April 3, 2020
Amazon Listing Translations by Native Translators with eCommerce knowledge

Amazon Listing Translations by Native Translators with eCommerce knowledge

Do you want to expand to non-english marketplaces
of Amazon and are you struggling to find a good translator with ecommerce knowledge? Check out my interview with Jana Krekic from
YLT Translations and see how can they help you to prepare your listings for other languages. Hello Jana. Hi Augustas. How are you? I’m good, thank you. Can you tell us what YLT does and what kind
of problems does it solve for Amazon sellers? Of course. We’ve been doing a lot of translation services
for different Amazon sellers for the past two years, both from one that only have 1
ASIN to seven figure sellers. And we help people with listing of translations
and all other things that have to do with translation. So customer templates, Q&A templates, headline
search ads translation. So from my previous experience, what I noticed
is that when people try to sell international expend to other markets, they have the problem
with the language barrier. A lot of customers that come from the US and
the UK, they don’t have English as their native language. So still some sellers do also have their listings
in English, even though they’re selling in French market or Spanish market, so they need
to get this translated. So what they do is that they contact random
translation agency, but they send their listings as a regular text so they get a regular text
translated back. And why is this a problem, is because when
you get a translation which is done as a regular text, you don’t get either keywords done,
you don’t get your backends, and these translators, they don’t see this as a potential sale growth,
or as a text which will sell your product. They will just see this as a regular translation,
and that’s why you need somebody who’s going to get the approach from the Amazon sellers
view. So what can happen and what we help you solve
are the problems which can happen from this, which is losing money because your prouducts
does not show so often. So visibility of the product is poor. Because when the customer search for the keywords
for this product in search query, the Amazon algorithm which is constantly changing, does
not recognize this product, so it doesn’t show up. Second of all, they’re losing customers this
way. Your clickthrough rate goes down and ofcourse
you’re losing money. So how do you avoid all these problems, and
this is where we step in, in the game. So we solve your problems like this, and how
do we do this is that we optimize your listings, we localize your listings. So I get a list of questions like what is
localization? Localization is that you know your market. So local products, local stock, also, you
don’t know if the product is going to be successful or not. In the other market, for instance, I just
read some article, and I took an example of David Hasselhoff, so we all know the Baywatch
guy, The Hoff. So he was an example of localization on a
successful product in Germany because he was considered as like one of the best German
singing stars after the opening of the Great Wall, while as in the states, nobody like
his music. They didn’t like his singing at all, but he
was super successful in Germany. So you’ll never know unless you try and you
research the market, and you know your market how it’s going to be. Also, one of the important thing is our translators
and not only native, they’re also marketers and also in YLT whoever comes as a top translator
to us. We have our internally designed MLT course,
which stands for Marketing Lead Translation, and that means that we take the top quality
translators and then we basically transfer them into copywriters for ecommerce in the
respect of languages. And last and most important is we have our
secret sauce. So we basically have our strategy about where
we replace keywords. We have different strategies for lengths of
bullets and titles and product descriptions. And of course we do keyword research in the
target language. So we never translate any of the keywords
or anything which come from the original English listing. We do our keywords listing on our own, our
translators do this. So we all do this in order for you to make
sales because this is what’s going to sell the product amongst other things. And how do you deal with the crap listings? Let’s say English listing has very bad copy. Do you prevent such orders ? We always offer free audit of your listings. I have a lot of sellers that approached me,
and they tell me we’ve got this listing is done but it’s not making any sales. So what do we do? So I just tell them like I’m going to make
a free audit of your listings. So we point out what was done wrong poorly
or what can be improved. And then we give our offer for our listings. So this is when it comes to already translated
listings. When it comes to the original English listing
or maybe German original listing because we also do a translation from German and other
languages, not only for the English basic language for the listing. I always point out if the English listing
is bad or not because we don’t want to do a translation of a poorly written listing
because this is not going to give you any results. I don’t want a customer or a client to come
back to me and say we didn’t get any results because it was your fault, so I don’t want
to do anything which is going to have a really that basic text, so I can point out and I
can tell you this was done bad. I want you to correct it and then we will
like to do it because we want to do things properly. We also have an In House translator which
writes English lessons from scratch, so we can also help you with that. Complete listings, titles, bullets, product
description and EBC. What kind of languages do you operate? We offer translations to 4 European languages,
German, French, Spanish and Italian. We also do Spanish for Mexican market, and
we’re one of the few who offer Japanese language as well. Oh, that’s great. Can you tell us a little bit about your prices? Yes. So our prices per listing per language, they
started from 90 euros and in this basic package we offer keyword research and the target language,
title bullet, product description, EBC translations and backends keywords strengths. And we also want to emphasize that we did
not have any word limit. So this is a no word limit offer. So it doesn’t matter if your listing has 400
or 2,000 characters, we’re going to do it for the same price, whereas our competitors
always set the word limit and they charge listing for language, €150. And so our prices are really competitive. We also offer keyword databases for language,
which is €30. So for that you can get a keyword database
with reverse ASINS from your competitors and you can get a really good overview of your
top keywords using your PPC campaigns and other search terms. We also do follow up emails and customer keyword
templates. Prices here start from $0.11 per word. So this is a regular translation, doesn’t
involve any keyword research, it’s just a plain translation, that’s why it’s charge
is per word, and also ads translation, it also charges per word, prices start from $0.10
per word. Perfect. Then what’s the best way to get in touch with
you? We have our online chat so you can get to
talk to me or to my coworkers over there, it’s on our webpage at the bottom right corner,
little pop up. So you can leave your email and you can start
chatting immediately with us or you can send us an email at [email protected] or
if you are interested in partnership deals or any other business promotions, you can
contact us on [email protected] And the is the website address ylttranslation.com? It’s www.ylt-translations.com. And if you’re struggling with remembering,
YLT stands for Your Listing Translations. Perfect Jana. Thank you very much and good luck in your

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