April 6, 2020
Asana | Project Management Solution for Ecommerce Sellers

Asana | Project Management Solution for Ecommerce Sellers

hey it’s patti scharf CPA and co-founder
of catching clouds the leader in e-commerce accounting and today I’m
continuing my series on helpful tools for e-commerce sellers this time I’m
going to be talking about asana and it’s not really unique to e-commerce sellers
it’s more just helpful for anybody who has a business so let’s jump in and talk
about that all right so before we used asana we
were using I think toodle-do is what was called and it was great it was cheap and
it was good for managing just individual tasks for two or three people once we
got to like four or five people it started to not work very well and I’m
super happy that we found asana so I think we’ve been using this since had to
have been 2014 so we’ve been using a long time and I’m not gonna give you
like a full-blown demo but I’m going to show you a few things that I think are
pretty cool about it so asana is a project management tool
it’s a to-do list it’s helpful for keeping track of other people’s work and
your own work so if you’re trying to actually hire some people to help you
out in the warehouse or just wherever to help take some of the burden off of you
as the business owner and just delegate some tasks I think it’s got some really
great features that are helpful for use so I this program is really powerful so
I’m I don’t even really know where to start but typically I will start in my
inbox if you are following somebody else’s task and they like mark it as
done poof it pops up in your inbox but I pretty much live in this thing called my
tasks where it keeps track of all of my tasks and one of the things that I like
a lot about it is it will automatically if you put a date a due date in there it
will automatically recognize when you’re a week out and it’ll put it in your
upcoming tasks I’m a little busy I got a lot of tasks going on every week but
it’ll automatically bump it up there you can create like headings just kind of on
the fly just by putting a colon behind it so that you can keep things nice and
organized you can label things so like we’ve got different teams we’ve got our
clients and all the team’s related to that and you can see all the people who
work for us are all on that team so we can invite just specific members of our
team to ones one particular team is what it’s called in here
so like we’ve got one section just for like me and Scott another one for just
me another one for our whole team another one for just a few members of
the team it’s really flexible and then in each project you can have a list of
different topics or tasks and things like that you can assign them to
different people you can include different due dates one of the things
that I think is super cool is this new thing that they added called add custom
fields so I created this new field called stage and when I click on stage
up here it will automatically sort what I’m working on
based on what that stages so in my case as a business owner I am looking to
delegate tasks that I’m not supposed to be working on I’m looking to automate
different tasks that I’m not supposed to be working on and then there there may
be some tasks that only I can do I can’t delegate them just because they’re
unique to me or maybe there are things that are just my zone of genius that I
should be doing that stuff so so I think that’s really cool you can also just
click on the little assignee up here and it’ll group it by who owns the task so
that’s really great for if you’re managing somebody you’re working on a
project and this person is working on that that person is working on that and
this person is working on this other thing you can sort it by assignee and
then you can see where everybody is in their in their progress on that project
okay and then you can change the view over here you can sort it by due date or
whatever so it’s pretty cool there’s just a couple other things I’m going to
show you like they’ve got this calendar view so if you have all your tasks and
due dates and things like that and you want to see it in a different view you
can do it like that you can like have conversations you can chat about
different things so this is one of the things I really like if you go to a
project let’s go here yes so this not only keeps track of your actual tasks
but you can have notes you can have subtasks you can have links in there to
special documents so when we were first starting out and I was trying to
offload some of the stuff that was in my brain I would have a task and I would
have links to different videos or whatever so that somebody who was trying
to complete the task had all the information at their fingertips so that
they could actually walk through and complete the task without me having to
like be standing over their shoulder and training them or something like that it
was kind of a living document it was really great as we got a little bit
bigger that started to fall apart a little bit we needed a more standalone
training kind of a learning management system I’ll talk about that another week
but but it’s really cool to have all that stuff just accessible and helpful
to whoever’s going through the projects and you can leave comments on here and
talk about different tasks back back and forth you can keep track of what people
are working on and stuff like that one of the other things I think is really
cool about a sonnet is they make things really fun so like as you’re ticking off
projects and okay did that I did that I did that every once while you’ll have
like a flying unicorn go across your screen or Narwhal or something like that
it’s really kind of cool and then like I like this this is one of I think you
have to turn this feature on but if you hold down the tab key and then the
letter B this really special thing happens I mean it’s just silly and you
know work is work enough it’s it’s fun to make things fun once in a while so
that’s it I love asana I think it’s it’s working really great for us it’s really
powerful it’s really flexible and I hope you like it I hope you liked this video
if you did please like comment and share if you haven’t already please subscribe
and I’ll catch you later

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