April 1, 2020
App Development Cost: How Much To Build An App? (2020)

App Development Cost: How Much To Build An App? (2020)

Looking to build an app with great
design and development? Want to know more about how much an app like this will
cost? Keep watching to find out more. There are multiple factors that we’ll
need to consider when it comes to pricing app development. Today, we’ll be
discussing these factors and at the end of the video, I’ll be sharing with you
how much does it cost to build an app with beautiful UI, great UX and mostly bug
free. If this is the first video from us, that you’re watching, my name is Adrian
Ching. I’m currently running Upstack Studio, a digital product development agency
where we help companies build impactful digital products. Over the past few years,
we’ve helped multiple clients get their product from zero to launch. So, we’ve
decided to share everything that we’ve learned so far and hopefully you’ll
learn something out of these videos. If you haven’t already subscribed to our
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should be a subscribe button below this video and make sure to click on the bell
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right in, a disclaimer, all the costs that we’re showing you here are estimates. So if
you need more precise cost estimation, reach out to your trusted app
development agency. Or if you don’t have any just yet, feel free to drop us an email
and we’ll be able to help. Let’s start off by understanding what affects app
development cost. Factors that influence app development costs, number one.
Features and functionalities. The more complex the app you want to build, the
more amount of work will be needed to implement. So the complexity of app is usually
the largest cost drivers in app development. implementation of certain features might
take more effort and time while some features might be relatively short and
simple. I’m not going to break down how much effort or time and subsequently the
cost that will be needed for specific features here but if there’s enough demand, we
might do that in a future video or blog post. Let us know in the comments
below if you want to see a video or blog posts with estimated time and cost
breakdown for some of the more common features of an app. Next, Visual and User Experience Design. Costs of app development is also largely dependent on
the user interface and user experience design. What kind of designs are you
planning to build? Do you want to build a modern, fast, beautiful and intuitive app?
Or do you not care about the aesthetic of the app and just want an app that works? Pro tip, always invest in good UI and UX
design because a user-friendly beautiful app always win. Would you use the Uber or
Grab app if the design of the app is shit and it always crashes? No! So why not focus
on building a world class app and set your app for success? And you’ve probably seen this
coming. Yes, good UI and UX design
do add additional investments to your project. Factor number 3. Platforms.
Different businesses will require different app setup in terms of the
platforms you need to create an app for. Depending on the business model, some
companies might only need a web app to start while some companies might need to start
with mobile app because that is their unique selling point. The more platforms
you need to handle, the more the cost will go up. And if you’re planning to
support both iOS and Android, get ready to pay more money for the development
because you’ll need a separate team for each of these platforms and the app
cost will be double. One way to reduce app costs to handle both
Android and iOS would be to go with cross platform development with frameworks like
react native or flutter where you only need one team to work on it but get the
benefits of having two native applications built. Factors that affect
app development cost, number 4. Backend infrastructure and Admin Panel. When it
comes to building a mobile app, you’ll need back-end systems with API to
provide data exchange between the app and the database. The back-end system is
also the backbone of the whole system where all the algorithms and processes
are executed in order to provide the right data for the mobile app to work. Besides
the back-end system, what a lot of non-technical founders or product
managers missed out on is the Admin Panel where you can manage the app content and users. This is an essential dashboard
for you to manage any content you need to display on the mobile app, create,
update or delete users, track certain metrics that are important for decision
making and also to moderate any user-generated content you have on the app.
How flexible and complex the back-end system and admin panel you need will also
affect the overall development cost. The more complex it is, the higher the cost
will be. The next factor that will affect your app development cost, type of development team
team you’re hiring. There’s a significant difference between engaging a
freelancer, an offshore development team or an agency like Upstack studio. For the
context of this topic, let’s take a two sided marketplace as an example.
Freelancers or small development shop might be charging somewhere between $30,000 to $100,000. Offshore development team, anywhere between a
$100,000 to $200,000 While a full cycle government agency
like us might be charging somewhere between $200,000 to $350,000 .Now, you might
be asking, what is the difference between all these options? Why shouldn’t I go
with the cheaper freelancer option that could potentially save me a huge portion
of the money? Well, here’s why. Risk. A higher cost upfront means lower risk. Why
do I say so? It might be your first time hiring a freelancer. Or perhaps you’re
not a technical person and you don’t have anyone that understands software
development to handle the project for you. How do you
know if the freelancers that you hired are doing a good job, creating the app
that you want and envision? Same goes to an offshore developer team.
The reason why a creative agency like Upstack Studio price our price our services
higher is because of a proven app track record and the experience
our team has when it comes to designing and building and app.
I’m not saying development agency is the only way to go, of course. You can still
find good and experienced freelancers or offshore development team. I know some
friends that have had success with hiring freelancers and off shore development team. They are always pros and cons to all the options so make sure you do your
due diligence before engaging an app developer. So those are some of the
factors that will influence how much does it cost to build an app. Like I
promised in the beginning of this video, next I’ll be sharing how much does it
cost to build an app with beautiful UI, great UX and mostly bug free. Let’s
start off with an app that doesn’t need a back-end services. Let’s say you already
have someone working on the back-end or you plan to rely on a
back-end as a service provider like firebase. Cost for such app will most probably
somewhere around 50,000 to 100,000. As for an app that requires full cycle
development, meaning from requirements gathering, design, development, testing and
then launch,the cost of UI and UX design can range from a 100,00 to 500,00 depending on the complexity. Don’t forget to budget for future
updates, marketing and any cost from third-party services that you’ll be
using as well. To make a successful app requires a variety of skills and
specializations. If you’re really going to give your app and yourself a chance, make sure you
include take these cost that we’ve mentioned here as a reference to truly evaluate
the bottom-line for bringing an app to market. That’s all for now on a
topic of app development cost. Hope we’ve provided some good insights on the
factors that can affect the development cost. We would love to hear from you what you
think about all the factors that we’ve mentioned and whether or not you think
the numbers that we’ve shared helped. Let me know in the comments below. I’ll check every single comment and personally reply to yours.
Thanks for watching the video and see you in the next video.

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