April 6, 2020
Amazing website effects with modules

Amazing website effects with modules

Modules are the easiest way to add cool effects
to your website. They’re easy to install and to customize. On each of our product pages
there’s a list of Modules available on the right hand side. There are over thirty Platforms
available and we’ve created over two hundred modules for them. Say you had a WordPress
website and you want to install Magic Zoom Plus. Select the WordPress icon and you’ll
be taken to the Magic Zoom Plus for WordPress module page. Simply download the demo and
save it to your computer and then upload the file to your WordPress admin area and Activate
it. That’s it. That’s how easy it is to install a Module. The best thing about modules
is you can make as many changes to how your images look and also how you want them to
move. This is done through the Settings page. Making changes is really easy. I’m going to
show you just how easy it is by increasing my zoom size. I don’t need to know any HTML
to do this. I just need to change the pixels for the Zoomed Area Width and Height options
and Save the changes. Refresh the web page and you’ll see the change is instant. All
changes are that simple. Whether you want to move the zoom hint; change the expand effect;
or where to position the caption. All this is done on the Settings page. In this case
Magic Zoom Plus has over 70 options to choose from. Each Module page has written instructions
to show you how to install the module. Not all of our modules come as zip files. There’s
a few that need to be installed manually. WYSIWYG Builder is one of them. If we have
video tutorials for any of our modules, you’ll find them on the modules page. Everything
you need to do is shown under Text Instructions. A list of which tools are available will be
shown, and each step will take you through what you need to do to manually Install the
module. It’s still really easy, it’ll just take a couple of extra minutes. If you’re
using a Platform and want to know which of our tools you can use on your website, an
easy way to check is to go to the Integration section in our Footer. All the Platforms are
listed here. Simply select the Platform you want and you’ll be taken to the results page
for that Platform which lists all the tools available to download. Just select the tool
you’re interested in and you’ll be taken to the Module page. As I’ve shown you modules
are really easy, so try one today and see for yourself. As always if you have any questions
you can get in touch via the Contact Us link at the top of our website. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Hi Krista! We have CS-Cart modules for all 9 of our tools. Go to our website > Click the tool you want on the left hand side navigation > Click the CS-Cart icon on the right hand side > Download the free trial. Get in touch via our website with any questions. Thanks!

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