April 9, 2020
Amazon FBA Selling- Ladies of Fba and Ecommerce Empowerment Learning

Amazon FBA Selling- Ladies of Fba and Ecommerce Empowerment Learning

HAPPY FRIDAY so it is November 1st so this is exciting right?! We are in the exciting part of the year so I
wanted to give some updates on what’s going to be happening in Ladies of FBA
and Ecommerce Empowerment Mastermind group this month so this month we’re
going to be focusing on a couple of things I’m gonna be dropping units next
week with regards to listing optimization and creating listings and
then on Sunday we’re going to have our training that is all about bundling so
identifying good bundles how to create a bundle and source a bundle a whole
webinar about bundling. Then that week so that’s November 11 and then that
whole week I’m gonna be focusing on teaching you how to source the week of
Black Friday! So, I want to tell you that since I’m a couponer I’ve been a
couponer since 2011 that it’s not just Black Friday it’s not just Thanksgiving
night it’s the whole week!! I’m going to be going through a MINIMUM of five
stores you know me I say five I really give you seven maybe even nine stores
and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna make videos for each one of those stores and
I’m gonna drop them you know every day during that week so that you can be
learning a store a day which will mean that you’re gonna learn more than once
to our day so I wanted to give you the heads up on what’s going on I’ve been
listening I’ve been reading the comments everybody is wanting to learn about
bundles they’re wanting to know how to list and optimize their listings create
listings and optimize them then they want to know about Black Friday you know
so right now we’re sending our inventory in that we do have for Black Friday
sales and then during the week of Black Friday from Saturday to Sunday like all
the whole week of Thanksgiving there’s going to be opportunities to purchase
goods to send in for q4 or merchant fulfill on Amazon so another
other market places because I’m gonna give you some tips about flipping some
stuff on Facebook marketplace that you’re gonna want to know because I’ve
been doing this before I even did Amazon I’ve been flipping stuff from stores to
Facebook marketplace with great success since 2012 and we’ll talk about that so
I wanted to give you the update and let you know what is happening in November
so tune in ladies of FBA for the bundling class but ecommerce empowerment
is going to give you all of it ecommerce empowerment already has the
five classes that we have already recorded so FBA basics or retail
arbitrage basics retail arbitrage advanced how to profit your first
thousand dollars at t.j.maxx Ross Marshalls how to fund your Amazon
business and creative and inexpensive ways how to find a hundred and one
wholesalers in less than a minute the meltable x’ class and now we’re gonna
have the bundling class so and then basically the black friday class because
it’s going to be at least an hour worth of content but i would say at least i
would say ninety minutes worth of content plus tips and and conversation
and you know trading all of our different experience so tune in to those
this month the link is below or in my bio for signing up to get in to the
e-commerce empowerment mastermind group happy selling

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