January 18, 2020
Ask Limo U Show: Episode #131 – What is your biggest regret in life and business? πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«πŸ†šβ›³οΈ

Ask Limo U Show: Episode #131 – What is your biggest regret in life and business? πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«πŸ†šβ›³οΈ

(rhythmic drum music) (upbeat electronic music) – All right, so one of
the biggest questions I get asked a lot is,
what is my biggest regret in business and my life? And I’m back here on UCLA
campus for the first time in many years. And probably the biggest
regret that I have was dropping out of UCLA. I came here on a full
ride golf scholarship. I was only here for half the year. I was currently ranked third in the world. But not only was my biggest regret because I missed the
entire college experience of being on this incredible campus. I’m getting to share it with Chris, the first time that he’s ever been here. But one of the things that
was positive about that, and I believe that you have to be able to see the positive in everything, and you have to adapt as I
tell you guys quite a bit is that I was 19 years old and I started playing
professional golf immediately because I had to make ends meet. My grandparents, my mother,
they did not support me in playing professional golf. And I think that’s a lot
that taught me adaptation, about responsibility, and I literally had to grow up immediately. So I was paying for my own apartment. I was paying for my travel expenses. And I was lucky to have one
gentleman, Mr. Buck Owens, if you know him, the
Godfather of country music, to sponsor me to get me
out on my first year. After that, I was on my own. And that is what set the tone for my entire professional career. Because I believe I had to
figure out how to make money. I had to figure out how to
adapt to literally going from everything taken care
of, full ride, books, food, housing, everything taken care of by this wonderful university, and then go out and do it all my own. So it’s my biggest regret, but also I think, one of the
best decisions I ever made at such a young age because that led into my first three entrepreneurial ventures. And going down to South America
starting Bel Aqua Bikinis which set the tone for Wild
Bill’s Texas Smokehouse all the way to where I’m at today. Thank you for joining me on this episode of the Ask Limo U Show. I look forward to seeing
you on the next episode. (rhythmic drum music)

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