November 19, 2019
All Your Online Business Solutions in One Place – Pen Publishing Interactive

All Your Online Business Solutions in One Place – Pen Publishing Interactive

Hi welcome to this Pen Publishing Interactive
video. In this video I’m going to talk about what
we mean when we say all your online business solutions in one place or as we refer to it
as one pane of glass. So let’s get started. Some of the common business tech frustrations
that we hear, go along the lines of there is something wrong with my email. Maybe, you know, you aren’t receiving email
or your email isnt going out. Another thing we hear a lot is our website
doesnt show up. You know that could be for various reasons. Hosting issue with your current host, ect. This email says that my domain is up for renewal,
but I just paid for it. So I’m sure some of ya’ll watching this video
have received those emails or even letters in the mail that says hey your domain is up
for renewal and you don’t know if its true or not. So that happens as well and some of ya’ll
watching this video, maybe you started off your business, started using Gmail and you
are ready to go, you know, to move on to have your own company email with your own domain
and you’re not sure how to do that. So currently who are you going to for help. So maybe you have a vendor who handles your
domains. Another vendor that handles your email and
another vendor that handles your website. So what happens sometimes is, when you have
these issues or frustrations is. Say your email is down. You might call vendor A and go hey my email
is down and they might respond well it’s not really my issue, I only do domains for you
and then you go ok, well thanks, I’m going to call vendor B because they do my email. You call vendor B and they go well everything
looks right on our end and by the way we don’t handle your DNS which kinda routes your email
so yea it’s not us. So what do you do then. Well then you’re going to start calling people
or emailing people but your frustration is still the same. You still are not getting email. So, you know, one thing we do at Pen Publishing
and when we say all your online business solutions in one place is that we mean it. So from your domains to your email to your
website, we can help you take care of all of it and one of the things we have for our
partners is when they log into their account as you can see. They log in here and they can see their services. So in this situation they can go in here and
they can see well I have my email here, my hosting there for my website. So if there were, you know, something to come
up with email or their host, you know, you can call us and we’d be able to help you right
away and you don’t have to call three different people and have them point fingers at each
other. We would be able to troubleshoot and work
through the issues. So if you want to know if your domain is up
for renewal and you got one of those letters or emails. You can log in here and say ok well this letter
says that it needs to renew, you know, now. Well my next due date for this domain is on
this date. Furthermore you could even send us those letters
or forward those emails and we would be able to help you identify if they are fake, which
a lot of times they are and then if you had any support tickets, say hey I need to, I
have a question about how to set an auto-responder or I have an issue with my email or I have
someone coming onboard our company, what do I need to do. You can send support tickets and you can see
those tickets in here as well and the other thing is, any invoices that you have, you
will be able to come in here and see them. So all your online business solutions would
be in one spot, so you could see from your invoices to your services, to your support
tickets, to any domains that you have registered. You will be able to see, you know, again your
active products and services right here like I said. You will be able to, again open tickets here. Any recent news that we have. The other thing that you can do is update,
say your company moved to a different location. You can update that stuff here. Say you have other members of your team that
need access to, say for instance the accounting department to pay invoices. You can add new contacts through here, but
again it makes it super easy so you dont have to, you know, play phone tag with three different
companies or more in some instances, to see who can help you solve the issue that you
are having. In my example I gave with email, but it can
be with your website, if your website is down, you know, do you call the domain person, do
they host it, do they not host it, who hosts it, ect. Here its all in one area. Again you have a team of professionals behind,
you know, the services that are being provided. So you call us, you submit a ticket. We’re going to get on it and you don’t have
to guess who’s doing what. You’ll know that we are there to support you
and help you any way we can and so that’s what we mean when we say all your online business
solutions in one place and again it’s one pane of glass. You can come in here with your account and
you can see all of your services that you have with us and, you know, just know that
you can contact us through tickets, you know, calling us and we’ll be able to help you and
guide you through anything that comes up with those services and tech frustrations that
you are having. So that’s it for this video. Thank you for watching. If you want to learn more about our services
and our company, you know, we invite you to go to our website at If
you are on Facebook or Twitter you can find us there. If you’re watching this on YouTube please
subscribe to our channel. That way you can get notified when we release
more of these videos. Thanks again and until next time.

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