April 6, 2020
Anna Wintour Teaches Creativity and Leadership | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Anna Wintour Teaches Creativity and Leadership | Official Trailer | MasterClass

[CROWD NOISE] [CROWD NOISE] OK, Anna Wintour? [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Hello. I know many people are
curious about who I am and how I approach my work. OK, off the table. OK. This is a class
for those who want to understand my
leadership style and then understand the
experiences that have helped me become an effective leader. Love that page– triple,
triple thumbs up. You need someone
who can push you that isn’t pulling you back. I do not believe
in micromanaging. It’s important to
empower those that are working with you
because you are nothing– nothing without a good team. It’s really, really important
to surround yourself with a team whose
opinions that you trust, who are not in
any way frightened of disagreeing with you. And you have to listen. Possibly the most important
meeting that we have is the one that we have when we
all come back from the shows. I would love for you to come
with us to one of these fashion meetings. There is always a
time when you know you have to break the rules. This cover was a deeply
controversial cover, but Kim and Kanye were part of
the conversation of the day, and for Vogue not to
recognize that would have been a big misstep. You are leading. You are not following. And that’s a very
important lesson to always keep in your mind. You are driven by your heart,
you are driven by your talent, and you’re driven
by your instinct. And if you start
to question and look at what people are
doing to the left of you or to the right of
you, you are going to lose that clarity of thought. Listen to the information. In the end, it has to
come from who you are. Own your decisions, and own who
you are, but without apology. I’m Anna Wintour, and
this is my MasterClass.

100 thoughts on “Anna Wintour Teaches Creativity and Leadership | Official Trailer | MasterClass

  1. Ok. So if I was in your "team" I'd do as you ask and be honest with you. Whether your a man or woman – people that wear sunglasses indoors are douchebags.

  2. If you have the guts to put Kanye and Kim on cover, why not Melania Trump who has beautiful style? Politics making you betray your open-mindedness?

  3. Que ser tan DESAGRADABLE.

  4. Hi Anna, u r the most influential fashion editor in the world. But why are u still not promoting inclusivity in the fashion world? I have not seen u making any changes to be more inclusive. Funny how a woman of yr rank is not supporting inclusivity. I think ir's about time for u to pack up and leave. Bye, felicia.

  5. I admired her for years until she put that filth on the cover of her magazine. It truly shifted and cheapened the industry. As someone who's worked and attended countless seasons of Fashion Week (back when we had the tents), it is painful to see the guest lists go from A list celebrities who contribute to society and have actually busted their ass to get their status, to reality stars and instagram girls. With that being said her opinion doesn't mean much anymore. To me and to many others…

  6. Anna Wintour lied in Vogue about Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry etc etc fill in the blank with installed pop puppets writing my songs Wrecking Ball and R.O.A.R. and others. My music note dress stolen by Katy Perry and Valentino was also featured.

  7. I was waiting to watch a video and this ad comes out I was ready to skip it but as son as I saw Anna I watched all. Nice ad

  8. She looks awful in this ridiculous dress. Like an old British lady. Ug. No one in America needs this crappy woman whose taste sucks.

  9. When you have long term experts in fields doing master classes and then people putting up reviews. Doesn’t sort of defeat the purpose of a master class? It’s either take it or leave it.

  10. This is one of the most sick, vain, narcissistic, empty and meaningless presentations I have seen in some time. You people are doing well with famous writers and playrights, etc, you shouldn't lower yourself to this vapid nonsense. Do a master class in real nutrition and genuine values for young girls, how about that? This is a toxic program..

  11. Thank you very much for all the mentor-ship you are giving to us. I believe in your potential and you have no idea how long I've waiting for this. Your guidance will help me to be the man, leader, business man I always wanted to be. Thanks … I wish you lots of wisdom, happiness and health for you and your whole family

  12. Muito interessante esses globalistas com essas grandes marcas que se vestem de maneira elegante e tradicional mas para os consumidores só fazem roupa com simbolismo satânico e aberrações em formato de roupa. E esse bando de otários aplaudem. O que é isso 1:06, um saco do Papai Noel furado com um sapato de homem das cavernas no pé?

  13. 0:52

    "…who are not in any way frightened to disagree with you…"

    Yeah, no, sure – preach it sis. Thank fuck the fashion industry isn't riddled with bs and sycophants right? I'd love to here what Vogue employees current and former really think about this. Someone should post a tea spilling voice over to her Master Class and blow up their views.

  14. We all of us have our own Creativity and leadership inside us…. Creativity cant be learnt from someone ..otherwise it will be *fake*tivity not creativity…

  15. Isn't she the inspiration for Devil Wears Prada? Why would I need to learn leadership skills from her? So I can make people miserable? lol

  16. "I do not believe in micro-managing." My management should hear these words. Micro-managing is damn rampant among civil service in Singapore. Hate that.

  17. What a lovely voice she has! And the things she says with it are golden! She sounds like the sort of inspirational boss that makes things happen. And again, Masterclass has made me forget what the fck I was watching.

  18. It's sad when people can't dress themselves. Is that why Bonzo left Christi Turlington? Please reply, I've been trying to get dirt on him.

  19. Before you consider being a leader and taking lessons and everything, you should first learn one very very important thing. To love yourself.
    Love yourself. Love your body. Love your personality. Love your morals. Love everything about yourself. That will bring you confidence and positivity and good energy. She says "Own your decisions and own who you are, with no apology." and in order to do that, you must love yourself. <3

  20. At first I was interested but then I saw she's promoting Kim Kardadhian and that shithead kenyo which means shithead in my language and I was so disappointed. Morals out of the window apparently. This is so cringe. All they do is take pictures and write down what people say, it's idiotic. A 3rd grader could do their job.

  21. How dare you celebrate this woman. She's a shameless, notorious workplace bully – internationally famous for treating staff like garbage and being the absolute worst kind of leader. There are no lessons to be drawn from this – it should be considered shameful. If it was anyone leading in any other business, they would be looked upon with total disdain and disregarded. This is behaviour we rightly condemn when it's toxic masculinity or ostracism or bullying. Look You should be ashamed of this.

  22. Wow, did you partner with a different video crew? It looks terrible compared to the older masterclasses. Running low on investment cash?

  23. In what Universe is Ana consider a creative person? I can understand how a Bully can be considered a leader but I can´t understand how people still believe that being a snob is a sign of creativity. It´s as ridiculous as saying that being fat makes you a good chef.

  24. Paragon of life mind body and spirit the JEWELS of the wayfarer to be adorned with beauty of faith. THE EMBLISHMENT.

    Fashion killa dont care for it but sapphire star of adam and paragon diamonds higher level finish. Eye Style of visionaries.

    Show offs check the look man dumb.

  25. Put those 2 into one belt that's wrapped with the bracelet as a buckle clasp. I'm gonna skip this design class maybe think about architecture instead.

  26. Just bergdorfin my mum she wouldnt wear this shit anyway 🤣😂🤓🧐 get Shaq to wear it say dapper dan made it

  27. Admire Anna Wintour and the Kardashians tremendously!! I reposted this video in my Instagram as well @danmi_jewelry_official 😎🙏🏻🦋💜💙💚💖💛🧡 and of course subscribed Master class & Vogue☺️

  28. Красные глаза глубоко зависимой кокаиновой наркоманки, которые прячутся за очками днем, и не скрыть на видео – это конечно мечта, что сказать 🙂

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