April 10, 2020
Amazon FBA – 5 Steps To Start Selling Tutorial

Amazon FBA – 5 Steps To Start Selling Tutorial

today you’re going to learn the five
proven steps to start selling on Amazon FBA these five proven steps allowed me
to start my Amazon FBA business in 2013 and grow to $31,000 monthly revenue in
only three months by the end of this video you’ll know these five steps so
you’ll be able to start your Amazon business today
welcome to ecommerce TV with your host Geoff Wainwright if you watch this video
to the end you’ll learn how to start your own lifestyle business so you can
make the money you deserve eventually quit your job and be able to spend more
time with your family in fact I’ve used these steps to launch
hundreds of products and later in this video I’m going to show you how I make a
profit on investment of at least one hundred percent so without further ado
let’s get started with step number one first we need to understand the FBA
process next up it’s time to find what I call easy beginner products
moving right along with this tutorial is finding a supplier to manufacture your
product in step 4 we will ship your product to Amazon and finally in step 5
we optimize your product listing so customers choose to buy your product
instead of the competitors step 1 you need to understand the process the way
Amazon FBA works is you become a third party seller I started my own Amazon FBA
account in 2007 and became an Amazon FBA third party seller in 2013 you can go to
amazon.com right now and sign up as a seller how the process works is you’re
gonna send products into Amazon’s FBA warehouse later on in this video I’m
going to show you how to find what I call easy beginner products then when
someone comes along and finds your product on amazon.com they buy it and
you get paid by Amazon and then they ship the product to the customer the
great thing about this is you can gradually scale your business and start
making five sales a day with your first product then you add
another product and do 10 sales a day then another and do 15 sales a day
Amazon makes it easy for you to scale your business because they do all the
work of picking your product from the warehouse shelves packing them into
boxes and using their great shipping rates to send your products to customers
Amazon also take care of the customer service so you don’t have to worry about
customers making inquiries or wanting returns and chargebacks i’ve been able
to create a lifestyle business by letting amazon do all of these things
that i just described instead of me having to store all of
these products at my house and having to pack all these things and ship them off
this is why people use the term FBA which stands for fulfillment by amazon
amazon FBA makes it possible for you to generate passive income and live a
laptop lifestyle and do this business from anywhere in the world where you
have an internet connection Amazon FBA gives you the freedom to do other things
while Amazon warehouses your products and they take care of customer service
and fulfillment I can focus on finding new products expanding into new
countries taking my wife out on a date vacationing in other countries or
watching my favorite sport Amazon FBA gives me time and freedom to do this
without having to commute to a nine-to-five job Amazon FBA lets you
build a lifestyle business with systems that make passive income for you even
while you’re sleeping so in this first step you need to understand the process
and sign up for an Amazon account there are two types of seller account an
individual account and a professional sellers account the individual account
is free however you pay 99 cents for each item that you sell the professional
seller’s account is $39.99 per month and you don’t pay the
$0.99 per item fee so if you sell more than 40 items per month which you will
do if you subscribe to my youtube channel
then you need the professional seller’s account the benefit of having a
professional sellers account is you get to run ads on Amazon Amazon ads are also
known as sponsored products the professional account also gives you
business reports that you can download and examine to figure out what you need
to do to tweak your business so you can optimize it for more success and to make
more money the great thing about having an Amazon FBA business is there is no
limits you don’t have to ask your boss if you can have a pay rise you just
launch more products and launch them in more countries like the United Kingdom
and Europe instead of working your butt off to make more money for your boss and
someone else’s company you can make more money for your own lifestyle business
step number two you need to find easy beginner products the reason I want you
to start with easy beginner products it’s so that you can avoid what are
known as Amazon gated products that require permission before you can sell
these products on Amazon I also want you to avoid selling products that require
government permits and later in this video I’ll talk to you about other
things to avoid such as selling breakable items as a beginner I want you
to stick to selling boring Amazon products that people are buying every
day this Product Search phase is the foundation of your business and is a
perpetual process that you continue doing to keep fueling your business and
growing your business you need to think of yourself as an investor that invests
in assets to keep growing your business and your profits how do we reduce the
risk of investing in a failed product first we identify suitable research
categories for beginners and later in this video I’ll detail those categories
for you when we apply my item specifics to avoid which I’ll also explain to you
later in this video then we analyze each product to make sure it has enough
demand and we record everything in a
spreadsheet here are the research categories I recommend for beginners
electronics accessories and supplies patio lawn and garden industrial and
scientific musical instruments office products sports and outdoors computers
and accessories tools and home-improvement camera and photo when
you are starting out I recommend you only spend time researching these
categories only after you are more established and have some FBA experience
do I think that you should try the other categories that require Amazon approval
or government permits the categories of baby products and toys and games are a
bit trickier so I recommend you only try them after successfully launching in one
of the easier categories first now here are a few of the item characteristics
that as a beginner I want you to avoid don’t start out with any products that
require electricity or batteries our hazardous or contain chemicals are
prohibited items fragile contain lots of moving parts where the longest side of
the product is greater than one meter any products heavier than 50 pounds
products that are difficult to operate or hard to understand any products that
sell for less than seven dollars there’s not enough profit products that could be
unsafe or dangerous for a customer and don’t sell products involving
intellectual property for example don’t try to sauce something from a Disney
that has characters on it or listing anything like that where Amazon could
shut you down because you’re using another company’s IP the reason why that
one beginners selling products with any of these types of characteristics is
because they’re too risky for a newb won’t hear many of the Amazon gurus
warning you about these types of product risks as an Amazon investor you want to
protect your investment and avoid risk by steering away from these types of
products so how do we find low-risk products that are in demand well
thankfully Amazon tells us the products in demand by being the best seller rank
which is also known as BSR the BSR is a number that shows how well a product is
selling in a category and Amazon constantly updates this BSR our number in
real time as sales are made think of how professional tennis players are given a
world ranking and the BSR products works the same way the number one
selling product in an Amazon category is like a tennis player that keeps winning
Grand Slam tournaments the higher the BSR are for a product
means it has a lower amount of sales or demand and the lower the BSR means a
higher amount of sales or demand amazon has a top 100 for each category of
products here we are in the patio lawn and garden category showing the top 100
products we avoid these first four products because these two have
chemicals and these have electrical characteristics that I want you to avoid
the rubber doormat is a potential product because it has demand and it is
an easy category and does not have any of the item characteristics then I
just told you to avoid now we need to make sure we don’t pick a product it has
too much competition and avoid saturated markets how do we determine the amount
of competition we go back to Amazon and type the main keywords into the search
bar the way we determine the main keyword is by looking at the title and
removing all the words until only the ones remain that makes sense for example
if we remove all the words except for rubber and doormat we have the primary
keywords of rubber doormat we copy the main keywords and click search now on
the first page we can see all of the competition for this rubber doormat
product your goal is to appear on the first page when someone types in this
main keyword into the search bar the only way you can do that is if some of
the sellers are not too strong if we scroll to the lowest-ranking product on
the page and look at the BSR we can see how strong the competition is we can see the BSR for three of these rubber doormats are over 10,000
BSR this means we could compete because these products with high BSRs
greater than ten thousand are still making five sales per day and they’re on
page one so we can get on the first page for this rubber doormat if you see
products on the first page with high BSR numbers of 5,000 10,000 and higher
you know the competition is not too strong and you can compete with that and
make the first page with your product this is the basic way to measure
potential competition and there’s a lot more that goes into a good research
strategy so you really should subscribe to this channel if you want to keep
learning in more detail about Amazon FBA once you have determined that
the product is in demand but not too competitive and you have a chance to
show up on the first page of search results then we move to step three step
three is finding a supplier to manufacture your products to be more
valuable than the competitors products as a beginner the easiest way to do this
is to go to a alibaba.com Alibaba is a business networking platform for
manufacturers suppliers and trading companies
Alibaba that you connect with and negotiate with suppliers who can
manufacture your product how do you reduce risk and make sure a supplier is
trustworthy click on the three buttons at the top trade assurance gold supplier
and assess supplier this filters out any suppliers that I wouldn’t trust now you
have all the gold suppliers that have paid a few thousand dollars to Alibaba
and scammers won’t normally do this they are also the trade assurance suppliers
which means when you pay your money to purchase your products it is held in a
third-party escrow account and only released when you are satisfied with the
quality of the products thirdly assessed suppliers are companies that have had a
site visit to inspect they actually have a legitimate business address and are a
genuine factory or trading company now when we look at products relation we
need to ask a number of these suppliers to send us information about cost weight
and dimensions enter this information into a
spreadsheet to see if we can make enough profit to proceed with an order to
contact the supplier we click here and start typing a message you will contact
multiple suppliers because we want to compare prices and ultimately you want
to order samples and compare the quality of each supplier you will contact
multiple suppliers because ultimately we want to compare samples and then we want
to choose the best supplier then we add all the details into a spreadsheet if
the profit is not least a hundred percent on the investment then we do not
order any samples from that supplier and we keep looking for another product or
supplier until we get the profit of a hundred percent this means if we invest
six dollars in a product in China and send it to Amazon and sell it for twenty
dollars we want to make at least six dollars net profit to make a hundred
percent profit on investment when we communicate with our suppliers we want
to tell them that we want a much more valuable product and the current ones
are being sold on page one at Amazon we need to go into each of the Amazon
listings and read the product reviews to find out what people like and don’t like
and we build our product according to what customers like and avoid or fix the
issues that customers say they don’t like when we communicate with our
suppliers on Alibaba we want to include a bonus product inside the packaging if
possible or we might increase the size or quantity of our product to make it
more valuable so the customers will choose us over the competition most
sellers will just sell the same basic product as each other and won’t make the effort
to differentiate themselves and make their product more valuable when you
differentiate and add value to your product people have a better reason to buy from
you rather than the competition now in step 4 we ship the product to Amazon and
start making money we negotiate a low minimum order quantity or MOQ and we
send the supplier a purchase order spelling out exactly what we want them
to manufacture for us including the material and colors etc we use Alibaba
trade assurance when we pay the supplier to protect our investment and attach the
purchase order and any purchase invoice the supplier gives us this is proof of
what we agreed in the order and if the supplier doesn’t
deliver what we agree then we can get our money back from Alibaba we contact
some freight forwarders and get some quotes based on the weights and
dimensions our supplier gave us we then select the freight forwarder who gives
us the best quote we then give the freight forwarder the details to contact
our supplier so they can ship our products from China to Amazon’s and FBA
warehouse now in step five we already have our products in Amazon warehouse so
now we need to optimize our product listings for high conversions so how do
we optimize for high conversions there are four important areas title pictures
bullets and description the product title is incredibly important because if
the title does not interest them they will scroll past your offer the best
product title includes the keyword of the product of the customer wants to buy
the title should have a maximum length of 250 characters the product formula we
use for product title is brand name color pack size primary keyword
secondary keyword plus size and materials here’s an example of the
product title formula using the rubber doar map we’ve been looking at the brand
name is gorilla grip the color is black maize there is no pack size so we can
leave it out as there’s no only one item for sale the primary key word is rubber
doormat the secondary keyword is heavy-duty doormat but we don’t need to
repeat doormat because it is already part of the primary keyword the size and
material is 29 by 17 inch and waterproof is the material now let’s look at
product images we need incredibly high-quality photos
if you want conversions when customers visit your product listing Amazon claims
sales will increase by 33% if you have outstanding product images
customers need to be able to feel like they can touch your product with great
images you should show how the product works with lifestyle images of the
product in action we also need to include pictures of our bonus product
all laid out nicely here’s an example of great quality
zoomable product images after a customer looks at your images you will need bullet
points that boost products sales people will just scan your bullets so we don’t
have too many words here good product bullet points create interest and
differentiate your product and should be easy to read these bullets are too long
and could be shortened to make them easier for the customer to read focus on
getting your customer enough information to buy your product you can have a look
at what competitors are saying in their bullet points to get a feel for what you
should say in your bullet points finally we have the track description which
outlines the benefits of our product not everyone will scroll down the page but
for those who do we’ll make our product description and sell the benefits of the
product we use the AIDA formula to create a great product description the
AIDA formula stands for awareness interest desire action in future videos
I’ll teach you the AIDA formula in more detail if you learn something new from
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