March 29, 2020
Appian Application Designer: Build Applications in Days, not Years

Appian Application Designer: Build Applications in Days, not Years

– [Narrator] Quickly creating
custom applications is easy in the Appian Application Designer. Applications created in
Appian are a collection of interfaces, processes,
rules, and data objects working together to deliver
powerful business functionality. It’s in the fully web-based
application designer where all of those
elements are built, updated and combined to create
great user experiences with easy-to-use wizards. Once in the Appian application
designer, you can toggle between viewing a list of applications or the Global Objects Repository. Further, you can find specific
applications or objects using the global search
bar in the upper left menu. And the toolbar on top
provides easy access to actions for creating, importing or
configuring design objects. You can see the list of objects
available in the new menu, including Data Management,
Process Management, User Interfaces, Reports,
Business Rules, and Integrations. You can quickly filter objects
by modified date, object type as well as search for
objects by name, description or even search within
the logic of objects. All of these design objects
work together across a web of relationships
to drive the power behind your application. For example, processes are
started by interfaces that call rules and invoke integrations. Changing one object can
have an impact on other related objects. Appian provides powerful
awareness of this impact indexing relationships in real time. Designers instantly see
the impact of changes by viewing the dependents and precedents. Dependents show all objects
that rely on the current design object while
precedents is the opposite, showing all objects which
the current design object relies on. As you complete your
application, the gear control in the upper right provides
helpful tools for publication. These include a review of
your security configurations and a check for the completeness
of your application. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for a
personal demo and experience the speed and power of Appian, the leading Digital
Transformation Platform.

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