaching.
    The Jets had better not get to the Super Bowl before Gary buys them, or this show will be ruined for all of us.

    Happy Holidays, all. Enjoy the vacation, Gary, but get back quick and do more DailyVee asap.

  46. Just wanted to shout out and thank you for this show. I have just recently discovered Vaynermedia and AskGaryVee in the last month. Incredible inspiration on a daily basis!

    Question: Do you think that technology can evolve so much that it will help us get back to being able to actually talk to people rather than text all the time ?

  47. Instantaneous delivery programs and the Radish ! I got a lot out that moment on today's show, ton of information I had to watch it twice, thank you GV

  48. Fucking Gary. I watched probably 40eps this year (I subscribed early this year). I really like watching it live, but don't always catch it – thanks for making that a thing.
    Some eps feel like noise, but others I'm so fucking into it scares me. I'm a media producer working in a startup, and some of questions you answer hit home for me.
    Dig the films. I like the effort DRock puts into those. The compositions. The color. The narrative. I DIG IT. That's why I'm way pumped for #dailyvee. Marrying DRocks visual storytelling into a contemporaneous piece, fuck yeah.
    The dailyvee eps 1 & 2 were good not great. They weren't 'tight' enough. 20min eps??? That's a lot of my time Gary (on top of the agvs), but I know they'll get better. DRock will focus in on themes, tighten up the message and make the routine compositions interesting/quick – it's going to kill! I'm so pumped for it!! Thank you

  49. My 2015 recap of #AskGaryVee: This shooooooowww has been so amazing and has helped me just get off my ass. I'm not going to build a fortune 500 juggernaut of a company(self-awareness, been a process, thanks Gary), but I've been able to put more emphasis on the things that actually matter, my family, my happiness and pursuing my personal goals. That's the main thing I've taken away from my year of watching, listening, interacting: Figure out what makes you happy/will make you happy, and work on it. Thank you for doing what you do, and thank you to the team for helping to make the show what it is.

  50. Of 172 Episodes I may have seen 30, from #1 to 172 what ever pops up in the sidebar on YouTube, food for thought, how about more, but shorter episodes i.e. 178.1.0 and 178 2.0 and 178 3.0 so we can watch more episodes in less time. Keep being you, that is what we enjoy most! Have a great New Year!

  51. as a college student I try to watch your videos daily for that boost of hustle whenever the going gets tough. Keep it up Gary, you're a real inspiration. "Memories of our lives, of our work and our deeds will continue in others"

  52. 안녕하세요! Episode #162 with Brian and the interview question with #AlexIkonn. Brian brought some nuance to your message of hustle, execution and value and Alex obviously asked a great question for it's own special video to bring depth. I have been following them now thanks to you. If Vees are about Gary executing his values then askgaryveeshow needs to be entirely about depth. In order to do that I think you should invite more guests, your own investments (the birch box girls) and friends in the entrepreneurial industry who are crushing it. I'm looking forward to the daily Vees more so than the AskGarVee because you're running out of depth answering alone. I get your vision and I am working on executing it but the best insights from your show now come from other people in the industry working on make up, or smart pants or whatever your investing in. It A) promotes your own investments which I have enjoyed following and learning about and B) can allow them and you to go deeper into specific challenges or successes of that industry C) it doesn't take the Gary out of the askgaryveeshow. Now Chase and Casey (who got two appearances) aren't really entrepreneurs but artist and you could see it in the content of their responses relative to the detailed practicality of your's, Brian's and Alex's . So, more entrepreneurial guests in your wheel house, looking forward to the Vees soo fuxking much, and greetings from 대한민국. 감사합니다!!

  53. Just finished watching every single #AskGaryVee shoooooows…#QOTD : of all the motivational/business speakers/youtubers/podcasters,..i have read/watched/listened to, you are THE one who really hit me and motivate me to start working my a.. off to finally reach my goal. Thanks for what you are doing .

  54. The dark net is known for being a place of many illicit activities, but they have gotten one thing right: control of privacy – specifically in e-commerce sales. In what ways will the dark net influence privacy to customers in the coming years? #askgaryvee

  55. My husband is running a startup and whenever he has problems I give him advice based on what I've heard on your show – sometimes I even pretend it's my own advice 😉 but that's only because I so wholeheartedly agree with what you say. Thanks Gary, you're definitely helping his company grow!

  56. Thought of the Day:

    Love yourself. At the end of the day, you gotta watch out for #1 😎👍🏼

    Question of the Day:

    This show has taught me a lot about myself and that I should ACTUALLY be happy with doing whatever it is I want to do. Humility has also been a word that has held on for me in the past year. Stepping back and watching and listening rather than talking 👍🏼

  57. Recap: Got inspired, motivated and have leaped far, really, really far. Feel more ready, and took action.

  58. I am not even close to were I wanna be in life, I just look and Gary v profile we both share the same date of birth 14/11/1975 and this guy is so advanced he is my Mr motivator he say it all thank you for open up my eyes to all I need to do to get my life on tract god bless you mate thanks

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