March 29, 2020
Amazon Fba Meetup Ireland

Amazon Fba Meetup Ireland

ok first off I have a video that I
shot last week just in regards to Amazon FBA and how Chinese sellers are
overtaking the platform and I’m going to put that video out shortly just have to
edit it and then I’m gonna put it out so that video will be out this week so if
you want to watch that then make sure to be subscribed to the channel because
I’ll be putting that video out shortly the second thing is just touch down here
in nask Airport in Ireland and yeah I’m around for the next week so I was
thinking of having a meet-up for Amazon FBA sellers in Ireland so funny of you
are based in Ireland and you’re interested in meat not then either leave
a comment below this video or email me James of internet-based Unicom and
depending on what emails I get or who I get in touch with you know if any of you
are interested in this Meetup then just let me know where you’re based
and we can work out a location for wherever is closest to the most amount
of people so depending on where you are and depending on where the people are
that get in touch with me that’s where we’ll have the me shop so this is
something that I’ve wanted to do for ages and yeah I have the next week here
so if any of you are interested in meat knob just chatting about Amazon FBA
discussing the future of Amazon FBA no matter where you sell whether you sell
in the US on or the UK and all the EU platforms just let me know
where you’re based and we’ll arrange a meet up from there because to meet other
sellers in Ireland this is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time
and yeah now hopefully you’ll get the chance to do this hope that you’re
prepared for the Christmas and yeah look forward to speaking to you soon

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