April 9, 2020

11 thoughts on “App Marketing Strategies: The Most Effective Campaigns

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  2. Hey Steve, love your videos and podcast, I listen to it almost every day. Got a question related to my first game I've released which is this: https://www.bulkybrains.com/bobble-bunch . How much I should invest in promoting it? I've heard you saying in one of the podcasts that you have a good gut feeling and you can tell which one is going to work and which not. Would love to hear your opinion on this. Thanks!

  3. Hey Steve! I just discovered your channel and wow, it's amazing! Thanks for sharing all your great tips, I think it's gonna be super useful for me to promote my new app NearMinder (https://www.nearminder.com/)! Quick question: for such a reminder app (competitive market but the only one to send reminders based on your distance to people), do you think PR is a good channel to invest in as it is quite disruptive? Would be awesome to have your opinion on it 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Hey! The information you give here is very helpful, but I would like to know if an approach like free to paid (opposite) would work? Since it's my first app, I wouldn't think people would buy it right off the bat, but instead after it's been free and then costs $1. What do you think?

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