April 8, 2020
AliExpress Dropshipping Alternatives – FAST Delivery & BEST Product Quality!

AliExpress Dropshipping Alternatives – FAST Delivery & BEST Product Quality!

What is up hustlers, AliExpress is old
news because as you know drop shipping times are pretty bad with Aliexpress
product quality is even worse and product selection is unoriginal so in
this video I’m going to jump to my laptop here and basically go over some
alternatives that you can use which will give you a competitive advantage over
most of the people drop shipping these days because a lot of people aren’t
using these alternative methods so let’s go now that my laptop I’m gonna get
straight into the video in first things first I’m gonna show you what not to do
so a lot of people going onto Google and typing in Aliexpress alternatives I
can’t spell at the moment it’s fine thank God for autocorrect
so let’s just go on to the first link for purpose for illustration sake and if
we scroll down you’re gonna get a whole list of literal Aliexpress alternatives
now here’s why they’re not great if you go on to the few of these and I know
that light in the box is a popular alternative and so so is deals extreme
if you go into these sites right you look at this site it literally looks
like Aliexpress it is literally like I’ll experience too
that’s just a different brand essentially so what’s worse is deals
extreme is also very similar to Express they’re all sort of like stock standard
direct from China sort of supply sites and what is what it is is it’s
essentially the same thing right and products are literally the same so our
prices and oftentimes prices are actually higher than our Express so the
point is don’t use little Aliexpress look-alikes because you’re going to get
the same thing if not worse I think Express is still the king for
dropshipping but there are alternatives out there that I’d like to recommend so
first things first do not use these because they’re not great I mean hey if
you are using them and you find some success from them that’s great each
to their own but here’s my recommendation DHgate is a big one that
I recommend because a lot of people and and a lot of people do use the hedge
gate already but a lot of people overlook it because it is wholesale it’s
very similar to Alibaba however a lot of people are not looking at certain
options and there is overall in terms of pricing and shipping time its overall
actually quite fast in comparison to Alibaba and Express as you can see here
there’s a two to five day shipping option okay so I’m just gonna go into
I’m just gonna use an example here just really random one like let’s just have
an iPhone charger for seconds video and the biggest thing is it’s exactly like
Alibaba right so there’s a minimum order quantity or an moq however we don’t want
it we don’t want to do that because we’re not doing wholesale here we’re not
doing Amazon FBA we don’t drop shipping so what you want to do is in minimum
order you’re literally going to type in one unit in this whole range of options
here you know these the there’s a lot of shipping options so I’m just gonna take
all and ships to wherever you want the product to go to so I’m just gonna hit
go and here’s an example right like you know literally two sixty two five
dollars apiece and minimum order quantity is one piece so that’s perfect
guys right this is literally like Aliexpress
but honestly guys like the pricing is quite cheap in comparison sell Express
and drop shipping is available here so as you can see there’s only one piece
required in terms of wholesale which perfect and there’s even free shipping
for your packet so that’s awesome right like that’s really quick shipping times
it’s completely free and it’s extremely cheap and often times it is cheaper than
Aliexpress okay so that’s my first recommendation DHgate give that a go
guys and just basically search for products
that within your niche and see if you like it or not so that’s my first
recommendation and that’s a very similar you know
solution to express however the next two options are completely different and
this is what I mean so the next option is Amazon yes you have that right Amazon
is perfect as an alternative so again it depends on what your what you’re selling
but it is a very good alternative primarily because it’s very reliable our
product selection is amazing and shipping times are amazing especially if
you’re using Amazon Prime so this is a big awesome technique that you guys can
use and that’s again let me think of a quick example so I’m gonna use a very
popular product as well in terms of drop shipping right now is the moon lamp so
I’m just gonna tack the moon lamp here and okay so like general price roughly
is you know like 10 to 30 US dollars depending on the size of the moon or the
lamp itself so let’s just click onto one of these I’m just gonna click into this
option here and here we go so I believe let’s let’s look at this so dynamic
diameter 15 cent mini centimeters so we’re looking at roughly 20 bucks plus
free shipping if you go on to Amazon look at the exact same thing right like
Cap’n moon lamp the prices aren’t that bad guys honestly you like look at this
you got the first the first option is $22 US dollars there’s even one here for
1995 so let’s just look take a look at this one and of course this is depending
on size but we’re gonna get a similar size up here it’s 1995 for a guy I
believe it was the 12 15 centimeter so look we’re looking at believers we’re
looking at about less than a five-dollar price difference here and obviously with
Amazon you’re gonna get two days shipping if you go with Prime
if and if not it’s still gonna be literally a week shipping depending
where you ship it to so that’s amazing guys five dollar difference of course
you’re probably gonna pay for shipping fees with Amazon but all in all you can
jack up the prices and absorb the additional costs into your product
prices but what you’re gonna get is Amazon’s amazing reliability the product
selection on Amazon is amazing obviously and of course you’re gonna get the
really fast shipping times which is what you need guys to build a brand and
that’s the biggest thing of all of this is I think shipping time is really
important in this case because I keep drilling this into people that I talk
with people that I mentor with but shipping times is really important
because we’re gonna create Brent right and with Aliexpress it’s great and all
but with the like guys 22:41 day ship time is crazy if people are receiving
their their orders with plates in the latter estimate which is 41 days yeah
they’re not going to come back and buy back from you when I say this they’re
gonna remove you they’re gonna remove your website as a bookmark
that’s one last customer even though you might have made like 20 30 dollars
whatever you’re not gonna get a repeat customer you’re not gonna create brand
brand is the most important asset that you have in the drop shipping game so
look I think Amazon is a really really good option if it’s feasible within your
niche and your brand the next option is eBay so very similar to Amazon however
I’m gonna type in the moon there again and generally look it’s look it’s really
cheap guys like look look at this look at this in overall I think the prices
are cheaper off eBay but like I think 12 centimeters look it was like so USD
actually this is cheap all right and you’re gonna get free standard postage
so this is a great alternative if your drop shipping from outside of the state
because Amazon is limited usually it’s best used in the States however if
you’re in Australia for example or Europe eBay is a great alternative
you’re literally $23 guys and you literally like like come on come on like
this is the same price as Aliexpress guys like this is insane why would you
want to buy off I’ll Express when you can buy it for literally the same price
but with free standard postage as well and I want to own a reiterate that’s
standard postage guys so in Australia if this product is located in Australia
which it is apparently you’re getting free standard postage you’re literally
gonna get it within three to five business days now that’s crazy right
because sort of like let down here in my opinion is the inability to use
fulfillment automation so things like Oh below for example so when you do get an
order you literally have to come in hit buy it now go through the Charcot’s
checkout and input the input the information manually however once you
get to a scale where a lot of orders are being made you can hire a VA and this is
what I always suggest guys is hire a VA you know put all your orders into an
Excel spreadsheet send it off to the VA every day or if not just get them to go
into the shop by store and manually order everything off eBay Amazon or I’m
even DHgate and get the VA is to automate everything
completely but yeah at the end of the day these are really good alternatives
that aren’t being utilized I feel like once there is a filament automation
software that comes out for eBay and Amazon and DHgate I feel like these
options are going to be very become very popular so get onto this guys as soon as
you can because look it doesn’t hurt deuce a bit of reach research and see if
your products are already on the site and if they are look at the price
comparison look at the shipping options and look if you’re literally praying
like two to five dollars difference but at the end of the day if you’re getting
if you’re cutting the delivery times more than a half then it’s literally
worth it guys because you’re gonna create a brand presence and a reliable
brand is valueless you can’t put a monetary value on that because you want
to grow your brand so there we have it guys those are my suggestions go DHgate
first check that out and amazon ebay are amazing alternatives that people aren’t
leveraging at the moment I really like Amazon eBay personally I do dropship a
few items offs these off these sites guys I hope this video helps if you
liked it please give it a thumbs up then make sure you if that subscribe to this
video sorry to this channel if you haven’t already a lot more litt content
is coming out as per usual but in the meantime guys keep on hustling

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