April 10, 2020

Amazon FBA Tax Workshop London Review For Ecommerce Business Owners

I really enjoyed it is something I’ve been put it
off since I’ve started on Amazon because everyone seems to not want any
responsibility for the bookkeeping or tax in or rightly so because no one’s a
professional but it’s been nice to sit with an accountant today in yourself
gent and now I know how to go forward doing my own accounts through the year
I’ll speak to the accountant at the end of the year before gonna be nice to
Tanya a lot more confident dinner so been selling Amazon for about beer and
one area that Nam which bed was was taxed and had to keep my County property
and fan James’s workshop or and tax workshop was a great start to learn how
to use QuickBooks to make simplify my accounting and to meet an actual
accountant you could ask answer all the many silly questions I had and yeah I’ve
got a good starting point feel more confident in what I need to do with my
tax returns and how helped as well it was really good course that he really
worked for a while

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