April 6, 2020
Art Director Lulu Chen on Learning to Work in Retail E-Commerce

Art Director Lulu Chen on Learning to Work in Retail E-Commerce

Erik: What does it mean to be an art director
working in retail e-commerce? Lulu: So, for the projects that I’ve worked
on, we try and keep things simple so that it’s easy to view and we really try and do
the clothes justice. You know, we try and present the shape, the
silhouette. We try and show the texture, you know, we
try and show the style, but—you know, there’s a lot of things that we’re trying to get across. But, really, it’s a selling shot. So we’re trying to show how many buttons it
might have, you know, if it’s a boxier fit or a slim fit, or, you know, where it would—you
know, the proportions of certain things, pockets—I mean all these details, really, it’s trying
to get all of that across, so that it’s a fair representation for the consumer, because
you’re not there, you’re not able to tangibly touch things, but, you know, so we try and
show them. So brand to brand, it’s different. And also there are some more editorial elements
to certain retail e-commerce sites. Some have simpler backgrounds and they’re
against gray or white. And it really just—the focus is on the clothing
or the accessories. But sometimes, you know, with the more editorialized
shots, it’s really about the mood.

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