January 29, 2020
AliExpress Dropshipping Packaging Alternatives – CHEAP & EASY Custom Packages!

AliExpress Dropshipping Packaging Alternatives – CHEAP & EASY Custom Packages!

Have you ever wondered how eCommerce stores
or dropshippers send their Aliexpress products in packaging like this or this
by the end of this video you’re going to know how to send your products in
beautiful packaging rather than the standard boring a packet and that’s
going to help you build a powerful econ brand so in last week’s video I spoke
about how to white label your brand and white label your products and that is a
very important part of creating a very powerful econ brand so if you haven’t
seen that video already be sure to check out that video here and on top of that
part of that powerful branding exercise is packaging so I’m going to show you a
custom packaging supplier that I have used in the past but before then I’m
going to show you a store that is currently using beautiful custom
packaging first things first let’s check out a white label store with a great
example of custom packaging this store funnily enough I found while being
targeted by their ads for a bag product and it’s maverick & Co let’s scroll down
and find that product that I was targeted with it was this backpack here
their backpacks actually seem quite nice but for 202 dollars this is a premium so
scrolling through the images that Bank is quite nice but what I wanted to show
you is the last image which is this image here and it’s their packaging it’s
a packaging that you received this bag in and you get a simply me zoom in here
actually you get a drawstring bag and then a simple package for the bag itself
along with some probably what is their business card and social media cards
here and just a welcome card so this is a very great example of custom packaging
beyond just very boring a packet packaging that you get from you know
drop shipping products from Aliexpress now will this packaging cost you more
yes it will but in terms of branding and the long term exercise of branding this
will be more beneficial and profitable in the
long-term it’s all part of the branding aesthetic and I love brand marketing and
the branding aesthetic so this is extremely important if you’re looking at
thinking about looking at or thinking about white labeling in the long term so
that is the example wanted to show you it’s a great product and it’s a great
brand and they’re clearly doing very well but going beyond this how exactly
are you going to get packaging like this beyond just boring a pack he packets
well this is relatively simple I’ll give you the two options the first option is
something that I’ve used in the past and it’s called Woodroof and Co this is an
Australian company but I will give you a couple more options in a second in a
moment but I want to give you couple options and show you what this all looks
like so this is a cheap option for the most part essentially you get your own
stamp with your company’s logo and you get supplies and you manually process
this obviously by stamping the supplies so with the stamps let’s go and check
out the pricing here so pretty standard stuff here you get a custom small medium
or large stamp with the ink pad itself and they will set you back 3959 $79 see
in terms of business expenses that’s absolutely nothing and you can see here
the examples of their application so you know you can use them coffee cups you
can use it on tags you can use it on you know wrapping paper etc but it’s pretty
simple stuff you just submit your vector logo in and they’ll create this stamp
for you within a couple weeks so this specific Bishop’s within seven to ten
days and obviously you have to pay the shipping and if you go back what you’re
going to purchase from them as well is whatever other samples that you need or
suppliers I should say so with that bag for example you know going back to this
you know this is a custom printed bag so this is going to set you back some more
but if you’re on a budget this is a great alternative by getting that stamp
and getting a straw string you know cotton bag and
clicking into that that’s $35 for a pack of 50 so that’s not that’s not very
expensive at all and then you’re gonna get the stamp itself going back you can
also get a sample pack if you’re unsure about it
sample back for 2 bucks you get a whole bunch of different bags and tags so you
can test out the sizing and whatnot so this is a great alternative when it
comes to cheap packaging yet branded packaging and this is going to cost you
manual labor though so this will be on you of course you can outsource this to
a supply company but that will add on an additional cost
so that’s wood roughen Co the next potential option is custom labor sticker
mill this is again a very cheap option so you can simply get your stick your
logo printed out on stickers and then placed on buttons magnets packaging
whatever it is as you can see from a picture here above this is another great
solution when it comes to cheap custom branded packaging you can also just
simply place this on you know traditional eat packets and I’ll tell
you how to do that in a second but again just looking at this let’s take a look
at the die-cut labels and so you’ve got a ruff-ruff pricing chart here and I
should say this is this is a global company so this is great it is based in
the US but they do ship globally I’m on the Australian website at the moment so
this is an Australia pricing Australian pricing but again not that expensive
really all you need is a 50 by 50 and you can get you know a thousand stickers
for 200 bucks that works out to be not much at all and to get your brand on
packaging this is this is pretty powerful stuff so you know go ahead and
grab some stickers you can also go into the packaging option you can get
packaging tape as well and this is great for custom packaging if you have larger
products and you want to easily brand it without getting huge cardboard boxes
with manually or automatically printed out gobble
with your logo on it because that’s obviously a more expensive option but
with this here you essentially get you know obviously stickers itself so go
let’s go ahead and check out the pricing here I haven’t done this before but you
know plenty of meters you can get almost you know literally a kilometers worth of
tape for $385 so how do you get this onto your products well obviously
there’s the option of like wood roofing Co the option of sending is direct to
your third party logistics company so three PL or you can also if you’ve got
in most people don’t know this but you know that’s gone to Aliexpress here and
take a look at you know let’s just run you through an example let’s say you’re
selling these sunglasses here that I just looked under looking at right now
all you have to do okay if you’ve got a whole bunch of options and suppliers to
go with go ahead and hit contact go and contact these guys okay all you have to
do is simply hit contact and contact these guys and ask them if they do
custom packaging and that you do have the supplies am I able to ship this
custom label to you so you’re able to fulfill my orders now they might charge
a little bit more and they may not it really depends on your relationship with
the supplier but it’s as simple as that so instead of getting them to quote you
a full custom package which is going to cost you a lot simply go through things
like stick a mule of wood rough and Co and send these over to the drop shipper
or send these over to the 3pl and get them to manually complete these orders
for you with the custom packaging so this is how most companies do it now
obviously once you scale up and you create your own brand to the point where
you’ve got a whole team then you can bring it in-house and they can your team
can manage that all for you and I’m sure at this point maverick & Co has got to
that point but also looking at this site you know one of the questions you might
already already have or you’re probably
wondering how exactly do I find relevant winning products or white-label well
tune in to next week’s video where I’ll be going through an extremely useful
tool to find products and winning stores that I haven’t yet shown so if you like
this video give it a thumbs up otherwise tune in the next week’s video where I
will give you the exact blueprint on how to find winning products

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  1. Love this video it was really helpful, Can’t wait for next weeks video, I’m at the stage where I got my niche that i want to go into- came up with the name just need to find a winning product in that niche so I can private label and do in house (I’ll be packaging and sending out orders) only going to be available in the UK for now as a start up

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