April 2, 2020
Amazon WordPress Plugin: How to Integrate WordPress With Amazon

Amazon WordPress Plugin: How to Integrate WordPress With Amazon

In this video, you’re gonna see two of the
best ways to make money with your WordPress website by integrating it with Amazon. When you sign up to Amazon’s affiliate program,
you get a unique ID you can use to generate links, banner ads, and widgets for your site. Each time a visitor clicks on one of these
links and buys something, you get a commission – it’s that simple. By default, you have to generate and add links
to each individual product, which can get out of hand fast. That’s where the Amazon Auto Links plugin
comes in. This straightforward tool enables you to generate
sections that link to products your audience might like, based on current Amazon rankings
and the categories you choose. You’ll first need to install and activate
the plugin, then find the new Amazon Auto Links tab in your dashboard. After that, click on Manage Units → Add
Unit by Category. By ‘unit’, the plugin means an advertising
section that will display particular types of items. Choose a name for your new unit so you’ll
recognize it later, and remember to enter your Amazon Associate ID as well. The rest of the settings here are self-explanatory. Make whatever selections you’d like, and
be sure to keep the Auto Insert option on. When you’re done, you can click on Proceed. On the next screen, you’ll need to choose
the category of products you want your unit to display. Once you’ve found the right entry, click
on the Add Category button. Keep in mind that you can add multiple categories
to each unit if you’d like. When you’re ready, click on Create to complete
the process. Remember how we told you to keep the Auto
Insert option turned on? By default, your new unit will be placed below
the content on your posts and pages. However, you can configure its display settings
by navigating to Amazon Auto Links → Manage Auto-insert and clicking the Edit option for
the unit you want to customize. Look for the section called Where to Enable,
which will let you choose where to display your unit. If you want more control over your display
settings, you can always opt to use shortcodes instead. For more information on how to do that, check
out the plugin’s main WordPress page for detailed instructions. To make the most out of this integration,
you’ll want to have a WooCommerce store already set up. After all, the goal here is to either use
WordPress to drive users towards Amazon or list your products on both platforms to make
more sales. Let’s walk through how to use the “WP-Lister
Lite for Amazon” plugin to link your WooCommerce store to Amazon. As usual, you’ll need to install and activate
it before getting started. Once the plugin is set up, you’ll need to
connect your Amazon account to your WordPress site. To do that, go to the Amazon tab in your WordPress
backend, and look for the Settings → Account screen. Choose which Amazon store you signed up for
(Amazon US, UK, etc.) and follow the instructions on your screen to complete the linking process. Now move on to the Categories tab under Settings,
and enable the categories you’re authorized to sell on Amazon. Keep in mind that some categories require
Amazon to pre-approve you, so you’ll want to avoid those for now. Once you’re happy with your settings, save
them and you’re ready to go. All that’s left to do now is either match
your WooCommerce products to existing ones on Amazon or publish them independently if
they’re not already on the platform. WordPress’ versatility makes it perfect
for integration with other platforms, and Amazon is no exception. By using a plugin or two, you’ll be able
to tap into the latter’s massive audience and use it to monetize your blog or manage
sales on both channels directly from WordPress.

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  2. I have a website and i would like to put a store in it. I just want that when someone makes a cart of 2 or more product than when he needs to buy it it will redirect it to the amazon cart automatically with the product he had put on the cart of my site. How can I do it?

  3. Sorry a question ..can you monetize on Amazon, I am bit confused. WordPress is free and can be published. May I know what is the use of integration of WordPress & Amazon

  4. Thanks for the video it's helpful, but please can i ask you a question?? because it seems like we are working on the same thing computer repairs and maintenance am I right???

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