April 2, 2020

100 thoughts on “Are DM Groups WORTH IT in 2020? WATCH THIS FIRST

  1. I loved this video….I like how you gave the pros & cons of Instagram engagement groups and didn’t make anyone feel bad for being apart of them (I’m not apart of one, BUT I will keep this video in mind if I decide
    to join one 😬). Oh & THANK YOU for putting my comment in!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! I ran around the house yelling lol 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Keep up the great job!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

  2. By the way lovely Vanessa, have you got successful case that you help the Male to build the social media followers?

  3. Thanks for this video, these are awesome tips! When I started out on Instagram, I felt like I HAD to join comment pods, but they didn't feel right to me. Now I know that they aren't always the best option. Thank you!

  4. Is super tiring to be on an engagement group! I'd rather spend my time to create good content ! Great video as always Vanessa! ❤️

  5. Thanks Vanessa ♥. Actually in my dm groups at that time we already figured this out. Not to share link or write 'new post'. We just type a word for the post we just shared. Example, I post blueberry pancakes and that's what I will write in the group. But it's really hard to comment the first 30 minutes if you are not in the same time zone.

    I would love a video on how to change niche please. I was doing only vegan food and now I want to mix lifestyle and food. ♥

  6. wow Vanessa you literally posted this video as I was beginning to think twice about the engagement groups I'm in! There's so much content I was to create and it always feels like posting is a chore now, and that's not what it should feel like! It's sooooo time consuming and I would so much rather do it organically

  7. You pretty confirmed all the reasons I've never even considered joining one. I'm even suspicious of the Tailwind Tribes for Pinterest. I do like Triberr, because I never felt I had to share anyone's content. I may go see if that's still around LOL

  8. Aah I was in SHOCK how you started!!! But do you know what your tips work.. and they help me a lot! Thank You 🙏 Vanessa Mam!! I joined your FB group🌈 it’s really very good! Really very happy with your work!💫❤️ I will be always ready to support you 😍

  9. OMG! can you make a video of changing niches?
    I don't know how to change niche by not hurting anything (LoL) xD

  10. Great tips and what should be done. A lot of great stuff. Thank you Vanessa. I will be watching from Singapore your free masterclass 😊

  11. They’re not really worth it in my opinion you should tell your family and your friends for them to support you and if you’re embarrassed about your videos then you should rethink what you’re posting

  12. Vanessa…awesome video! I had no idea this is how the thing actually worked…that it watches you for the first 30 minutes to see who engages…good grief, this really is a game that has to be played! I'm curious, do you know if Youtube and Facebook work the same way? In other words, after I post a video or a FB post, are they watching to see who engages or comments initially as well? And if no one does, is my post a waste of time? My channel is small and I'm still working hard at putting out what I think are good videos, but I'm wondering if I'm going about growing it all wrong? Maybe I"m too old and this is a young person's game? Either way, you're video was really informative…thanks! 🙂

  13. just do the niche switch. i'm trying to get into this without doing one particular one it's too pigeonholing

  14. I would love to participate in the master class but it’s 1:30 am in Denmark and with a little baby I already don’t get much sleep 😔

  15. I'd like a video on NOT how to switch niches, but how to combine two and three at the same time (yeah I know that nobody would recommend that, but here I am – an IT business owner, a published fantasy writer, and I'd like to start another business now which I hope would pay me back too). Struggling with combining all of those – would love to learn anyone's advice on this.

  16. hi, can you please make a video about how to switch niches, do you end up losing followers? just how to go about it. Thanks!

  17. Thanks miss… i really love how a cute girl can explain such an important tip for self promoting 🐰♥️🐰

  18. Roberto Blake has me convinced that IG is a worthwhile platform for YouTubers. I'm big on Twitter, and get a ton of engagement. I'm currently reading my novels with sound effects and b-roll; doing Writing Tutorials as well. Nice to include you amongst the elite.


  19. Hi Vanessa, first of all thanks for your videos, you are amazing! I am from Italy but live in Austria. I found you via Google and I am happy that it happened because I have a start-up and I am learning a lot about Instagram and Social networks thanks you.
    I am wondering if you can share your knowledge about Telegram making a video about the Telegram groups, I would love to know if there are tricky systems to increase the numbers there (probably yes) and if there is a way to easily recognize if a group is not organically pumped up.
    Thanks a lot in advance! 🙂

  20. I have tried it all and realized that I just need to work on my content because these groups and pods are crazy. lol especially telegram. I am so over that app lol and we now have a a friends group that works better because we follow each other everywhere and help each other that way.

  21. Hey Vanessa, I know this is a little random, but I was noticing as I was scrolling through your videos that your thumbnails are on point 👏🏾 I notice they are streamlined to look a certain way, which lets me know it’s your video. They are definitely clickable and I was wondering if you could do a video on how to create great thumbnails? Thanks for making such helpful videos ❤️

  22. Thx for your helpful videos. Thx to you and another youtuber. I almost doubled my I.G. follower number in a month and a half. And I notice that, everytime I post something I gain 2 to 3 followers a day on I.G. and about 2 to 4 youtube subscribers.

  23. I had an influencer from Toronto reach out to me to take a photo of my flower truck. I live in BC. I was excited to see what the takeaways would be from her posting a photo to her 30,000 followers.

    I was kind of surprised that the photo got over 1000 likes and over 100 comments but not one following or any likes to my page. I was reading the comments and checking out the photos and quickly saw that all these comments were coming from an engagement pod. I wasn't mad but just baffled because I didn't understand the purpose but also felt like I was used just so this person could get empty comments and empty likes for their empty page.

    I never saw engagement pods as a bad thing but I am not a part of one. I also believe in genuine engagement. I can see how they would be helpful for someone starting out in a small community that could help build them up but I agree for long term growth it doesn't make any sense why you would want 10 or 50 empty comments. It doesn't mean anything! Imagine if those 10 comments came from real followers who took the time to comment! That would feel a lot better than the 10 comments you were EXPECTING from a pod.

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  25. I can't figure out how to share other's posts! Happy to give credit but can't even find a way to do it.???? Jlina.brielle

  26. Def a lot of work and not real engagement. You can totally tell how fake the comments are on people’s post (4 words only) LOL.. Brands are now able to tell if you have real engagement.

  27. Saw this video last week but didn’t think of it much until someone just messaged me if I want to join their engagement pod this morning and I was curious what’s your thought on it. I want to build a real connection so gotta pass. Thank you again for another helpful video. I can’t wait to start BGA!

  28. In the group I use we have a system where we send a heart emoji when we've posted in order to avoid the Instagram tracking our links thing, just a little trick for others to use if they want to

  29. I tried one out for fellow musicians and it just didn't seem beneficial. We didn't share the post in the pod, but there was a selected time during the week, say 8PM EST, and maybe certain days, and you logged on within 30 min and started liking and commenting. The problem with this was, I don't care how many new "followers" there were on IG for the pictures. It's about the music and engagement with fans, so it didn't seem useful to me. Also, I didn't want the feed to be filled with posts just to post to be a part of the pod.

  30. Being a curly haired girl, I keep on engaging with other curly bloggers. We all are helping each other to get amazing hair hand texture. It's real engagement. No need to create DM group when we are actually gaining knowledge from each other

  31. I just got so bored of this 60 yo professor talking about online content marketing as a part of growth hacking from Coursera. I came to your channel and learned more than what I could from the Coursera platform. More direct and useful information rather than presentation files of academic BS.

  32. You're Super! 👸👀 " it's kinda like having a business and having fake customers " 🤣😂 ha! I love that part!

  33. Time consuming isn’t good and yeah it’s not organic unless it’s your actual mates and you do live videos with aye

  34. Great video, but sharing your post doesn't necessarily equal cheating the system. If you share a post on discord, discord is another social media account which means tracking wouldn't equal "engagement group" but social media share. This is how videos go viral, they are shared on other social media accounts. Sharing your post on Telegram, discord, or any website (other that instagram) helps your posts in general. But never the less great advice!

  35. Dm groups worked in the beginning, I actually made a lot of nice contacts thru them where we continue to chat and support each other beyond just Instagram. However I do regret it because now my engagement ranked and I’m pretty sure it’s because of the dm groups. Is there anything I can do to help this?

  36. Wow. After watching this I'm pretty disgusted myself for buying a certain guru's course for over 1k. His "growth hacking" portion was basically predicated on the fact Telegram engagement groups would blow up all our accounts. Stupid me haha!

  37. thank you, I just deleted telegram! engagement groups were actually triggering my anxiety (and thoughts like "without them, I'll be even less unsuccessful than I'm already"). building something online takes time, courage and patience just like most things and btw it's cooler to see its own process & building a great community in something I'm passionate about. I follow people for their personality and bc they inspire me, why should I act different with my content 🙂

  38. So much great insight in the comments here! You are all amaaazing!!! ** DOWNLOAD THE FREE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO TURN YOUR FOLLOWERS INTO CLIENTS **

  39. I used to be heavily involved in the Facebook groups but it just got old. It’s not people liking your content or engaging because they enjoy it, it’s people liking only because they want to get engagement back. I have a telegram one which is slightly better since we all follow each other.

    TL;R engagement groups only work if they all follow you.

  40. * * *
    I'm not really interested in growing the number of visitors.
    I just want a private place to share comments and short video from the members' dash cameras.
    Does Instagram fit that sort of issue OR should I keep looking?
    I like Instagram because all members in the group can post their own videos, but I also want it to take place in private.
    Will it work here?
    * * *
    I loved your energy and your video…
    * * *

    Until that time. . .

  41. I’m a guitarist and we are making a new album. Hope to do great things!!! My Instagram is : @davidtheguitarist1

  42. NFL free agent here 👋🏾 I’m a mindfulness enthusiast, aligning with fitness/wellness/quotes/inspiration content on my IG!

    Feel free to check me out! @eleezy91

  43. I tried it once and I liked that the group's were strict and methodical but the quality of comments were so poor and thoughtless I had to delete most of them. Too much work for very little reward. Anyway, when you make a commitment to grow organically you get more creative and analytical with your content.

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