March 30, 2020
Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial (for BEGINNERS)

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial (for BEGINNERS)

How would you like to have your own
affiliate marketing website that consistently brings in $500 $1,000 or
even $2,000 per month in 2018 there is no reason that you shouldn’t have an
Amazon affiliate marketing website takes less than an hour to set up and less
than $100 to get started and that’s exactly what I’m gonna show you in this
step-by-step tutorial you see what I like about affiliate marketing
unlike Amazon FBA and Shopify is that you can literally start making your
first sale as soon as tomorrow there’s no need to wait the source a product or
go back and forth with suppliers you don’t have to ship anything out yourself
or hold any inventory and my favorite you don’t need to deal with customer
service or worry about returns for this tutorial I also set up a guy that you
can follow along with on my website and it’ll be one of the first links down
below in the description now in today’s step-by-step tutorial we’re gonna be
talking about how you can choose a profitable niche to start affiliate
marketing with I’ll be guiding you on how to build and set up your affiliate
website next up we have keyword and content research this is important
because if you don’t choose the right keywords and the right content you won’t
be making any money with your site then I’m gonna show you what it takes to rank
videos on YouTube and after that we’re gonna go into building backlinks into
your site so that you’re getting traffic from other sites and this will also help
you start ranking your website as well and help build onto the passive income
next up we’ll talk about building an email list and why it’s important that
you start building one from day one and if you really want to scale up and take
this affiliate marketing business to the next level I’ll talk about advertising
and the main untouched advertising platform that most people still aren’t
using in 2018 now this will help you reach the five to $10,000 per month
level so if out further ado let’s go ahead and jump into the tutorial alright
so step one is gonna be niche selection now why do you need a niche it’s easier
to make money if you focus on just one niche and that’s because you become the
go-to website and you start building a 40 with your audience now imagine you
start talking about 2 3 or even 4 different topics it becomes harder for
your audience to identify you as the expert with just one of those topics so
you know when they do run into that problem they’re not gonna go to your
website or your YouTube channel they’re gonna go to somebody else’s who they do
either then I asked the expert and you know purchase
through one of their affiliate links now you want to become the go-to website and
start building authority because it also builds brand equity and you know
building a brand is extremely important especially nowadays when there’s so much
competition just think about coca-cola and Apple you know those are all big
brands and people you know when people want to buy a phone if they have Apple
they’re gonna go to Apple again because they know and trust Apple you know they
love Apple products they might have a couple of them and you know you just
need to build brand equity because you know once you’ve built a brand people
start coming to you for you because they like you they like your brand and they
know that you know you’re not gonna try and sell them anything that doesn’t work
or anything bad just because you want to make a commission is because you truly
believe in it and because you truly want to help your audience out what do we
want to look for in a niche now before I go ahead and jump into that I want to
let you guys know about the big three and why they will never fail now if you
choose a niche within the big three and that’s health wealth and relationships
these are all aligned with human nature and they’re things that people always
want to improve themselves in so if you choose something within health you know
people are always gonna want to be adding muscle or they’re always gonna
want to be losing weight and you know dropping fat you know with wealth people
are always trying to make more money they’re always trying to invest try and
figure out new ways to make money online or offline or all that type of stuff
and you know with the relationships people are always gonna be having
relationships and there’s gonna be guys wanting to know you know pickup lines to
get the girls or you know improving their relationships with their
significant other you know these are just things that will never ever die
down so if you do choose a niche within the big three you’ll always be able to
make money within them now what do we want to look for in a niche competition
competition means that there’s people that are actually making money in it
right now so competition is a good thing I know
online a lot of the times people are scared of competition but no competition
is actually a good thing and it’s one of the things you want to look for when
you’re choosing your niche now next we want to look for traffic we
want to make sure that these websites and that these YouTube channels are
getting traffic now our YouTube channels are a lot easier to see if people are
you know getting traffic because you can see how many views they’re getting but
website websites are sometimes a little bit harder I like to use a website
called similar web to see where websites are getting the traffic from and how
much traffic they’re getting so basically you just go ahead and enter
the domain name that you want to see how much traffic they’re getting and it
shows you where they’re getting the traffic from how they’re getting the
traffic from if it’s SEO if it’s from social media if it’s from other web
sites and then you can go ahead and reverse engineer and see what they’re
doing see what they’re getting the traffic from and you know you can work
on getting the same traffic that they’re getting now next what we want to look
for is you know what competitive advantages do you have you know are you
already an expert in the fields you know if let’s just say you’re trying to go
into health are you a personal trainer that kind of gives you a competitive
advantage over others because in the health industry you know people are
starting blogs and YouTube channels and a lot of them aren’t certified personal
trainers so say you’re a certified personal trainer that already gives you
an edge over somebody else because you have certification and people you know
as much as I don’t like to admit it too much people do like seeing
certifications so you know that could work to your advantage in that niche now
next how can you differentiate yourself you know you need to find different ways
that you can differentiate yourself because that can also be a competitive
advantage for you in your niche and you know you also want to look for high
profits you don’t want to spend a lot of work and then only make like $1 per sale
you want to look for a niche that has high profits so you want to look for
something that gives you like 20 30 % commissions even 40 percent I’ve seen
niches and products that give you up to 75 to 100 percent Commission’s on the
product now you also want to make sure that people are buying these products
and you can check the you can check the popularity of these products on stuff
like Google keywords and you can just do simple google searches
but the best thing to know your audience and you to know your niche really well
is to kind of be immersed in it you know you want to know everything about it you
want to know the top players you want to know what they’re selling and all that
kind of stuff now how do you find your niche so how do you find your niche
basically ask yourself what do you enjoy doing on a daily basis you know what do
you enjoy doing in your free time that even if you weren’t paid to do it you’d
still be doing it now for me that sometimes that’s playing guitar so maybe
I could start a channel of playing guitar showing people you know how to
play different songs and then I could recommend the products that I use on my
channel or you know something else that I really like doing is reading about
psychology or reading about marketing so that’s something else that I could start
doing so basically just ask yourself you know what books do you read what sites
do you visit what do you like to talk about a lot and just see what you enjoy
doing on a daily basis because that makes it a lot easier to go ahead and
talk about and do every single day because one of the reasons that a lot of
people fail is because they don’t see the money right away and a lot of people
do do it for the money so you know within like a week two weeks they don’t
see any money coming in they go ahead and give up and quit but you know if
it’s something that you enjoy doing you’re gonna persevere through it
because you actually enjoy doing it and you’re not doing it solely for the money
now does that make sense next what do others say that you’re good
at if somebody says that you know you’re really good at talking about
I don’t know sports you could start maybe a sports blog or a sports youtube
channel or you know you like TV shows so much just go ahead and start a blog
about TV shows and maybe you can be an affiliate for their merchandise
next are any of those profitable and do they have a big audience online now this
goes back to what I was talking about a couple minutes earlier but you need to
make sure that these audiences and that these niches are profitable and the
reason is because you know you don’t want to just start talking about
something and put a lot of effort into you know two three months and then just
to figure out that there’s not that many people searching
for underwater basket-weaving or something crazy like that just make sure
that these are profitable and that they do have a big audience online so that it
will be easier for you to go ahead and build your own audience and you know
become the authority become an authority figure and you know become an expert and
the fig in the in the mind of your audience now if there isn’t a big market
it may be a good idea to find one so you won’t struggle and you want as little
roadblocks in the beginning like I said a couple minutes ago to start seeing
some quick wins and you know start making five bucks here ten dollars here
maybe another fifty dollars here and get the fifty dollars a day with your
website and with your blog within you know two or three months okay so some
examples of great niches are technology technology is very very hot you know
there’s always people always want the latest tech they always want the latest
iPhone they always want the latest speaker they always want the latest
headphones they you know people always want the latest thing so if you can
create an authority website around technology say around headphones or
maybe around speakers you could become the go-to authority on that so when you
know whenever people are looking for a new speaker they come to your website
and they purchase through your affiliate link and you know sometimes these
speakers or studio monitors are two hundred three hundred dollars so if you
make a twenty percent commission on that you know that’s already forty to sixty
bucks in your pocket just from becoming that authority and having somebody buy
from your link another great one is marketing software now marketing
software’s are amazing because um stuff like click funnels or in email
autoresponder or anything else that a business might need is something that
they’re going to be using for months if not years so you’re gonna be making a
recurring Commission on that and you know typically these things range from
anywhere from like thirty to fifty percent commissions so click funnels for
example is a hundred dollars a month and they give you a forty percent commission
now if the person stays on board month after month you keep on making
forty dollars per month per person which is awesome because you don’t have to go
out looking for any new customers to get to make more money because you know you
have that monthly recurring Commission coming
and next is electronics electronics are big you know they tie back into
technology next we also have internet marketing info courses these are amazing
because you know for the person who’s selling them they have really they
really have no overhead it’s just a digital product being delivered via
email or you know through an online membership so commissions are typically
high for these next we have muscle building we also have fat loss next we
also have supplements you know people are always going to be buying
supplements and you know if you’re into muscle building or fat loss you can also
be selling supplements and recommending supplements to your audience and that’s
also a great way to like kind of intertwine these niches and make some
money with them we also have dating and relationships pets are really good niche
people are always buying stuff for their pets we have beauty and makeup you guys
know that um beauty and makeup is huge on YouTube and you know people these
girls you know their affiliates for the products that they use and obviously if
somebody likes their eyeliner or anything else you know I’m not really
big into the beauty and makeup niche but you know if they like any of the
products that they’re using or they like the look that they’re doing they’re
gonna go ahead and buy from that person’s affiliate link we also have
personal finance and wealth building and we also have sports now if you guys see
all these niches they fall into the big three so you know if you’re having
trouble choosing a niche and you’ve gotten this far honestly any of these
niches that I just mentioned will not fail you so if you’re having trouble
just go ahead and choose one of these all right now that we’ve spent you know
a good 10 to 15 minutes explaining the importance of choosing your niche why
you need to have a niche how to choose one some examples um you know to really
emphasize that choosing your niche is important and it’s pivotal to your
success when you’re doing affiliate marketing because you know you want to
have something that is getting traffic right now it’s currently making sales
and that it’s gonna keep you interested during the slow times and not you know
so you don’t give up so now that you’ve chosen your niche it’s time to move on
to step two which building and setting up your website now
as a word of caution a lot of people give up right over here most people quit
and that’s because they get the satisfaction of starting but you know 80
percent stop after they’ve set up their site you know they don’t want to do any
work they think that it’s kind of tedious it’s gonna take a long time you
know just insert whatever excuse it is but I want to let you guys know right
now that this is where most people drop off so that you don’t fall into the same
pattern and you know just have your website be another site floating in
cyberspace collecting dust now if you’re expecting for your website to generate
visitors on its own I hate to break it to you but that’s not how it works
unfortunately the reason why your website is mandatory when you’re doing
affiliate marketing is because it’s where all of your content is going to be
stored you need a central hub and a central place for your visitors to land
and become familiar with and this goes back to you know building that brand and
building the brand equity and the image for your affiliate marketing business
now your website is an extension of you and your brand it doesn’t matter word
whether you’re documenting your journey you know you’re sharing your favorite
recipes from your favorite meals having an online store or it’s your personal
brand your website is your central hub and it links your visitors to your
content your affiliate offers and have them get to know you and your brand a
lot better now a lot of it inexperienced affiliate marketers like to send people
straight to an affiliate offer and while that works for some affiliate offers it
fails for most of them now when you do that there’s a great chance that they’ll
leave and never come back you know just think about when you click on an
advertisement on Facebook or whenever you’re watching a YouTube video if say
the mailman comes and rings the doorbell or you know your kid it asks you a
question or you just got a notification on Facebook all those are distractions
that take you away from what you’re doing at the moment and you know a lot
of times that can distract you when you’re clicking on links on YouTube or
on ads and you know the human mind is you know we have a short attention span
so sometimes you have to keep on hitting people up over and over again but now
when you have your own web site you can pixel and retarget people
and basically follow them around the internet now we’ll get into the pixel
Inge and retargeting people a little bit later into this another great thing and
when you have your own website and you’re sending people straight to your
site is that you get to collect emails and this also gives you another chance
to hit people up over and over again if you want to build a good mobile friendly
and functional website quickly you’ll need to choose a platform also known as
a content management system now by far the best content management system which
is used by over 50% of the top 1 million web sites on the Internet is WordPress
and that’s for a good reason because WordPress is extremely user friendly for
building your website and managing your content it’s one of the easiest
platforms I’ve ever worked with and it’s flexible enough to suit your needs
whether you’re a blogger whether you’re a small business or if you’re doing
affiliate marketing websites like we’re talking about in this tutorial when
you’re stuck setting up your website you’re gonna need three things the first
thing that you’re gonna need is the WordPress platform now I recommend going
with the versus WordPress calm because is an open
source platform and it gives you the flexibility to really customize the
website to however you like now the WordPress platform itself is free but in
order for you to have your own site on the platform
you’re gonna need domain name and it’s an address
you know like Sebastian Viacom or like or and then the
next thing that you’re going to need is hosting hosting basically just connects
your site on the Internet and it makes it visible for anyone to visit now the
main is gonna cost you just a one-time fee of around 10 bucks and it’s worth it
because it looks a lot better and it’s more official and it just gives more
authority and credibility to your brand and you know it looks better than a free
domain like your site that now hosting is also very cheap and
affordable and only three to five dollars a month and it usually ends up
costing you know just like your average cup of coffee from Starbucks and web
hosting is usually paid in yearly installments now I would personally
recommend that you sign up for as many years
you can afford as more years you sign up for the cheaper it is per month now it
used to be kind of annoying to kind of connect everything WordPress your domain
and hosting we used to have to do it manually but now they made it extremely
easy and as soon as you sign up for web hosting everything connects all together
and it’s already all installed your domains connected a WordPress is already
installed and your web hosting is already working so people can start
visiting your website now my go-to for hosting is Bluehost calm I’ve never had
a problem with their web hosting or my site being down and I think that their
customer service is hands-down the best in the industry and when you sign up
with Bluehost today they’re also throwing in a free domain name now up
next I’m going to show you guys step-by-step how to set up your website
with Bluehost and WordPress so step one is to go ahead and visit Bluehost as a
Bluehost user I’ve been able to negotiate an amazing
price for you guys and if you’re watching this or if you’re reading the
article the prices gonna be anywhere from two ninety five to three
ninety-five per month which is anywhere from fifty to sixty four percent off the
normal price tag now step two you’re gonna want to choose your web hosting
plan after clicking on get started you will now be taken to a page to choose
the best web hosting plan that suits your needs the plus and prime options
they’re great but you don’t really need them especially if you’re just getting
started and you know with affiliate marketing websites I don’t really think
that you need them at all unless you’re getting a lot and a lot of traffic per
month but you can always upgrade it later down the road so like I said I
would just recommend that you choose the basic option as shown on the screen now
step three is gonna be to choose your domain name and like I said if you sign
up with Bluehost they go ahead and give you a free domain name so you don’t have
to pay ten or twenty dollars for the domain but choosing your domain name
should be simple you can make it your business name or if you’re making more
of a personal branding website you can do something like first name last name
comm just like I did with my website Sebastian viola calm and a couple of
tips that I can offer you when choosing a domain are to keep it simple
make it easy to remember and to choose the dot-com extension now the dot-com
extension is the most used extension but if for whatever reason like you can’t
choose calm and you know you have a domain that you really want to choose
you can always choose neck net or that org but I’d highly recommend trying to
choose a dot-com if possible and if you already have a domain name enter it in
the box to the right and click on next if not go ahead and I’m see if your
domain is available on the box to the left okay so step four now you get to
fill in all your information in order to create your account you must now fill in
all the information on the page as shows all the fields are required – the
business name field so just go ahead take a second to fill in your first name
last name and all the other information on the page and then after this the only
thing that I would recommend paying for and the package information below is the
domain privacy protection this gives you privacy from others trying to find your
personal information such as name and address and it stops unsolicited offers
from agencies trying to offer you just a bunch of services I made the mistake of
not including this once and you know I had about five to ten new enquiries from
SEO agencies just all trying to offer me the same type of service and you know
we’re not really interested in that you know we’re interested in doing marketing
a different way and we don’t really want to hire these SEO companies because they
technically tend to be a little bit more on the spammy side then after that just
go ahead and enter your payment information blue post gives you the
option to pay with your credit card or with PayPal and now all you have to do
is create your password and voila you are now able to start setting up and
customizing your site all right so now step five is to setup and customize your
website now as I mentioned earlier Bluehost made it even easier and they’ve
automatically gone ahead and installed WordPress for you on a new and improved
dashboard and this is gonna be the screen that you see once you log into
Bluehost now what you want to do now is go ahead
and click on my site and after you click on my sites go ahead and click log into
WordPress now what you see here is your WordPress dashboard and this is
what you’re gonna see every single time that you log in along the top you’re
gonna have a couple of quick links and on the left-hand side you’re gonna have
all the essentials that you need such as posts appearances pages plugins and
settings and tools and then after that all of your plugins that you do end up
installing are gonna be here on the left-hand side and as you can see I
already have clickfunnels WP forms Yoast SEO and we’ll go ahead and touch on some
plugins that you should have installed on your website in a couple of minutes
alright so up next step six is going to be to choose a theme or a template now
WordPress automatically installs is very basic yet very clean theme for you to
begin with it’s free but it also has very limited options and you also don’t
want your website to be a carbon copy of all the websites that people didn’t
really put any effort and right you don’t really want to be grouped with
those websites and kind of be associated with those websites and that’s why there
are themes and templates that give you the ability to create a completely
unique and one-of-a-kind website now you can find plenty of free themes over 1500
actually just by going to appearance and then themes and then browsing all the
themes that WordPress does recommend you can see some of them on the page here
but if you want something more elegant and that gives you more creative freedom
I would personally recommend the Divi theme
it’s what my website is on and I think about 300 400 thousand people use it but
you can use it to create a complete one-of-a-kind website now in my opinion
it is the easiest drag-and-drop website builder for WordPress and it allows you
to create amazing websites and honestly no time at all I’ve used other
drag-and-drop builders but none really compares to the flexibility that Divi
offers and as you guys can see here here’s the Divi website if you want you
can go ahead and check it out and yeah just let me know what you guys think
about Divi and if you do end up using it let me know alright so now that you
found the theme that you’d like you need to go ahead and install it and
installing it is super simple just go ahead and click on appearance
then click on themes then click on install and then after it’s done
installing what usually takes just a couple seconds all the way up to a
minute you go ahead and click on activate now if you go ahead and change
themes it won’t delete your previous posts pages and content and you can
change themes honestly as often as you want without ever having to worry about
losing what you’ve created now how do you add content and create new pages is
really simple you just go on the left hand side like we were talking about
earlier and if you want to create a new page just click on pages and then click
on add page and then you go ahead and type in whatever page you want to add
whether you want to add a services page or a resources page or an about page
it’s really simple to do just go ahead and on the bar right over here click on
what you want your page to be named and then it’s gonna be named that and as you
can see right over here the permalink is gonna be created as well so as you can
see here let’s say for blog mine is gonna be Sebastian Fela comm slash blog
so just as easy as it is to add a new page to your website it’s the same exact
process to go ahead and add a new post to your website so what you want to do
is go ahead click on posts and new and once you finish writing it you can go
ahead and upload it you can also add pages to the menu now if you want your
new page to be linked in your navigation bar or if you want your blog to be
linked in your navigation bar save any changes that you’ve made up to this
point by clicking on update now what you want to do is go ahead and click on
appearance and then click on menus and once you’ve done that find the page that
you created and add it to the list by clicking the checkbox next to it and
then add the menu and this is gonna add your page to the top of your menu so
that people can find that easily by just going going ahead and scrolling to the
top now there’s also endless tweaks that you can make you can go ahead and change
your title and tagline you can also disable comments for posts and pages if
you don’t want to have any kind some on your blog or on your pages this
is a great way to go ahead and do it you can also go ahead and set up a static
front page this basically means to have just a page and no blogs on the front
page or you can go ahead and have it be your blog feed after this you can also
go ahead and edit the sidebar whether the sidebar is on the left side or on
the right side a lot of people typically add an email up then on the sidebar or
they add any categories that they may have for their blogs now if you really
want to get more out of WordPress I would recommend installing a couple of
plugins now plug-in is basically just an extension that is built to expand the
WordPress is capabilities you can add features and functions to your site that
don’t come built-in and there’s a huge market of people that create plugins and
there’s some really amazing ones out there and then there’s some that you
really don’t need but we’re gonna go ahead and talk about some of the amazing
ones that you can go ahead and install in your site they’re basically shortcuts
to getting your site to do exactly what you want without having to build the
feature from scratch and you know if you’re not a coder like me these are a
blessing and you can use plugins to do everything from adding photo galleries
some submission forms and optimizing your website or even creating an online
store so how exactly do we install a new plugin it’s the same way that you
basically install the theme but you know you installing a plug-in now so you go
to plug-in you click on add new and you can either search on WordPress or you
can search just do a quick google search for any plug-in that you might want now
there’s thousands and thousands of free plugins so you really don’t have to
spend any money on them but there are a couple of plugins that you know they’re
anywhere from 20 to 50 bucks and they’re really really awesome and you know I
think they’re they’re good to have on your website and you know once you’ve
found a plug-in that you want to go ahead and install just click on install
drag the plug-in over there and then you can just go ahead and activate the
plug-in some of the best plugins that you should go ahead and have install
on your website or a super cache a plug-in you should also have an SEO
plugin the one that I would recommend is Yoast SEO having SEO on your website and
I’m doing SEO just even if it’s just very simple can increase your traffic
especially if you’re ranking for long term keywords and the last one that I
would recommend is Google Analytics because you can track your visitors and
you know you can see their behavior and it’s just really simple to go ahead and
install and it’s something that a lot of people don’t install but I do think that
it should be installed just so you can see where your traffic is coming from
what type of people the demographics you know what countries they’re coming from
and just so much more information that Google has and it can be very very
beneficial so once you do start running paid traffic you know exactly who your
audience is all right so step 3 now has to do
keyword and content research now that you’ve got your website up and ready to
go it’s time to start adding some content to it this is where the keyword
research comes in and unfortunately for most people this is also where they tend
to not book much work in and it shows in the results because you know they don’t
do as well now keyword and content research is important because you need
to know if what you’re about to post is getting any searches or hits on a
monthly basis you also get to see what your competitors are talking about and
what gets the most attention and brings in the most traffic for them but
remember good marketers copy but great ones to steal just make sure that when
you’re doing your research you don’t flat-out copy exactly what someone else
is doing you’ll get called out for it and eventually you’re gonna lose your
credibility now you can go ahead and steal an an idea for a headline or a
thumbnail on YouTube or an idea for a piece of content just see what works and
giving your own unique twist and make it better now do you see that odd numbers
and headlines are bringing in 60% more traffic go ahead and use an odd number
in your headline there’s a certain type of thumbnail get more clicks on YouTube
maybe a half-and-half gets more clicks or maybe your face cut out with a cool
background gets more clicks just do the idea and put your own unique spin on it
now there are both free and paid services you can take advantage of to do
your research but here I’m gonna focus mainly on the free ones the first one is
the Google Keyword planner before you start using it though you do need to go
ahead and create a free AdWords account and if you haven’t done so yet I would
recommend that you do that whenever you have a chance but after that you want to
go ahead and visit the dashboard and under tools click on the keyword planner
then go ahead and type in a topic related to your niche or something that
you’re thinking about promoting for this example I’m gonna be sticking with
clickfunnels so under your product or service just go ahead and type in
clickfunnels and after you’ve typed in your keyword go ahead and click on get
ideas now it’s gonna take you to a page that looks like this and it may take a
second or two to load but it will give you the average monthly searches for
your search term and then keywords related to your main search ranked by
relevance and as we can see here click funnels gets anywhere from ten thousand
to a hundred thousand searches per month and the first two related searches to
click photos also get up to ten thousand searches per month so that’s a really
good sign to go ahead and get started this means that people are interested in
your topic or your product and it’s a good thing to do a little bit more
research on and create some content around next on our list we want to go
ahead and check out Google Trends and we do this to see if the interest in our
topic or product has gone up and it’s going up or if it has already peaked and
it’s starting to go down we want to create content that will be good for the
long term and you don’t want to create an epic piece of content around
something that’s gonna get zero traffic within the next six months so as we can
see here the trend for clickfunnels has been going up for the past couple years
as popularity for the platform does continue to grow up next we have
ubersuggest located on Neal Patel’s personal blog this is a great free
keyword tool and I use it mainly to look up keyword searches on Google and
YouTube but you can also look up keywords for images news and shopping
now say we were gonna promote something like a dog hair brush you can go ahead
and type that in and these are gonna be all the results that come up for dog
hair brush and as you can see there’s almost 750 keyword ideas related to dog
hair brushes now this is powerful because I have an online blog or YouTube
channel related to pet grooming and now have 750 keywords all related to dog
brushes and I can see exactly what keywords get the most search volume per
month and then I can go ahead and create content around that a good alternative
to Eber suggests is also keyword tool do they give you a little bit more search
terms but the only thing is that you do have to pay to see the search volume so
for now you guys can go ahead and stick to Buber suggest and I’m gonna go ahead
and link it down below as for vid IQ and buzzsumo listed on
this page here we’re gonna go ahead and talk about them more and the next steps
so stay tuned for that okay so step four is gonna be ranking videos on YouTube
while it’s becoming harder to rank for certain search terms on Google YouTube
has become a great source of traffic that even a beginner can take advantage
of on YouTube to the main search ranking factors are click-through rate and watch
time YouTube wants to keep you on their platform for as long as possible so that
you watch more videos and in term consumer more ads so that they can make
more money so if your videos receive lower average watch time than YouTube
won’t show your videos as much as it shows others that get a higher watch
time now your videos should be at least 5 minutes long and if you can make them
10 to 20 minutes long that’s even better also the more consistent that you are
with uploading content the more that YouTube rewards you with showing your
videos more often the next factor in getting ranked on YouTube is
click-through rate what this means is does your thumbnail and headline grab
people’s attention enough to make them want to click and watch your video over
other people’s videos now make sure that you spend some time on creating a great
thumbnail and writing an epic headline that gets people’s attention in a free
resource that I used to make all of my thumbnails personally is canva and it
honestly has everything that you need on there and it’s extremely user friendly
so you also want to make sure to include your keywords in the keywords section
when you upload a new video and in addition to the keyword research we did
in step 3 I also like to use a tool called vid IQ to see what my competitors
are trying to rank for what keywords they’re using and what key
that they’re personally ranking for another great way that you can go ahead
and rank even quicker on YouTube is by advertising on YouTube now YouTube likes
that you advertise on their platform so in term they might reward you a little
bit more for spending some money but I personally don’t know that for sure
but some of the videos that I have spent some money advertising for or rank a
little bit higher than videos that I haven’t spent so just go ahead and test
that out now I would go ahead and show you guys exactly how to do YouTube
advertising but that would probably be another hour-long video which I might
make a little bit later down the road in the future on my channel so if you’re
interested in that just send me an email or let me know down below in the comment
section now step five is to go ahead and build backlinks to your site and I’m
gonna take a page of a neil patel book here and teach you how he was able to
build close to twenty four thousand unique backlinks back to his site now
backlinks back to your site is one of the best things that you can do to help
your SEO and help your website rank you know you don’t want to just build
backlinks from low quality and low authority sites you want to make sure
that the links that you’re generating come from high domain authority websites
this helps you get free traffic so long as you create great content now the
first thing that you want to do is go ahead and visit buzzsumo and type in a
keyword related to your niche now buzzsumo is free up to a certain
amount of searches and use this per day but when you can and when you can afford
it i would highly recommend that you use the paid version of it because the
software in my opinion is definitely a must-have you want to down look for the
content that has the most shares but also look for the in-depth articles such
as the nine step method to burning fat this summer or a hundred and one ways to
make money online in 2018 just look up any good step-by-step or list based
articles then go ahead and take that information and turn it into an
infographic make sure to cite your sources on the infographic itself to you
know avoid copyright and give credit to the author and you can go ahead and
create a great infographic on info Graham and canva or you can feel free to
hire freelance on dribble or up or to create an epic and infographic now
it’s important here to make your infographic super visual and have a good
flow and good use of colors that match you want something easy on the eyes that
can be consumed in a matter of seconds next go to all the people that share the
content on buzzsumo on Twitter and email each and every person you can go ahead
and email them this hey John I noticed that you shared this article on Twitter
insert link here called seven powerful ways to add 10 pounds of muscle in 90
days by author Sebastian viola I have a similar infographic that actually breaks
down these points in a visual fashion go ahead and insert your link here Cheers
your name now go ahead and email every single person that shared the same
article with the same message most people will be happy to share it and
that you take the time out to reach out to them now if you have some extra money
and want to save yourself some time I would recommend hiring someone on up
work or a virtual assistant from the Philippines and have them do the
emailing on your behalf it’s only gonna cost you 2 to 4 dollars per hour of work
that they do but it is highly worth it because it saves you a lot of time and
it does get tedious after a little bit and even if you keep on rinsing and
repeating the same process until you’ve built up hundreds and thousands of
backlinks to your site and content you’re going to be getting traffic from
all over the place and it’s gonna help you rank now at this point you should
have at least a couple hundred visitors coming to your website each and every
month and you’ll definitely be making a few affiliate sales and the passive
income starts now it’s a truly beautiful thing you’ve done all this work up to
this point you’re making a couple hundred dollars if not a 1,000 or 2,000
dollars on autopilot but how do we improve that to you that you can take it
a bit further and actually take this full-time and quit your job this leads
me to the next step step six which is building your email list my experience
online building an email list is one of the most important and most powerful
things that you can do when you’re starting a business but for some reason
a lot of people don’t do it I don’t know if it’s because they think it’s too
time-consuming or they don’t know what to send but you
need to start collecting emails when you build your email list you start
gathering a list of people that are interested in your niche and your
product and by doing this you become seen as an authority figure as you start
building more and more rapport with your audience
now given that you give at least five times more than you ask each email on
your list should be worth an average of $1 per email per month this means that
if you have accumulated over 10,000 emails in one year and that you don’t
spam your list with spammy offers and you’re always just asking and not giving
you could be making close to $10,000 per month if not more and in order to start
building your list you need to have an email autoresponder now if you’re on a
budget I recommend MailChimp it’s free up to
2,000 emails and then it only starts at $10 a month but they don’t do too good
with affiliate links and affiliate links are against the Terms of Service more
now MailChimp is mainly used by like local businesses to keep people up to
date on you know just newest specials that they may have and I wouldn’t really
recommend the MailChimp as a long-term focus but you know if you don’t have any
money MailChimp right now is pretty good just to start collecting emails now my
personal favorite and the one that I use on a daily basis is active campaign it’s
a more robust platform and it gives you a bit more options to MailChimp but the
reason why I prefer it over MailChimp is because it works better for affiliate
marketing and it has better deliverability rate this means that your
email is more likely to end up in their main folder rather than their spam
folder or promotion now with the affiliate marketing you want to mail
your list frequently where else people will forget about you the first week
that someone subscribes to your list you should let them know what you’re about
what does your business or website aim to do do you have a mission statement is
there a cool story behind the website or behind you you just want to make sure to
go ahead and give away plenty of value and we already did the research to see
what your audience likes and wants and step three of this guide and tutorial so
you know exactly what to give away and what type of
that they like to consume now there’s some templates that I use for my emails
that are all located inside of russell brunson comp secrets book i would love
to include them here and just go over each and every single one of them but
Russell does a much better job of explaining them plus I think they’re
better saved for another post and another video and if you still don’t
have the dot-com secrets book I would highly recommend that you pick up a copy
and read it at least three to four times the dot-com secrets book is honestly the
Bible of internet marketing and it sets a great foundation for all things
internet marketing and it’s where I got my start from and a lot of my knowledge
comes from the book comm secrets alright so this brings us to our last step step
seven which is about advertising but before we go ahead and jump in let’s go
ahead and recap everything that you’ve done up until this point you first
started out by choosing a niche to build your website around next it was time to
go ahead and build set up and customize your website remember this is where all
your content is gonna be stored and it is going to be the center point for
where all your traffic is funneled to then it was time to start doing keyword
and content research to start getting some ideas for what content the people
in your niche are already consuming and enjoying next up I touched on how you
get free traffic with YouTube by learning what it takes to rank a video
and start driving organic traffic to your website and affiliate offers and if
you wanted to know how you could really boost the amount of free traffic you
were getting I showed you Neil Patel strategy to building backlinks back to
your site then I touched upon the importance of building an email list at
how you can build your own and what to send now if you have done steps 1 to 6
at this point you should be making 100 or even 1 to 2 thousand dollars per
month on autopilot with your website now before you get into advertising you need
to complete steps 1 to 6 a lot of people think that spending money on ads is some
sort of magic pill that’ll make all their business problems go away
but honestly before you spend a single dime on ads you should focus on creating
great content and exhausting your free traffic methods now once you know how to
drive free traffic and what converts and what does it spend
money on ads will be a lot easier for you and you’ll also save a lot of time
money and frustration and trust me I know this from my own personal
experiences now this tutorial is more meant for
beginners so I won’t really dive deep into the advertising strategies here but
I’ll give you a good idea of what to think about for when you do reach this
point the main advertising platforms you’ll want to focus on are YouTube
Facebook and Google AdWords my preferred ads platform is YouTube YouTube does not
have all the people advertising on it that Facebook and Google do therefore
ads are a little bit cheaper and you can reach more people for the least amount
of money plus the barrier that entry is slightly higher on YouTube because you
need to have a video in order to run an ad and some people not you guys–do
since you’re watching this tutorial see it as an obstacle to create a video so
they don’t really advertise on YouTube but they don’t know what they’re missing
out on honestly the first internet marketing conference that I went back
into 2015 in Orlando Florida made sure to ingrain one key things in our minds
and that was retargeting you know how when you visit a website such as Amazon
you start seeing ads for the product that you visited all over the place
yeah that’s retargeting it basically works by adding a little line of code to
one of your pages or your website and once the visitor lands on one of your
pages it places a cookie on their browser this is extremely important to
do when you start advertising because people will most likely not purchase for
me the first time it’s it’s highly unlikely for somebody to purchase from
you the first time especially if you’re a brand new website that they’ve never
heard of and on average it takes people seven times to interact with you in your
brand before they purchase from your link or buy any of your stuff now if
you’re sending traffic to a piece of content with your affiliate link in the
blog post or video you can then show and add to the same person that takes them
straight to your offer because now they’re considered warm traffic and
they’re not cold traffic now this costs pennies on the dollar of what typical
advertising costs plus the most likely to purchase because they’ve already been
exposed to your and and you know that they’re interested
in your offer all right so it’s time to start wrapping this tutorial up but I
hope that you can take the information here and start making your first few
affiliate sales online I remember my first sale and I just had this rush of
energy flowing through my body it just felt so good and him there’s nothing
like your first time but anyways I hope you put this information to good use and
if it helps you make your first sale or you start making some money with your
affiliate marketing efforts I would love to know in the comments down below and
if you have any questions or want clarifications on any part of the
tutorial please feel free to let me know as well now that you have all the
knowledge it’s time to go implement everything that you’ve learned here so
let’s go ahead and crush it guys let me know if you have any questions about
anything and I will see you guys in the next video

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