April 1, 2020
Antonelli’s Cheese Focuses on Steady Growth for Long Term Success

Antonelli’s Cheese Focuses on Steady Growth for Long Term Success

(upbeat music) – Hey y’all, I’m John Antonelli. Co-owner and founder of
Antonelli’s Cheese Shop along with my wife Kendall. We opened the shop in February of 2010 in a historic Hyde Park neighborhood, and we’ve been selling
cheese, bread, charcuterie, beer, wine, jams, basically anything that goes great on a picnic since the day we opened up our doors. Our customers really
come to us because they know that they are going
to have a really good time. They get free samples,
and they also come back to us because of our customer service, at the end of the day,
that’s what we do best. We serve, and we do it with a smile, and sometimes happy dances. So we operate four distinct businesses, we’ve got our retail brick
and mortar in Hyde Park, we have 150 chef and restaurant partners through our wholesale business. We run about 250 events
in our cheese house, and all across the city. And we also do eCommerce,
through our Volusion platform, and sell all across the country. We’ve grown our profit, our revenue, pretty amazingly in the last nine years. What started as a first year Kendall and I and one other employee at about 300,000. Now a multimillion dollar company with all the different avenues that we operate at about 10% profitability. It’s pretty remarkable
what we’ve been able to do as a mom and pop
business, with gradual growth, real slow and steady and focused. We’ve been named Ink 5000
fastest growing companies very recently, and so, we’ve been able to really focus on putting
the right resources, and the right program at the right time. Of course, I’ve had many
moments of failing forward, but what entrepreneur hasn’t?

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