April 10, 2020
AMAZON FBA(2019)🔥STEP-BY-STEP for Beginner🔥How Amazon FBA(Fulfillment By Amazon)Works INDIA(HINDI)

AMAZON FBA(2019)🔥STEP-BY-STEP for Beginner🔥How Amazon FBA(Fulfillment By Amazon)Works INDIA(HINDI)

Subscribe AMAZING MARKETER Channel and hit the BELL icon to watch latest videos Helloooo Sellers.. These days many people wants to enter in eCommerce market and it’s a good thing because it super easy to enter in this market. But, survival is bit difficult. Especially if you have zero business experience or little business experience even I have observed people having experience of multiple years like 2-3 years or 4-5 years faces challenges in understanding eCommerce process and it becomes bit tricky for them. Now you must be thinking… if survival is so tough and trick in this market then, why so many sellers are selling their product on eCommerce platforms especially on AMAZON. The reason is AMAZON FBA This video is for those new sellers who want to enter in this market, for existing sellers who are doing standard income and want to grow their income to next level. This video is also for people who wants to do business from home Ultimately, this video is for everyone those.. who want a better life and make more money. In this video, we will discuss what is amazon FBA? How it works? what are its benefits & drawbacks? what is its fee? How much minimum investment is required to become Amazon FBA seller? I would recommend you guys to subscribe this channel because.. Amazon FBA, the topic we are about to discuss is quite vast and I would not be able to cater all this information in single video so there would be multiple parts of this series. There are chances I might be able to cover 2-3 aspects in this video and remaining information in other parts of the series. Its better to SUBSCRIBE the channel so that you will not miss all the important information regarding Amazon FBA. Because you want to GROW YOUR BUSINESS, INCREASE YOUR PROFIT, and have to BEAT YOUR COMPETITORS. by learning all tips & tricks quickly. Myself Sorabh, you are watching AMAZING MARKETER. Let’s Learn Something New Today!! So, What is Amazon FBA? First, lets talk about what is Amazon FBA is all about? Amazon FBA means “Fulfillment By Amazon” and its motto is “You Sell It, We Ship It” Amazon FBA is like a normal eCommerce business However, you don’t have to deal with the complicated business aspects of eCommerce. like warehouse, Logistics, Shipping, Packaging. You don’t have to manage all these complicated process. Amazon will take headache and manage all these processes. And, you enjoy PROFITS at home!! So, what exactly happen is, you send a portion or whole inventory to Amazon warehouse. also known as fulfillment centers. These fulfillment centers are spread across acres of land managed by robots and diligent work force of amazon. So, you have send your inventory to amazon warehouse and they keep your products safely. The moment customer order your product amazon pick, pack, and ship the product to customer. you get the profits. Your sales grow exponentially due to FBA. Why? Because the moment you become FBA seller, you access to world class facility and process of amazon. These process makes you eligible for one day product delivery to your customer. and, in case customer is not satisfied either by damaged or wrong product, product doesn’t reached timely. Then, concerned raised by customer for return or refund need not to be take care by you. Amazon is responsible for this and it will sort the matter. So, ultimately you don’t have to worry about picking, packaging & shipping. You have actually delicate all this work to Amazon and it will take care of it. Your product become more visible and more competitive after joining amazon FBA. So, you got access to one day delivery and this is free for customer. This helps you to access millions of prime customer of amazon. Now you can imagine the potential of Amazon FBA you got so many accesses and advantages that will help you to increase your sales. and ultimately make a big profit out of it. Also, you can compete for Buy Box due to FBA Buy Box is an “Add To Cart” at the product page. and, trust me everyone wants this buy box button. If you don’t have this buy box button then, you won’t be able to become a Top Seller. Why? Suppose you are selling a footwear of Nike or Adidas but you are not the only one who is selling these brands. There thousands of sellers who are selling the same product. Same color same size same quality So, there are many sellers competing for the same product. There might be chances you are selling this product at INR 5000/- but other sellers are selling at INR 4000/- so, the competition is extremely fierce. To overcome this fierce competition, you have to make Buy box or Add to cart of your own. The biggest edge of joinning FBA is you become eligible for Buy Box and probability of getting the Add to cart button increased astronomically. Now, lets talk about what will happen if you have Buy Box? Think for a moment, like I said thousands of seller are competing for same product. and it’s user propensity to click Add to Cart button if s/he like the product. And, the seller who owns the Buy Box or Add to Cart button gets the sale. Now you can easily understand the importance of Buy Box to grow business and maximize profit. Amazon conducted a survey in 2014, statistics shows that sellers who owned the Buy box or Add to Cart button have 86% more sales relatively to normal seller who doesn’t have Buy Box or Add to Cart button. Now, we all are smart enough to understand basic maths that 86% is too high w.r.t normal seller’s sales. i.e. if I am selling 1 unit and I don’t have Buy Box then my competitor is selling 86 units. So, we should always try to own the Buy Box in order to increase sales and profit. However, to get the buy box, there are innumerable parameters and it depend on multiple factors. but, YES your chances to get it increased big time due to amazon FBA. After all, business is competition and in competition, we should take edge where ever we can take from. So, the biggest positive impact of Amazon FBA is that it increase the probability of getting Buy Box. Now, lets talk about How Amazon FBA work? First Step is – Send Your Products to Amazon. The product that you have identified to sell in which ever category send a portion of it or the entire inventory to Amazon warehouse. These warehouse is spread in acres managed by robots and diligent employees. So, your first step is to send your product to amazon warehouse also known as fulfillment center. Step #2 – Amazon Stores The Products When you send your inventory or a portion of the inventory, amazon store it safely. It note down the quantity and other details related to the products. This work is done with all precautionary measure to avoid any damage to your product. But, in case your product gets damaged somehow you need not to worry about it because Amazon reimburse you the complete amount of your product. So, let suppose you have sent a product “X” having a MRP of INR 2000/- and it got damaged. Then, Amazon will reimburse you the complete MRP amount. So, you don’t have to take any stress about your product like what will happen with my product, how they will store it, how will they handle it, etc. They always keep the product with utmost safety and care. And, by chance your product gets damaged which is only 1-2% possibility. then like I said they will reimburse you. Ultimately, you don’t have to go through a loss. so, Amazon will reimburse you in case your products gets damaged. Step #3 – Customer Purchase. The moment customer placed the order Amazon handles the entire transaction process. This transaction process is fully automated. You have no involvement whatsoever in this process. You don’t have to monitor any monetary transactions, no involvement is required from your side. You need not to be worried about when the money from customer will arrive. Amazon will take care of all this. Amazon manage this process superbly and there is issue in it due to automation. Step #4 – Amazon Pick, Pack & Ship The Products When a customer order the product and s/he has made the payment or select COD method. Amazon will pick your product from the shelf, pack in a box and ship it to customer. So, you stayed away from these effort intensive work of pick, pack, & ship. This is quite a complicated tasks especially if you are doing business as an individual. Being new seller, you might not feel it but I have done this business. I am still doing it. That’s why I understand how much painstaking tasks these are. Also, other sellers will definitely agree with me because as the orders takes whole day in Pick, Pack, & right Shipping of right order at the right place. So, you can save yourself by the help of Amazon FBA. This is one of the most positive aspect of Amazon FBA that Amazon is doing all painful and effort intensive task and you don’t have to involve in it. Step #5 – Amazon Customer Service Once the product is shipped to customer, Amazon takes the follow up either by email or by call to check whether the received product is fine or not? Delivery is timely or not? In case product is damaged, amazon will tell them the process of return or refund as applicable. So, you can understand when you sold a product and it return back. How much bad you feel that you made a sale and it returned. Your money got wasted!! Apart from money, your time and effort is wasted as well. But, in this case Amazon FBA is doing everything for you. So, you don’t have to take any headache or pain. I am saying again & again, Amazon is taking care of all this process. because your involvement is too low. Amazon customer support will tackle the refund and return process entirely as customer is not satisfied. It managed at their own level and don’t bother you in anyway. As amazon is customer friendly company, they are bit seller friendly as well. so that, sellers doesn’t face much challenges. So, you are not interacted with customer in Amazon FBA and Amazon takes the whole responsibility of all these tasks. Now you must be thinking, Amazon is a great thing because Amazon will manage all effort intensive tasks and handle all headache. And, you can easily infer from the entire discussion and details that I have shared you must have a feeling that I don’t have to do anything only I have to figure out the product in any category that I want to sell and send it to Amazon warehouse. Finally, I will enjoy profits at home. You all must be thinking this…right?? But, if Amazon is doing everything then what will you do? As a seller, what you have to do? So, we will discuss this thing in the next video. Stay Tuned!! That’s why, i recommend you to SUBSCRIBE THE CHANNEL. Press the red color button below and press the bell icon for latest notifications. Why you should press it? The reason is you know about Amazon FBA now and you know what amazon FBA is doing for you. But, What are the steps you have to perform when you become part of Amazon FBA? We will discuss this in next video. If amazon FBA has fee then how much it is? What are benefits and drawbacks of amazon FBA? How much budget or investment you need to become amazon FBA seller? So, we will discuss all this in next video. So, if you want to increase your profit, grow your business, and beat the competitors. Subscribe the channel to get the information in real time. Because there are so many sellers and your competitors who have already subscribed this channel and the moment they get the notifications. They watch the video, learn from it and from my experience. Share your experience in comments below. Do HIT LIKE & SHARE the video. That’s all for today LETS GROW TOGETHER !!

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  1. Maine Amazon FBA mein kuch product dal k rakhe hai jo kafi months se sell nahi ho rahe, ab mujhe wo products return mangvane hai FBA se, aap mujhe uska process bata sakte hai kya sir plz ? My email [email protected] phn: 9967277295

  2. @AMAZING MARKETER  thank u sir ur suggestion is very helpful, as per ur guidance i had removed the old inventory from my FBA , but now I want to add new inventory to FBA, so how can I add new products to Amazon fba plz guide me sir….

  3. You helped me alot from past few months. My amazon sales has been boosted like anything. Thanks you much. Keep doing the good work 😊😊😊😊

  4. You miss basic information – What products you can sell, and what product you cant sell.
    How to come on top on amazon search (if Its possible).
    Trade License is required? Only GST will work?
    Local / Direct Manufacture of Products can be sold?

  5. Sir your explanation and suggestions are very helpful for all newbies. i just heard some line in starting video and suddenly subscribed your channel and pressed bell icon to the latest notifications. one thing sir if i have any doubt or questions about amazon pls help me for this.
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    Thank you.

  6. Hi sir,
    Is it mandatory to use Amazon lable packaging material to ship a product? Or I can use non-lable packaging material instead? Please suggest..

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    Me books sell karna chahta hu amazon fba pe ..toh muze gst mandatory hai kya..??
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