April 9, 2020
Amazon Product Research 2020 Tips To Find Your Winning Product

Amazon Product Research 2020 Tips To Find Your Winning Product

Hey everyone. Welcome back to my channel today. I have Bradley from Helium 10 and he is, I
am sure everyone knows Bradley. Bradley is just everywhere now due to his
high popularity. He is the director in training for Helium
10 and he is here to show you all of the fabulous new tips for 2020 if you are thinking about
selling on Amazon FBA. Bradley, how are you? I am doing just delightful. It’s great to be back. It’s been a minute. It’s been crazy for the both of us, especially
with Q4 and Q4 has been really crazy for everybody. But I am so happy to have Bradley here. And you guys, make sure you stay until the
very end because I am getting Bradley to talk more about how to stay away from loser products. There are a lot of products that you should
not be selling on Amazon. And the most common question I get is, “Tamara,
how do I know that this product is just not the product?” So we are going to cover that at the end of
this video. Cool, sounds good. Awesome. We’ve talked before, we’ve made a video about
the regular Black Box like searching for a product that meets different criteria and
“hey, this is a product that is selling at least this much but it only has this many
reviews.” And that’s been a system that’s been in place
from other tools other than Helium 10 since 2017, I don’t know. And it’s still going to be valid in 2020. If you guys are using that method, absolutely
keep doing it. There’s nothing wrong with that. We made another video and we’re going to expand
on this part a little bit today about searching for keywords. It’s kind of a newer method for searching
for products. But I am going to talk about something a little
bit different even today. A couple things and it’s not even that Helium
10 related, all right? It’s a method taught by Tim Jordan and he’s
one of the very – have you ever interviewed Tim Jordan on this show? I have no clue who he is yet. Now I do. Now you do and you should definitely have
him. I am actually going to see him today. I am speaking at the Billion Dollar Summit
in Austin. And he’s speaking there as well. But he has a great way of searching for products
that still, no matter where you start, you end up on Helium 10, or whatever tool you’re
using. That’s important. But it’s a cool, unique way of starting outside
of a niche, outside of a tool. But we’re going to go into that and show how
to use Helium 10 with that. And then I might see if I can show you another
case study I did about how, towards the end, about how do you know maybe it’s time to get
out of a niche that you’re already selling. It’s just not going to go anywhere. Or maybe it’s just a matter of you can switch
things around and kind of recover. I am literally in the middle of a case study
doing just that. It wasn’t planned for this video. You didn’t know that until this second but
there’s some cool things I want to show you guys. And as a side note, you guys will be one of
the first to hear this publicly, but I have been doing a private case study with someone
who gave me $5,000. And for her, I am launching 11 private label
products. With $5,000? $5,000, from China, in Amazon, in stock, with
shipping, with taxes, everything. So how’s that possible? Stay tuned for a future episode on how to
do that. I know a lot of people out there, like myself,
we’re pinching pennies and we might think, the reason why I am telling you guys this
is not to be a big tease. But my main point is, I am sure you’ve seen
this Tamara so many times that, so many people, their number one obstacle is, “oh, I don’t
have enough money to start on Amazon.” But guys, if I can launch 11 products for
$5,000, I hope that tells you guys something. There’s still, you’re still able to do stuff. As a matter of fact, one of those products,
I’ve already launched. I’ve launched a set of 5 of those SKUs, and
there’s one that’s selling 5, 6, 7 units a day. Which you know, I am not going to get a Lamborghini
for that, but success doesn’t mean having a fancy car. You just got to get going. Absolutely, do that. But don’t let YouTube, other YouTube, make
you think that you’re not successful on Amazon unless you can drive a Ferrari or something
like that. Tamara is the first one to teach you guys
that, that success is different for everybody. Let’s hop into this cool way of searching
for products. Let me see here. Is this the fancy computer that we’re using
today? Actually I am going to buy that fancy computer. Oh yes, the Microsoft Surface. Absolutely amazing. Alright, let me go to my secondary screen
here. There we go. Alright, just as a quick review. Let me get this out of here. We can search for product opportunity using
Black Box for keywords. That’s still, ever since we launched this
like 6 months ago, one of my favourite ways. But let me just show you guys how to take
it a step further. And how you can even start outside of Helium
10. But for those, since it’s been a while since
we did this, for those of you who haven’t seen this method, I can search for different
characteristics of keywords. Let’s say I want to do one that’s maybe something
that’s at least 5,000 searches a month and any suggestions for a couple categories here? Let’s do office products. Office products, that’s going to be good. We’ll just stick there for now. And I am going to do, minimum word count of
2. I like keywords that have at least 2 words. And then if I take the average number of reviews
on page 1. Let’s just say they’re less than 75, all right? Just on this alone, I know I am going to get
tons of results and there might be some here that are brand names but like 2020 appointment
book, that’s technically, that’s not even a seasonal product. That’s a season product. But guess what? If I see that this is great and maybe I think
it’s too late. Maybe you guys are watching this video at
the end of December or January of 2020, it’s like you can’t do this. But guess what? There’s going to be a 2021. There’s going to be a 2022. But let’s just look at some of these. NFC tags, I don’t know what that is. Let me just take a quick look at that. That might be some kind of brand. I don’t know. Oh no, what the heck is this? I have literally no idea what this is. Do you? That is, those are things… those are things…
you put that underneath the furniture so you don’t scratch the floor, isn’t it? Yeah. Oh okay. Alright, that makes sense. There’s that. What else do we have? Foam board, Halloween cards. Don’t do Halloween cards. Halloween cards, it’s already past but this
is a great thing to check. What I would do right now guys, any Halloween
keywords you find in Helium 10, I wouldn’t do this much beyond couple weeks from now. But I would run ASIN grabber on these right
now because this is showing you what was the top ones at this time. Anything Halloween related, run ASIN Grabber
and download these. Download these reports. What were the top 100 at this time and then
come next year, around June, July, you’re preparing for the Halloween season, you have
visibility to what was the top sellers and what was the top performing products at that
time. Thanks to this ASIN Grabber report. And then you’ll have a head start on everybody
else who’s just maybe guessing what might be popular around Halloween. No, you have the actual information from this
year’s Halloween. That’s one thing that you can do. What else do we have here? Dry erase sleeves. Acrylic sheets. Star stickers. What are star stickers? Probably just what it is. Yup, there you go. How easy of a product would this be? Matter of fact, I don’t like some of these
that are $5 or $4. I was just going to say. Yeah, I am going to go ahead and get some
of those out by putting in a minimum price of $13 and only put in a maximum of $40, for
the average of some of those top sellers. We have foam board, poster board, Snoopy gifts,
personalized pens, I mean all of these things are stuff that you would never even imagine. Look at this. Cash envelopes. You want to get so good on Amazon that you
need a lot of these, cash envelopes. Who knew this was a thing? Look at this. This seems like such a simple concept, right? But look at these reviews. How many people are searching for these a
month, cash envelopes? There’s almost 9,000 people searching for
this keyword, cash envelopes. And look at some of these top sellers on this
first page, all right? The top ones here have less than 200 reviews. Here’s the second line. Look at this. This is the one that has Amazon’s Choice and
it’s got 12 reviews. That’s it. That’s how new of a product it is, newer niche. Look at this. This is not even a TOS compliant image. What’s wrong with this one, Tamara? The background is just not great you guys. The background, that’s not okay. If Amazon just does an audit on that listing,
they’re going to get shut down. But even aesthetically, this is not a great
image regardless of Amazon’s terms of service. This is a cool thing. I don’t know if this is going to work. It might not with office supplies. But here is the Tim Jordan method. He goes to Pinterest, all right? Now, here’s the thing guys. Pinterest, Etsy, those things are 5 to 6 months,
3 to 6 months ahead of Amazon. Because Pinterest are these ideas that people
are having about what’s cool, what’s trending and they’re just posting things up there not
always even are products. The things on Amazon usually are like 4, 5
months later than what you see on Pinterest. It catches up, right? Let’s just look for what, if people are searching
for cash envelopes. I need to get myself a Pinterest account. Right. Okay, you look here. This is what I would do. You see, this is what I wouldn’t have known. If, when I said cash envelopes, did a picture
in your mind already come up before I went to Amazon? I imagined cash. Cash. And me, I imagined these things. Or the white ones that you use to put into
the ATM machines or whatever. But then, you see here. All of these colourful ones, these are newer. These colourful ones have less than 200 reviews,
less than 100 reviews. I would have never have known these are trending. 4 months ago, these probably weren’t even
selling. I bet you on Pinterest, look at what’s on
Pinterest. It’s almost all of these colourful ones, right? That might be, this might be something that
3 months ago, I could seen. I could have gotten ahead of the game and
realize that, “hey, this maybe is something that is about to hit in Amazon.” You can actually take sometimes saturated
markets and see what the trend might be shifting to. Let me look at another category at some keywords. This is good for looking at the differentiation
ideas as well. Absolutely, absolutely. Let’s look at home and kitchen. This is more like, when I think of Pinterest
or Etsy, I think a lot of home and kitchen things might come up. Let’s just take a look, there’s going to be
a lot of Christmas stuff. A lot of Halloween still. Let me look. Thanksgiving table runner, that’s a good one. Placemats. Ring, oh, ring bearer pillow. That’s a great sounding product. That’s exactly what I think it is. I mean, hey, weddings is something that never
goes away, right? A little seasonal, just a little. Somebody always wants to get married. Everybody wants to get married. When does everybody want to get married, the
time of year? Between May to September. May to September. If everybody’s picking there, maybe some people
might not have been able to get their hall that they wanted to get, right? So they have to do it in October or December. Every month of the year, there’s some weddings. In the summer, there’s more, right? But here’s a product that, okay, look at the
number 2 on here, it only has 11 reviews. This is what I can do, most of these seem
to be the same, right? What I would do is I would go to Pinterest,
and guys, trust me, I never have looked at any of these things here. Ring bearer. I am going to look at this, ring bearer ideas,
all right, on Pinterest. Now, all of a sudden what you do is you look
here and you look for things like, look at what I see. Ring bearer ideas, right? What do I see here like, almost half, do you
see a trend here? There’s something that I would have never
even thought about for a ring bearer. It’s not a pillow. It’s that thing. What that little kid is holding. What does he got here? And everybody’s got one, like half of them. I don’t even know what you would call this. I would click on something like this. What is this? What are some keywords here that this is talking
about? Ring bearer. How about this? Ring bearer idea, ring bearer. Let’s see what comes up. Ring bearer sign? Sign, yeah. Sign. Boom. All right, now we got this, right? Watch. What’s going to happen here. I bet you some of these, this is not like,
this is not some kind of crazy search volume thing. I bet you these are selling almost nothing. This one has very few search volume. Let’s take a look here using X Ray. 1,000. Oh, okay, that’s not too bad. 1,300, all right? It’s kind of winter time too, that’s why it’s
lower. Very true. But I think this is something, I have never…
you’re engaged, you might have already looked into these things. You might know way more about this than me. But you look at the sales here. Nobody is doing crazy amounts of sales, all
right? But normally, normally, when you see something
like this, you say, “oh, this is not a good market.” Guys, what I want you to do. When you are searching with whatever tool
that you are using, or even in Black Box, the keywords or the products, if you see something
that seems saturated to you. Or the sales don’t seem to kind of justify
you looking into it, this is an extra step. Take that keyword or take that and go to Pinterest. But if you see it really trending, guess what? Remember Pinterest is ahead of the game. True. You might be able to get ahead of it. Now, is that taking a risk? Yeah, it’s not just a matter of looking at
Pinterest. You might need a little more research to make
sure. Maybe look at Google Trends and things like
that. But right here, I’d never, I wouldn’t have
found this keyword in, I wouldn’t have found this keyword in Black Box because remember
my limit I had put was 5,000 search volume. Yup. So ring bearer sign wouldn’t have ever come
up. But guess what? 5 months from now, ring bearer sign, I could
almost guarantee you, is going to have 5,000, 10,000 search volume. First of all, it’s a newer thing. It’s trending here in Pinterest. And like Tamara said, this is not in season
necessarily. You can kind of see these rabbit trails you
can go on. Whereas before, you might have just been full
stop road block, “oh, look at the number 3 guy on this page is doing nothing, to me,
that’s a sign that this is not a good one.” But check out Pinterest because you’re going
to get ideas. I mean, we started with a ring bearer pillow,
and somehow we ended on these rustic signs. Look at that, every single ring bearer idea
has these signs. This is obviously a hot trending thing. Anyways, you said you don’t have a Pinterest
account so I would assume you never used this strategy, right? Nope. Never. Cool. This is good to know Bradley. What are your thoughts on this? I know your wheels are spinning, you’re already
thinking about what kind of potential could you see with integrating Pinterest into the
product research process? I think it’s great. It’s different. It’s definitely different but it’s, I mean,
when it comes to product, because there’s so many people selling the same product, but
if you were to use Pinterest and apply it to your product research strategy, that’s
another way to look at what is, what people are like. You can think of ways to differentiate to
make your own product better than everybody else’s. Because a lot of us, even for myself, I still
only look on Amazon. But if we to apply Pinterest to it, I think
that would really help with the differentiation part of it. Yeah, what I am doing right now, along those
lines with what you are exactly saying is that, what I did was, I did the opposite of
what you look for opportunity. I am looking for stuff where almost everybody
has tons of reviews, right? Let me just try to see if I can find a saturated. Here we go. Clothing storage. Oh, that’s saturated. That’s got to be saturated. Yeah, here we go. Here’s clothing storage. This one only has 100 reviews but this guy’s
got 500, this guy has got at least 300. Everybody has got 1,000s or hundreds of reviews. I don’t think anything is going to come up
in Pinterest but what you would do, is you would look here. And go clothing storage ideas. Yup, you can do ideas. Or just this. And just see if there’s anything like unique. Maybe all of a sudden there’s a whole bunch
of… you know what? I like, right in the middle there. The organizers for the drawers where the socks
are. This has been really popular. Yeah. You would look at this and then you would
look here in clothing storage that there’s nothing really on this first page that comes
up like that organizer. So then you might have the indication, “hey,
if there’s just one here, probably not, but there is like 5 or 6 of these here, what does
that mean?” Pinterest’s algorithm works similarly to Amazon. If everybody is searching for clothing storage
is clicking on these organizers, that means that on Pinterest, that’s what people are
thinking about. What that means is 5 months from now, when
you type in clothing storage, you are going to see here a lot of the undies organizers
or whatever. This is the process, I am sure I can come
up with amazing crazy examples but even just picking random things, you can kind of  see
the process that you guys can take here. Let me show you guys. Anything else on the product research side? I would actually, one thing I always tell
people to do which is another step to make sure that Amazon has demand for it, for that
organizer example, you would type that new keyword into Helium 10 Magnet to all of these
keywords related to that and then you start clicking onto page 1 and get even more ideas. That was another additional step when people
tell me, “Tamara, I still can’t find products.” Well, you can use Magnet and go through the
first page and find more and more. Yeah, and in addition, Cerebro is great too. For example, I am surprised, this might be
the best keyword here. But we randomly, we had no idea what the heck
the keyword was. We just randomly threw in there, ring bearer
sign. But if you’re not sure, maybe this is not
the main keyword. Maybe there’s a better one. I think this is probably the main one. But if you’re not sure, then you would go
here and pick one of these. Let me see if I could pick one. Let me see, man look at these. This is crazy. Actually guys, this is a great example. Let me show you guys what I am talking about
here. What I think is kind of cool about this. There are so many here that don’t even have
a BSR on it. That means it’s probably not even doing sales
or it’s a newer category in Amazon that Amazon doesn’t even… so whenever I see a whole
bunch of these NAs for the BSR, or if it says 1, because it doesn’t have a BSR yet, then
that tells me that this is something trendy. Let’s say I would pick one of these that does
have some kind of sales. Like a top seller or something. Where’s Amazon’s Choice here? Look at this. When you see something that has 1,000 search
volume but like Amazon’s Choice has a BSR of 300,000, that means it’s not even selling
hardly at all. That means people are not really seeing what
they want to see. There’s people searching for it but people
aren’t buying because we don’t see what we want to see. Then, that’s when you go to Pinterest and
kind of see, wait a minute, let’s see what is trending on Pinterest that obviously people
don’t have right here. I didn’t see these. Right. That’s why you can see why these are not being
sold at all. This is not exactly interesting. What I would do is I would take one of these
that has Amazon’s Choice or that has a good BSR number and there’s not many, and I am
going to put it into Cerebro. Actually this one has a better BSR, I am going
to pick this one. And let’s just see what kind of keywords this
product is showing up for. Because maybe ring bearer sign isn’t the best
keyword but let’s take a look. And you can find more products through those
keywords. Absolutely, every one of these is like a rabbit
trail that you guys can go on. I mean the product research phase is almost
one of my favourite parts of Amazon because it’s just so fun going down these trails and
see where you lead. Where did we start on this? I agree. Ring bearer pillows and now we are talking
about signs. I think it’s a good product to have with this
product research because I always see newer sellers get super frustrated but I think it’s
because they don’t know all the opportunities that can come up through doing all of this. Absolutely, absolutely. I am just going to search for at least 700
search volume. Look at some of these. Oh here we go, wedding signs. See, we didn’t think about that. That has 6,000 searches. Just ring bearer by itself. Ring bearer by itself. Wedding sign. Look at this one, this one is a great one. Wedding signs for ceremony and reception. Ring bearer sign. We found that one. Here comes the bride sign. All of a sudden now I have these other product
ideas or other keywords that this one might rank for that I would want to research. But like I said guys, even if you’re doing
some wild idea like using Pinterest, or using Etsy, or just looking around town and finding
things, you’re going to come back to Helium 10 because you have to validate what’s happening
out there. Anyways, I think that’s some great new kinds
of product research techniques that your students can hopefully start using to give them other
ideas. I know how it gets. Sometimes, “oh man, I am seeing the same stuff
over and over.” And this and that. But guys, there’s hundreds of millions of
products. Oh a billion. Yeah. One billion… You guys got to change your mindset sometimes
and look at things from a different perspective and then now all of this new opportunity is
going to be open to you guys if you do that. I guess the million dollar question for you
Bradley is, “well, how do we know if it’s a loser product?” Alright, so here is one thing. I don’t know if I have that picture or not. I want to show you guys. I am going to try to pull up my Power Point
here. I want to show you guys something, a case
study that I was just doing where somebody came to me and they’re like, “man, I had this
product, it was a hemp cream, and it was selling like 60 units a day last year.” That’s pretty decent. This was a pretty good product, 60 units a
day last year. And then now, he is selling like 5 or 6 units. I am going to show you a picture of it and
let me see, if you guys are watching, or Tamara here, if you guys can figure out what I noticed
about as soon as he gave this to me. I am downloading this presentation right here. Okay, so here you can see, this is his product. It’s a hemp cream product. Now, this was his old listing, one of his
main images. This is currently, one of the main keywords,
these are some of the top selling ones of the main keywords. Now, do you see anything that jumps out to
you at all? Now, the first thing, I am not talking about
the kind of product, yes, it is true that this is a squeeze tube and the rest are kind
of these jars. That’s something in itself. But in addition to that, I think everybody
else probably would have seen that first. But is there anything else that you noticed
on here? It’s organic. Organic, absolutely. That’s one. What else? Organic, if something is organic, that is
such a trending word. But now think on the opposite side. What do the other products, what is different
about the other products that might make you think that, I emphasize that, make you think
that those products are better than his? What makes the other products… Is there something that would tell you why
these ones are selling 10 times more than this one now? Only like 5 people saw it when I showed this
to 300 people. I do not see it. I think I need glasses. I don’t think, this part is kind of hard to
see. But here’s what it is guys. 300 mg of hemp and look at these. 15,000, 6,000, 15,000, 25,000. First of all, let me tell you guys. That is 100% BS alright? There is not 15,000 mg of hemp in a serving
of this. That is literally lying. You would be high as a kite. I don’t know how it works but that is nonsense,
okay? But they have 300. Actually, if you knew the science behind this
product, they did a clinical study and showed that 200 mg of hemp worked really great for
this pain relief, right? This is proven to be okay. Now, here’s the thing. What happened is some time in the last 6 months,
first of all, let me tell you, I went into brand analytics by Seller Central, and brand
analytics showed me when this guy was selling like crazy, 60 units a day, the other top
guys on those keywords were like 150, 300 mg of hemp was right in their title. But now you look at brand analytics who the
top sellers are, they are all of these ones that are 1,000s and 1,000s. So somewhere along the lines, somebody had
the idea for marketing, “hey, we’re going to lie about how many mg of hemp and make
people think that it’s better, the more hemp makes the product better.” And customers bought onto it. Now, all of the top selling ones are here. I was like, “dude, right off the bat, this
is possibly something that was the reason about why your sales went down.” And so that’s why it’s important to understand
your niche. You might not be doing anything wrong, what
you did for your listing was great. What you did for your listing was great. But just because it was great in December
of 2018, does not mean it’s great in 2019, alright? Let me show you what I had him change it to. Look at this. This was just a, this was just an artist image
here, alright? Number one, I had them change this to take
away the 300 mg of hemp. Now, it’s not so, we’re not lying about it. But it’s not here. Also, they had it right here in their title. Now, I was like, “no, take that off.” Right here, I added a bullet point. I know this is too small for you guys to see
but it says, “don’t be fooled for marketing tactics designed to make you think that some
gargantuan amount of hemp gives you more relief. That’s nonsense. Clinical studies done were with 250mg, and
our has 300. Just the right amount.” First of all, we are not trying to hide the
fact that it’s 300. But we’re even kind of like turning some shade
at the competition. Don’t trust those liars. But again, you take out the thing that might
be bringing sales down, right? And you kind of use different things as a
call out. Another thing that I did was, as you noticed,
that is a squeeze tube and everybody has these jars. Well, there’s germaphobes out there, right? Let’s say you have this jar of hemp cream. Now, if you’re in a basketball team or you’re
with a bunch of friends and you just did a big marathon, right, and you’re sweaty and
now you’re painful, you need some hemp cream. If you’re using a jar, how do you get it from
the jar, like one of those other companies, how do you get it from the jar to your body? That’s… right. I mean, you know what I am talking about right? There’s no way. You can’t dump it on yourself because the
whole thing is open, right? Everybody’s going to be double dipping like
chips in a restaurant salsa jar, right? So I had them make one of the lifestyle images
to show that, “hey, this is not a sanitary, no touch squeeze tube.” And they even show in the lifestyle picture
and it contrasts it. It showed everybody dipping their hands in
one of the competitors jar, without a logo or anything, and you just squeezing it on
your arm. All of a sudden, all of those people who are
concerned about germs, now you took something that might have been a negative, like maybe
they were thinking like, “oh wow, it’s more convenient because the jar is big in opening.” Now, I take their positive and make it a negative
for my competitors and then take it and make it a positive for me. That’s the steps to take. You might not, if you already have an existing
product, if your sales are down, let’s just assume that you did all of the research about
the keywords and you’re still doing the right keywords and all of that stuff, and that’s
something important, you should run Cerebro every now and then and see what new keywords. But let’s say you did all of that, you’re
doing everything right, it’s probably because the market has changed. Before you just give up on it, do some things
like how can you turn a negative into a positive? How can you hide some of the negatives and
how can you turn your competitors positive into a negative? And see if that works. And then yeah, if that doesn’t work. You just kind of get out of it because there’s
only so much you can do. You can’t change your buyers’ minds completely. That’s my advice to you guys. Not really about Helium 10 but it’s important
that people understand that sometimes the life cycle of a product on Amazon is not that
long. And that’s okay. That’s okay. Imagine if you were selling fidget spinners
when they first came out, selling 300 units a day and it only lasted for 3 months. I’d be happy selling 20,000 fidget spinners
in 2 months. I am good. I don’t need that to be a 5 year long product. Move on to the next one. You got to, like Tamara says, you got to know
when to cut the cord, right? Just say this is not working out. Don’t keep putting time and money into that. Right. And another good thing to do that I get, whenever
sellers come to me and they have this situation that we just talked about, I always tell them
to read some new reviews from the competitors. Because reviews are everything and if you
were to keep up with the market changes and everything else, even your own reviews, I
actually have a product where I improved it because people in the reviews were writing,
“I wish it was like this, I wish it was like that.” Absolutely. And then the sales just went back up. It’s not the end of the world. There’s a solution for everything. The point is don’t give up at the first sign
of trouble. We mentioned 2 different ways that you could
it. Looking at the pictures, looking at the images. She mentioned the reviews, which is absolutely
100% correct. There’s probably 5 other things that you could
look at. But at the same time, if you try everything
and you’re 4 months into it, don’t keep reordering or don’t keep trying to pay some big PPC campaign
to save you, you’ve got to know when to cut the cord and move on. And like Tamara said, it’s okay if you have
to do. Well, Bradley, thank you so much for that
advice. That was gold. That had to be said for everybody watching. I am happy to be on here. Don’t let it pass like 5 months before we
do a video together again. We got to do this more often for sure. And I keep getting… I think we lost each other due to your popularity
and all. But you’re coming to our office? Yes, it will be next year. Okay, sounds good. Next year, I’ll be visiting the Helium 10
headquarters. Yes, indeed. We’d love to have you out and it might be
time to do, I want to have people on the podcast once a year. You were one of our first ones that was on
our new podcast and I think that was around February. If you’re coming around February, it’d be
a perfect time to record another podcast and then see, let the Helium 10 audience know
what you’ve been doing the last year. Just make sure there’s alcohol or else I am
not coming. We have a full tequila tasting room so we
are fine for that. We are covered. Perfect. Well Bradley, thank you again so much for
your time. Everybody, if you have comments for myself
or Bradley, be sure to drop us a comment in the comment section below. Give this video a huge thumbs up. And subscribe to my channel. We’ll see you guys in the next video.

14 thoughts on “Amazon Product Research 2020 Tips To Find Your Winning Product

  1. Awesome video!! Pinterest is a great idea, I saw a random video a day ago who used that for something else and I thought about it but now, i know it's great…going to used that from now on

  2. Ummm… Hemp doesn't get you high as a kite… I think an additional reason the others are selling more is because all of their packaging has the color green on it. Nobody thinks of purple when they are buying hemp cream…

  3. Thank you for this product research video! This definitely had some really cool insights on how to find more products in Amazon. I would have never thought about this and it's great to see information like this shared freely with people. Thank you again!

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