April 9, 2020
Another New Years Resolution for You?

Another New Years Resolution for You?

Another new year’s resolution for you. Hi, I’m Brian Pombo welcome
back to Brian J. Pombo Live. Today we’re coming to you
live from Clovis, California. Quite a distance from Tracy, where
we were last night, but this is a few hours south. This is in the
Central Valley right next to Fresno. For those of you who may know
a little bit about California, and we are out here today visiting
the in-laws for the holidays. So every time I’m out here, or most of the time what I’ll do is
I’ll get the wifi password from my mother-in-law and I forgot to
do that before she went to bed. So because of that, we ended up with a situation where I had
to get out on the road and find a good signal because for some
reason in the middle of town, I couldn’t get a good signal on my phone. So here we are, we’re in the middle of a parking lot
bringing to you another thrilling addition of Brian J. Pombo Live. Today we’re talking about new
year’s resolutions. Yesterday, I gave you a suggestion on a great new
year’s resolution to use in terms of your business. I’m not a huge
fan of resolutions. They’re
a little bit silly to me, especially New Year’s based ones.
But if you’re going to do it anyways, you might as well do something that’s
going to be profitable for you. So here’s a secondary one on top of
setting a really clear annual goal for you and your company. Here’s a
second one for you to do. Introduce a new form of marketing
into what you’re doing now. Make sure it’s based on
who you’re trying to reach. Like we always talk about the one the
major things you got to think about in terms of marketing or communicating with
either your current clientele or future clientele, future customers. You’ve got to think about who they
are and what they’re watching and what they’re paying attention to and what
they’re reading and all the areas that media can reach them. You’ve gotta make sure you’re reaching
them on the media that matters most to them. So if you’re trying to reach, the retired crowd, you may not find a whole lot of them on
Snapchat or Instagram on the same end. You might whole lot more
on Facebook. It depends. It really depends on specifically who
you’re looking for and where you need to be looking for them. But there’s
places people are everywhere. What you have to do is know
who you’re going after. If you know that what you already should
and you should pay closer attention to that. But once you know
who you’re going after, find out another place
where you can hit them up. If you have never used
video marketing via YouTube. I’m not talking about hard stuff,
I’m talking about easy stuff. I’m talking about organic marketing. Maybe you don’t have to pay for it, pay for the production it and put
it out there for free. You know, get your material out there in a new
spot that you’ve never had it before. And I don’t mean just online. If there’s a way for you
to have somebody waving, assigned to bring them to your location. If you have a location
based business, then do it. Try one new thing this year. Introduce a new form at least one new
form of marketing and try it out for a year or at least to the point to
where you have definitive results. Even if the results are negative, that’s one less thing you
don’t have to worry about. If you find out this sign waving
does not work for my business, great. Mark it off your list
and don’t go back to it. Now focus on the next thing but find out
that idea quickly so it’s just one more resolution tomorrow I’ve got another
one for you. I got another one. If those two don’t work for you or if
you’re looking to really spice up your year, we got another one
tomorrow. Come on back then. If you happen to be a business owner
and you’re looking for somebody to work with, with some of these long term planning
ideas and business concepts and really looking to take your business from
where it’s at to a real high ideal. If you have a strong concept of where
you want to take your business to, then I suggest you get in touch with
somebody who can help you do that. Partner up with someone if you’d like.
If you think that I might be that person, go to BrianJPombo.com
go and check that out. Watch some of my other videos. See if you see, if you
think we click, if we do, then see what you can do about
getting a hold of me. If you have, it will be in the
self-reliance field though. Meaning you’ve got products and
services that help people to become more self-reliant. Then make sure and go to
DreamBizChat.com there’s a video there. Watch it. Let me know what you think
and it is made specifically for you. It’s a chance for us to be able to
work together at least for one session, and I offer it for free for people in
the self-reliance field and if you apply and you meet all the criteria, then you can get a free session with me
and be able to walk away with a Dream Business Transformation. Go check
it out. DreamBizChat.com. Also, that link is in the description
tomorrow night or tomorrow, during the day sometime hopefully.
Get ahold of you sooner. Tomorrow during the day, we are going to be discussing the next
new year’s resolution that you should be thinking about. In the meantime, get
out there and let the magic happen.

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