April 3, 2020
Alidropship vs Shopify – Which One Is Best For You?

Alidropship vs Shopify – Which One Is Best For You?

Hey what’s going on everybody is Shivam
here. And in this video I’ll give you my comparison of the Alidropship versus
Shopify. And we’ll see which one is best for you for a dropshipping store. Also make sure to check out the links down below in the description as you will be able to save up to 280 dollars off on the custom store and also
35% off on Alidropship plugin. But without further ado, let’s get into it. So you have finally decided that you
want to build a drop shipping store. But you don’t know which option to go with Alidropship or Shopify. Then don’t worry. At this end of this video, you will know
what the pros and cons of these services are, what is the pricing and which would
be the best service for you. Also at any point in this video if you would like to
check them out on your own. you can do that by checking the links in the
description below. And I’ve also managed to give you Alidropship coupons in
the description below. So if you go with that option you can use the discount
link from the description and save some money. So to give you an overview of Alidropship and Shopify then both of these are tools or services which can help us
in running our drop shipping store Alidropship provides Alidropship plugin which you can connect to your WordPress website and it will import tags from Aliexpress which you can then sell on your store. And with Shopify we have to
connect a plug-in called Oberlo to our Shopify store. And then it will do the
same thing. So first of all let’s talk about all the pros of Shopify. Easy to setup. So one of the biggest advantage of Shopify is that it is so easy to
setup. It is so simple to set up that anyone can build their drop shipping store in just few hours. That is a fully functional drop shipping store in few hours. And most of the people go with Shopify for this reason only. No hosting worries. Also with Shopify you don’t have to worry about all the
technical details of handling domain payments, hosting, etc. Everything is handled by Shopify and all you have to do is focus on designing your dropshipping
store and promoting your products. Excellent support When it comes to customer support I think Shopify is one of the most
excellent companies in customer care services. Their live chat is available 24/7 and they are also available in some native languages. I have also contacted Shopify from time to time. And they resolved my issue easily. Payment gateways Shopify also works great with the main payment gateways for
your customer. They can pay through all the major credit cards through the Stripe and Paypal. There is also an option to accept payments through a merchant account if you one And you can also use Shopify API and
make any payment gateways work for a store. But you might also need a
developer to integrate that to your store. But for most people stripe and
PayPal would be all they need. Security guarantee. Shopify stores also come with
SSL protection therefore it makes your e-commerce store more professional trustworthy and secure. Uptime guarantee Shopify also guarantees uptime and your
store will be online 99.99 percent of the time. Shopify also does some upgrades to the server and your store might be
inaccessible for a few minutes. But this happens very rarely. In my experience I only had my store inaccessible for a few minutes in the last four years. So those were all the pros of Shopify and now let’s talk about some of the cons. Monthly recurring fees. The biggest disadvantage of building a dropshipping
store or any e-commerce store with Shopify is the monthly recurring payments. When you’re making a dropshipping store for the first time, the biggest problem is that most of the people don’t have enough funds to begin with. And all the reoccurring payments are a big hit each month if you are not making enough money from a dropshipping store in the beginning. So you would try to consider as many plans as one-time fees. But as far as the Shopify pricing
goes the basic plan start from $29 a month and it goes up to advanced plan
which is 299 dollars per month. Also you need the Oberlo plug-in for
importing products from Aliexpress and selling them on a dropship in the store. Which again comes at a monthly plan from free to $79 a month. When getting started you might not need the Shopify advanced plan or the Oberlo’s paid plan. But after some time when you grow you need to consider upgrading. And even if you get the basic plan you have to pay 348 dollars per year. Paid apps To extend your store functionality, you may need a couple of Shopify apps like collecting
customer emails, recovering abandoned carts, offering coupons, etc. So this also adds up to the cost of making a dropshipping store. Now the last one is a significant
disadvantage of using Shopify store which is not 100% ownership of your store. When you build an online e-commerce store with Shopify, you don’t get 100% ownership of your store as Shopify reserve it. And they can shut it down for whatsoever reason and whenever they want. Many great running dropshipping store was shut down by Shopify. But this is generally happening to those stores which are not selling legitimate products. But if you are playing a fair game then this is something you shouldn’t worry about. So now let’s talk about the pros of Alidropship. Easy to set up. The Alidropship plugin is also easy to set up. You need to install this on your
WordPress store and it will do rest of the work. You can go to Aliexpress, search
for the product and import it in few seconds. One-time fees One of the main reason why most people go with Alidropship is because of this reason. Unlike Shopify which is a monthly payment plan, Alidropship offers a
one-time fees plan. That means you only have to pay once to get the plug-in and you can use it for a lifetime. And along with the plug-in you also get free
future updates and support. Free themes Alidropship also offers free high conversion themes for WordPress dropshipping store. We get a total of six themes to choose from and these themes also work with WooCommerce. Bulk import With Alidropship you can also import products in bulk to your store And also there is no limit on the number of products you can import or the number of orders you can fulfill per month. Plugins like Oberlo limits the number of
products you can import to your store and the number of orders you can fulfill per month. And if you want to increase that you have to switch to a bigger plan. Customer service Along with the plugin the Alidropship also has an amazing
customer service. I had some queries of the plug-in and they helped me out. Also you can check out their forums where you can find the answer to any questions you might have. Payment gateways The plugin also integrates with popular payment
gateways like stripe and PayPal which means we can accept payments from all
around the world on our drop shipping store. Cons of Alidropship Website set up knowledge. Alidropship is a standalone solution. Therefore you will need to know how to set up a wordpress website. You will also have to do some
technical stuff on your own. For example you will need to have a hosting account
and know how to install WordPress server. But if you don’t want to deal
with this, Alidropship also offer custom drop shipping store. These are ready-made drop shipping store with everything set up. And you can start
selling the products from day one. And if you want to check out my review of the Alidropship custom store, then you can check out the top right corner in the info card. WordPress knowledge Also this plugin works like any other wordpress plugin. So you won’t have any headaches importing products, tweaking settings, etc. Other than that there are no drawbacks of using Alidropship. And now let’s talk about the pricing so that we can decide which one is better for you. So for the pricing Shopify comes with monthly fees plan while the Alidropship comes at a one time fees. And this is how the pricing goes. So in both of the cases, you will need a domain which will cost you roughly around 10 dollars. Now hosting is not required for Shopify but you need it for Alidropship Which starts from 3.95 dollars per month from Bluehost. Or you can do get a hosting from Google Cloud and you can use the hosting fee for first year. Now for the plan Shopify starts from $29 and it goes up to 299 dollars per month. And to import products from Aliexpress we also need a Oberlo. Which again start from free plan and it goes up to $79 per month. Now if you go with Alidropship it will cost you $89 as a one-time fees. And if we check out
the links down below in description, you will get this plugin for $66. Now adding up all the cost if you go with Shopify we have to pay $29 per month that is
348 dollars per year. And if we go with Alidropship we only
have to pay $66 for the plug-in. And now if we add up all these costs then if you take the Shopify route we end up with $358 to 4546 dollars per year. And with Alidropship we have to pay $66 for the plug-in and 58 dollars per year for domain and hosting renewal. So this shows how significant amount of money
we can save by going with Alidropship. Even the basic plan of Shopify can’t compare with the price of building a drop shipping site with Alidropship and WordPress. And not forgetting that we are
getting unlimited product import, unlimited order fulfillment, flexibility
of wordpress with this route. So which would be the best option
for you for building a drop shipping store. Now if you don’t want to
deal with any technical details of setting up everything like domain
hosting and wordpress etc. and the only time you want to spend is on designing their store, then Shopify is the one to go for. But if you know how to set up
WordPress and everything and want to save a lot of money every year then Alidropship is a better option. By going with WordPress route you will end
up saving a lot of money every year. As you only have to pay for the plug-in
first and then for hosting and domain renewal. Also if you don’t know how to
deal with technical details then you can also get the Alidropship custom store and they will set up everything for you. They will also do all the products research work, SEO work and all that. And then you only have to use is WordPress which is again very simple to use. And you would be able to learn it in just
one month. So if you want to check out these then you can do that from the links down below description. And again you would be able to save up to 25% off on the plugin and up to $280 off on the custom store. So that was today’s video hope you guys found it helpful and if you did just click the like button below. Share this video with your friends and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t yet. And I’ll catch you guys in the next one!

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