April 7, 2020
Ask Limo U Show: Episode #136 – Do you need an office?

Ask Limo U Show: Episode #136 – Do you need an office?

(energetic percussive music) (upbeat electronic music) – All right, so there is no magic pill of when you need to get an office, and actually, I would
tell the majority of you never get an office. Why do you need an office? You can be like Dave Uziel at UrbanBCN. You can be like Richard
Fertig was at Go Brilliant. You can be the way that we’ve
shifted our business model. Why not be remote? Why not work from home and save two or three or four or $5,000 a month? The big question is is how
many vehicles do you have, do you need to have your
vehicles inside of a warehouse? And I think a lotta
that depends on climate. But I don’t believe that
you have to have an office with dispatchers over here and customer service reps over there. You can use things like
Slack, and Flock, and email, and instant messenger
and FaceTime and Skype to have real dialogs just
like I’m doing with you right no in realtime to have communication with your dispatchers, with
your chauffeur managers, with your customer service
reps and with your clients to where you don’t have to be face-to-face across from each other. So I don’t really have a concrete answer, but I would delay it as long as you can so you can save as much cash as you can, and only move into an
office if you have to. That’s my piece of advice. I know it’s not exactly 100% specific, but it’s the best that I can do because every one of your
businesses is different, but the number one thing we
should all be focusing on is saving cash, and offices are expensive, and in my opinion, unless
you are a very large company with 20, 50, 100 employees, pretty much unnecessary. Thank you for joining me on this episode of the “Ask Limo U Show”. I look forward to seeing
you guys on the next episode of “The Ask Limo U Show”. (energetic percussive music)

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