April 2, 2020
Anodot Demo: eCommerce

Anodot Demo: eCommerce

Personalization is key to Commerce
today, but with all the app permutations how do you maintain great service for
every custome?r for every experience? Anodot is a proactive way to run your
eCommerce business used by the world’s leading data-driven companies. How? Using AI. Our Autonomous Analytics platform transforms billions of events into just
the alerts you need. This is a real-time alert from Anodot. The solid line
shows the number of repeat buyers making purchases in real time. The shaded area
is a dynamic baseline, the normal range for this metric that’s created
automatically. It accounts for seasonal patterns, metric signal types,
corresponding events and other related factors. Anodot correlates multiple
anomalies into one comprehensive insight so you don’t get flooded with alerts. Let’s investigate further on the Anodot platform – we see that repeat buyers are lower than expected. From the 50
correlated anomalies, a story emerges on the Anomap, a heat map that reveals the
dimensions most impacted. It’s clear that repeat buyers from a Black Friday
campaign in the newsletter are experiencing Error 400. This is a revenue-related incident. The drop began right after a promotional newsletter was sent
to repeat buyers. Data science algorithms calculate this score to filter out the
noise and help you focus on what’s critical. And only when it’s critical are our
alerts sent to your workflow so you can take action quickly. With Anodot, data
coverage is comprehensive, it’s continuous, and it adapts to business
behavior. Alerts are highly accurate and actionable, and important business incidents never slip through the cracks. Instead of
getting angry calls, you’ll be the first to know. Anodot – analytics so you can sleep at night. Get your demo at www.anodot.com/request-demo!

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