April 8, 2020
Amazon Website Persuasive Speech

Amazon Website Persuasive Speech

hello everyone I’m Huseyn Dashpoladov
today I will talk about the web portal using the web portal is that a lawsuit
to buy whatever you want by just sitting at home and searching for whatever unit
yes it’s right now Amazon website allows not all the consumers to buy what sale
in each with way but also allows sellers to present their products in order to be
sold Amazon so leading online retailer for garments books and drinks and such
other items have created a high quality and user-friendly ecommerce website
platform as known as let’s try to use this website as a consumer first we need
to write amazon.com as you can see there are Auto sorts of products and they’re
categorized in a perfect way let’s look at ways of buying books on this website as you can see even books are sorted in
categorizes while you can buy it and either way you will save your money as
well because this page offers you the cheapest products then we will add it to
our cart it’s card called basket as you can see
it’s added and it’s our baskets tomorrow you can borrow books magazines and more
from the primary than catalog and reach them on your fire tub Kindle
electrometer for the Kindle reading apps for iOS and Android
by the help of Smith said we can sell your products beneficial and faster than
other websites it’s very easy just sign up free will fill the applications and
share your product on Amazon by using this website you will not only sell your
products in your country but also you can export your products to other
countries on the other hand you can ship your items free if your items are at
least $25 in addition this price depends on your shipping speed if you need your
orders urgent you can pay more and gift even two things if you want to get this
website on your phone now it’s available on App Store and play market

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