February 20, 2020
Ask Limo U Show: Episode #133 – What does a custom profile look like for a customer?

Ask Limo U Show: Episode #133 – What does a custom profile look like for a customer?

(upbeat music) (regal electronic music) – So, I talk a lot about
having your morning ritual. What you guys do in the
morning kinda sets the tone for your day, right? And in my Bill Faeth success
planner, we schedule out and we track exactly what
we’re doing every morning so I’m here, Chris and I
just came to Los Angeles for our Los Angeles boot
camps that start tomorrow in Culver City and then
on Tuesday down in Irvine and we’re literally at,
probably the In-N-Out that I’ve eaten at the most since I’ve left Southern California. I have a ritual as well. So we picked up a rental car
and then we’d come straight to the In-N-Out. Doesn’t matter if we find a
Vegas or Phoenix or Dallas or even anywhere that has
In-N-Outs, we’re going there. So one thing that I
think is really important is that you need to
understand that your consumer also has its own rituals
and its own habits as well on how they get comfortable
in utilizing your service. This is why it is so critical
that you’re investing time to ask questions on the
front end when you acquire a new customer and build
out custom profiles for the wants and needs. So case in point is this
morning, I had a 4:45 a.m. pick-up at my house with
a company in Nashville that I’ve never used
before and I put notes into an online reservation ’cause
I didn’t want the owner to see that it was me
until I was picked up so I could kinda do a
little bit of a ghost ride and test them and they did the one thing that I never want anybody
to do when it’s dark, and that’s pull in my drive way. So they paid attention
to the notes, informed the driver and went through
it, so that’s something that I’d love every
morning because what I do is I go sit in the front
office, I look for the lights and then I walk out. Same ritual I have every time I do an early morning pick up. What are your customers
asking you or not asking you to do for their rituals
when you service them? You’ve got to know those and
build up custom profiles. See you guys on the next episode
of the “Ask Limo U Show”. (upbeat music)

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