April 7, 2020
Alex Scott – Internet Advertising Bureau

Alex Scott – Internet Advertising Bureau

>>ALEX: Hi. I am Alex Scott and I work in public affairs at the internet advertising
bureau.We work with big businesses such as Google, Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft. The other aspect
of my role is essentially lobbying. I work with MPs, Peers, MEPs to ensure that they
understand whats happening within the industry.>>MARCUS: How has your time at UEA influenced
your career?>>ALEX: I got involved in Student politics,
I was women’s officer in the student union for example, and I was also the president
of the Liberal Democrats.>>MARCUS: Why did you choose UEA?>>ALEX: When I looked at the university I
just…I fell in love with it and I knew that I wanted to study there. That was it for me,
I didn’t care about any of my other options. UEA was the place for me.

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