April 1, 2020
Amazon Consulting | eCommerce and Amazon Consulting | eCommerce Marketing Agency

Amazon Consulting | eCommerce and Amazon Consulting | eCommerce Marketing Agency

Hi, I’m Janelle. And if you’re an Amazon or eCommerce seller,
interested in increasing sales, you should stick around. You see, I’m the founder and CEO of KickFire
Marketing, a boutique marketing firm that specializes in customized laser-beam focused
marketing campaigns. None of that canned crap that generates less
than stellar results. No, strategy has always been our strength. And we generate real results for ourselves
and our clients. Our customized approach has served us well. Especially in the areas of Amazon and eCommerce
marketing. In fact, over the years we’ve helped numerous
clients build Amazon and eCommerce empires. This success led to creating Amazon Wranglers. A full service agency devoted entirely to
Amazon and eCommerce strategy. Now, I’m not here to brag. But, I do think you should know, that we personally
own several successful Amazon stores and we’ve helped hundreds of clients large and small,
dominate the Amazon platform and create thriving eCommerce empires. We don’t just teach these things in theory. We are every day in the trenches generating
traffic and sales for ourselves and our clients. So, what’s our secret sauce? Well, it all begins with owning Amazon. In fact, we’ve created for you an Amazon
Wranglers Blueprint that you can download on our website. It contains ten tried and true steps to Amazon
selling success. But, that’s not all. We’ve created automated systems that will
help you put your on-line marketing on autopilot. We know how to drive traffic to your website
via YouTube, Facebook, and other forms of Pay Per Click Advertising. We have social influencer, blogger, affiliate,
and athlete strategies. We know how to produce and use video to educate,
drive traffic, and convert sales. We specialize in social media that sells. We have systems in place to grow your social
platforms and increase followers and engagement. We know how to use email marketing and automation
to continually converse with and convert your clients. We eat, breathe, and sleep cross-sells, up-sells,
flash sales, loyalty and reward programs, co-marketing, coupons, giveaways, VIP review
clubs, and more. Essentially we know how to consistently generate,
nurture, capture, and convert leads into repeat loyal customers. So, if you’re looking to increase your Amazon
sales, build your business and create a brand and band of loyal raving fans, we should talk. So, either head on over to our website and
grab your copy of the Amazon Wranglers Blueprint or contact us today for your free consultation. We are looking forward to leading you and
your business to greener pastures. So yeehaw, giddy-up, let’s ride.

19 thoughts on “Amazon Consulting | eCommerce and Amazon Consulting | eCommerce Marketing Agency

  1. Amazon is an amazing platform to base a business on due to their popularity and the fact that people trust them. This helps build credibility which in turn creates sales.

  2. So interesting! I've been looking into how to build a solid side hustle and didn't really realize that you could utilize Amazon to do this! This video opened by eyes to something amazing and I cannot wait to dive into all the valuable info they gave me in 3 short minutes. Thank so much!

  3. I sure stick around, thanks Janelle for your introduction, valuable information, well presented. Very nice audio, this video is fantastic. I have been struggling to increase my Amazon sales and build my business for years. This video opened my eyes to something incredible and I canโ€™t wait to jump into all the helpful information you gave me in this short video. Thank you very much. I got very useful information.

  4. I actually was lucky enough to meet Jonelle (hope i spelled it right) She is a beautiful soul filled with VAST knowledge and is great at teaching newcomers.

  5. The automated system is what saves all the time and makes it all worth it. Wranglers is the only company that gives me results and actual loyalty reward programs that don't cheat you into terrible products.

  6. I am interested in setting up a custom makeup and lipstick pack and this is definitely something I think would help as i am a first in my area and almost industry. Is this the only set or can i keep ordering?

  7. I promised them i would leave a comment a few months back and honestly we been so busy I haven't had any time to do so. Sounds like a great problem to have right? Thanks eCW

  8. after three hours on Youtube i finally found this. My mom actually showed me this and she not answering. She used you guys with my dad to get her online business up and running. Worked wonders for her. The automated service is cool.

  9. AH MAY ZING!! Hands down saved my business from going under. I literally almost gave up so thank you. I downloaded last week and I'm going to implement it completely starting tomorrow

  10. Janelle knows her stuff! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Been working with her for a few years now and I couldn't ask for a better guide. She tells it like it is and works her behind off to deliver the best results possible. Yeehaw!

  11. Janell knows the ecommerce business inside and out, and she ain't kidding when she says they eat, sleep, and breath marketing strategies for their clients. I've seem them in action for over a year now and am constantly impressed at their knowledge, skills, and ability to increase business sales for companies. I guarantee you, with KickFire Marketing in your corner, you've got someone fighting for your business success!

  12. Hi Janelle, once again, thank you for making this video, you really deserve appreciation. I must confess your information open eyes. I used to struggle to make sales on Amazon. But since I came across your video and follow your guide, believe me; it dramatically increased my sales on Amazon. Thanks for the great tutorial, it went so perfect, and I am recommending your channel to friends and anyone who is interested in increasing Amazon sales.

  13. This is such a good video exactly what I been looking for. It is not so easy to sell product in amazon. For this you need strategy, hard work and a dedicated consultant. Thanks to eCommerce Wranglers. They help me to grow my business and now I am earning more than I have ever thought. They are the best eCommerce Marketing Agency.

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