March 30, 2020
Amazon Negative Keywords – Negative Keyword List for Ecommerce

Amazon Negative Keywords – Negative Keyword List for Ecommerce

Here’s an easy way to find negative
keywords for your amazon pay-per-click ads so basically you want to make sure
your pay-per-click ads on amazon are not being shown to people who really aren’t
your target market that this makes your targeting much better make sure your
products and services are in front of the right audience so we’re at
and we’re just going to go and we’ll put a term will put flowers in here and
we’ll click the search button here and it’s just going to basically scrape
Amazons suggest and it’s going to give us a whole bunch of keywords here and
when it’s finished it’s got a hundred fifty eight unique key words i’ll click
copy all that will copy it to the clipboard and i’ll go over to Keyword
Grouper Pro and I’ll just go ahead and paste in those flower terms there i’ll
set the minimum group length to 1 again if you don’t understand why we’re
doing this here i’ll leave a link in the description for how to use this Keyword Grouper Pro tool you can understand how it works and then in the excluded words list i’m
just going to put in flower and flowers because i don’t want to group by the
very term that I know is correct and i’ll set the excluded words list and
i’ll click on process keywords it will compare every keyword to every
other keyword and put them into groups so we have vase here we have this
flowers for algernon artificial decoration so I’m just simply going to look down
through this list of terms that are grouped and it basically going to
determine ask myself if my ad is showing for the term flowers have a broad match
whatever your keyword is there these are the terms that I don’t want my ad to
show for and i’m just going to copy these terms and these are going to
become new negative keywords in amazon so i can make sure my pay per click ads
are actually showing to the right people

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  1. this is an easy way to find negative keywords for your sponsored PPC ads #amazon #ppc #payperclick #keywordresearch

  2. Hi there, How do find the main page to look for keywords!! All I get the HTML page and it only let me put keywords

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